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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Minatori Video - Njeriu i fundit ne planet

Minatori Music Video
"Njeriu i fundit ne planet"
+tag: naser gjinovci

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nehat Thaci Video - Ah dashuri

Nehat Thaci & Artanet Music Video
"Ah dashuri"
New Star production

Alma Gashi - Hamiti & Artanet Video - Lajkatare

Alma Gashi-Hamiti & Artanet

Antigona Rustolli Video - Ne zemren time

Antigona Rustolli Music Video
"Ne zemren time"
+tag: rrustolli

The latest Antigona's clip promoted this Friday, 25th April on Vizion Plus TV "Zone e Lire" show.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vullnet Marigona Video - Me plase

Vullnet Sefaja Marigona Music Video
"Me plase"
CD: Sonte

Vullnet is awesome singer. Very unique. This is one of his old clips. Excellent song! Enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Teuta Kurti Video - Si Mbretereshe

Teuta Kurti Music Video
"Si Mbretereshe"
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Video by Studio Vizioni
+tag: top fest 5

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tamara feat Adrian & Vrchak Video - Dashuri mistike

Tamara feat Adrian Gaxha & Vrchak
"Dashuri mistike"
ESC Macedonia 2008 - Albanian version

Macedonia seems to be heavily promoting their eurovision song.
Ok, I can understand promoting in albanian since 40% of Macedonia's population is albanian, but what it this all about russian, turkish etc. versions.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BB Poqi Video - Kthehu

BB Poqi Music Video
CD: Mos thuaj jo (2004)
+tag: bajram bylykbashi

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Marseda Musaraj Video - Mendohu

Marseda Musaraj Music Video

Albana Mesuli Video - Ke faj

Albana Mesuli Music Video
"Ke faj"

Albana Mesuli Video - Pa koment

Albana Mesuli Music Video
"Pa koment"

Albana Mesuli Video - Me Mua Mos Luaj

Albana Mesuli Music Video
"Me Mua Mos Luaj"

Rejhane Morina Video - Rozana

Rejhane Morina Music Video
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
+tag: rejhana

Ryva Kajtazi Video - Barnatorja

Ryva Kajtazi Video - Top Fest 5, Week 5, Day 2, 4th March 2008
"Barnatorja", TF Code 124
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Text/Lyrics by Aida Baraku
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku

Tuna Video - Ticket

Altuna Sejdiu TUNA Music Video
"Ticket" english version of "Bileta"
by Dejan Milicevic

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Arta Bajrami Video - Chocolata

Arta Bajrami Video - RTK Gezuar 2008

Armend & Aida Video - Dugi

Armend Rexhepagiqi & Aida Baraku feat Fatos Music Video
"Dugi" (Shkumbin Istrefi - Istra)
Directed by Fatos Berisha
CMB Production (owned by Istra)

From vintage video collection! Enjoy!

Violeta Kajtazi & Do-Re-Mi Video - Dasma Jone

Violeta Kajtazi & DO-RE-MI Music Video
"Dasma Jone"

Don Pizhi feat Geti Video - E Di Zemer

Don Pizhi feat Ghetto Gold (Geti) Video - RTV21
"E Di Zemer"
explicit version
+tag: tingulli 3nt hija jetes

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adelina Thaqi Video - Shko

Adelina Thaqi Music Video

An old Adelina's clip from the vintage collection.

7me7 Video - Flutura

7me7 Music Video

You want some more rock! Here is the latest clip from 7me7. The song is the one from Top Fest 4. Rock rocks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NA Video - Filanja

NA Music Video
Album: "Hear it - Feel it" (2007)

NA is a rock band from Gjakova, Kosova. At present it has three members: Kreshnik Koshi "Krash" (vocal, bass), Bekim Kepuska (drums) & Blerat Kepuska (guitar). They are competing in this year's Top Fest 5 festival with their song "Nate". Their Album "Hear it - Feel it" consists of 8 songs in english and 4 songs in albanian. It is clear they're aiming international recognition. You can read more about the band at their official site www.na-rock.com.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flaka Krelani Video - T'boj me rock

Flaka Krelani Music Video
"T'boj me rock"
Video by Entermedia
+tag: top fest

Mira Janji Video - Me ty kam jete

Mira Janji Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 2, 25th March 2008
"Me ty kam jete", TF Code 194
Music by Adrian Hila
Text/Lyrics by Mira Janji

Have I heard similar song before? C'mon give me a hint!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

AK ft.JR & Renegate Video - Shanse S'kane

AK ft.JR & Renegate Video - Top Fest 5, Week 6, Day 3, 12th March 2008
"Shanse S'kane", TF Code 147
+tag: renegade

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Adelina Thaqi Video - Komsi Komsa

Adelina Thaqi Music Video
"Komsi Komsa"

Ervin Bushati Video - Te vdes me ty

Ervin Bushati Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 3, 26th March 2008
"Te vdes me ty", TF Code 214
Music by Adrian Hila
Text/Lyrics by Pandi Laco

Performance in the Final, 4th May 2008

F Kay Video - Sonte kemi party

F Kay Music Video
"Sonte kemi party"
+tag: cekic blero

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

DJ Mondi Video - Bashke do jemi prape

DJ Mondi Video - Top Fest 5, Week 9, Day 2, 1st April 2008
"Bashke do jemi prape", TF Code 241

Adelina Ismajli feat Beka Video - Boll Ma

Adelina Ismajli feat Beka Music Video
"Boll ma" 2001
Text/Lyrics by Adelina
Music by Beka
+tag: ismaili

Burn Video - Ecim te dy

Burn Music Video
"Ecim te dy"

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fahrije Zogaj Video - Pa Lamtumire

Fahrije Zogaj Music Video
"Pa lamtumire"
+tag: fahrie zoga

This video was on youtube posted by albanianhub (Dr.BeLi). However, it was not displaying properly so I had to redo it. Thanks Dr.BeLi!

Fahrije Zogaj & Mevaip Sadiku Video

Fahrije Zogaj & Mevaip Sadiku Music Video
Text & Music by Sami Aliu

Can't figure out the title of this song!?

Fahrije Zogaj Video - Ball per ball

Fahrije Zogaj Rija Music Video
"Ball per ball"

Greta Koci & Indrit Mlika Video - Kollazh

Greta Koci & Indrit Mlika Video
"Kollazh popullor"

Hey.. don't complain, I know recent videos are not new. I am doing some catching up. Browsing youtube for videos that are not presented in this website. Feel free to recommend videos of your choice! Enjoy!

Kozeta Video - Eja me mua

Kozeta Music Video
"Eja me mua"

Kozeta Video - Tanga

Kozeta Music Video

Tamara feat Adrian & Vrcak Video - Ne emer te dashurise

Tamara Todevska feat Adrian Gaxha & Vrcak
"Ne emer te dashurise" - Albanian version
Macedonian entry to Eurovision 2008
Original version "Vo ime na ljubovta"
English version "Let me love you"

I am impressed by Tamara's singing in albanian. It would be nice if they sing in albanian in Eurovision 2008, at least part of the song.

Imri Sopa Video - Hajde ciko

Imri Sopa Music Video
"Hajde ciko"
+tag: qiko

Ekrem Ymeri Video - Kur te dalim sonte

Ekrem Ymeri Music Video
"Kur te dalim sonte"
Text/Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
+tag: imeri

Black Boys Video - Hajde Shoqe

Black Boys Music Video
"Hajde Shoqe"

Kudret Rrustemi Video - U qu krejt mahalla

Kudret Rrustemi Music Video
"U qu krejt mahalla"

Emir Krasniqi Video - Ah moj zeshkane

Emir Krasniqi Music Video
"Ah moj zeshkane"

Besim Leka Video - Ne kete rruge me shi

Besim Leka Music Video
"Ne kete rruge me shi"

Monday, April 07, 2008

Behare Shala Video - Lutjet Tua

Behare Shala Music Video
"Lutjet tua"
Text/Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku
Arrangement by Enver Ibrahimi
Styling by Saim and Linda

Besiana Kadriu Video - Pa dashuri

Besiana Kadriu Music Video
"Pa dashuri"
+tag: besjana besa

Motrat Mustafa Video - Me fajesojne qe s'pata femije

Motrat Mustafa Music Video
"Me fajesojne qe s'pata femije"

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kejsi Tola Video - Nje minute

Kejsi Tola Video - Top Fest 5, Week 9, Day 2, 1st April 2008
"Nje minute", TF Code 249
The winner of "Ethet" 4 (Pop Idol Albania 4th edition)

Gazi feat Xhesika & Destiny of Rappers Video - S'mundem te te fal

Gazi feat Xhesika & Destiny of Rappers Video - Top Fest 5, Week 5, Day 2, 4th March 2008
"S'mundem te te fal", TF Code 123
+tag: gazu

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dorina Garuci Video - Fal

Dorina Garuci Video - Top Fest 5, Week 9, Day 1, 31st March 2008
"Fal", TF Code 230

Jorida Zaimaj Video - Jetoj ne harresen tende

Jorida Zaimaj Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 4, 27th March 2008
"Jetoj ne harresen tende", TF Code 227
+tag: zaimi

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Buka

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 4, 27th March 2008
"Buka", TF Code 223
+tag: si buka je

Eduard Asllani Video - U largove

Eduard Asllani Video - Top Fest 5, Week 4, Day 4, 28th February 2008
"U largove", TF Code 107
Music by Edmond Zhulali
Text/Lyrics by Agim Doci
+tag: eduart

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mirjeta Mema Video - Eshte faji yt

Mirjeta Mema Video - Top Fest 5, Week 5, Day 2, 4th March 2008
"Eshte faji yt", TF Code 119
Music by Petrit Orguqi
Text/Lyrics by Jorgo Papingji

Luar Video - Film Premiere

Luar Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 2, 25th March 2008
"Film Premiere", TF Code 203

Erisa Hoxha Video - Zgjohu

Erisa Hoxha Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 2, 25th March 2008
"Zgjohu", TF Code 200
Music by Hektor Duri
Arrangement by Shpetim Saraci
Text/Lyrics by Enida Mjeshtri

Himena Ymeri Video - Per ty jetoj

Himena Ymeri Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 1, 24th March 2008
"Per ty jetoj", TF Code 186
Text/Lyrics by Demir Gjergji
Music by Alfred Kacinari

Rron KRZ Video - Celesi

Rron KRZ (Rron Kryeziu) Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 1, 24th March 2008
"Celesi", TF Code 183
Text/Lyrics by Rron Kryeziu
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
+tag: ron

Mirsa Kerceli Video - Pritja

Mirsa Kerceli Video
+tag: kerqeli

Hysni Zeqiri Video - Nuk je me mua

Hysni Zeqiri Music Video
"Nuk je me mua"
Text/Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku
Music & Arrangement by Xhevdet Gashi
Video by Burim Mustafa - Mikrofilm

Hysni Zeqiri Video - Lamtumire

Hysni Zeqiri Video - Top Fest 5, Week 8, Day 1, 24th March 2008
"Lamtumire", TF Code 190
Music by Nexhat Macula
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku

Soni Malaj Video - Ishte kenaqesi qe u pame

Soni Malaj Video - Top Fest 5, Week 9, Day 1, 31st March 2008
"Ishte kenaqesi qe u pame", TF Code 242

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