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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shkelzen Jetishi Xeni Video - Shpirti im

Shkelzen Jetishi XENI videoclip
"Shpirti im"
Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ciara Video - Promise

Ciara Music Video - "Promise"

"Promise" is a R&B song written by American singer-songwriter Ciara Harris, Jasper Cameron, Jamal Jones, and Elvis Williams. It is the official first single and second release in the U.S. from Ciara's second studio album, Ciara: The Evolution (2006). The song premiered on AOL Music on September 22, 2006. It debuted on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles at twenty-four. After two weeks on the chart, "Promise" debuted at #45 on the Billboard Hot 100, making the single Ciara's highest debut and the top debut of that week; the single peaked at #11 on the chart. The music video for "Promise" was shot on October 2 and October 3 in Los Angeles, and was directed by Diane Martel. The video premiered on BET's Access Granted on Ciara's 21st birthday, October 25 and Canada's MuchMusic where she introduced it over the phone. The video has charted BET's 106 & Park and debuted on Friday November 3, 2006 six days after its premiere. The video debuted on MTV's TRL at number ten on November 8, 2006 and peaked at number four. In addition, the video topped the 106 & Park at the number one position on November 27, 2006 continued for over 20 days. Tina Landon, Janet Jackson's former choreographer, assisted in the choreography for the video. The video begins with Ciara, wearing a brown hooded sweater and sweat pants, dancing by herself in a secluded area. The scene shows her singing the first verse into a gravity defying microphone, which can also support Ciara's entire body weight. During the chorus and second verse, Ciara is seen freestyling seductively in a chair. This s.c.e.n.e is mixed with footage of Ciara and her dancers in hooded attire. Further on in the video we are introduced to a different setting. Ciara and the dancers are seen sitting on the ground against a brick wall, performing shoulder and hand movements. During the second chorus, a cabaret scene shows the silhouette of Ciara in front of a white screen, while the dancers move around on scaffolding. The shot changes once more to a visualization of Ciara on the floor sporting a petite, brown wig, reciting the spoken part of the bridge. Afterwards, Ciara dances in front of a different brick wall. The area is dark and only lit by a red spotlight. The video fades out to a scene in which we see Ciara and the dancers in somewhat of a conga line, dancing out of view. [wikipedia]

Jennifer Lopez Video - Get Right

Jennifer Lopez Music Video - "Get Right"

"Get Right" is the first single from Jennifer Lopez's fourth studio album Rebirth. Released on February 28, 2005 in the UK and March 15, 2005 in the U.S., the single peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Lopez's tenth top twenty single in the U.S.; it also peaked at number one in the UK, becoming her first number-one in the UK for four years since "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (2001)... The main video, directed by Francis Lawrence, portrays Lopez playing different characters at a nightclub: a DJ (the main character), a Go-Go dancer dancing upon the bar, a bartender, a nerdy, shy girl, a superstar, and other personalities attending the club. The end of the song features Marc Anthony's daughter, Arianna — portrayed as a relative to the DJ character —, singing along with the music as the DJ is at work. It received four nominations at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards: "Best Dance Video", "Best Direction", "Best Choreography", and "Best Editing". There is also a music video for the official remix of the song featuring rapper Fabolous that takes segments from the main video and extending them against a gray background. The dancing mainly consists of Lopez dancing with a cane in an old Hollywood sideshow-style dance routine. The other segments are Lopez basically dancing un-choreographed to the beat. All dance routines appear on screens throughout the club, as Lopez explains on MTV's Making the Video, "A video within a video". [wikipedia]

Version 1

Version 2, Remix, feat Fabolous

Ilir Shaqiri Video - Pavaresia

Ilir Shaqiri videoclip
"Pavaresia" eng. "Independence"
Choreography: Dilaver Kryeziu

A song dedicated to the forthcoming Kosova's independence. The two boys carrying the flag are Adem and Hamez Jashari juniors. Ilir's new album is being released beginning of June 2007.

+tag: erdhi dita e pavaresise pavarsija

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ismet Bogujevci Video - Mekati

Ismet Bogujevci videoclip
"Mekati" eng. "The Sin"
Album: "Drite e Perendise"

Ismet is a respectable albanian singer and one of rare doyens of albanian folk music who throughout his entire career has preserved the originality in our folk music. After 20 years, end of last year, he promotes his second album "Drite e Perendise", which includes a special selection of one of his best songs and interpretations. He is also a life member of the Ensemble "Shota".

Monday, May 28, 2007

Qelbanix Video - I vetem ne mes te njerezve

Qelbanix videoclip
"I vetem ne mes te njerezve" eng. "Alone amongst people"
This is the videoclip that won the BEST VIDEO AWARD in Top Fest 4 last night.

"This is a conceptual song video clip. There are the 4 members of Qelbanix band that see the world in different ways from each other, and they feel lonliness in the middle of people. Instead their world is different, in the end they unite together because they find common reasons of lonliness and so decide to stay together for about... don't know yet." [qelbanix]

Check more... Top Fest 4 Videos

+tag: qelbaniks indrit mesiti

Greta Koci Wins Top Fest 4

Greta Koci Video - Top Fest 4 Finals
The Palace of Congresses
Tirana, 27th May 2007

Check more... Top Fest 4 Videos

First Prize & 10,0000 Euros

After winning "Mikrofoni Arte 2006" (Golden Microphone) and having considerable success in Festivali 45 (Albania's Eurovision Final), here she comes back again with a great win in Top Fest 4 with her song "Sa me lodhe" (composed by Genti Lako). She was ecstatic about this win and you'll see in the video, she is not hiding her overwhelming joy for winning this major music contest. Just to remind you, the first prize is determined by televoting, therefore in this case the public audience is the jury and Code no.38 was the most voted one (3024). The second place is won by Poni - "Si trendafil" (Code 14, 2721)and the third place by Produkt 28 - "Lamtumire" (Code 11, 1975). The trophy was presented to Greta by Astrit Haracia, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosova (yes, Kosova not Albania).

"From my heart, thank you!... I feel that your applauding is the most sincere one I've ever received!", stated Greta in her final speech and then for a moment engaged the audience in her live singing. The spectacle lasted nearly 4 hours and finished around 1am.

Greta is only 16 and surely she is a great music star in the making. Watch here the final moments of the festival:

Pirro Cako Video - Engjell apo djall?

Pirro Cako videoclip
"Engjell apo djall" eng. "Devil or Angel"

Quick reminder: Pirro is Inva Mula's spouse!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hana Cakuli Videos

Hana Cakuli Video Pages:
  1. Mendoj te fluturoj eng. "I think of flying"
  2. Enderrat s'ndalen kurre eng. "Dreams never end" (Top Fest 4, 2007)
  3. U sherova eng. "I'm cured" (Kenga Magjike 2007)
  4. Cka do t'ju themi nenave (Top Fest 5, 2008)
Hana Cakuli

Gold AG feat Mixha Bibe & Rrahim Struja Video - Kysmeti

Gold AG feat Mixha Bibe & Rrahim Struja Video - "Kysmeti"
RTV21 "Po na vjen" 26.05.07

+tag: arian agushi hasan murseli plum emini

Friday, May 25, 2007

Besa Video - Rrushi

Besa videoclip
"Rrushi" eng. "Made in Kosova Grapes"
Music & Video by Infinit Records
Director: Jeton Zejnullahu

+tag: kushtrim berisha kmaster down town

Rovena Stefa Video - Adrese pa emer

Rovena Stefa videoclip
"Adrese pa emer" eng. "Address with no name"

Lindon Camaj Video - Korbat e zi

Lindon Camaj videoclip
"Korbat e zi" eng. "Black ravens"
Sponsor: American Travels Tours Pjeter - Peti's Camaj

Shkelzen Jetishi XENI Videos

Shkelzen Jetishi XENI Video pages:
  1. Dasma Shqiptare (&Merita Halili,Potpuri), Kenga Magjike 2004
  2. Potpuri
  3. Gezuar me Xenin (and Zeneli Doli, Ermira Morina)
  4. Shpirti im
  5. Nje gote raki
  6. Si babe e bir (& Korab Jetishi)
Shkelzen Jetishi

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Justin Timberlake Video - What Goes Around

Justin Timberlake Music Video
"What Goes Around...Comes Around"
Album: FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006)

The music video for the song has been described as an "epic video" or a short film since the director's cut duration exceeds nine minutes and the beginning even features credits similar to a film. The video was directed by Samuel Bayer with dialogue written by Alpha Dog writer and director Nick Cassavetes. This is Timberlake's first video with explicit language. The video stars Timberlake as well as Scarlett Johansson and Alpha Dog co-star Shawn Hatosy. It also features the interlude ("...Comes Around") to the song. It premiered on iTunes Store on February 9, 2007. This was the first time an artist ever premiered its video in the store. Before the official release online, trailers were released on Timberlake's official website as well as on many television outlets. The director's cut is only available online and a shorter edited version sent out to television channels. The video's official television premiere was during MTV's 2007 Grammy Awards pre-show on February 11, 2007. On iTunes Store, two versions are available for download; the clean version, as well as the explicit version. It currently holds the record for the fastest selling video on the iTunes Store, selling a record breaking 50,000 downloads. [wikipedia]

Long Version

Short Version

Live Grammys 2007

Live Paris 2006

Fadil Riza Video - Ti s'me deshe kurre

Fadil Riza (Fadi) videoclip
"Ti s'me deshe kurre" eng. "You never loved me"
Lyrics: Aida Baraku
Music: Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration: Florent Boshnjaku

Official website: www.fadilriza.com

Born 20.05.1976 meaning that Fadil has just recently celebrated his 31st birthday. According to his website, his successful career started in year 2000 (though involved in music since early childhood), when he released his first album "Kosove mire se t'gjeta". Two years later another album "Pa ty se dua jeten" and just last year he released his 3rd album "Veq ti ke faj". This summer plans to release his 4th album. So, he is a busy man indeed! Fadil lives in Prishtina and Besiana.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Muharrem Ahmeti Videos

Muharrem Ahmeti Video Pages:
  1. Italia
  2. Tradhtare

Teuta Shabani Video - Kqyr me sy e plas ne bark

Teuta Shabani videoclip
"Kqyr me sy e plas ne bark" eng. "Watch only and crave" (not a direct translation)
Official website: www.teutashabani.com

New videoclip (2nd) from Teuta (1st one was "Te dua"), who is also a Top Fest 4 contender. The bio section of her website holds no much useful info and it states that she is born in Africa. Really! Hello african girl! But she lives in Sweden and studies politics. Her goal is to work in the European Parlament (and fight for albanian cause, of course) and, and what else.... Oh, she was "Miss Charming" (don't know where, maybe Sweden), did or does still foto modelling too ( I bet Fadil Berisha was involved in this. Great guy, a professional photographer who lives in New York and has done much to promote albanian beauty in the world). Future plans? To be a successful girl, no wonder! Watch the video and tell us in the comments section, what you see about her. Nice comments please!

+tag: valifilm.com valdet mehmeti

Monday, May 21, 2007

Anila Lilaj Video - Te dua ty

Anila Lilaj videoclip
"Te dua ty" eng. "I love you"

I must admit, I have not seen this singer before and when she appeared on screen, I thought at first she is Remzije Osmani, but quickly I realised that she is not. So, any info on Anila, please don't hesitate to drop a comment.

Christina Aguilera Video - Candyman

Christina Aguilera videoclip
Album: Back to Basics
Written by Aguilera and Linda Perry

Official site: www.christinaaguilera.com

"The music video for the single "Candyman" was filmed on January 28, 2007. It was directed by Matthew Rolston and co-directed by Aguilera. It is based on a 1940s war theme, and Aguilera rented out an airport in Spain to film it. In the music video, Christina Aguilera is dancing and singing in three different hair colors, red, blonde and brunette, as if she were in a singing trio, a tribute to the Andrews Sisters. She also appears in scenes inspired by pin-up girls Judy Garland, Betty Grable, and Rita Hayworth.The video also features product placement for Campari. On February 22, 2007 MTV gave the World Premiere of "Candyman" live on TRL and later on MTV's Making The Video. The video debuted at number six on TRL and went on to top the countdown for four days.[11] In Canada, the video has proven to be successful also, topping the MMMTOP10.COM music video countdown." [wikipedia]

Curri feat Pamon Video - Kapu ti

Curri feat Pamon & DJ Blunt Video - Top Fest 4
Code no. 177, Day 31, Wednesday 2nd March 2007
Title: "Kapu ti" eng. "?!?"

Nice cooperation between albanian rappers from Kosova and Macedonia.

p.s. ok, I will correct myself. Its an excellent cooperation and they are really good! Someone translate "kapu ti" into english!

Check more... Top Fest 4 Videos

+tag: pammon

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Alban Skenderaj Video - Eklips

Alban Skenderaj videoclip
"Eklips" eng. "Eclipse"

This is the song from RTSH's 45th Festival that gained 7th place with 37 points. The winner of the festival was Frederik Ndoci with 55 points who represented Albania in Eurovision 2007. The videoclip was shot in Prishtina, capital of Kosova.

p.s. audio & video are not entirely in sync, sorry!
p.p.s. 21.05.07 - The video is now fixed! Thanks to Granit Limani, the manager of Entermedia for providing a perfect copy of the clip.

+tag: entermedia

Beyonce feat Shakira - Beautiful Liar

Beyonce feat Shakira videoclip
"Beautiful Liar"

Beyonce: "Why I'm duetting with Shakira?"
Talking to MTV, the 'Deja Vu' diva said she loved every minute of working with the swivel-hipped star on their new track, 'Beautiful Liar'."I’ve always loved her and I’ve always wanted to work with her and the song fits perfectly," she said. "It basically talks about two women; the same guy is trying to get at both of them but instead of them fighting, they’re saying, ‘He’s a beautiful liar, let’s not fight, let’s stick together – forget him!’ I think it’s a great concept." [MTV]

"The video was helmed by Jake Nava, who directed several other Beyoncé videos such as "Crazy in Love", "Baby Boy", "Naughty Girl", and Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U". At the start of the video the women's faces are masked by smoke. As the video progresses they are featured against several different backgrounds, including: dawn (Beyoncé) and dusk (Shakira); sheets blown in the wind; bamboo covered in yellow orchids; a room with blue neon lighting and Semitic looking writing on the walls; and finally a background of stormy weather. Slow dance moves and belly dancing are featured heavily throughout the video, with a breakdown after the bridge. The women wear matching hairstyles and black outfits for the entirety of video. The video premiered on February 28, 2007 (the same day as the video for "Upgrade U") on 106 & Park and on TRL. The next day, the video debuted on TRL's countdown at number six. The video has since reached #1 seven times and has, as of May 23, 2007, retired from the countdown at number #3. In its 40-day-run on the countdown, the video spent 38 days above the #6 position where it debuted. "Beautiful Liar" Has Been nominated For Video Of The Year at the 2007 BET Awards alongside "Irreplaceable"." [wikipedia]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ximi Video - Une di te fal

Nazim Sulejmani XIMI videoclip
"Une di te fal" eng. "I know to forgive"

One of the best hits of Ximi, an albanian singer from Macedonia. You had a chance to see him in Top Fest 4 under code no.158 with the song "Une s'di te genjej".

+tag: omega production

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ema Bytyqi Video - Sonte mos mendo

Ema Bytyqi videoclip
"Sonte mos mendo" eng. "Dont' think tonight..."
Lyrics by Ema Bytyqi
Music by Florent Boshnjaku

Ema is a winner of Kenga Magjike 2003 (Magic Song Festival). I think she is the daughter of Riza Bytyqi, also a popular singer from Kosova.

+tag: bytyci

Anila Mimani Video - Pasion dashurie

Anila Mimani
"Pasion dashurie" eng. "Love passion"

Anila and her angelic voice in a new videoclip.

+tag: bbf

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leonora Poloska Video - Shko

Leonora Poloska videoclip
"Shko" eng. "Go away"
Lyrics: Leonora Poloska
Music: Ocko

Brand new Leonora!

This is the latest videoclip from Leonora. You will notice, she lost in weight considerably. It looks different person to me. A short interview with her will be posted soon at videoshqip.blogspot.com. Apologise for not so good audio. If you have mp3 of this song, give me a shout in the comments section.

Apparently, there is also an english version of this song entitled "Go" which has already been accepted by MTV Adria and Balkanika TV.

p.s. Watch Interview with Leonora Poloska.

+tag: award entertainment

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eurovision Plagiarism - Soni Malaj Interview

Eurovision Plagiarism
Top Channel TV News, 14th May 2007

Molitva vs Ndarja!
Overall 60% stolen
Chorus 90% stolen
Eurovision Say NO to Plagiarism!
Eurovision Say Zero Tolerance to Plagiarism!

Extract from ESC rules:
"The purpose of this Contest is to stimulate the output of original songs of high quality...",

and not stimulate imitations, of course!

"Molitva" is a clear cut imitation of "Ndarja"!
You call it what you like! We say we want original high quality songs!
We are sick of songs that imitate the yesterday's hit!

Soni Malaj:
"... when I heard the refrain of the serbian song, I froze!".

Soni Malaj Speaks Out On Molitva Theft: "The songs have similarities!".
Soni Malaj finally breaks her silence on the biggest controversy of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Accusations have been flying back and forth that the winner of this year's Eurovision "Molitva" performed by Marija Serifovic, is in fact a steal from an older Albanian hit, "Ndarja" by Soni Malaj...winner of "Best Song" award in Top Fest 3, in the year 2006.

Soni Malaj, in a live interview for Top Channel News, admits that while watching the Serbian singer perform, she started noticing that the song was similar to her ballad "Ndarja". The Albanian singer claims that the beginning of the refrain is almost identical, the tune and harmony of the song are the same, and the interpretation is very similar.

This statement was backed by Maki, the composer of the song "Ndarja", who says that while those similarities do exist, the melodic base is different. However this matter will be investigated.

Soni says that the decision is now left to the hands of professional musicians to decide the originality of "Molitva".

The newscast also mentions that the composer of "Molitva" is a commonly heard name on the topic of "rip-off" versions originating from neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, no statement has been released from Eurovision officials as of yet. The internet community has been buzzing over this controversy while they await an answer.

This is not the first time Serbia is being accused of song theft. In Eurovision 2004, there were allegations concerning the Serbian representative Zejlko Joksimovic and his song "Lane Moje". Azerbaijani composer Alihana Samedov claimed that Serbia's entry was a rip-off of his instrumental song "Sen Gelmez Oldun".

Credits: videoshqip.blogspot.com, Top Channel, totti27

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gold AG Videos

Gold AG Video Pages:
  1. Dridhet shqiptaria (ft.Andin Randobrava)
  2. Kysmeti (ft.Mixha Bibe & Rrahim Struja)
  3. Dihet (ft.Andin Randobrava)
  4. Hey Mamy (Top Fest 5)
  5. Bashke e kallim (ft.Drenusha Latifi)
Gold AG

Monday, May 14, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Serbia's Eurovision song is stolen

Eurovision 2007 Semifinals
Ooops, Serbia did it again!

There is striking similarity between the song "Molitva" of Marija Serifovic performed in Eurovision 2007 semifinals and an albanian song "Ndarja" of Soni Malaj performed last year in Top Fest 3 in Albania. Though, it seems that they have been careful in trying to hide their tracks, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Serbia's song is nothing more than a recompilation of an existing song.

Therefore, the most just action now would be if their entry is striken out from the competition!

p.s. Follow your instincts, they say and this is what we did! Hear this. My partner was browsing eurovision songs and when she got to the Serbia's one, as she was listening to it she started instinctively to sing in albanian the song "Ndarja" of Soni Malaj. Then I asked her "what are you doing?". She said I am singing, why?. We then looked each other and we knew immediately what has happened. Our instinct was telling us that this song is most likely stolen! And we truly believe they simply rebrushed an existing song. Judge for yourself!

p.p.s. videoshqip.blogspot.com is our partner site!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Avril Lavigne Video - Girlfriend

Avril Lavigne Videoclip
Album: The Best Damn Thing
The song was produced by Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald.

Official site: www.avrillavigne.com

"The world premiere of the music video was announced to be on TRL and MuchOnDemand on February 26. However, it premiered in New Zealand on Music Station C4 on February 20. It was in heavy rotation on European music TV channel VIVA Polska on February 23 as well. The music video was filmed at Golf 'N' Stuffin California. It features two different versions of Lavigne: one with a nerdy persona, glasses and red hair, and one with a "rocker" persona and black hair. The black hair rocker and red hair girl represents Lavigne as herself; Lavigne fights over the man with the geeky red-haired girl and eventually gets the man in the end. Lavigne's boyfriend in the video is played by American Model Bryan McMullin and dresses similarly to the "rocker" Lavigne in the video. There were 2 girls named Velma Dinkley and Shelly Simmons and a boy named Mark Jackson featured within the video. The video is currently the second all-time most viewed video on YouTube, receiving over 27 million views. It's the most watched music video in the history of music." [wikipedia]

Eurovision 2007 Semifinals - Albania

Eurovision 2007 Semifinals - Albania
Code no. 11, 10th May 2007
Frederik & Aida Ndoci - "Hear my plea"

Unfortunately, Albania failed to qualify for the finals. I personally think they deserved to go to the finals. But, the results spoke otherwise.

The best moment of the song was when Frederik sang part of the song in albanian. I was pleasantly surprised as it really did sound awesome. As I said before, the energy of the song dies in the end too unexpectedly.

Here is the full list of the finalists:

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Spain
3. Belarus*
4. Ireland
5. Finland
6. F.Y.R. Macedonia*
7. Slovenia*
8. Hungary*
9. Lithuania
10. Greece
11. Georgia*
12. Sweden
13. France
14. Latvia*
15. Russia
16. Germany
17. Serbia*
18. Ukraine
19. United Kingdom
20. Romania
21. Bulgaria*
22. Turkey*
23. Armenia
24. Moldova*
(* Countries that qualified for the finals)

They will be performing on the 12th May on this year's Eurovision Song Contest 2007 finals.

Now, watch the Albania's performance in the semifinals:

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fabian feat Samanta Video - Te dua

Fabian feat Samanta Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.25, Day 7, Wednesday 21st March 2007
Title: "Te dua" eng. "I love you"

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+tag: samantha karavella fabiani

Greta Koci - Zemra Per Ty Ndal

[for higher quality change the resolution of the video to 480p or higher when available!]

Music Video
Artist: Greta Koci
Title: "Zemra per ty ndal"
Music: Adi Hila

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Teuta Shabani Video - Sonte do eci vete

Teuta Shabani video - Top Fest 4
Code no.52, Day 12, 29th March 2007
Title: "Sonte do eci vete" eng. "Tonight I walk alone"

Teuta Shabani Videos

Teuta Shabani Video Pages:
  1. Te dua
  2. Kqyr me sy e plas ne bark
  3. Sonte do eci vete (Top Fest 4)
  4. Pa ty jam shume vetem (Top Fest 5)
Teuta Shabani

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Besjani Video - Rri veq pak

Besjan Gashi Videoclip
"Rri veq pak" eng. "Stay for a while"
Lyrics: Arsim Bunjaku
Music & Orchestration: Ardian Kastrati

+tag: besian

Monday, May 07, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 32 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 32 Highlights (Thursday, 3rd May 2007)

185. Arijana - "Ku je"
186. Bekim Rexhepi - "Zbraze dollapin"
187. Sunrise - "Engjell"
188. Stela Brahimllari - "Te premtoj"
189. Philip - "Je e semure"
190. Landi - "Sa keq"
191. Street Dogs - "Shkaterrimi"
192. Ardi Ibrahimi - "Kenga brenda meje"
193. Xhoi - "Pertej vetmise"
194. Big Mama - "Top secret"

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Big Mama Video - Top secret

Big Mama Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.194, Day 32, Thursday 3rd May 2007
Title: "Top secret"
Lyrics: Avni Qahili

Big Mama is the last singer in Top Fest 4 contest and she ended it in a big fashion. Starting from 4th May 2007 you can all vote for your preferred singer online at www.top-channel.tv/13/topfest.html and I believe this will go towards the "Best Internet" award. However, you can also vote for the big prize of 10,000 euro for your preferred singer/song by text messaging the code no. to 15131. This way you can vote as many songs as you wish, but each code gets one vote only from one particular phone number. Best songs that will be decided I believe by voting and some kind of jury will reach the finals on 27th May 2007 where prizes will be announced.

Now, this is as far as I could understand the voting system and there was nothing else that could give us some exact info on this. I guess, this is a serious drawback by not providing complete information on how the voting system actually works. If you have some more info on this, please don't hesitate to drop a comment here or at Top Fest 4 videos page or perhaps refer us to a page containing this info.

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+tag: besjana besiana mehmeti sekret

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 31 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 31 Highlights (Wednesday, 2nd May 2007)

176. Ada - "Mos me thuaj"
177. Curri feat Pamon & Dj Blunt - "Kapu ti"
178. Kozeta - "Nuk guxoj"
179. Rini - "Endu"
180. Visari - "Per ty"
181. Elixir - "Je shprese"
182. Dorina - "Asgje s'me ndane"
183. Cody - "Gravitet"
184. Kamela - "Loje dashurie"

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ada Video - Mos me thuaj

Ada Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.176, Day 31, Wednesday 2nd May 2007
Title: "Mos me thuaj" eng. "Don't tell me"
Lyrics: Albert Vrapi
Music: Alban Malaj
Choreography: Albert Vrapi

No doubt this girl likes to make an impression on you. How successful is she in this, you be the judge. She likes fame she says and she is really going for it.

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Silvia Tafani Video - Fajtor pa faj

Silvia Tafani videoclip
"Fajtor pa faj" eng. "Guilty without fault"

Silvia is from Elbasan and her 1st album was expected to come out in the first part of this year. I am not sure if it happened. Perhaps someone knows better.

+tag: max productions silvana silva

Luna Video - Vras vetmine

Luna Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.169, Day 30, 1st May 2007
"Vras vetmine" eng. "Killing loneliness"
Lyrics: Albert Vrapi
Music: Alban Malaj

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p.s. I think the inspiration for this song came from Nelly Furtado - Say It Right. But it has been nicely adapted!

Edit Video - Ti

Edit Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.164, Day 29, Monday 30th April 2007
Title: "Ti" eng. "You"
Music: Adrian Hila

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Besjani Videos

Besjan Gashi Video Pages:

  1. Ndoshta
  2. Rri veq pak
  3. Ne Pushime

+tag: besiani


Top Fest 4 Video - Day 30 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 30 Highlights (Tuesday, 1st May 2007)

169. Luna - "Vras vetmine"
170. Excelent - "Takimi"
171. Moza Ahmeti - "Bejbi"
172. Muzgart - "Dissonant"
173. Toni - "Baby"
174. Shamsah - "Zemren ma rrembeve"
175. Genti - "Maska e madheshtise"(Hiqe masken)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Colos Video - Leben im exil

Colos videoclip
"Leben im exil" eng. "Life in exile"
Official website: www.colos36.de

Colos is an albanian rapper from Kosova who lives in Germany. He moved to Germany in 1994 as a refugee after wars in former Yugoslavia. The life as a refugee for Colos has not been an easy one at all and he has chosen rap as a way of telling his life. Because of his open criticism towards german racism, he has caused outrage in some radical groups who oppose foreigners. His second album "Leben im exil" is being released on 18 May.

p.s. If you know anything more about Colos, please don't hesitate to drop a comment.

+tag: mellow vibes

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 29 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 29 Highlights (Monday, 30th April 2007)

163. Arna - "Pse"
164. Edit - "Ti"
165. Linda Drenovci - "Digjem"
166. Omerta Family - "Relax"
167. Anisa Dervina - "Ne qiell"
168. Erandi feat Xhoi - "Qyteti im"

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Me e forte

Mimoza Mustafa Music Video
"Me e forte" eng."I'm stronger"
Music & Orchestration by Ilir Tolaj
Lyrics by Memli Krasniqi

This is the latest videoclip from Mimoza. I believe this video has also been presented in Top Fest 4, to run for the "Best Video" award competition.

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 28 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 28 Highlights (Thursday, 26th April 2007)

157. Emijola Fejzullahu - "Sonte"
158. Ximi - "Une s'di te genjej"
159. Denada Bare - "Engjujt po zbresin"
160. Korab Jetishi - "Po s'erdhe do kete problem"
161. Bertan Asllani - "Ky eshte fati im"
162. Xuxi - "Mos me ndalni"

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Machiato Band Video - Eja ma ngat

Machiato Band Videoclip
"Eja ma ngat" eng. "Come closer"
Music by Dardan Gjinolli (vocal & saxophone)
Text by Fitim Beqiri
Video by Shpixi

Here they come with their 3rd song and videoclip at the same time, the Machiato Band. In this song they engage a very rarely used instrument by Albanians but frequently used in Greek and Turkish folk music that is known as Bouzouki (belongs to Lute group of instruments). In the videoclip the instrument is played by Astrit Stafa, who the band claims is the only person in Kosova who can play it. We'll take their word for it, until proven otherwise. Their first album expected to come out this Summer. Enjoy!

+tag: eja me afer

Vedat Ademi Video - Me mashtruan syte

Vedat Ademi videoclip - Top Fest 4
"Me mashtruan syte" eng. "Deceived by your eyes"
Music by Kledi Bahiti
Video by Flux Video

Beautiful song that has been accompanied by a nice videoclip. This is the song that Vedat sang on 19th March 2007 in Top Fest 4 under Code no.18.

Xhuli Video - Per ato qe si the

Xhuli Videoclip - Top Fest 4
"Per ato qe si the" eng. "For the unsaid ones"
Video by Flux Video

Xhuli sang this song on 26th March 2007 in Top Fest 4 under Code no.36. This is the actual videoclip of the same song that will compete for "Best Video" award.

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