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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alida Video - Shihemi ne party

Alida Music Video
"Shihemi ne party"
Stine production

This is her song from Top Fest 5

Friday, May 30, 2008

Liridon Kryeziu DONI Video - Ku je moj

Liridon Kryeziu DONI Music Video
"Ku je moj"
Music by Hysni Klinaku
Text/Lyrics by M.Berisha

Ylli Baka Video - Fshatrat e shkrete

Ylli Baka Music Video
"Fshatrat e shkrete"
Max Production

Genta Xhaferri Video - Ti me zhvesh me sy

Genta Xhaferri Music Video
"Ti me zhvesh me sy"
Max Production

Irma Libohova Video - Tango Dashurie

Irma Libohova Music Video
"Tango Dashurie"
Max Production

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G-Bani & Gjyshi & MJ-Gjelo & Klodi Video - +355

G-Bani feat Gjyshi & MJ Xhelo & Klodi Music Video
"+355" (plus 355)
Music by DJ Ricoking & G-Bani
Lyrics by G-bani, Gjyshi, MJ Xhelo and Klodi
Video by Max Production
+tag: clo-d

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ermal Mamaqi Video - Gjo e eger

Ermal Mamaqi Music Video
"Gjo e eger"
Arbias Studio

Rikthimi & Papa Dino Video - Sonte s'ka mu nal

Rikthimi & Papa Dino Video - Polifest 2008 (Hip Hop)
"Sonte s'ka mu nal"
Lyrics/Text by Rikthimi
Music & Arrangement by Artan Rexhepi
Vote (049)*221*3#

Performance in the Final, 14th June 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Venera Imeri Video - S'ka me tjeter here

Venera Imeri Video - 1st Prize Kosova Fest 2008
"S'ka me tjeter here"
Text/Lyrics by Arber Selmani
Music by Jehona Shaqiri
Arrangement by Damir Imeri

Venera is the winner of the 6th edition of "Kosova Fest" festival held on Sunday, 25th May 2008 in Prishtina. The festival organiser, Valdet Sopjani also handed her a monetary award of 5000 Euros for the 1st place. 2nd place won by Arberesha Hajdari (3000 Euros) and 3rd place went to Lendita Selimi (2000 Euros - I think).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Olta Boka - Zemren Lame Peng (ESC 08 Final)

Olta Boka Video - Eurovision 2008 Final (24th May 2008)
"Zemren lame peng"

Albania's performance in the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Belgrade. Even better performance than in Semifinal! With one small disappointment that she is wearing the same dress! I expected her to change or perhaps add some red piece of garment just so that it distinguishes a little from the previous performance!

The voting has not started yet as I write this, so people, get on your phone later on and dial Albania No.03. Depending in what country you live, you should see dialling numbers on your screen.

p.s. God no! Initial voting indicates a bad start for Albania. I'm switching off my tv! Had enough! Can't watch this!
p.p.s. The fact that you don't win eurovision contest is not what makes you unhappy. What really makes you unhappy is that contrary to your beliefs that you country has a really good song, it appears that it got hardly noticed by other countries e.g. Albania got some points mainly from few neighbouring countries but no points at all from most of the other countries (43 in total). Was the song really that bad not to get at least few points. Ok, I understand that neighbouring countries please each other and all good points are exchanged, but we have a set of points from 1 to 7 for example that may still represent that genuine taste. And not getting at least in this part of the scale, really hurts! It hurts! But, still, congratulations to Olta for her brilliant performance! She gave her best shot in the final!

Nikolle Nikprelaj Video - Jam Shqipetar, Jam Malesor

Nikolle Nikprelaj Music Video
"Jam Shqipetar, Jam Malesor"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Shpetim Saraci

Alban Skenderaj Video - Larg dhe afer

Alban Skenderaj Music Video
"Larg dhe Afer"

The very latest clip by Alban just promoted this week first in Kosova then in Albania.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Olta Boka Video - Zemren Lame Peng (ESC 08 Semi)

Olta Boka Video - Eurovision 2008 2nd Semifinal (22nd May)
"Zemren lame peng"

Brilliant performance by Olta! But, I miss, miss so much the back vocals (the general re-arrangement of the song is good). There must be something, some reason, some story behind this, why they were removed. We'll probably find out somehow later. If you don't know what I'm talking about listen to the original version Olta Boka - Zemren lame peng.

Voting is getting on as I write this. Let's hope Albania makes it to the Grand Final. If you live in any country in Europe and you have not voted yet, you have not done your duty! Be ashamed! Grab your phone and vote now!

p.p.s. See albanian flag waiving in the crowd, in support to Olta! Will she make history here!
p.p.p.s. Another funny thing! Watch at 1:01, the drummer loses his drumstick! Well, when everyone is watching you and your hands are shaking, no surprise things will start drifting away! lol.
- - - - - - - - - -
At the Winners Press Conference, Olta states:
"My heart is beating so fast now, it's a big thing for me to be in the final, and I am so so happy, and I will do my best again in the final, despite certain sections of the crowd booing." (All illwishers, may they rot in hell! - Teni)




Cekic feat Blero Video - Shake that ass

Cekic feat Blero Music Video
Title: "Shake that ass"
Str8Dope Production

It is not unknown that Cekic and Blero have been cooperating for over 10 years now. Cekic is a Bosniak, born in Sarajevo who currently lives and works in Sweden. And Sweden is probably the place they met since Blero lives in Sweden too. Cekic has done production for 5 of Blero's albums, including the english one released in Turkey.

An albanian version of "Shake that ass" is hugely popular, and I can only assume that Blero may have had some influence and persuaded Cekic to make a bosnian version.

Anes Haxhaj Video - Ti me mpa ne zemer

Anes Haxhaj Music Video
"Ti me mpa ne zemer"

Anes Haxhaj Video - Hup shko

Anes Haxhaj Music Video
"Hup shko"

Ramadan Krasniqi DANI Video - Nje mbi nje akrepat mbi sahat

Ramadan Krasniqi DANI Music Video
"Nje mbi nje akrepat mbi sahat"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shkendije Mujaj Video - U lodha nga dhurata

Shkendije Mujaj Music Video
"U lodha nga dhuratat"
+tag: bbf

Eranda Libohova Video - Ti me harro

Eranda Libohova Music Video
"Ti me harro"
Music by Adrian Hila
Elrodi Music
Video by Max Production

Powerful song! I still love better her earlier ballad "Vetem nuk jam".

Monday, May 19, 2008

Video Fest 2008 Awards

Video Fest 2008 Awards - 6th Edition

Date & Venue: 19th May 2008 at National Theater, Prishtina, 19:30h
Video Fest Director: Erolld Belegu
Media Promoter: KTV

Professional Judging Panel:
Afrim Spahiu (President of the Jury), Photography Director and University Lecturer;
Parta Kelmendi, Film Director and Programme Director at RTV21+;
Alba Morina, Journalist, Presenter and Author of Top Koha video music chart at KTV;
Kreshnik Shala, Montage Director at KTV, Creativity Chief;
Gëzim Avdiu (Pixels Production), Montage Director, Manager;
Albian Gagica (Init Production), Executive Director;
Granit Limani (Entermedia), Manager;
Blerdi Malushi(Pulla Production), Realizator at RTV21;
Fitore Rexhepi , Journalist and Presenter at Top RTK, RTK;
Korab Shala, Graphic Designer at KTV;
Yll Çitaku (Kooperativa Production), Director;
Florent Mehmeti, Film Director.

Full list of candidates:

  1. 7me7 - Flutura

  2. ADELINA BERISHA - Unë jam ajo

  3. ADELINA ISMAILI - Trimit tim

  4. ADELINA TAHIRI - Narcizoid

  5. ADELINA THAQI - Sonte

  6. ADELINA PIREVA, FATONI feat. D.A.SH.I - Te blini i vjetër

  7. ADRIAN GAXHA - Më mungon

  8. ADRIAN GAXHA - Perfeksioniste


  10. ALBINA'S BAND - Llokumi jem

  11. ARBËR ELEZI - Pse të doja ty


  13. ARTA BAJRAMI - I njëjti ke mbetë

  14. ARTA BAJRAMI - Jo ti zemra jem

  15. ARTA BAJRAMI ft. Loco - Asnjë milimeter

  16. ARTA GRAJQEVCI & MISTERIOZ - Qik pa sherr

  17. AURORA - Amaneti

  18. AURORA - Universal

  19. AURORA - Prishtina

  20. AUTMIND - Autmind

  21. BERKAN - Maraton

  22. BERTAN ASLLANI - Zemer

  23. BIG MAMA - Dhëndër

  24. BLEONA & GENCI & HEKURANI - Mandarinë

  25. BLEONA QERETI - Qefin gruas mos ja prish

  26. BLERO - Se di

  27. BLERO - Zemër bosh

  28. BLERO feat. LEONORA POLOSKA - Crazy

  29. BLINERA - Plas

  30. BURIM HOXHA - Bon Bon

  31. CAPITAL T feat. 2PO2 - Shopping

  32. DARDAN BALA - Ndarja

  33. DON PIZHI - Kallxoma stilin ton


  35. DONA - Ëmbëlsirë

  36. DRENUSHA LATIFI - S'të kam faj

  37. EDITA SOPJANI - Dashuri e ndaluar

  38. EDITA SOPJANI - Dashuri verore

  39. EDITA SOPJANI ft. 2 Boys - Merri krejt

  40. EDONA LLALLOSHI - Ditë për ditë

  41. ELIA ZAHARIA - October 31

  42. ELITA 5 - Ç'mendem

  43. ELIZA HOXHA - Hajde sonte (Remix)

  44. ELIZA HOXHA - Për ata që (s`)janë

  45. ELVANA - Kthehu prape

  46. ELVANA GJATA - Mames

  47. ERI - A me do?

  48. ERMAL FEJZULLAHU - Djali që të do (2006)

  49. ERMAL FEJZULLAHU - E shkuar, e harruar

  50. ERMAL FEJZULLAHU - Ke harruar (?)

  51. ERMAL FEJZULLAHU - Veq ty nuk të kam

  52. ERMANDA DURMISHI-ERA - Dashuri e pavdekshme


  54. ERRËSIRA E JETËS - Mu la me ty



  57. FAHRUSH AZEMI - Ti dhe unë

  58. FJOLLA - Gjendje kritike

  59. FLAKA KERLANI - T’boj me rock

  60. GARAZHAT - Ma jep dorën

  61. GENTA & GETI - Krejt e din

  62. GENTA ISMAJLI - Sa ilace

  63. GENTI - Buzët e një engjulli

  64. Gillespie - E di

  65. GOLD AG ft. ANDINI - Dihet

  66. GRUPI - Boll ka fol kulla

  67. HALIBAND - Hajt se bohët mirë


  69. HEKURAN KRASNIQI - Me të zeza veshë

  70. HEKURAN KRASNIQI - Per Ty (2006)


  72. HYSNI KLINAKU & MORENA - Te pres

  73. Hysni Zeqiri - Nuk je me mua

  74. ING BAND - Çika e nenes

  75. INGRID GJONI - Vitamina

  76. JEHONA SOPI - Borxh më ke

  77. KALTRINA SELIMI - Auto-stop

  78. KALTRINA SELIMI - Se do askend

  79. KORAB JETISHI - Xhepi

  80. LEDINA ÇELO - Fantasy

  81. LEONORA JAKUPI - Te falem ty Kosove


  83. LIL LIRI FEAT. ENIS POTOKU - Na po vim

  84. LIRIDON - Rrezikoj

  85. LORI - Amerika

  86. LORI - Katër puthje

  87. MACHIATO BAND - Eja ma ngat

  88. MALDA SUSURI - S'të kam afër

  89. MALESORI - Dy zemra

  90. Mihrije Braha - Turbulenca

  91. MIMOZA MUSTAFA - Me e forte

  92. MIRA JANJI - Nese s'vjen sonte

  93. MIRANDA HASHANI - Ike me tjetrën

  94. MIRSA KËRQELI - Goodluck

  95. MISTERIOZ - Siniorita

  96. NA - Filanja

  97. NASER BERISHA - Pergjithmone

  98. NORA ISTREFI - Mos me le

  99. NR - Filma turqisht

  100. NRG Band ft.Orinda Huta - As fejesa, as martesa

  101. NRG Band - Aida

  102. PIRRO CAKO - Engjell apo djall

  103. POQI BB ARMADILLO - Më mungon


  105. Produkt 28 - Tre shoket


  107. RONA NISHLIU - Eja

  108. RONA NISHLIU - Shko pastro pas saj

  109. REZARTA SHKURTA - Matura

  110. RRUFEJA - Edhe një lojë

  111. RYVA KAJTAZI - Ma thuaj

  112. SABRI FEJZULLAHU - Konvikti nr.5

  113. SABRI FEJZULLAHU - Ti pse

  114. SHKENDA - Digje

  115. SHPAT KASAPI - Se pranon

  116. SHPAT KASAPI - Sonte do te pi

  117. SHPRESA - Vullkan


  119. SKILLZ - Ah femnat

  120. SONI - Zig zag

  121. SPEYA & MAD LION - Mos m'thuj

  122. TEUTA BLAKA - Eja të lutem

  123. TEUTA KURTI - Si mbretëreshë

  124. TEUTA SELIMI - Femër

  125. TOXIN - Dite e Zeze

  126. TROJA - Nuk po muj ma

  127. TUNA - Bileta

  128. VALENTINA AJDARI - Kohe e dashurise

  129. VALENTINA AJDARI - Nuk te pres

  130. VESA LUMA - Ex Relax

  131. XHULI - Epitet triumfal

  132. XHULI - Mesnatë

  133. YLLKA BERISHA - I mbaj mend

  134. ZANFINA ISMAILI - Nga 1 tek 10


1. Skillz - Ah Femrat WINNER!
2. Elvana Gjata - Mames
3. Kaltrina Selimi - Auto Stop
4. Elia Zaharia - 31 October

1. Alban Skenderaj - Eklips WINNER!
2. Berkani - Maraton
3. Shpat Kasapi - S'e pranon
4. Adrian Gaxha - Më Mungon

1. Kaltrina Selimi - Auto Stop
2. Eliza Hoxha - Hajde Sonte
3. Elia Zaharia - 31 October WINNER!
4. Elvana Gjata - Mames

1. Skillz - Ah Femnat WINNER!
2. Etno Engjujt ft.Lyrical Son, Kaos & Besnik Qaka - All Night
3. Gillespie - E di
4. NRG Band ft. Orinda Huta - As Fejesa, as martesa

1. Capital T ft. 2PO2 - Shopping WINNER!
2. Genti - Buzet e nje engjulli
3. Xhuli - Mesnatë
4. F Kay - Sonte kemi Party

1. Genta Ismajli - Sa Ilaqe WINNER!
2. Ermal Fejzullahu - E shkuar e haruar
3. Mihrije Braha - Turbulenca
4. Zanfina Ismajli - Nga 1 tek 10

1. Eliza Hoxha - Hajde Sonte WINNER!
2. Nora Istrefi - Mos me le
3. Rona - Shko pastro pas saj
4. Tuna - Bileta

1. Capital T ft. 2PO2 - Shopping
2. Skillz - Ah Femnat WINNER!
3. NR - Filma Turqisht
4. Etno Engjujt ft. Lyrical Son, Kaos & Besnik Qaka - All Night

1. Alban Skenderaj - Eklips
2. Gillespie - E di
3. Poqi BB Armadillo - Më mungon
4. Flaka Krelani - T'boj me Rock WINNER!

1. Elvana Gjata - Mames WINNER!
2. Blero & Leonora Poloska - Crazy
3. Vesa Luma ft. Genc Prelvukaj - Ex Relax
4. Flaka Krelani - T'boj me Rock

1. Alban Skenderaj - Eklips
2. Kaltrina Selimi - Auto Stop WINNER!
3. Skillz - Ah Femnat
4. Elvana Gjata - Mames

1. Skillz - Ah Femrat
2. Eliza Zaharia - 31 October WINNER!
3. Zanfina Ismajli - Nga 1 tek 10
4. Elvana Gjata - Mames

1. Etno Engjujt ft. Lyrical Son, Kaos & Besnik Qaka - All Night
2. Elvana Gjata - Mames
3. Gillespie - E di WINNER!
4. Skillz - Ah Femrat

1. NR - Filma Turqisht WINNER!
2. Bleona Qereti ft.Genci & Hekurani - Mandarine
3. Kaltrina Selimi - Auto Stop
4. Pirro Cako - Engjell apo djallë

1. Berkani - Maraton
2. Tuna - Bileta WINNER!
3. Kaltrina Selimi - Auto Stop
4. Zanfina Ismajli - Nga 1 tek 10




Garazhat Video - Ma Jep Doren

Garazhat e Bardha Music Video
"Ma jep doren"

Snow Black feat Elena Video - Come and get me

Snow Black (Agon) feat Elena Risteska Music Video
"Come and get me"
Kumev Brothers Production

Interesting cooperation between albanian and macedonian artists.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hysen Smajli CENI Video - Dashuro

Hysen Smajli CENI Video - Polifest 2008
Vote: (049)*221*20#

Shpetim Elshani Video - Te dua shume te dua

Shpetim Elshani Video - Polifest 2008
"Te dua, shume te dua"
Vote: (049)*221*19#
re: pse kete zemer po e vret

I love the "cifteli" bit "Te dua shume te dua", opa! Nice song!

Motrat Hajzeri Video - S'falet zemra vetem per nje nate

Motrat Hajzeri Video - Polifest 2008
"S'falet zemra vetem per nje nate"
Vote: (049)*221*18#

Gillespie Video - E Di

Gillespie Music Video
"E di"

Gillespie Video - Luledielli

Gillespie Music Video
"Luledielli" (2006)

Even though their music is definitely not jazz, they call their band by the name of the jazz guitarist Bob Gillespie. At least this is what they explained to the media. The band formed in 2005, with members Isa (vocal, bass), Guri (guitar) & Sexha (drums). Later that year Blerta joined the band as vocal. Blerta lives the band in May 2007. Same month, her place filled by Eldita Tarani (not sure if she stayed on). The band released one album so far, entitled "Nje dite e zakonshme", and two videoclips "Luledielli" (Sunflower) & "E di" (I know). Its all there if you want to read about at their official website: www.gillespietheband.com. Enjoy nice music!

Vellezerit Krasniqi Video - Loti i fundit

Vellezerit Krasniqi Video - Polifest 2008
"Loti i fundit"
Vote: (049)*221*17#

They are really good!

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Video - Eshte faji yt

Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri Video - Polifest 2008 (1st Place)
"Eshte faji yt" (in the final performed with title "Diten e diele")
Vote: (049)*221*16#

Wow! What a song! I think its Ilir Berani's!

- - - - - - - - - -
Yes, indeed, this is a song composed and written by Ilir Berani with arrangement made by Florent Boshnjaku, that won Violeta the 1st Place in this year's Polifest 2008 for Folk category. Violeta also won the Best Interpretation Award.

Here is her performance in the final (13th June 2008):

Lina Video - New Love

Lina Video - Polifest 2008
"New Love"
Vote: (049)*221*15

Miranda Hashani Video - 29 Shkurti

Miranda Hashani Video - Polifest 2008 POP (1st Place)
"29 Shkurti"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani
Arrangement by Florent Boshnjaku
Vote: (049)*221*14#

Miranda wins the Polifest 2008 in Pop music category with 38 points, given by the Professional Jury. Only one point ahead of Lori in the 2nd Place with 37 points. She also won a luxurious holiday package in Turkey, offered by the Travel Agency "Euro Koha".

p.s. How would you translate "Muzike Zbavitese" in english as a music category? I think the most appropriate, that comes to my mind, is Pop music (popular music) category. Any ideas?

Performance in the Final (14th June 2008)

Liberian Selimi Video - Sonte jom me ty

Liberian Selimi LIBRI Video - Polifest 2008 (Hip Hop) Winner!
"Sonte jom me ty", Code:12
Lyrics by Libri
Music & Arrangement by Lirian Kaci
Vote (049)*221*12#

Geti's brother! Wins Polifest 2008 in Hip Hop category!

Performance in the Final (14th June 2008)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Berati Video - Ti e din pse jemi nda

Berati Video
"Ti e din pse jemi nda"
Lyrics/Text by Arsim Bunjaku
+tag: berat shala

Gremza Video - Hapat

Gremza Music Video

Blerina Kastrati Video - Anonim

Blerina Kastrati Music Video
Top Fest 5

Xhuli Video - Lutjet e mia

Xhuljeta Kuqi XHULI Video - Polifest 2008
"Lutjet e mia"
Vote: (049)*221*11#
+tag: xhyljeta gerxhaliu

Bekim Bislimi Video - Miku i rrugeve

Bekim Bislimi Video - Polifest 2008
"Miku i rrugeve"
Vote: (049)*221*10#

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nazife Bunjaku Video - Rrefej per ty

Nazife Bunjaku Video - Polifest 2008
"Rrefej per ty"
Vote: (049)*221*9#

Flora Gashi Video - Nuk besoj

Flora Gashi Video - Polifest 2008
"Nuk besoj"
Vote: (049)*221*8#

Fisnik Ristemi Video - Capkene vajze je ti

Fisnik Ristemi Music Video
"Capkene vajze je ti"
Text/Lyrics by Fisnik Ristemi
Arranged by Ardian Kastrati
+tag: rrustemi

Shpresim Zylbehari - S'te kerkoj

Shpresim Zylbehari Music Video
"S'te kerkoj"
F/X Production

Fisnik Ristemi Video - Maturantet

Fisnik Ristemi Music Video
+tag: rrustemi

Teuta Gashi Video - Eshte dashuri

Teuta Gashi Video - Polifest 2008
"Eshte dashuri"
Vote: (049)*221*6#

Dafina Zeqiri Video - Adios

Dafina Zeqiri Video - Polifest 2008
"Adios", Code:5
Music & Lyrics by Genc Prelvukaj
Vote: (049)*221*5#
+tag: duffye

Performance in the Final (14th June 2008)
Dafina won two prizes:
1. The Audience Award (Cmimi i Publikut) by Televoting (532pts), including 1000 euros given by IPKO Company
2. RTV21 Award

Muzafer Islami Video - Luj luj e mos u ndal

Muzafer Islami Music Video
"Luj luj e mos u ndal"
Video Studio "Ammar"
+tag: myzafer

Fortesa Hoti Video - Zeri yt

Fortesa Hoti Video - Polifest 2008
"Zeri yt"
Vote: (049)*221*4#

Kadir Video - Varrosa Dashurine

Kadir Video - Polifest 2008
"Varrosa dashurine"
Vote: (049)*221*2#

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Njomza Neziri Video - Pasaporta

Njomza Neziri Video - Polifest 2008
VOTO (049)*221*1#

Dorina Xerxa Video - Jam e lire

Dorina Xerxa Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
"Jam e lire"
Music by Bojken Lako

Korab Shaqiri Video - Banesa e vogel

Korab Shaqiri Music Video 2008
Title: "Banesa e vogel"
Music by Korab Shaqiri & Xhevdet Gashi
Text/Lyrics by Ilir Shaqiri
Arranged by Xhevdet Gashi
Video by Video Art
Directed by Ilir Kabashi

This is Korab's first videoclip! Strong entry!

Polifest 2008 Videos

Polifest 2008

Quietly as it seems, Polifest 2008 has actually started last week. Well congratulations to RTV21 for keeping this so secret. No promotion, no advertising (or not enough), no general information on the festival, no website to refer to, no list of participants or prizes, "great job" for promotional people at RTV21.

I just happened to tune into RTV21 channel on Tuesday, 13th May 2008 (lucky number!lol) and noticed "Polifest 2008 Promotional Evening" rolling. Seems as if this year's festival has adopted the concept of "Kenga Magjike" with preliminary stage where all songs are presented with a corresponding telefone number which you can dial if you wish to vote for that particular candidate (apparently, you can only dial from IPKO mobile network and the cost of the call is 50 cent). This far, I could not figure out, how long this phase will last and when will the final be held and prizes awarded, if such festival structure is in play. I can only assume that the next promotional evening is coming probably next Tuesday. Anyone with inside information, please come forward!

Naim Krasniqi (composer,singer,songwriter), otherwise RTV21's Artistic Director (I think something like that, correct me if I'm wrong) is this year's presenter (I assume promotional part only) and overall festival director.

The list of contestants:

01.Njomza Neziri - "Pasaporta"; (049)*221*1#
02.Kadir - "Varrosa dashurin"; (049)*221*2#
03.Rikthimi & Papa Dino - "Sonte s'ka mu nal"; (049)*221*3#; HIP HOP
04.Fortesa Hoti - "Zeri yt"; (049)*221*4#
05.Dafina Zeqiri - "Adios"; (049)*221*5#
06.Teuta Gashi - "Eshte dashuri"; (049)*221*6#; FOLK
07.Alim Dauti - "Dashuria me mban gjalle"; (049)*221*7#; FOLK
08.Flora Gashi - "Nuk besoj"; (049)*221*8#; FOLK
09.Nazife Bunjaku - "Rrefej per ty"; (049)*221*9#; FOLK
10.Bekim Bislimi - "Miku i rrugeve"; (049)*221*10#
11.Xhuli - "Lutjet e mia"; (049)*221*11#
12.Liberian Selimi LIBRI - "Sonte jom me ty"; (049)*221*12#; HIP HOP
14.Miranda Hashani - "29 Shkurti"; (049)*221*14#
15.Lina - "New Love"; (049)*221*15#
16.Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri - "Diten e diele"; (049)*221*16#; FOLK
17.Vellezerit Krasniqi - "Loti i fundit"; (049)*221*17#; FOLK
18.Motrat Hajzeri - "Dashuroj me zemer"; (049)*221*18#; FOLK
19.Shpetim Elshani - "Te dua shume te dua"; (049)*221*19#; FOLK
20.Hysen Smajli CENI - "Dashuro"; (049)*221*20#; FOLK
21.Lori - "Shen Valentini"; (049)*221*21#; CLIP
22.NRG Band - "Urgjentisht"; (049)*221*22#; CLIP
23.Lena - "Jo s'po na don"; (049)*221*23#
24.Tina Shkodra - "Ndarja qe vret"; (049)*221*24#
25.Kushtrim Riza - "Zemer, s'di cka bon ti"; (049)*221*25#; HIP HOP
26.Rovena Stefa - "Keta te dy"; (049)*221*26#
27.Visar Peja - "Gjumin gjum nuk e kam"; (049)*221*27#; FOLK
28.Selvete Bajrami - "Per ty"; (049)*221*28#; FOLK
29.Mera Zymeri - "Dashuria ekziston"; (049)*221*29#; FOLK
30.Danger & Blendi X - "Po shitesh"; (049)*221*30#; HIP HOP
31.Erblini - "Blink blink"; (049)*221*31#; HIP HOP
32.Rejhana Morina - "Te kujtoj"; (049)*221*32#
33.Eroll Jakupi - "Fillimi i fundit"; (049)*221*33#
34.Fjolla Morina - "Diagnoza"; (049)*221*34#
35.Astrit Musliu - "S'dua"; (049)*221*35#
36.Ganimete Asllani - "Per ty jetoj"; (049)*221*36#; FOLK
37.Nikolle Nikprelaj - "Synin mos ja shkel"; (049)*221*37#; FOLK
38.Aferdita Demaku - "Gurbetqari im"; (049)*221*38#; FOLK
39.Lindita Kryeziu - "Tjetren mos e duaj"; (049)*221*39#; FOLK
41.Shqipe Kastrati - "Gishtat me dukat"; (049)*221*41#; FOLK
42.Xhemajl Murtishi - "Mikja ime"; (049)*221*42#; FOLK
43.Rezarta Shkurta - "Engjujt luten per ne"; (049)*221*43#

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eventually, it became known that the finals for this year's festival will be held as follows:

Thursday, 12th June 2008, Children's Final (Femijet)
Friday, 13th June 2008, Folk Music Final (Muzike Popullore)
Saturday, 14th June 2008, Pop Music Final (Muzike Zbavitese)
- - - - -
FOLK MUSIC FINAL (13th June 2008)

Mihrije Braha & Naim Abazi as presenters

Awards by Professional Jury
1st Place - Violeta Kukaj Retkoceri (41pts) WINNER!
2nd Place - Nikolle Nikprelaj (26pts)
3rd Place - Alim Dauti (17pts)

Note: Also, to the winner of the 1st Place, it will be offered a free making of a music video by RTV21.

Awards by Televoting
1st Place - Lindita Kryeziu (530pts)[The Audience Award]
2nd Place - Aferdita Demaku (260pts)
3rd Place - Nikolle Nikprelaj (122pts)

Note: The winner of the 1st Place by Televoting will receive from IPKO company a monetary award of 1000 euros.

Special Awards of the evening:
Best Stage Presentation - Mera Zymeri (Prezentimi Skenik)
Best Interpretation - Violeta Kukaj (Interpretimi me i mire)
Polifonia Award - Alim Dauti
RTV21 Award - Nikolle Nikprelaj

Members of the Professional Jury for the Folk category:
Isa Qosja - Film Director and Lecturer in the Academy of Arts in Prishtina
Mimoza Kusari - Executive Director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosova
Xhevdet Gashi - Composer and Producer
Sabahudin Zhuta - Composer and Lecturer in the University of Shkup (Skopje)
Elizabeta Musliu - Composer, Professional Pianist
Riza Bytyqi - Singer
Astrit Pallaska - Composer
- - - - -
POP MUSIC FINAL (14th June 2008)
Luljeta Pasjaqa & Xhevdet Sfarca
Luljeta Pasjaqa & Xhevdet Sfarca as presenters

Awards by Professional Jury
1st Place - Miranda Hashani (38pts) WINNER!
2nd Place - Loreta Kacka LORI (37pts)
3rd Place - Rovena Stefa (28pts)

Note: The 1st Place Winner will also get a Luxurious Holiday Package in Turkey offered by Travel Agency "Euro Koha".

Awards by Televoting
1st Place - Dafina Zeqiri (532pts)[The Audience Award]
2nd Place - NRG Band (327pts)
3rd Place - Erblini (257pts)

Note: The winner of the 1st Place by Televoting will also receive from IPKO company a monetary award of 1000 euros.

Special Awards :
Best Stage Presentation - Rezarta Shkurta (Prezentimi Skenik)
Best Interpretation - Loreta Kacka LORI (Interpretimi me i mire)
Polifonia Award - NRG Band
RTV21 Award - Dafina Zeqiri

Members of the Professional Jury for the POP category:
Isa Qosja, Mimoza Kusari - Lila, Xhevdet Gashi, Sabaudin Zhuta, Elizabeta Musliu, Shkumbin Kryeziu and Astrit Pallaska.
- - - - -
HIP HOP MUSIC FINAL (14th June 2008)

The Hip Hop final was held on the same night. There were only 5 contestant in total. The professional jury consisting of Milot Hasangjekaj, Don Arbas, Lyrical Son and Pikado decided the winner for Hip Hop category to be:

Liberian Selimi LIBRI (20pts) WINNER!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Big Bossidy Video - Dridhero

Big Bossidy Music Video

Netet e Bardha Video - E vetmja je ti

Netet e Bardha Music Video
"E vetmja je ti"

Netet e Bardha is a band from Oslo, Norway. The band formed in 1986 in Prishtina with members: Oktaj Raca and Leon Hoxha. Between years '86 to '90 the band made 20 recordings at then RTP's (Radio Televizioni Prishtines) studio production. I have to assume, after that they moved to diaspora due to known political circumstances in the region. Currently the band consists of Oktaj Raca (vocal) and Ilhami Belegu (guitar). This is their latest song and videoclip.

Very nice song! Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Diadema Video - Jakup Ferri

Diadema Music Video
"Jakup Ferri"
Maestro Production

This is a remake of a popular folk song about our national hero Jakup Ferri.
Members of the rock band: Shpend Dumani (vocal), Kombetar Ramadani (solo guitar), Clirim Ramadani (guitar), Albert Mushkolaj (bass) & Granit Havolli (drums). Official website: www.diademametal.com

Oktaj Raca & Netet e Bardha Video - Ti je je

Oki & Netet e Bardha Video
"Ti je je"
+tag: oktaj raca

Albana Syla Video - Bye bye

Albana Syla Music Video
"Bye bye"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shkurte Fejza Video - Pavaresia

Shkurte Fejza Music Video

Big Mama & Boki 13 feat Ferus - Hollywood

Big Mama & Boki 13 feat Ferus Music Video
"Hollywood" (Ma daj)
Video by Tomato Production
+tag: besiana besjana kasami bojan eurovision macedonia holivud

This is the song that initially was to be performed in the final of Macedonia's national song selection for Eurovision 2008 among 20 other finalists. In the end, the professional jury decided that in the final will go only 15 contestants, thus leaving Big Mama and 5 others performers out of the competition.

However, Big Mama will eventually perform the albanian version of this song "Gati Tu" in the final of the "Top Fest 5" music festival in Tirana, in may 2008.

Bardha Video - Vagabond

Bardha Music Video

Besa Morina feat Aferdita Video - Ku u zgjove

Besa Morina feat Aferdita Music Video
"Ku u zgjove"

Boom Gang Video - Shtrengoj oj

Boom Gang Music Video
"Shtrengoj Oj"

Brikena Beqiri Video - Nata Ime

Brikena Beqiri Music Video
"Nata ime"

Burim Hoxha Video - Une e di se ti me do

Burim Hoxha Music Video
"Une e di se ti me do"

Madonna feat Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - 4 Minutes

Madonna feat Justin Timberlake & Timbaland Music Video
"4 minutes"
+tag: madona

"4 Minutes" is the first single by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her eleventh studio album Hard Candy and was released on March 17, 2008 by Warner Bros. Records. It features American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake and Timbaland who also co-wrote and produced the song. "4 Minutes" became Madonna's first Top 10 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 since "Hung Up" in 2005 and her highest-charting U.S. single since "Music". With the song Madonna scored her 37th Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit, making her the artist with the most Top 10 hits in the history of the chart. The single has also broken records in the UK, where it became Madonna's 61st Top 10 hit and 13th number one single, more than any other female solo artist.

The music video was filmed at Black Island Studios in London from January 30 to February 2, 2008 with Timberlake and Timbaland, directed by French duo Jonas & François (Justice's "D.A.N.C.E."), with choreography by Jamie King. The music video was released in some countries on iTunes Store on April 3, 2008. It also made a television premiere on MuchMusic at midnight on April 6, 2008 and on MTV's TRL on April 7, 2008. [wikipedia]

Besa Krasniqi Video - Teen sensation

Besa Krasniqi Music Video
"Teen Sensation"
Music by Alfred Kacinari
english version of "Rritem" (alb)

Besa Krasniqi Video - Rritem

Besa Krasniqi Music Video
Music by Alfred Kacinari
Lyrics by D.Gjergji
Video by J Sandstrom

This is one of her earlier music videos. The english version will follow.

Besa Krasniqi Video - Yes I'm Sure

Besa Krasniqi Music Video
"Yes I'm Sure"

Besa is a young talented singer who lives in Sweden. She is only 15 and already compiled two albums with the third one already in the pipe line. In Sweden they call her "Kosova stjärna" (Kosova Star). You can read more about her at her official website www.besa.se

Her biography as per website:
"Besa Krasniqi was born 5 March 1993 in Granna, Sweden. She now lives with her family in Nassjo. She started to perform at the age of 3. During these years she's participated in several talent shows and music festivals. She has won more than 10 awards, 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize performing. She's performed many times in Sweden, Kosovo and Germany. Many of her songs have been played on the radio through out Sweden, Albania and Kosovo. She's attracted attention by many newspapers in Sweden and Kosovo. Besa attends music school learning piano. She's got talent and has written the lyrics in some of her songs. Her passion is dance. She sings in three languages: Albanian, Swedish and English... She is helpful and dreams about helping people in need."

Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Xheraldina Video - S'ka me frike

Xheraldina Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
"S'ka me frike"

Qelbanix Video - Amaride ne kete vend (TF5 Final)

Qelbanix Music Video - Top Fest 5, Final, 4th May 2008
"Amaride ne kete vend"

Their preliminary Top Fest 5 performance was on 4th February 2008. Indrit Mesiti, the lead vocal of the band, appeared twice in this festival. His second performance was with Vesa Smolica (song "Perandor").

No award received this year! Last year, in Top Fest 4, the band won the Best Video Award!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Agron Pefqeli feat Halime Video - Ti ik prej meje

Agron Pefqeli feat Halime Mani Music Video
"Ti ik prej meje"
Text/Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku
Music by V.Gashi
Arrangement by Artan Rexhepi
Wirusi production

Berati Video - Princeshe e bukurise

Berati Music Video
"Princeshe e bukurise"
+tag: perendeshe princesh berat shala

Labinot Rexha Video - Nje Mature e Kemi

Labinot Rexha Music Video
"Nje mature e kemi"

00 Genti Video - Sayonara (TF5 Final)

00 Genti Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008

No award given!

Viagra feat Skillz Video - Pimpex (TF5 Final)

Viagra feat Skillz Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008

Vesa Luma Video - Edhe per mua do kete nje zemer (TF5 Final)

Vesa Luma Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
"Edhe per mua do kete nje zemer"

Big Mama Video - Gati Tu (TF5 Final)

Big Mama Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
"Gati Tu"
+tag: besiana besjana kasami

No award given!

Ingrit Gjoni Video - Weekend (TF5 Final)

Ingrit Gjoni Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
+tag: ingrid

No award given!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gledi & Gent Bushpepaj Video - Enderr reale (TF5 Final)

Gledi & Gent Bushpepaj Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008
"Enderr reale"
+tag: eugent

Ciljeta Xhilaga Video - Doreheqja (TF5 Final)

Ciljeta Xhilaga Video - Top Fest 5, Final 4th May 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fadil Krasniqi Video - Dhe nese vdes i ri

Fadil Krasniqi Music Video
"Dhe nese vdes i ri"

Besa Kokedhima - Engjujt vrasin njelloj (Top Fest 5 Winner)

Besa Kokedhima wins Top Fest 5 plus Internet Award
See final moments of the festival.
+tag: top channel tv

More info on Top Fest 5 including the full awards list!

Besa performed twice on the final night. This is her first performance before she was announced the winner of the fest.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bekim Dehari Video - Une dhe Ti

Bekim Dehari & Sefaja Music Video by Studio3
"Une dhe Ti"
+tag: deari

Friday, May 02, 2008

Korab Jetishi Video - Kamarierja

Korab Jetishi Music Video
+tag: supersonic

Though to me does not look much different to his previous clip "Xhepi" (apart from brighter colors), this video shows that besides wanting to always get entangled in some girls company, Korab is starting to get serious about his music career. This is his third videoclip. We've also seen him try Top Fest 4 last year with his song "Po s'erdhe do kete problem". I would really like to see him now slow down his rhythm a bit and sing a ballad instead.

Luar Video - Vetem

Luar Music Video
+tag: supersonic

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rovena Dilo Video - Rrefimi

Rovena Dilo Music Video
Supersonic Production

Emmy Video - Loje fjalesh

Emmy Music Video
"Loje fjalesh"
Music by Flori Mumajesi
Text/Lyrics by Big Basta
Video by Max Production
+tag: emi bbf elsa hidersha

Scorpion feat B-Genius Video - Jeta pa ty

Scorpion feat B-Genius Music Video
"Jeta pa ty"
+tag: double g army

Adnan Daci Video - Me thuaj pse

Adnan Daci Music Video
Title: "Me thuaj pse"
Music & Arrangement: Ardian Kastrati
Lyrics: Arsim Bunjaku
Video: Video Art Gjilan

Adnan Daci Video - E Mallkoj

Adnan Daci Music Video
Title: "E mallkoj"
Music & Arrangement: Ardian Kastrati
Lyrics: Arsim Bunjaku
Video: Alexander
If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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