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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vesa Luma Video - Ik kur te le une

Vesa Luma Music Video
"Ik kur te le une"

Such an interesting input by "Cifteli" folk instrument. I like it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

DJ Blunt ft.Real1 & Mc Kresha Video - Classy

DJ Blunt ft. Real1 & Mc Kresha Music Video
"Classy" (Klasik?)
Video by Entermedia Creative Agency
Special appearance: Shkurte Ajeti (Model)
+tag: real one

Very classy video!

Speya feat Loco Video - Speya N'Club

Speya (Sami Mulliqi) feat Loco Music Video
"Speya N'Club"
Music by Mad Lion (Mad Lion Entertainment)
Mix by Don Arbas (ArbaSound)
Video by Pulla Pictures (pulla.org)
+tag: n'klub

Street Dogs Video - Me ndergjegje te paster

Street Dogs Music Video
"Me ndergjegje te paster"

Albani & Orinda Video - Tradhetia

Alban Kondi & Orinda Huta Music Video
+tag: produkt 28 albani tradhtia

Babeta Shahini Video - O Ma

Babeta Shahini Music Video
"O Ma"
Music by I.Balla
Text/Lyrics by A.Trebicka

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meda Video - Pse pse

Mehdin Pergjecaj MEDA Video
"Pse pse"
+tag: mehedin pergjegjaj

Hip Hop Soldiers Video - Gutu

Hip Hop Soldiers Music Video
Pulla Pictures Production

Sara Video - Me fal

Sara (Saranda Kalaveshi) Music Video
"Me fal"
Music by Florian Mumajesi FLORI
Lyrics/Text by Big Basta
Video by Maestro Production (Clirim Ramadani)

Saranda Kalaveshi SARAThis is Sara's first videoclip. Sara is a 17 years old student from city of Gjilan, studying in the University of Prishtina in the Academy of Arts (Music section). Beside music she loves painting as a hobby. See comments section for a short interview with Sara.

Clirim from Maestro Production, has explained that this is the first music video made in Kosova using 35mm video camera. These types of cameras are used to produce superb quality music videos. Maestro's sister company in Switzerland has already successfully made several music videos for foreign artists that are shown daily on MTV and VIVA music televisions. The shooting of Sara's clip involved 20 crew members and about 60 side actors over two day period. Overall, it took about 2 weeks to make the video. Enjoy!

p.s. More Sara's Photos

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shyhrete Behluli Video - Dasma Kosovare

Shyhrete Behluli Music Video
"Dasma Kosovare"

Redon Makashi Video - Perse me ben te te urrej

Redon Makashi Music Video
"Perse me ben te te urrej"
+tag: pse

Shkurte Fejza Video - Malli

Shkurte Fejza Music Video - "Malli"
Lyrics & Music by Q.Menxhiqi
K1 Production

Nora Istrefi feat Sinan Video - Pa Fat

Nora Istrefi & Sinan Vllasaliu Music Video
"Pa fat"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Wirus
+tag: virusi

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DJ Mondi Video - Bashke do jemi prape

DJ Mondi Music Video - "Bashke do jemi prape"
Video by FluxVideo.com
+tag: top fest 5

Monday, July 14, 2008

Seldi Video - Luje luje

Seldi Music Video - "Luje luje"

San Petro Video - Ne Plazh

San Petro Music Video - "Ne Plazh"
Kabala Records, On Off Production

Valentina & Valon Rama Video - Mos me le

Valentina & Valon Rama Music Video
"Mos me le"

I hardly recognised Valentina. Has she done a plastic surgery? I think a nose job. She looks good but different, probably better! Nice song and video. Well done!Brother and sister, can they repeat the success of Remzije & Nexhat?

Mery feat Kastro Zizo Video - Serish

Mery feat Kastro Zizo Music Video
Kabal Records
On Off Production

Arta Bajrami Video - Falet kjo zemer

Arta Bajrami Music Video
Title: "Falet kjo zemer"
Music by Don Arbas
Lyrics/Text by Arsim Bunjaku
ArbaSound Production
Video by Video Art

Kthjellu Video - Kerkoj

Kthjellu Music Video - "Kerkoj"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blero feat KAOS Video - Kam Mall

Blero feat KAOS Music Video
Title: "Kam mall"
Special appearance: Besa Gashi (Miss Kosova 2006)
+tag: blerim muharremi

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Buka

Mimoza Mustafa Music Video
"Buka" (Top Fest 5)
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Text/Lyrics by Aida Baraku
Labia Production

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Labinot Rexha Video - Ti nuk mendon

Labinot Rexha Music Video
"Ti nuk mendon"
Music & Lyrics by Labinot Rexha
Arrangement by Zakir Popaj
Video by ArtFabe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mirsa Kerceli feat Gentz Video - Buzen mbi buze

Mirsa Kerceli feat Genc Prelvukaj GENTZ Music Video
"Buzen mbi buze"
Music & Lyrics & Arrangement by Genc Prelvukaj
Gramafon Entertainment Production
Video by VideoArt
+tag: kerqeli kerqili kercilli kerqilli

Bacci Video - A je per ni kafe

Oweee aka Bacci Music Video
"A je per ni kafe"

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dafina Zeqiri feat Hekuran Video - Knockdown

Dafina Zeqiri feat Hekuran Krasniqi Music Video
Music & Lyrics by Genc Prelvukaj
Video by Fadil Veseli (ANT Production) - Bubrreci
+tag: duffy'e

Dafina has promoted her first album yesterday!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Silva Gunbardhi Video - Me do, s'me do

Silva Gunbardhi Music Video
"Me do, s'me do"
Lyrics/Text by Rozana Radi
Music by Adrian Hila
Elrodi Production
Video by Alexander

Soni Malaj Video - Me faj, Pa faj

Soni Malaj Music Video
"Me faj, pa faj"
Music by Florian Mumajesi
Lyrics by Big Basta
Supersonic Production
Special Appearance: Vasil Zafirchev (Macedonian Actor)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Valamala Show Video - Ne Besojme

Valamala Show Music Video
"Ne Besojme"
Music & Lyrics by Valon Maloku
Arrangement by Muhamet Veseli
M & A Studio

Joint project dedicated to the Kosova's Declaration of Independence on 17th February 2008! Participants in this video work: Hashim Thaci, BB Poqi Armadillo, Genc Prelvukaj, Valton Krasniqi, Valon Maloku, Kaltrina Selimi, Teuta Kurti, Flaka Krelani, Mentor Mripa, Xuxi, Teuta Selimi, Vullnet Sefaja Marigona etc.

Merlisa Morina Video - Gjeje naj tjeter

Merlisa Morina Music Video
"Gjeje naj tjeter"
Music & Lyrics by Florim Susuri - Luli
Video by ArtFabe

This is Merlisa's first song and videoclip. She is only 15 years old, born in Switzerland where she currently lives. Obviously, we need to hear yet more from her to make any judgement of her as a singer. She is working closely with Ilir Berani and Genc Prelvukaj in making of her first album. No doubt, what is positive about her is that she has learned her mother tongue and not forgotten about her origins. Her family is from Prizren and the clip has been shot in this beautiful city.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nora Istrefi feat Sinan Video - Pa fat

Nora Istrefi feat Sinan Vllasaliu Video
"Pa fat" (RTK's Oxygen Show, 27.06.08)
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Wirusi
+tag: virusi

Nora promoted this song on RTK's Oxygen Show on Friday, 27th June 2008. The hosts of this show are Besim Dina (comedian) and Sinan Vllasaliu. Usually guests perform live in this show, but, as Sinan explained, this is fairly new song and they had not time to practice it properly. So, I think most of this song is a playback. Of course, on the night, Nora did have a go at few other songs (some english), completely live, backed by live orchestra.

If you had not chance to see Nora's fiancee before, Robert Berisha, is the one playing the synthesizer. They just got engaged recently. The occassion attended over 300 people, but I hear some close friends, neighbours and even relatives, remained upset for not receiving invitation.

Fjolla Morina Video - Pse

Fjolla Morina Music Video
Styling by Arta & Kaci
Video by VideoArt

Nice ballad from Fjolla! Who is the composer?
Lots of efforts in the videoclip too!

Nora Istrefi Video - Nuk ka kthim

Nora Istrefi Video
"Nuk ka kthim"

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Riza Bytyci Video - Enderrat tona te vjetra

Riza Bytyci Music Video
"Enderrat tona te vjetra"
+tag: bytyqi

Glad to see music veterans having made their own music videos. Music video will last longer and with it, memory too. Its a pitty, that Nexhmije Pagarusha has no music video of her own yet. And it would be a good idea to have one, while is she still around. Does not necessarily need to be a new song e.g. "Baresha" etc. would be perfect!

p.s. By the way, Riza's song and clip are perfect too!

Anira Video - E jotja jam

Anira Music Video
"E jotja jam"
Music by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics/Text by Mithat Sadiku
Video by Fadil Veseli

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Video - Diten e Diel

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Music Video
"Diten e Diel"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
K1 Production & Labia Production
+tag: diele

The winner song of Polifest 2008 Folk!
Awesome work!

Tingulli 3nt Video - Kalle sonte

Tingulli 3nt (Trent) Music Video
"Kalle sonte"
Supersonic Production
Video by Alexander
+tag: geti ghetto gold agoni

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Ti prit edhe pak

Ermal Fejzullahu Music Video
"Ti prit edhe pak", Album: "Ti prit edhe pak" (2008)
Music & Lyrics by Florian Mumajesi FLORI
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Supersonic Production
Video by Alexander

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