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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shkendije Mujaj Video - Zemra m'loton gjak

Shkendije Mujaj Music Video
"Zemra m'loton gjak" eng. "My heart's bleeding"
Lyrics by Shkendije Mujaj
Music by Wirusi
WestVideo (Fatmir Gashi) & RTV21 Production

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Aurora Video - Per Mua Ishe Ti

Aurora Music Video
"Per mua ishe ti" eng. "You were the one" (2006)

Lovely song but I'm not sure about the videoclip. Why this cowboy theme? And why there is no woman in this video (I mean you'd expect one in a love ballad like this)? Unless they are singing to their "mules" they're riding.lol

Dona Video - Embelsire

Dona Music Video
"Embelsire" eng. "Dessert"

Not bad... nice mixture with folk tunes, but I have a problem with her singing of this part "...e din ti shume mire".

Friday, September 28, 2007

Argjend & Flori Lloga Video - Kalimtar i dashurise

Argjend & Flori Lloga Music Video
"Kalimtar i dashurise" eng. " " I leave this challenge to you!
Orchestration by Genti Lako
Lyrics by Gjergj Jorgaqi
+tag: kalimtar i rrugeve

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Edi Furra Video - Potpuri

Edi Furra Video
Music by Edi Balili
Muza House Recording
Buci Production

+tag: pijetari

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ema Bytyqi Video - Ishe vogelushe

Ema Bytyqi Video
"Ishe vogelushe" eng. "You were young" to be precise "a young girl"
Lyrics by Lasgush Poradeci
Music by I.Shaqiri
+tag: bytyci vogeloshe

Besnik Shemsiu Video - E Pa Bese

Besnik Shemsiu Music Video
"E Pa Bese" eng. "Unfaithful"
+tag: bes

Anyone with info on Besnik and the other guys rapping, please drop a comment.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Albina's Band Video - Llokumi Jem

Albina's Band Music Video
"Llokumi jem" eng. "My candy"
Styling by Flutra
+tag: albina jakupi overtime mclub

Jennifer Lopez Video - Do It Well

Jennifer Lopez Music Video
"Do It Well"

"Do It Well" is a song written by Ryan Tedder and recorded for Jennifer Lopez's fifth studio album Brave. The song was released as the first single in North America and in Europe. The song was solicited to radio on August 21, 2007.

The music video, which was guided under the direction of David LaChapelle, was filmed August 16 and August 17, 2007.The video premiered on Yahoo! Music on September 6, 2007.

The video starts with Jennifer walking down a street and she gets a message with a picture on her cellphone which is an SOS from a little boy captured and forced to work in the kitchen of an S&M nightclub, on 10 Union Street. She enters the club, pushing a doorman down the stairs after he questions her. She continues through the crowd, entering rooms looking for witnesses to the boys whereabouts. She questions people and punches and slaps them to get information. While this is going on, there are scenes of Jennifer dancing in a red dress and she does a dance routine in the breakdown. In the end she finally finds the little boy and they leave together. [wikipedia]

Faik Ismajli feat Blerta Video - Jeta Vazhdon

Faik Ismajli feat Blerta Hoti Music Video
"Jeta vazhdon" eng. "Life goes on"
Music & Lyrics by Faik Ismajli
Video by MB Productions

Lovely song! Are they from Sweden?

p.s. [23.09.07] With the help of MB Productions, we have managed to get a short biography of Faik Ismajli, that he wrote for us and it has been published in the comments section. He was born in 1979 in the city of Mitrovica, Kosova. At the age 12, he migrated to Sweden where he continued his education while getting involved with music as a hobby. In 1997, he met there few other musicians to form a musical band that mainly performed in concerts, weddings and parties accross scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc.). His first album was not a great success, as he put it, and the real breakthrough came after meeting Mentor and Besart who own the MB Video Production company. With their help he also launched his first videoclip "Jeta Vazhdon" and seems so far to have created a very positive impact on fans. The song is made special with the incorporation of Blerta's beautiful voice which is her debut song. Faik's second album is coming out soon! Read the original message in the comments section!

Performance at the Song Festival 2006 in Häsleholm, Sweden

Friday, September 21, 2007

Premtim Mehmeti Video - Zeshkane a Bjondine

Premtim Mehmeti Music Video
"Zeshkane a bjondine" eng. "Brunette or Blonde"

Premtim has a dilemma. Can you help him chose? I suggest to him that he takes both of them, lol. It's common thing now isn't it!? While too many guys leave the country the remaining one have plenty of girl to chose from and not one only but few at once. It does not matter now if you are married or not. C'mon we passed that stage now, lol.

Ok, I am joking litte bit, but its true, I've heard of many cases where already married men, remarry again. Are they not breaking the law? How do they do this? I know my grandfather had three wives but I thought that time has gone forever. Ha ha... c'mon bring some discussion on this topic and any interesting story you know.

As far as Premtim's song is concerned, I have to say, his voice sounds good. I am not saying I am a fan of this particular music genre, but there is no doubt, Premtim can sing well.

Teuta Blaka Videos

Teuta Blaka Video Pages:
  1. C'po ndodh me mua
  2. Eja te lutem
Teuta Blaka

Jeta Faqolli Video - Konkurenca

Jeta Faqolli Music Video
"Konkurenca" eng. "Competition" or "Rivalry"
Lyrics by Rozana Radi
Music by Adrian Hila
Supersonic Production

Besjani Video - Ne Pushime

Besjan Gashi (Besjani) Music Video
"Ne Pushime"
+tag: besian

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vellezerit Mziu Video - Hajde Nje Nate

Vellezerit Mziu (The Mziu Brothers) Music Video
"Hajde Nje Nate" eng. "Come one night"
Music & Lyrics by Bekim Bislimi

This is the song from Polifest 2007 (Folk), where Vellezerit Mziu won the "Audience Award". Does anyone know the names of each one?

+tag: hajde nje nate hajde per nate

Kujtim Prodani Video - Letra Dashurie

Kujtim Prodani Music Video
"Letra Dashurie" eng. "Love letters"

Great singer and composer. Born 16th March 1963 in Albania. Son of Anita Take (famous singer) and Agim Prodani (composer).

Agron Pefqeli Video - Vajze e Bukur

Agron Pefqeli Music Video
"Vajze e Bukur" eng. "Beautiful Girl"
Helix Video

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ema Bytyqi Videos

Ema Bytyqi Video Pages:
  1. Sonte Mos Mendo
  2. Ishe Vogelushe
Ema Bytyqi

Visar Vishka Video - Blu

Visar Vishka Music Video
"Blu" eng. "Blue"

You had a chance to see this video in Top Fest 4 where it competed for "Best Video" award. The song is the main theme from "Oda Blu" (Blue Room) theatre performance. Otherwise, Visar is a 30 years old singer from Shkup (Skopje, originally from Gostivar, Macedonia) and if you check Visar's myspace www.myspace.com/visarvishka, his main profession seems to be acting, directing and producing. He is even a presenter too as he hosted Nota Fest 2003&2004 (Skopje) and Mikrofoni Arte 2005 (Tirana) pop music festivals. Somebody has got to tell him that text in his myspace is not 100% readable but if you highlight you should be able to see an extensive list of his past works. Enjoy!

Edi Furra Videos

Edi Furra Video Pages:
  1. Cobani
  2. Potpuri
+tag: fura

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Arif Aliu Video - Ike Larg

Arif Aliu Music Video
"Ike Larg" eng. "You've gone far away"
Lyrics by Remzi Murati
Video by Fatmir Gashi (WestWideo)

Lindon Camaj Video - Mos Me Thuaj

Lindon Camaj Music Video
"Mos me thuaj" eng. "Don't tell me"
Boin Video Production

Nderim Video - Sonte Oren Boma Minut

Nderim Music Video
"Sonte Oren Boma Minut"
Music & Lyrics by Genc Prelvukaj

Linda Video - Pa Ty

Linda Music Video
"Pa Ty" eng. "Without You"

Xhavit Dedej Video - Sjam harom

Xhavit Dedej Music Video
"S'jam harom"
Elrodi Music

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Merrma Endrren

Mimoza Mustafa Music Video
"Merrma Endrren" eng. "Take my dream away"

Nice song!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Albina's Band Videos

Albina's Band Video Pages:
  1. Albina's Band Video - Tash Vone Te Kujtoj
  2. Albina's Band Video - Llokumi Jem

Jennifer Lopez Videos

Jennifer Lopez Music Videos Page
Birth Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Nickname: J.Lo, Jenny
Born: 24th July 1969
Country: New York, United States
Genres: Pop, Latin pop, R&B, dance
Occupations: actress, singer-songwriter, record producer, model, dancer, fashion designer, television producer
Official website: www.jenniferlopez.com

Music Videos:
  1. Jennifer Lopez Video - Get Right
  2. Jennifer Lopez Video - Do It Well
Jennifer Lopez

Troja Videos

Troja Band Video Pages:
  1. Jena Na
  2. Nuk Po Muj Ma

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alban Mustafa Video - Femijet Mergimtare

Alban Mustafa Music Video
"Femijet Mergimtare" eng. "Migrant Children"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani

Seeing a footage from London in this video, we must assume Alban might be a migrant himself. Well in this song he invites all migrants who have left their parents back in their homeland, to visit them before its too late. The message is compelling of course!

Meda Kamberi Video - Ende Te Dua

Nurimeda Kamberi MEDA Music Video
"Ende Te Dua" eng. "I still love you"
Supersonic Production

Hm... not bad! It does slightly remind me of Vesa Luma's "Jemi dhe s'jemi", but still, you could not say they are the same thing.

Valentina Video - Pasion

Valentina Dedvukaj Music Video

Xhuli Video - Epitet Triumfal

Xhuli Music Video
"Epitet Triumfal"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nora Istrefi Video - Mos Me Le

Nora Istrefi Music Video
"Mos Me Le" eng. "Don't leave me (waiting)"
Music by Enis Presheva
Lyrics by Memli Krasniqi
Video by Tomato Production

Hot Nora comes back chilling out in splashes of water. And she looks slimmer too. I bet she's got some tips from Leonora Poloska with regard to weight-loss.

Ok, I think this is an average song with a very good video creation. Is she there trying some new voice techniques I think? "Mooosss meee leeeer qee tee pres!" p.s. I hope no "borrowing" has taken place with this song.

Her third album will soon hit the market.

+tag: mos me ler

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adelina Tahiri Video - Narcizoid

Adelina Tahiri Music Video
"Narcizoid" eng. "Narcistic" or "Narcist"

Naser Berisha Video - Pergjithmone

Naser Berisha Music Video
"Pergjithmone" eng. "Forever"
Music & Lyrics by Barlet Qerimi
Orchestration by Oki

Long time no see, Naser! Nice to have you back!

+tag: pergjithmon

Pirro Cako Video - Mos Me Krahaso

Pirro Cako Music Video - "In Memoriam to Albanian poet Teodor Keko"
"Mos Me Krahaso" eng. "Compare me not"
Album: "Mos Me Krahaso"
Video by Dejan Milicevic

Monday, September 10, 2007

Xhavit Sadiku & Xhevahiret - Kur te pashe moj lulja e bardhe

Xhavit Sadiku & Xhevahiret Video
"Kur te pashe moj lulja e bardhe"

Lendita Mjekiqi Video - Nese Don Ti Shko

Lendita Mjekiqi Music Video
"Nese Don Ti Shko" eng. "Go if you want"

Veli Sahiti TRIX Video - Jam Kthyer Perseri

Veli Sahiti TRIX Music Video
"Jam Kthyer Perseri" eng. "I'm back again"
Lyrics by Ismet Rashiti
Orchestration Artan Mezini

Veli is ex-vocal of the famous TRIX band of 70's and 80's. Though the band dismembered, Veli inherited the name and is now the 'one mand band' performing solo.

You can read more about Sahiti and Trix here:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

G-Bani feat Crazy Girl Video - Te Dua

G-Bani (Arban Perlala) feat Crazy Girl Video
2nd Place Mikrofoni Arte 2006
"Te Dua" eng. "I Love You"
Music & Orchestration by G-Bani
Lyrics by G-Bani
G-Bani's MySpace: www.myspace.com/gbani355

Denada Bare feat Stine Video - Te Ndjej

Denada Bare feat Stine Music Video
"Te Ndjej" eng. "I feel you"
Music & Orchestration by Stine
Lyrics by Timo Flloko & Stine
Video by Max Production

Stine is spreading his music "seed". After Poni we have now Denada Bare embracing Stine's music style. Who is going to be next?

(p.s. to be honest, I don't think Stine should do this! What will happen then to the unique Stine we know, if everybody starts being him?!)

I am particularly fond of Stine's music and no doubt I love this song too. What is interesting about this video is the quantity of credits floating around. I have not seen any video like this before. This shows that behind a good music video works a large group of people and to be fair to them, I will list here as many names as I could catch from the video.

Conceptual Artist: Tani & Co, Maria Stela G.; Performed by (don't know what): Emanuela Kraja; Directing Animators: Sonja Y.; Animators: Xh.T., H.K., G.J. (why hiding?!); Coreography: Tani; Assistant: Leonora K, Julia L; Color Key Styling: Lilo; Conceptual Artist: Rezart Nita; Storyboard Artist: Lucian Leka; Pre Production Design: IDA; Animators: Max Production; Director: Max; Coordinating Supervisor: D. Juldedaj, Altin B.; Produced by Hana B; Supervisor: Adela; Coordinators: Alphael MH; Compositing Traniee: Armand Manushi; Licensing Coordinator: Gert L.; Subcontractin Coordinator: Nada; Coordinator: Santora L.; Performed by Deni & Tani, Karleusa, Juli, Jona; Supervising Sound Editor: Stine; Effects Software Designer: Samuel L.; Software Development Engineers: Artan L. Brahimi; Director: Ton Nallbani; Styling: Joni Peci, R. Skifteri, Lilo, Emanuela, La Coquette; Make up: Goran; Story by Len Bluum; Screenplay by Max Production; Animation Adaption by Sam 41; Pre Production Design; Marsi D; Assistant Director: Juli; Department Coordinator: Armand Manushi; Music Preparation: Anjesa J; Synthesizer Programming: Neritan L.; Supervisor: Peter Coba; etc. I have probably left someone out as it wasn't easy to read all of that. I mean, look at the list.

Andy DJ Remix version

Troja Video - Nuk Po Muj Ma

Troja Music Video (+Intro)
"Nuk Po Muj Ma" eng. "I Can No More"

Troja is one of the rare heavy metal bands in Kosova. This is Troja's third videoclip that has been promoted recently. Their first album (or rather second, see comments) is expected to see light by November 2007. Since last videoclip "Jena Na", there has been a change in their band formation. Bujar Berisha is the new vocal that replaces Tomor Arifi. The rest of the band are as follows: Florent Bajrami (guitar), Agron Ejupi (bass) and Violan Shabani (drums). They are also building a web presence here www.troja-ks.com

Naxi Video - Kur Endrrat Treten

Naxi Music Video
"Kur endrrat treten" eng. "When dreams fade away"

+tag: enderrat te treten

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shyhrete Behluli Video - O Me Ty, O Pa Ty

Shyhrete Behluli Music Video
"O Me Ty, O Pa Ty" eng. "With or Without You" (not the U2 one lol)
Music & Lyrics by Agim Gashi
Orchestration by Ilir Kryeziu

+tag: shyrete shirete beluli artfabe

Meda Kamberi Videos

Nurimeda Kamberi (Meda) Video Pages:
  1. Pse s'me thua (Top Fest 4)
  2. Ende Te Dua
Nurimeda Kamberi Meda

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Arif Aliu Videos

Arif Aliu Video Pages:
  1. Zgjohu Dhimbja Ime
  2. Ike Larg
Arif Aliu

Mariza Ikonomi feat Erik Video - E Di

Mariza Ikonomi feat Erik Music Video
"E Di" eng. "I Know"
Euro Star

No doubt, very beautiful song, but very familiar tune too!

+tag: erick

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eranda Libohova feat Big Basta - Choco Cacao

Eranda Libohova feat Big Basta Music Video
"Choco & Cacao"
Music & Orchestration by Adrian Hila
Lyrics by Pandi Laco
Elrodi Music
Video by Max Production
+tag: gerald xhari

Life goes on!

If you feel nostalgic about the summer that past, Eranda is here to give you a quick reminder of the taste of "Choco & Cacao" on the beach.

+tag: coko choko kakao

Monday, September 03, 2007

Gjovani Gjonaj - Une Beqar, Ti Beqareshe

Gjovani Gjonaj Music Video
"Une beqar, ti beqareshe"

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Adelina Ismajli Video - Lavdi ushtari im

Adelina Ismaili Music Video
"Lavdi Ushtari Im" eng. "Glory my soldier"

The life of Adelina Ismajli, "the Queen of Albanian Pop", has been turned upside down by a recent tragic event. Her fiancee Triumf Riza has been shot dead on Thursday, 30th August 2007 in the center of Prishtina. Triumf was a member of the Special Police Unit. The main suspect Arben Berisha has been arrested.

In this music video, Adelina portrays a young pregnant woman who loses her husband in the war. She then later talks to her son about his brave father. It looks as if this has now become a real life situation for Adelina.

Our deepest condolences go to Adelina and to the Triumf's family.
Kosova has lost a great man! May he rest in peace!

Bereaved Adelina at the funeral
Adelina Ismajli
photo Petrit Rrahmani
If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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