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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Korab Shaqiri Video - A Dalim Sonte

Korab Shaqiri Music Video
"A dalim sonte"
Lyrics/Text by Ilir Shaqiri
Music by Korab Shaqiri
Arrangement by Xhevdet Gashi
Video by Video Art

Antre Video - Ujku

Antre Music Video
Video by Max Production

Ani Video - Djalo C'me Dogji Malli

Ani Music Video
"Djalo C'me Dogji Malli"
Video by Max Production

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fatlum Zeka feat Jimmy Video - Hajde de

Fatlum Zeka feat Jimmy Music Video
"Hajde de"

A talented young singer, Fatlum!
p.s. see related videos for more videos from Fatlum.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rascom feat Overlord Video - Bounce

Rascom feat Overlord Music Video
Lyrics/Text by Rascom & Overlord
Music by Overlord
Cabal Records

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jeta Faqolli Video - Aman Derman

Jeta Faqolli Music Video
"Aman, Derman"
Music & Lyrics by Stine
Video by Alexander

Vjollca Luka Video - Me Prit

Vjollca Luka Music Video
"Me prit"
Video by AlbaPro 2008

Alban Skenderaj Video - Nje Here Ne Jete

Alban Skenderaj Music Video
"Nje here ne jete"
Special Appearance: Miriam Cani

Check out Alban's official site: www.albanskenderaj.com. It is entirely in english which indicates that Alban is targeting the global audience which probably also means more english or italian songs to come...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rovena Stefa Video - Burre te martuar dashurova

Rovena Stefa Music Video
"Burre te martuar dashurova"
Music by E.Stefa & Sh.Kasapi
Lyrics/Text by Avni Qahili

Mira Janji Video - Une dhe Ti

Mira Janji Music Video
"Une dhe Ti"

+tag: miranda

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Video - O Allah

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Music Video
"O Allah"
Lyrics/Text by Sabri Bajgora
Music by Violeta Kukaj
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Video by VideoART

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kastro Zizo ft. Tom Gillieron

Kastro Zizo feat Tom Gillieron
Kabal Records & Zig Zag Records
+tag: klevis beqa films

Did you know Kastro's real name is Klevis? Naaa!... Well you know now!

Who is Tom Gillieron? A london-born producer who loves Albania. Co-founder of Reverberations Ltd. Search for reverberation music on Google and you'll understand more about this kind of music. Tom says he moved to Albania to spend summer time, or maybe more.

Visit his myspace.com/tomgillieron. You're gonna love his music especially while you're 'driving'. Pay attention to the "My Friend Besa", which has albanian motives.

Ilir Shaqiri Video - Atdheu do JETE

Ilir Shaqiri Music Video
"Atdheu do Jete"
Lyrics/Text by Gjok Beci
Music by I.Shaqiri & Xh.Gashi
Arrangement by Xhevdet Gashi
Video by VideoART

Dedicated to UCK Commander Jetullah Gashi alias Drenica.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eda Video - Pritem se do vij

Eda Music Video
"Pritem se do vij"
Music by Gezim Dikulami
Lyrics/Text by Gezim Mneri
Arrangement by A.Berati, A.Arifi

Rozana Radi ft.Noizy Video - Fly

Rozana Radi feat Noizy Music Video
Music by Adrian Hila
Lyrics/Text by A.Qahili
Video by Max Production
+tag: rozi

Backstage Slideshow

Sunday, September 07, 2008

DJ Blunt feat Ghetto Gold Video - A Po Don Kesh

DJ Blunt feat Ghetto Gold (Geti) Music Video
"A po don kesh"
Video by Pixels Production
+tag: tingulli 3nt getoar selimi deshu doni cash

Nexhat & Remzije Osmani Video - Ah bre djal

Nexhat & Remzije Osmani Music Video
Title: "Ah bre djal" (Djali i mire)
Video: ArtFabe

Sinan Hoxha Video - Alo Alo Ambulanca

Sinan Hoxha Music Video
"Alo Alo Ambulanca"

Valbona Mema & Mustafa Mehja Video - Je Xerru 3 Here Prej Fiku

Valbona Mema & Mustafa Mehja Music Video
"Je xerru 3 here prej fiku"
Music & Lyrics by Gezim Mneri
Arrangement by Albert Sula
Video by Max Production

Altin Shira Video - C'po me hiken beqarnia

Altin Shira Music Video
"C'po me hiken beqarnia"
Music by Alban Furtuna
Lyrics/Text by Jorgo Papingji
Video by Max Production
+tag: cpo na iken beqaria

Mariola Video - Fukara

Mariola Kacani Music Video
Adrian Hila Production
Video by Max Production

Erga Halilaj Video - Stacioni i Fundit

Erga Halilaj Music Video
"Stacioni i fundit"
Adrian Hila Production
Video by Max Production

Sanimete Krasniqi SANI - Si Nata Pa Hene

Sanimete Krasniqi SANI Music Video
"Si nata pa hene" (Pendohem per ty)
Music by Nexhat Mujovi Wirusi
Lyrics/Text by Sani

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Linda Shabani & Murat Gjoniku Video - Ah Moj Cika

Linda Shabani & Murat Gjoniku Music Video
"Ah moj cika"
+tag: qika

Mariza Ikonomi Video - S'te Kam Harruar

Mariza Ikonomi Music Video
"S'te kam harruar"
Adrian Hila Production
Video by Max Production

"Labe" music is definitely experiencing some modernisation this year. Seen that with Poni too in "C'eshte dashuria"! Who is behind that male voice in this video?

Maya Video - Guri i rende ne vend te vet

Fatbardha Maya Alickaj Music Video
"Guri i rende ne vend te vet"
Music & Lyrics by Maya
Adrian Hila Production
Producer Elrodi
Video by Max Production

Emmy Video - Kiss Kiss

Emmy Music Video
"Kiss Kiss"
Music by Gentian Miftaraj
Lyrics/Text by Pandi Laco
Supersonic Production
Video by Alexander
+tag: elsa hidersha

Luar Video - Udhetim

Luar Music Video
Music & Lyrics by Flori Mumajesi

Poni Video - Laberi moj Laberi

Shqiponja Karafilaj PONI Music Video
"Laberi moj Laberi"
Album: "Shpirtin kam tek ju"
Video by Max Production

Eneida Tarifaj feat Alexander Video - Thurrje

Eneida Tarifaj feat Alexander
Music by Flori Mumajesi
+tag: eneda tarifa

Fabi & Eneida Tarifaj Video - Nuk mund te marresh

Fabian Basha & Eneida Tarifaj Music Video
"Nuk mund te marresh"
+tag: fabi eneda tarifa produkt 28

Enkeleida & Hysni Alushi Video - Cameri nuse me halle

Enkeleida & Hysni Alushi Music Video
"Cameri nuse me halle"
Album: "Cameri Nuse"
Music by Edi Balili
Lyrics/Text by Jorgo Papingji
Muza House Recording
+tag: enkelejda arifi rifat sylejmani supersonic chameria

Another jewel from Alushi couple, Edi and Jorgo!

Poni Video - C'eshte Dashuria

Shqiponja Karafilaj PONI Music Video
"C'eshte dashuria"
Album: "Shpirtin kam tek ju"
Klodian Qafoku Production
Back Vocal Juliana Pasha
Supersonic Production
Video by Alexander

Elvana Gjata Video - Vetes (Remix)

Elvana Gjata Music Video
"Vetes" (Remix)

Standard Remix

K2 Project Remix

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Defrim Behluli Video - Kjo Vere

Defrim Behluli Music Video
"Kjo Vere"
Defko Production

Defrim Behluli Video - Vizitori

Defrim Behluli DEFRIMI Video
Music & Arrangement by Defrimi

Lyrical Son Video - Sexy Linda

Lyrical Son (Festim Arifi) Music Video
"Sexy Linda"
Gramafon Production
Video by ANT Production (Fadil Veseli)

Tuna Video - Inati

Altuna Sejdiu TUNA Music Video
BMA Production
Music by Tuna
Arrangement by Darko Dimitrov

The song is from Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Tuna sang this in macedonian and the original title is "Prashuvam bez glas". I don't know if albanian version has the same lyrics translated or perhaps they just share the music notes.

Monika Salihu Video - Wow

Monika Salihu Music Video
Title: "Wow"
Lyrics/Text by Arian Agushi
Music by Andin Randobrava
+tag: top fest 5

Xhuli Video - Digjem

Xhuljeta Gerxhaliu - Kuqi XHULI Music Video
+tag: xhyljeta xhylieta xhulieta

Capital T feat Adelina Thaqi Video - 1 Mengjes

Capital T (Trimi) feat Adelina Thaqi Music Video
"1 Mengjes"
2 High Records
Video by VideoArt

Blinera Krasniqi Video - S'Dua Te Flas

Blinera Krasniqi Music Video
"S'dua te flas"
Video by VideoArt

Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Bossidy feat 2Ton Video - Fresh

Big Bossidy feat 2Ton Music Video
Video by Entermedia

Gili Video - Keq e Me Keq

Fevzije Berani GILI Music Video
"Keq e me keq"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani

Jehona Sopi Video - Marramendja

Jehona Sopi Music Video
Video by Tomato Production


Slik & Crack Video - Pom Pelqen Qaj Fat

Slik & Crack Music Video
"Pom pelqen qaj fat"
A&G Production

Etno Engjujt feat D Master Video - Le Per Mu Mama

Etno Engjujt feat D Master Music Video
"Le per mu mama"
Video by ANT Production (Fadil Veseli)
+tag: genc prelvukaj gentz milot hasangjekaj

Skillz Video - Wu C'a Po Shoh

Skillz Music Video
"Wu c'a po shoh"
RTV21 Production
+tag: ledri vula visar shala

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shpat Deda Video - Enderroj

Shpat Deda Music Video
Video by Entermedia
+tag: dedaj top fest 5

DOG feat Real1 & Luro Video - Nr 1

DOG aka Hit Master feat Real 1 & Luro Music Video
"NR 1"
Video by Entermedia
Music by Luro
Lyrics by DOG, Real1 & Luro
+tag: dren kaleci lurro

"In 1996, D.o.G. aka HitMaStEr Dren Kaleci broke into the hip-hop scene with a unique Albanian flow and style, putting Pristina on the map. By 2001, D.o.G. had his production game on lock, and co-founded international crew “ASR International”, better known on both sides of the globe as “AfterShock Records”, with AfterShock artists RiSK and Ase. In 2002, he formed the lethal trio known as “Zinxhirt” that would soon dominate the Albanian hip-hop scene. 6 summers later, it’s time for “The Album”. Whether you need club bangers, RnB jams, movie scores, east coast west coast up north dirty south, you want it he got it. Holla at D.o.G. aka HiT MaStEr for sick beats at sick prices."

Adelina Tahiri feat Loti Video - Vuaj

Adelina Tahiri feat Loti (Labinot Salihu) Music Video
Lyrics/Text by Avni Qahili
Music by Robert Bilbilov
Video by Alexander

Rron KRZ Video - Celesi

Rron Kryeziu KRZ Music Video
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics/Text by Rron Kryeziu
Labia & K1 Production

A song from Top Fest 5

NRG Band Video - Urgjentisht

NRG Band Music Video
+tag: polifest 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nani Style feat Vjosa Video - Askush Nuk Na Ndalon

Nani Style aka Kodoshi feat Vjosa Music Video
"Askush nuk na ndalon"
+tag: adnan kaliqani

Adnan is born in Peja but grew up in Germany and Switzerland. He showed great talent in dancing since the age of 12, but convinced by friends that he has a great vocal capabilities too, he took the challenge. His first Album entitled "Preku me Realitet" is now a reality. More on him at www.myspace.com/nanistyleakakodoshi. Enjoy!

Ryva Kajtazi Video - Me Pelqen

Ryva Kajtazi Music Video
"Me Pelqen"
Video by VideoArt

Faraoni G Video - Ta Fu

Faraoni G Music Video
"Ta Fu"

Blerina Kastrati Video - Flutura

Blerina Kastrati Music Video
Lyrics by Kismete Hyseni
Music by Blerina Kastrati
Arrangement by Valton Beqiri

Sela Video - S'dua

Sela Zeneli Music Video
+tag: dj cekic

Sela lives in Sweden!

Anjeza Shahini Video - Erdhi Momenti

Anjeza Shahini Music Video
"Erdhi Momenti"
Max Production

Masar Sinani Video - Me Fal

Masar Sinani Music Video
"Me fal"

Blerina Osaj Video - E Di

Blerina Osaj Music Video
"E Di" (Female version of Blero's "SE DI")

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lindor Krasniqi Video - Me Te Mire Nuk Dua

Lindor Krasniqi Music Video
"Me te mire nuk dua"

+tag: bukur

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Koha e Kometes

Zanfina Ismajli Music Video
"Koha e Kometes" (Time of the Comet)
Music by Virusi (Nexhat Mujovi)
Video by ANT Production (Fadil Veseli)

The clip has been promoted yesterday on RTV21 and goes alongside the world premiere of the film "Time of the Comet" taking place tonight, 2nd September, in Prishtina's ABC Cinema. Zanfina was chosen among 15 candidates to sing the song and be part of this promotional video and event. Otherwise, the music is the soundtrack of this film, composed by Nexhat Mujovi - Virusi. The film is directed by Fatmir Koci and is based on Kadare's known novel "Viti i mbrapsht" (1980). Some of the actors in the film include: Blerim Destani (Shestan), Masiela Lusha (Agnes), Xhevdet Ferri (Agnes Father), Thomas Heinze (King Wied), Vlado Jovanovski (Meto), Cun Lajci (Kus Babaj), Ralf Moeller (Freiherr von Keittel), Luan Jaha, Xhevdet Jashari, Blerim Gjoci etc. More info on this film at lara-enterprises.com

Time of the Comet Trailer

Monday, September 01, 2008

Genta Ismajli Video - Nje Here Ne Vit

Genta Ismajli Music Video
"Nje Here Ne Vit"
Album: "Zero Zero" 2008
Music & Arrangement by Virusi
Lyrics by Avni Qahili
Video by Alexander
+tag: gentiana ismaili

Sami Brajshori feat F-Kay Video - Engjulli im

Sami Brajshori (Lil Samee) feat F-Kay Music Video
"Engjulli im"
Music & Lyrics by Blero & Cekic
Video by Pixels Production

Turi vs Vesa Luma Video - Eja

Turjan Hyska (Turi,Produkt 28) vs Vesa Luma Music Video

Gezim Gashi Singing "Save Room" by John Legend

Gezim Gashi - Singing "Save Room" by John Legend

Hello folks! Long time no see!
Well I'm back from a long Holiday. I know I didn't say I am going in the first place. Sorry! Hmm.... since then, lots of videos to catch up with.

So, lets start off this season with Gezim Gashi. Who is he? Well, he is a selfpromoted youtube star living in Sweden. Check him out: youtube.com/gezimgashi1

No doubt, he has got a talent! Hey, Gezim, it is time now you sing your own song. Until such time, I'm putting you under category "Me Singing".


p.s. Anyone else, following Gezim's path, please let me know so that I can stick your "me singing" video here.

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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