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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vera Laci Video - Oj Fusha e Korabit

Vera Laci Music Video
"Oj fusha e korabit"

Sinan Hoxha Video - Lypsar i dashurise

Sinan Hoxha Music Video
"Lypsar i dashurise" eng. "Beggar of love"
Music by Kasio
Orchestration by Alban Furtuna
Lyrics by Sokol Marsi
Video by Max Productions
Super Star

Anjeza Shahini Video - Nxenesja me e mire

Anjeza Shahini Video - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 1, 22nd October)
"Nxenesja me e mire" eng. "The best learner" or student
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics by Aida Baraku

NRG Band Video - Hajde me mu ni nat

NRG Band Video - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 4, 25th October)
"Eja me mu ni nat" eng. "Come with me one night"
Music by Besnik Qaka
Orchestration Darko Dimitrov
Lyrics by Mithat Sadiku
+tag: nje nji nate

Jeta Faqolli Video - Vetem Me Ty

Jeta Faqolli Music Video
"Vetem me ty"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fjolla Morina Videos

Fjolla Morina Video Pages:

  1. Pse te du
  2. Z'du
  3. Gjendje kritike
  4. Ti tek Une, Une tek Ti
  5. Pse

Driton Ajeti Videos

Driton Ajeti Video Pages:
  1. Ritmi Rinor (with Nimon Mushkolaj & K-Master)
  2. Thirrma Emrin
  3. Muzika

Jehona Sopi Video - Fustani i bardhe

Jehona Sopi Video - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 4, 25th October)
"Fustani i bardhe" eng. "The white dress" (pointing to the wedding dress)
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration by Darko Dimitrov
Lyrics by Aida Baraku

Monday, October 29, 2007

Valbona Mema Video - Laj e thaj

Valbona Mema Music Video
"Laj e thaj"
Music by Dritan Baftiari
Orchestration by Alban Fortuna
Lyrics by Jorgo Papingji

Denisa Video - Tunde ne djep tunde

Denisa Music Video
"Tunde ne djep tunde"
Max Productions

Rosela Gjylbegu Video - Per ne te dy

Rosela Gjylbegu Video - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 5, 26th October)
"Per ne te dy" eng. "For the two of us"
Music & Orchestration by Sokol Marsi
Lyrics by Sokol Marsi

Maya Video - Bubulina

Fatbardha Alickaj Maya Music Video

Flori & Soni Malaj Video - Fluturimi 3470

Flori (Florian Mumajesi) & Soni Malaj - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 5, 26th October)
"Fluturimi 3470" eng. "Flight 3470"
Music & Orchestration by Florian Mumajesi
Lyrics by Aida Baraku

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ciljeta Video - Kur kendoj serenate

Ciljeta Xhilaga feat Endri & Stefi Video - Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 5, 26th October)
"Kur kendoj serenate" eng. "When I sing serenade"
Music & Orchestration by Adi Hila
Lyrics by Pandi Laco

Ok, here we go, on scale 1 to 10:
Song = 7
Lyrics = 7
Performance = 7
Boobs = 10* (Oooppss, sorry!)

Valbona Mema Video - Topolakja

Valbona Mema Music Video
Elrodi Music

Venera Imeri Video - Jete u kemi falur

Venera Imeri Music Video
"Jete u kemi falur" (Top Fest 4 2007)
Music & Lyrics by Adrian Hila

Aurela Gace Video - Hape veten

Aurela Gace Video - Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 5, 26th October)
"Hape veten" eng. "Open up yourself"
Music by Florian Mumajesi
Orchestration by Darko Dimitrov
Lyrics by Timo Flloko
+tag: magic song 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Denisa Videos

Denisa Video Pages:
  1. Tunde ne djep tunde
  2. Jam labike laberise
  3. One Minute (Top Fest 5)

Eliza Hoxha feat Faton Macula Video - Ne duart e mija

Eliza Hoxha feat Faton Macula Video
"Ne duart e mija" eng. "In my arms"
Remix (2001)

Lori Video - Amerika

Loreta Kacka LORI Video - Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 4, 25th October)
"Amerika" eng. "America"
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration by Darko Dimitrov
Lyrics by Aida Baraku

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rona Nishliu Video - Shko pastro pas saj

Rona Nishliu Music Video - Mikrofoni i Arte 2007
"Shko pastro pas saj" eng. "Go clean after her" (be her janitor, lol)
Music by Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics by Aida Baraku
Video by Leopard Cana (Rona's partner)

The newest music video by Rona promoted yesterday on KTV's Express Live. Amazing performance! I think only someone like Rona can really squeeze the "juice" out of Armend's music, if you know what I mean.

BB Poqi Armadillo - Me mungon

BB Poqi & Armadillo Music Video
"Me mungon" eng. "I miss her"
Album : "Per cudi"

BB Poqi = Bajram Bylykbashi, born 21st May 1969 in Prishtina. A very popular rock singer in Kosova and beyond. He started as a member of "Babilon" rock group in 1986. After the death of one of the members of the group (Uran Bajrami) in 1989, the group dismembered and BB Poqi pursued a solo career. In recent years he is successfully working with Armadillo Blues Band and to date released three albums.

Dardan Balaj Video - Ndarja

Dardan Balaj Music Video
"Ndarja" eng. "Splitting up"
+tag: bala

Hana Cakuli Video - U sherova

Hana Cakuli Video - Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 3, 24th October)
"U sherova" eng. "I'm cured"
Music by Armend Rexhepagiq
Orchestration by Florent Boshnjaku
Lyrics by Aida Baraku
+tag: magic song festival 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Valbona Mema Videos

Valbona Mema Video Pages:
  1. Ec bretkoce
  2. Topolakja
  3. Laj e thaj
  4. Je xerru 3 here prej fiku (& Mustafa Mehja)

Aferdita Bajrami Video - Te Premtoj

Aferdita Bajrami Music Video
"Te premtoj"

Rosela Gjylbegu Videos

Rosela Gjylbegu Video Pages:

  1. Pa ty, pa mua (2nd Place 45th RTSH Festival)
  2. Per ne te dy (Kenga Magjike 2007)

+tag: rozela

photo Promotema

Leonora Jakupi Video - Nje here ne jete

Leonora Jakupi Video - Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007 (Day 3, 24th October)
"Nje here ne jete" eng. "Once in a lifetime"
Music & Orchestration by Darko Dimitrov
Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kenga Magjike 2007 Videos

Albanian Song Festival "Kenga Magjike 2007" (Magic Song), the 9th Edition

This year's preliminary phase began on 22nd October 2007 and will last until 9th November 2007. All 54 songs that qualified for the spectacle (out of 270 initial applications) will be presented in the first week from Monday, 22nd to Friday, 26th. During the next two weeks, the songs will be repeated in a different format than in previous years. The lucky ones (about 40) will reach the semifinals on 23rd and 24th November 2007 and the very lucky ones (about 20) will take part in the final show night on 25th, where spectacle will reach the climax with many prizes to go out to performers. The voting system for the main prizes remains the same as the previous year, where contestants vote each other. Ardit Gjebrea is (still) the main producer of this music spectacle. He is the man! Behind the scenese, hide two directors of this music spectacle: Agron Vula & Astrit Idrizi from Kosova.

22nd Oct - 9th Nov 2007, Preliminary phase "Awaiting Kenga Magjike"
23rd Nov - 24th Nov 2007, Semifinals
25th Nov 2007, Final

Here are the names of the contestants in their order of appearance:

DAY 1 (22nd Oct 2007)
01.Marsida Saraci & Arber Arapi - "Hapa dashurie", m.Sokol Marsi, SEMIFINAL
02.Ani Cuedari - "S'te ndjej", m.Klodian Qafoku, SEMIFINAL
03.Jorida Zaimaj - "Ti dikur si nje zot", m.Alban Male
04.Hermes - "Ndjej", m.Hermes
05.Dorina Muceku - "S'dua", m.Alfred Kacinari, SEMIFINAL
06.Seldi - "Goce trendy", m.Genti Lako, SEMIFINAL
07.Blerina Matraku - "U tha", m.Adi Hila, SEMIFINAL
08.Qelbanix - "Dua te dal e t'kthehem prap", m.Qelbanix, SEMIFINAL
09.Besa Kokedhima - "Pa yllin tend", m.Daniel Aleksandrescu, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
10.Kastro Zizo - "Gjinkalla qe do dashuroj ne 2070", m.Kastro Zizo, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
11.Anjeza Shahini - "Nxenesja me e mire", m.Armend Rexhepagiqi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL

DAY 2 (23rd Oct 2007)
12.Emi Bogdo - "E shkuara... shkon", m.Suela Kalaja, SEMIFINAL
13.Vedat Ademi - "Mall qe djeg", m.Kledi Bahiti
14.Anjeza Qose - "Dimension", m.Kastro Zizo
15.Gilan G & B2N - "WOW", m.Gilan G & B2N
16.Rezarta Shkurta - "I pafat", m.Genti Lako, SEMIFINAL, FINAL ("Jo naten")
17.Noizy - "Vec per ty", m.Rameka
18.Elvana Gjata - "Ku jeton dashuria", m.Florian Mumajesi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
19.Alb Magji - "Baby", m.Sajmir Gjoka, SEMIFINAL
20.Julka - "Bla bla bla", m.Andy DJ, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
21.Alberia - "Ik tani", m.Enis Presheva & Alberia, SEMIFINAL, FINAL

DAY 3 (24th Oct 2007)
22.Lena - "Plazhi i kujtimeve", m.Florent Boshnjaku, SEMIFINAL
23.0290 - "Jena", m.Artan Avdyli, SEMIFINAL
24.Edita Sopjani - "Mua nuk ma nin", m.Valdet Sopjani
25.Jetmir Hyseni - "Princeshe e kafeterise", m.Armend Rexhepagiqi, SEMIFINAL
26.Vitmar Basha - "Akoma Tonat", m.Vitmar Basha, SEMIFINAL
27.Evi Reci - "Zjarr i harruar", m. Adrian Hila, SEMIFINAL
28.Erresira e Jetes - "Energy", m.Erresira e Jetes
29.Hana Cakuli - "U sherova", m.Armend Rexhepagiqi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
30.Valon Shehu - "I mbyll syte", m.Alban Male, SEMIFINAL
31.Flaka Krelani - "Nata", m.Mark Luli
32.Leonora Jakupi - "Nje here ne jete", m.Darko Dimitrov, SEMIFINAL, FINAL

DAY 4 (25th Oct 2007)
33.Djemt e Detit - "Ne udhekryq", m.Valentin Vukaj
34.Blerina Osaj - "Happy End", m.Florent Boshnjaku
35.Xhuliana Toci - "Dhe sa kohe", m.Fabian Asllani, SEMIFINAL
36.Vini - "Enderrat nuk kane fund", m.Ervin Gonxhi, SEMIFINAL
37.Shamsa & Big Basta - "Erdhi koha", m.Adrian Hila
38.Luar - "Nuk te njoh", m.Florian Mumajesi
39.Lori - "Amerika", m.Armend Rexhepagiqi, SEMIFINAL
40.Berkan - "Dashuri kronike", m.Ocko & Berkan, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
41.Gili - "Mysafire nderi", m.Ilir Berani, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
42.NRG Band - "Eja me mu nji nat", m.Besnik Qaka, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
43.Jehona Sopi - "Fustani i bardhe", m.Armend Rexhepagiqi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL

DAY 5 (26th Oct 2007)
44.Samanta Karavella - "Iluzion", m.Edmond Veizi, SEMIFINAL
45.Mateus Frroku - "Prane zemres me ke", m.Klodian Qafoku
46.Joana - "Me mungon", m.Adrian Hila, SEMIFINAL
47.Master Bas & 25% - "Kam stres", m.Natmir Daja, SEMIFINAL
48.Valbona Ostreni - "Mike mediatike", m.Adrian Hila, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
49.Erga Halilaj - "Pa kthim", m.Alban Male, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
50.Burn - "Nuk ja vlejti", m.Renis Gjoka, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
51.Rosela Gjylbegu - "Per ne te dy", m.Sokol Marsi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
52.Flori & Soni Malaj - "Fluturimi 3470", m.Florian Mumajesi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
53.Ciljeta - "Kur kendoj serenate", m.Adi Hila, SEMIFINAL, FINAL
54.Aurela Gace - "Hape veten", m.Florian Mumajesi, SEMIFINAL, FINAL

Final Night, 25th Nov 2007, Palace of Congresses, Tirana:

1st Prize - Aurela Gace, 529 points
2nd Prize - Flori & Soni Malaj, 403 points
3rd Prize - Elvana Gjata, 384 points
4th Place - Anjeza Shahini, 362 points
5th Place - Jehona Sopi, 334 points

Aurela Gace, the Winner of the festival

"I'm too excited for the given award and for this wonderful song I'd like to thank my support team starting with Timo Flloko, Flori & Darko Dimitrov and my family. I value the fact that other singers have judged me amicably as a friend and not as a rival. No doubt the song was beautiful too!" - Aurela

Remember the main prizes (above) are voted by the contestants themselves. 40 of them that made it to the semifinals voted for one another by giving points from 1 to 17 to the best 15. The points go sequentially up to the 3rd position (with 13 points) and then the 2nd position gets 15 points and the 1st one 17 points. Voting is anonymous and each contestant is identified by a number only (1 to 40). So, where is the role of the jury here. Well, as described by Ardit, the jury, if necessary, can influence the final outcome by around 20%. Don't know what exactly this means but it does mean that they can influence to a certain degree the final result should they think that their voting was perhaps too biased or god knows what else. Also, the jury I think also has a say in deciding who goes to the final for about half of them (that is why perhaps in the final voting chart we only see the first 5). The whole voting process though still ambiguous, so far has not spoiled the magic of the festival.

The public involvement is in influencing the Internet Award, the Audience Award and to a degree the Hit Song aswell. The rest of the prizes are given by the jury and the organisers of the festival.

So, lets have a look then how the rest of the prizes went:

"Audience Award" - Leonora Jakupi (by televoting)
"Internet Award" - Berkan Ahmeti (by internet)
"Best Style Song Award" - Valbona Ostreni
"Television (Media) Award" - Rezarta Shkurta
"Best Melody Award" - Hana Cakuli
"Best Alternative Award" - Erga Halilaj
"Best Dance Award" - Julka
"Best Rock Award" - Burn
"First (1st) Magic Award" - Rosela Gjylbegu
"Best Cantauthor Award" - Alberie Hadergjonaj (Singer-Songwriter)
"Best Group Award" - NRG Band
"Best Tendency Award" - Kastro Zizo
"Cesk Zadeja Award" - Gili (Fevzije Berani)
"Jon Music Award" - Besa (this is the prize from Ardit Gjebrea)
"Critics Award" - Anjeza Shahini
"Best Interpretation Award" - Aurela Gace
"Discography Award" - Elvana Gjata
"Best Presentation Award" - Ciljeta
"Hit Song Award" - Flori & Soni Malaj
"Best Vocal Award" - Jehona Sopi

Guest performers of the spectacle:
Naim Abazi & Mihrije Braha, Kaliopi, Gaqo Cako, Ema Qazimi, Limoz Dizdari, Liljana Kondakci, Myfarete Laza, Edit Mihali, Luiza Papa, Ardit Gjebrea, Ibrahim Madhi (violin), Hajrie Rondo (Tana), Albert Verria (Xha Sulo) etc.

Host of the spectacle: Ardit Gjebrea
Members of the jury: Riza & Diana Cerova (Supersonic), Francesk & Tefta Radi, Prof. Nora & Kujtim Cashku, cantauthor Kaliopi & actor Vasil Zafircev from Macedonia, Mihrije Braha & Naim Abazi from Kosova and
Presidents of the jury: Gaqo Cako & Luiza Papa

Full credit list in albanian (the invisible people behind the spectacle)
PRODUCENT (Producer): Ardit Gjebrea; REGJISOR (Director): Agron Vula, Astrit Idrizi; SKENARI DHE REGJIA SKENIKE: Aldon Lipe; PRODUCENTE EKZEKUTIVE (Executive Producer): Anila Gjebrea; DREJTOR FOTOGRAFIE: Lulezim Tufa; SKENOGRAFIA DHE REALIZIMI: Bashkim Zahaj; STILIST: Joni Peci; AS/REGJISOR: Iv Tase, Parta Kelmendi; KOLONA ZANORE: Andy DJ; KOORDINATOR MUZIKE: Dritan Sharra; ASISTENTE PRODUKSIONI: Entela Postoli, Irsida Sholla, Adriatik Qemali, Jon Gjebrea, Arsen Selimi, Endriu Tase, Ronela Hajati, Rudina Nuredini; PARUKIERE DHE GRIMI: Olsi Bogo, Gerti Bogo, Artenisa Ozaj, Alketa Barbullushi, Pranvera Shanaj;

REALIZIMI TELEVIZIV: KOORDINATORE E PRODUKSIONIT: Nora Klosi; KRYETEKNIK: Raqi Bicka; SIGLAT GRAFIKE; Artur Cullhaj, Neritan Lula; GRAFIKA; Valon Dedinca; UDHEHEQES TEKNIK: Fatmir Gjinovci; OPERATORE: Vangjush Leka, Erald Nallbani, Alban Ismaili, Enis Limani, Kushtrim Rrmoku; AS/OPERATOR: Aristotel Premti; KRAN 1: Spartak Denaj; AS/KRAN 1: Migen Shenaj; KRAN 2: Bosko Stolis, Fahrudin Smajlagic; MONTAZHIER: Isak Zhilivoda, Dritan Hysenaj; TEKNIK AUDIO: Gentjan Janku, Gezim Cenolli; TEKNIKE: Edis Kora, Orges Poda; TRANSMETIMI SATELITOR: Erind Feshti, Eldrid Malosmani; NDRICIMI: Olsi Tufa, Florind Tenolli, Bledar Farashuku, Erald Lutaj, Andi Meda; MJESHTER ZERI: Edmond Cakalli; FONIA: Sokol Koralliu, Ardian Cela, Sokol Kadare, Eni Shehu, Hajri shehu; REALIZIMI I DEKORIT: Agron Hoxhallari, Luan Hoxhallari, Arben Hysollari, Edison Hysollari, Bedri Hoxholli, Astrit Roshi, Albert Lila, Ardian Xoxa, Luan Qose, Kastriot Goxhaj, Kastriot Xhemollari

Wow.... what a list! But it is good to know who was all behind this project and to give them a credit. Try to translate the credit list into english. This is your home project....

p.s. I might have missed, but on this official credit list, I cannot see the name of Albi Nako, the dancing group choreographer. Will check again!

The spectacle was televised by the following tv & radio stations:

Accommodation and maintenance:
Restorant King House, Restorant Lion Park, Tropical Resort - Plepa, Durres

General Sponsor: AMC

Snow Black feat Bim Bimma Video - C'a sillet n'rreth

Snow Black feat Bim Bimma Music Video
"C'a sillet n'rreth" eng. "What goes around"
+tag: bimi burim kursani

Bimi is NRs(urbaNRoots) ex-member. Watch closely the sign on t-shirts in this video where it says "S'ka NR" (There's no NR). Does this mean "war" to NR? lol. What's happening between them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shkodran Tolaj Video - Per inatin tim

Shkodran Tolaj Music Video
"Per inatin tim" eng. "Grudging against me" (i'm guessing translation)
Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku

Rona Nishliu Video - New York, New York

Rona Nishliu Video
"New York, New York"
100% live performance at RTK's Gala Concert, September 2007.
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Music by John Kander
Arranged by Riza Dolaku

World class performance by Rona Nishliu (100% live)! "New York" is Frank Sinatra's signature song, otherwise the theme song for Martin Scorsese film "New York, New York" (1977) with Robert De Niro and Liza Minelli starring.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Adriatik Lota Tiki Video - Valle

Adriatik Lota TIKI Video
National Theatre in Gjakova
Buci Production
Directed by Nimon Muqaj

Klajdi Musabelliu Video - Puthja e pare

Klajdi Musabelliu Music Video
"Puthja e pare" eng. "The first kiss"

West Side Family Video - Kena Lind Per Cef

West Side Family Music Video
"Kena lind per cef" eng. "Born to enjoy life"
+tag: sevda qef supersonic

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Capital T feat 2po2 Video - Shopping

Capital T (Trimi) feat 2po2 (Besnik) Music Video
"Shopping", 2 High Records
+tag: shoping

Fjolla Morina Video - O pse te du

Fjolla Morina Music Video
"O pse te dua" eng. "Why I love you" (2006)
Randobrava Records

Genta Ismajli Video - For a moment

Genta Ismajli Video
"For a moment"
The english version of "S'me sheh ne sy"
Performance at "Perralle me tupan" show on 12th October 2007

Burim Hoxha Video - Bon Bon

Burim Hoxha Music Video
"Bon Bon"
by Besnik Zogaj

Hey... smiley face! Lovely song and videoclip. I remember seeing this clip this summer when it was promoted for the first time in RTV21's entertainment program with the same name "Bon Bon" hosted by Tringa Gjata. More videoclips like this will certainly help Burim to boost his career. I am not sure but this might be his first videoclip?

p.s. Burim won 3rd Place in this years Polifest Music Festival.

Elvana Gjata Video - Ani ani loqka jem

Elvana Gjata Video
"Ani ani loqka jem"
Live, 22.09.07, Insomnia Club, Switzerland
Video by VaTi

Videos that I come accross on the internet from live concerts usually have awful soundtrack, hence I normally restrain from publishing any of it here. But thanks to an Insomnia enthusiast we have a chance to enjoy Elvana's live performance without our ears bleeding.

p.s. And stop rewinding, ok! I know she is sexy but try to concentrate on the song only! You cheeky, lol!

Bekim Kumanova Video - Krejt i ke haram

Bekim Kumanova Music Video
"Krejt i ke haram" eng.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bertan Asllani Video - Litari

Bertan Asllani Music Video
"Litari" eng. "The rope"
+tag: supersonic alexander

Nice, nice... Is Bertan now working from his own studio? Some high pitch singing by Bertan sounds incredible. I hope he didn't computer manipulate his own voice. Sounds very good and very promising if real. You see, videoclips do make the difference. I haven't actually listened to this song at all in the past. I mean who's got time to listen to all the music being served to us nowdays. But, the video did its job. And I can say, with no doubt, this sounds a hit song to me.

p.s. sorry for 20 sec video gap at the beginning. Will be fixed later!

Ramadan Krasniqi Video - Me Shtate Dry

Ramadan Krasniqi DANI Music Video
"Me Shtate Dry" eng. "In Seven Locks"
+tag: me 7 dry

Smail Puraj Video - Nje kujtim

Smajl Puraj Music Video
"Nje kujtim" eng. "A memory"
Smaki Studio

Alma Bektashi Video - Do te pres

Alma Bektashi Music Video
"Do te pres" eng. "I'll be waiting"

Brilliant song! And we say to Alma, we'll be waiting for your come back soon! Apparently she is getting herself very busy in raising her second child. But we miss her brilliant voice and hopefully we'll see her soon with new projects.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pellumb Vrinca Video - Telefoni

Pellumb Vrinca Music Video
"Telefoni" eng. "Telephone"
+tag: colombo

Mera Zymeri Video - Kjo Bela

Mera Zymeri Music Video
"Kjo bela"

Shpresa Gashi Video - Nostalgjia

Shpresa Gashi Music Video
"Nostalgjia" eng. "Nostalgia"

This video was presented last year in Video Fest 2006 and "Netet e Klipit". I think Shpresa won the "Career Award" in the festival. Its good that she too has decided to leave behind a videoclip and its truly a pleasure to present her in this website.

Shpresa was born in Peja, Kosovo, in 1950. She had a very successful singing career (various genres) in the whole of the region of former Yugoslavia (while the country was still in one piece). She graduated in the Music Academy in 1974 and advanced her solo singing while working closely with the most prominent tutors in Zagreb, Shkup and Tirana. She was a member of Zagreb Renaissance Music Group, 'Universitas Studiorum Zagrebiensis', the only of its kind in the country. Her contribution in the professional choir of Radio Television of Prishtina was immense. Art and painting is her second devotion but the family influence made her lean stronger towards music.

One of the most tragic moments in her life was when she had a car accident while returning from holiday in Greece some more than a decade ago. After a year in comma, she woke up to learn that she suffered a severe facial injury. Her husband eventually left her but despite this, she was lucky that she did not lose her singing capabilities and this and her love to her son Edmond, kept her going in her life. We hope to hear from her!

Rejhane Morina Video - Po Shetis Boten

Rejhane Morina Music Video
"Po Shetis Boten" eng. "I'm travelling the world"
Music by Zeqirja Bajrami
Orchestration by Mentor Latifi
Lyrics by Tejhane Morina
+tag: reihane rejhana rtv21 production

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adriatik Lota TIKI Videos

Adriatik Lota TIKI Video Pages:
  1. Potpuri
  2. Valle
  3. Dashuri e humbur

Elita 5 Video - C'mendem

Elita 5 Music Video
"C'mendem" eng. "I get crazy"
+tag: qmendem

The latest music video by Elita 5 has caused a real storm on the internet. Discussion forums, community portals, video portals etc. have been swamped so quickly by the news of their new videoclip, which proves how popular they are and how impatiently their fans awaited their come back after a rather long enough pause. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hysni Zeqiri Video - U Marrosa

Hysni Zeqiri Music Video
"U marrosa"

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Burim Hoxha Videos

Burim Hoxha Video Pages:
  1. Shpirti ben mekat (3rd place Polifest 2007)
  2. Bon Bon
  3. Une e di se ti me do

Vera Oruqaj Video - Ku je shpirt

Vera Oruqaj Music Video
"Ku Je Shpirt"

Vera returned this summer from New York to her hometown Mitrovica to film her first videoclip in her 30 years long singing career. And this is to be applauded indeed. All music veterans should be encouraged to produce videoclips for their most popular songs. Whether we like it or not, the videoclips are now a new trend in the albanian music industry and they do make a lasting impact.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Produkt 28 feat Dr.Flori Video - Loja 3

Produkt 28 feat Dr.Flori Music Video
"Loja 3" eng. "The Game 3"
Album "Nje kat me larte"
+tag: west side family loja tre supersonic

Gjyste Vulaj Video - Puthja e fundit

Gjyste Vulaj Music Video
"Puthja e fundit" eng. "The goodbye kiss"
Album: "Shah mat"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Britney Spears Video - Gimmie More

Britney Spears Music Video
"Gimmie More"

"Gimme More" is a song written by James Washington, Keri Hilson, Marcella Araica and Nate Hills for Britney Spears's fifth studio album, Blackout.

Music video directed by first time director Jake Sarfaty, the video was shot in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles on July 19 and August 7, 2007. The music video had its world premiere in the U.S. iTunes Store on Friday, October 5, 2007. The video premiered on television on Much Music on October 7, 2007, it was rotating on VH1 on October 8, 2007 and was posted on MTV's official blog several hours before the previously announced Total Request Live's exclusive world premiere. The video has since risen to #7 on the countdown.

The video starts with a blonde-haired Spears and friends sitting at a bar in a strip club when a brunette Spears wearing a hat starts walking towards the pole. She starts to dance on the pole, then takes off her hat and dances harder and sexier while a man watches her. The blonde Spears and her friends are happy and seem interested in the man. After Spears becomes surrounded by other female dancers, she removes her vest and uses it to cover her chest while she continues to dances on the pole. The video ends with the blonde Spears and her friends looking at the man and being joyful. On October 4 a more controversial version of the video - with new shots of a topless Spears barely covering herself - leaked on YouTube, which was immediately pulled down due to copyright infringement. [wikipedia]

Official Music Video

VMA 2007

NRG Band Video - Aida

NRG Band Music Video
Album: "Paja Paja"
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Arben Brahimaj Video - Thuaji Te Dua

Arben Brahimaj Music Video
"Thuaji Te Dua" eng. "Tell her I love you"
Music & Lyrics by Arben Brahimaj

Arben lives in Holland. He is ex-member of The Blue String Band. Won "Best Lyrics" in Tirana Blues Fest.

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