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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Taste2 & Labinot Sponca - BadihavG

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Music Video 2014
Artists: Taste 2, Labinot Sponca
Title: "BadihavG"
Video by: Bézé / https://www.facebook.com/bezefilm
Lights: Lulzim Luigji Bejta
camera: Dritëro Mehmetaj & Nart Zeqiraj
Montage: Kreshnik Shala
Costumes: Yllka Brada
Directed by: Blerta Zeqiri
Scenography: Keka Kreshnik Berisha & Blerta Zeqiri
Music, Recording & Mastering: Labinot Sponca
Lyrics/Mc: Milot Hoxha / Taste2
Requisites: NightDesignStudio

Irma Xhema, Valon Gashi, Hekuran Ramadani, Skirton Pruthi, Besarb Maloku, Redon Kotorri, Ardi Hasimja, Dije Agushi, Labinot Sponca, Dardane Tolaj, Andrea Bogdani, Arber Shaqiri, Taulant Koshi ...
Shkolla e vallëzimit "Brez pas brezi"

Thanks to: Kafeja e Vogël & Faculty of Arts

Taste2: https://www.facebook.com/taste2official /

Taste2 & Labinot Sponca Taste2 & Labinot Sponca Taste2 & Labinot Sponca Taste2 & Labinot Sponca
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