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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nora Istrefi Video - Another World

Nora Istrefi feat Jonathan Levant Music Video
"Another World"
Music & Arrangement by Enis Presheva
Lyrics by Big Basta
Video by Dejan Milicevic

The very latest clip by Nora, promoted today on KTV and RTV21. The song features a New York rapper, could not catch his name: John, Johnatan, Jan Tan etc. Perhaps you can help?

p.s. new album coming soon!

Mentor Kurtishi Video - Tradhtare

Mentor Kurtishi Music Video

Altin Goci Video - Me Ty Kaq Prane

Altin Goci Music Video
"Me ty kaq prane"
Music & Lyrics by Altin Goci
Shooting by Gent Ballta

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dijar Musa Video - Bukurija Jone

Dijar Musa Music Video
"Bukurija jone"
Text/Lyrics by Aida Baraku
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku

Nice song and a good start for Dijar! I think his first videoclip!

Shqipri Kelmendi Video - Balade pa titull

Shqipri Kelmendi Music Video
"Balade pa titull"
Lyrics/Text by Ilir Kabashi
Music & Arrangement by Korab Shaqiri
+tag: shqiperi

We're used to see him sing in Vala Mala's Show "Perralle me Tupan" as part of the comedy sketches, but now he comes back with a non-comedy music video, confirming his music affinities.

The music video seems to fall a bit short lengthwise. Hopefully, we'll see the full video soon!

Rezarta Shkurta Video - Engjujt luten per ne

Rezarta Shkurta Video - Polifest 2008 POP
"Engjujt luten per ne", Code:43
Lyrics/Text by Rezarta Shkurta
Music & Arrangement by Bertan Asllani

Best Stage Presentation Award (Prezentimi me i mire skenik)

Erblini Video - Blink blink

Erblini Video - Polifest 2008 (Hip Hop)
"Blink, blink", Code: 31
Lyrics/Text by Erblin
Music & Arrangement by Artan Rexhepi
+tag: bllink er-blini er-blin

3rd Place by Televoting (257pts)

Rovena Stefa Video - Keta te dy

Rovena Stefa Video - Polifest 2008 POP
"Keta te dy", Code:26
Text/Lyrics by Avni Qahili
Music & Arrangement by Ilir Shehu

3rd Place with 28pts by Professional Jury.

Lori Video - Shen Valentini (Polifest 2008)

Loreta Kacka LORI Video - Polifest 2008 POP
"Shen Valentini", Code: 21
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Text/Lyrics by Aida Baraku
Arrangement by Darko Dimitrov

1. 2nd Place (by Prof.Jury)
2. Best Interpretation Award

Lori wins 2nd Place in Polifest 2008 with 37pts, decided by the Professional Jury. Only one point behind Miranda with 38pts. In addition, she also wins the "Best Interpretation" Award (Interpretimi me i mire).

Performance in the Final (14th June 2008)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gili Video - Oh sa budalle

Fevzije Berani GILI Music Video
"Oh sa budalle"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Enis Presheva JR
+tag: fevzie

Friday, June 27, 2008

NRG Band Video - Urgjentisht

NRG Band Video - Polifest 2008 Pop Category Final (14th June 2008)
"Urgjentisht", Code:22
Music & Arrangement by Besnik Qaka
Lyrics/Text by Mithat Sadiku

2 Prizes:
- Polifonia Award
- 2nd place by Televoting (327pts)

Korab Jetishi feat Xeni Video - Si babe e bir

Korab Jetishi feat Xeni Music Video
"Si babe e bir" eng. "Like father and son"
Music & Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics/Text by Aida Baraku
K1 Production & Labia
+tag: shkelzen jetishi

Xeni and Korab, father and son in real life, singing in duo. How nice!
Lovely song! Well done!

Culter C Video - Ja ku jam

Culter C Video
"Ja ku jam"
Music & Lyrics by Edison Bregu
Max Production

First time I hear about Culter C! Anyone knows more about him?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eda Zari Video - Sunset of Santorini

Eda Zari Music Video
"Sunset of Santorini"
Album: Euphoria
Kaba Records

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hekuran Krasniqi Video - Hajde

Hekuran Krasniqi Music Video
Pulla Pictures
+tag: gramafon moments

Sefe Duraj Video - Ra dashnia m'hupi vedija

Sefe Duraj Music Video
"Ra dashnia m'hupi vedija"
Music & Arrangement by Shpejtim Gashi
Text/Lyrics by Bica
+tag: vetedija vetdija

Sefe Duraj Video - Mbi trupin tim

Sefe Duraj Music Video
"Mbi trupin tim"

Driton feat Rrufeja Video - Edhe bon edhe s'bon

Driton feat Rrufeja Music Video
"Edhe bon edhe s'bon"
Music by Play Records Chipsi
Video by Fadil Veseli
+tag: dritton

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kosovar Alija Video - Sonte

Kosovar Alija Music Video
Buci Production

Adriatik Lota TIKI Video - Dashuri e humbur

Adriatik Lota TIKI Music Video
"Dashuri e humbur"
Music by Xheni & Kujta
Text/Lyrics by Ejup Shabani
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Video by ArtFabe

Visar Peja Video - Gjumin gjume nuk e kam

Visar Peja Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Gjumin gjum nuk e kam", Code: 27
Text/Lyrics by Artan Ferati
Music & Arrangement by Afrim Macula

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Selvete Bajrami Video - Per ty

Selvete Bajrami Video - Polifest 2008 Video (13th June 2008)
"Per ty", Code:28
Music & Arrangement by Fatos Canolli
Text/Lyrics by Bekim Bislimi

Ganimete Asllani Video - Per ty jetoj

Ganimete Asllani Video - Polifest 2008 Video (13th June 2008)
"Per ty jetoj", Code:36
Music & Lyrics by Ganimete Asllani
Arrangement by Fatos Canolli

Shqipe Kastrati Video - Gishtat me dukat

Shqipe Kastrati Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Gishtat me dukat", Code:41
Music & Arrangement by Fatos Canolli
Text/Lyrics by Milaim Islami

Xhemajl Murtishi Video - Mikja ime

Xhemajl Murtishi Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Mikja ime", Code:42
Lyrics & Music by Naim Gjoshi
Arrangement by Bale
+tag: xhemail

Ciljeta & Ingrit Video - Puci Puci

Ciljeta Xhilaga & Ingrit Gjoni Music Video
"Puci Puci"
Max Production
+tag: ingrid

Alberie Hadergjonaj feat Don Pizhi Video - E ndezim pak

Alberie Hadergjonaj feat Don Pizhi Music Video
"E ndezim pak"
Music by Enis Presheva
Lyrics/Text by Big Basta
Max Production
+tag: hija jetes

Lindita Kryeziu Video - Tjetren mos e duaj

Lindita Kryeziu Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Tjetren mos e duaj", Code:39
Text/Lyrics & Music by Bekim Bislimi
Arrangement by Ernest Lami

1st Place by Televoting (530pts)
(The Audience Award/Cmimi Publikut)

Aferdita Demaku Video - Gurbetqari im

Aferdita Demaku Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Gurbetqari im", Code:38
Text/Lyrics & Music by Agim Gashi
Arrangement by Wirusi

2nd Place Televoting (260pts)

Mera Zymeri Video - Dashuri a ekziston

Mera Zymeri Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Dashuri a ekziston", Code:29
Text/Lyrics by Ejup Shabani
Music by Rrahman Kryeziu
Arrangement by Fatos Canolli

Best Stage Presentation

Friday, June 20, 2008

Viagra Video - Deshu

Viagra Music Video
Album: Historiku
Baba Records
Video by Pixels Production
+tag: orik oriku dranqolli drancolli

Albi Nako feat Joana Video - Dashurise

Albi Nako feat Joana Music Video
Title: "Dashurise" (Instrumental)
Music by Flori Mumajesi
Violine by Joana Kaimi
Directed by Ardit Roshi
Video: Pixels Production

Albi Nako is a professional dancer and choreographer. His dance crew "Albi Nako" is one of the most popular in Albania and often seen as part of very important music spectacles, sometime as guests and sometimes as direct participants.

Enjoy "Tango" dance at its best!

Muhamed Suma Video - Loti mu ngri

Muhamed Suma Music Video
"Loti mu ngri"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Valon Islamaj Video - Harro

Valon Islamaj Music Video
+tag: islami

Nikolle Nikprelaj Video - Synin mos ja shkel

Nikolle Nikprelaj Video - Polifest 2008 Folk (13th June 2008)
"Synin mos ja shkel", Code:37
Music & Arrangement by Edmond Zhulali
Text/Lyrics by Gjoke Beci
+tag: nikprela

Nikolle scooped three prizes in this year's festival:

- 2nd Place (26pts) by Professional Jury
- 3rd Place (122pts) by Televoting
- RTV21 Award

Alim Dauti Video - Dashuria me mban gjalle

Alim Dauti - Polifest 2008 Folk (3rd Place)(13th June 2008)
"Dashuria me mban gjalle", Code:7
Music & Lyrics by Selami Kolonja
Arrangement by Vullnet Ibrahimi

Alim won 3rd Place in Polifest 2008 with 17 points given by the Professional Jury. In addition, he also won a special prize, The Polifonia Award.

This song is awesome!

Alim Dauti Video - Mall per ty

Alim Dauti Music Video
"Mall per ty"

Alim won 3rd Place in this year's Polifest 2008 Folk festival in Prishtina.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elvana Gjata - Vetes

Elvana Gjata Music Video (2008)
Title: "Vetes"
Lyrics by Elvana
Music by Florian Mumajesi FLORI
NRG Records
Video by Pixels Production

Elvana Gjata - Vetes Elvana Gjata - Vetes Elvana Gjata - Vetes Elvana Gjata - Vetes

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sami Brajshori Video - Ishe Ti e Vetmja

Sami Brajshori (Lil Samee) Music Video
"Ishe ti e vetmja"
by MMK - Studio

Sami, a 23 year old young artist from Prishtina, living in Sweden.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Valton Krasniqi Video - Du Bist Nicht Mehr Mein

Valton Krasniqi Music Video
"Du Bist Nicht Mehr Mein" alb."E imja s'je"
Video by Medya Production
Directed by Valton Krasniqi
Camera: Hakan Haslaman, Amir Krasniqi
Video Editing: Bashkim Sefedini

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meda Video - RTV21 2008

Mehdin Pergjecaj MEDA - "Sheshi 21" RTV21 2008
"Hajde me mu"
+tag: mehedin pergjegjaj

Meda Video - RTV21 2008

Mehdin Pergjecaj MEDA Video - "Sheshi 21" RTV21 2008
"Mos thirr"
+tag: mehedin pergjegjaj

Meda Video - RTV21 2008

Mehdin Pergjecaj MEDA Video - RTV21 2008 "Sheshi 21"
"Me shkoj dora n'telefon"
+tag: pergjegjaj mehedin

Diellza Kolgeci Video - Pavaresia e Femrave Zyra 2008

Diellza Kolgeci Video - Pavaresia e Femrave Zyra 2008
"Votoj per dashurine"
+tag: pavarsi femnave dashuri

Gresa Behluli GRESSA Video - Pavaresia e Femrave Zyra 2008

Gresa Behluli GRESSA Video - Pavaresia e Femrave Zyra 2008

Rina Video - S'ka kontrate

Rina Music Video
"S'ka kontrate"

Friday, June 06, 2008

Indrit Mlika Video - Potpuri Shkodrane

Indrit Mlika Music Video
"Potpuri Shkodrane"
Max Production

Gena Video - Sa lote kam derdhur

Gena Music Video
"Sa lote kam derdhur"
Max Production

If you like greek music the albanian way, then Gena is for you!

Greta Koci Video - Shkolla Wilson

Greta Koci Music Video
"Shkolla Wilson"
Music by G.Kozeli
Lyrics/Text by A.Trebicka
Video by Max Production

Hmm... what an interesting way to advertise your institution. It may actually work! I like the music but I cannot say I did not hear something very much alike!

Mirsa Kerceli Video - Banesa Ime

Mirsa Kerceli Video
"Banesa Ime"
+tag: kerqeli

ShqipeKu ft.EdoN Video - Alba Hip Hop

ShqipeKu feat EdoN Music Video
"Alba Hip Hop"

Besarta Kosumi-Krasniqi Video - Dashuri e fundit

Besarta Kosumi - Krasniqi Music Video
"Dashuri e fundit"

Leo Video - Jam ilaqe

Leo Music Video
"Jam ilaqe"
Video by ArtFabe

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Adelina Thaqi & Visar Rexhepi Video - Kontrast

Adelina Thaqi & Visar Rexhepi Music Video
Fabrika Production

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Adelina & Visar sing part of the song in english. I am not sure if they are testing the waters but they did sound pretty ok to me. I think the time has come for us albanians to sell our artistic values beyond our national boundaries and I am definitely not against the idea of producing english versions of our best music projects. Take example of hispanic artists in America. Would Jennifer Lopez become so popular if she did not sing in english! I doubt it! So, hold on tight to your roots but do not isolate yourself. Promote yourself to the world and english is the way to go. It should pay off!

p.s. Have you seen Genta on American TV? Small step but important! Check gentaismajli.blogspot.com!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

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