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Monday, April 30, 2007

Video Fest 2007 Highlights

Music Video Fest 2007 - 5th Edition
23rd April 2007, Prishtina
Director: Errold Belegu
Venue: National Theatre Hall

Hosted by: Ilire Vinca

Special guests:
His Highness the Albanian Prince Leka II, Kosova Prime Minister Agim Ceku, Ismet Peja, Enver Petrovci, Sabri Fejzullahu, Liljana Cavolli etc.

Professional judging panel:
Burbuqe Berisha – director, Blerim Gjoci - actor, Agron Vula – montage, Zana Hoxha – director, Alma Bektashi - singer, Besim Mikullovci - graphic designer in RTK, Milot Krasniqi - cameraman, Valter Lucaj - director and Vjosa Abazi - actress, journalist and KTV's music editor.

Nominations preselection panel:
Agron Vula, Burbuqe Berisha, Fatmir Bajrami, Genc Dobroshi and Ilir Tolaj.

Nominations List:

1. Gili & Sinan Vllasaliu - Prap se prap
2. Vesa Luma - Jemi dhe sjemi (Winner)
3. Flori feat. Tingullli 3nt - Njehere ne jete
4. Pirro Cako - Ah moj dashuria ime

1. Alban Skenderaj - Ky ritem (Winner)
2. Pirro Çako - Ah moj dashuria ime
3. Faraoni G - Ah moj pavarsi
4. Ramiz Jusufi - Ku je ti

1. Genta Ismaili - Posesiv
2. Bleona Qereti - Hallall e ke
3. Nora Istrefi - E di
4. Soni - Te dua ty (Winner)

1. Big Mama - Sexy Video
2. Jehona Sopi - Pervjetori (Winner)
3. Djellza Kolgeci - Si kleopatra
4. Vesa Luma - Jemi dhe sjemi

1. Korab Jetishi - E tregove veten
2. Hana - Mendoj te fluturoj (Winner)
3. Bubulina Krasniqi - Nen Kontroll
4. Besart Halimi - Loja dashuri

1. Gili & Sinan Vllasaliu – Prap se prap (Winner)
2. Vesa Luma – Jemi dhe sjemi
3. Soni – Te dua ty
4. Zanfina – As fundit as i pari

1. Kthjellu - Doja te ishe ajo (Winner)
2. NRG Band - Sdi a ke ndi
3. Gre3n feat. Kushtrim Hoxha - Pa Lidhje
4. Dimensioni 4 - Repriza

1. West Side Family - Hous of AAAA
2. Fuga feat. Real 1 - Ska mu nal
3. Tinguli 3nt feat Elvana Gjata - Te dy (Winner)
4. Mad Lion feat Hekuran Krasniqi - Kejt mahalla n'Disko

1. Flori fet. Tingulli 3nt. - Nje here ne jete (Winner)
2. Blero feat DeCamada - Mos me refuzo
3. Big Mama - Video Sexy
4. Kaltrina Selimi - Gjithmone fitoj

1. Flaka Krelani - Nje bote tjeter (Winner)
2. Dimensioni 4 - Repriza
3. Proka - Why we live
4. Gre3n feat. Kushtrim Hoxha - Pa lidhje

1. Mimoza Mustafa - Pa koment
2. Nora Istrefi - E di (Winner)
3. Gili - I braktisur kur te jesh
4. Leonora Jakupi - Zemra te kerkon
5. Adelina Ismajli - Miredita

1. Flori feat. Tingulli 3nt - Njehere ne jete
2. Fuga feat. Real 1- Ska mu nal
3. Soni - Te dua ty (Winner)
4. Pirro Cako - Ah moj dashuria ime

1. Ledina Celo - Te ndjej te huaj
2. Fuga feat. Real 1 - Ska mu nal (Winner)
3. Flori feat. Tingulli 3nt - Njehere ne jete
4. Pirro Çako - Ah moj dashuria ime

1. Fuga feat. Real 1 - Ska mu nal (Winner)
2. Vesa Luma - Jemi dhe sjemi
3. Flori feat. Tingulli 3nt - Njehere ne jete
4. Flaka Krelani - Nje bote tjeter

1. Gili & Sinan Vllasaliu - Prap se prap
2. Ledina Celo - Te ndjeje te huaj (Winner)
3. Pirro Cako - Ah moj dashuria ime
4. Vesa Luma - Jemi dhe sjemi

1. Gili & Sinan Vllasaliu - Prap se prap

1. Gre3n feat. Kushtrim Hoxha - Pa lidhje

+tag: video festi muzikor vfm07

KTV video report on the event:

TopRTK video report on the event:

Dimensioni Katert (4) Video - Repriza

Dimensioni 4 (katert) videoclip
"Repriza" eng. "Replay"

Band members:
Fitim Beqiri, Vocal
Edmond Gjinolli, Bass guitar
Adhurim Shabani, Rhythm gitar
Erdem Gavaz, Solo guitar
Jeton Dulaku, Synthesizer

+tag: dimenzioni

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 27 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 27 Highlights (Wednesday, 25th April 2007)

153. Rrufeja - "Edhe nje loje"
154. Arjola Pikuli - "Tani qe ike ti"
155. LRC - "Fjalet e fundit"
156. Gledis - "Sinteze perfekte"

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Nexhat Osmani - Humbi dashuria

Nexhat Osmani Music Video
Title: "Humbi dashuria"

Nice surprise from Nexhat! A good song and clip, of course for those who are fond of this kind of music. After fews songs in duet with her sister Remzije Osmani, it looks as if Nexhat is really reborn. Prior to this, he had literally an unknown career as a solo singer. Lets hope Nexhat produces more hits like this. Way to go!

Malda Susuri Video - S'te kam afer

Malda Susuri Video Clip
"S'te kam afer" eng. "Not having you close by"
Text by Arian Agushi
Music by Faton Dolaku (some quote Erand Meca ?!)
Video by Flux Video (Tirana)

This is Malda's first videoclip. She is a young albanian singer from Prizren (Kosova) who became popular after her participation in Top Fest 3 last year, with her song "Dashuri e hidhur", where she also won "Best New Artist" award. She came back to Top Fest this year with a new song "Jeta pa ty" (Code. 10) and with this videoclip in competition for "Best Video" award. "The video is made based on my ideas and I was the director of the video. It all went well, maybe even better than I expected!", stated Susuri in a recent media interview.

+tag: dollaku ste kam prane

Xuxi Video - Mos me ndalni

Xuxi (Naim Bunjaku) Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.162, Day 28, Thursday 26th April 2007
Title: "Mos me ndalni" eng. "Don't stop me" (Who dares stopping you!)lol

Very unique singing voice by Xuxi. He had a very good reception last year in Top Fest 3 with his song "Eja me merr", so here we go, he is back again, to make sure that last year's success wasn't a fluke. Today, 29th April 2007 is Xuxi's birthday. He is 39. Happy Birthday to Xuxi, with your own video singing at Top Fest 4, wishing you even a better success this year!

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Arjola Pikuli Video - Tani qe ike ti

Arjola Pikuli Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.154, DAY 27, Wednesday 25th April 2007
Title: "Tani qe ike ti" eng. "Now that you've gone"
Music & Text by Arjola

+tag: ariola

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Valton Krasniqi Video - My Love

Valton Krasniqi VideoClip
"My love"
Music & Text by Valton
Video by Fatmir Gashi
Official website: www.valton.ch

This is Valton's new videoclip that will be promoted in Prishtina on 30.04.2007 (Aveny Bar) and is a song from his latest Album "My Love". Valton became internationally very popular with his song and videoclip "Lej lej" (alb. version "Mos me provoko") that was often broadcasted on the prestigious Viva music tv station. Also in this video, Valton has some foreign guests, but unfortunately at present I don't know any names.

p.s. ok, we understand now it is Supasonic in Valton video.

Ingrit Gjoni Video - Barbi silikon

Ingrit Gjoni videoclip
"Barbi silikon" eng. "Barby Silicon"
Music: Florian Mumajesi - Flori

+tag: max productions ingrid xhoni

Friday, April 27, 2007

Genti Video - Te dua, te urrej

Genti Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.150, Day 26, Tuesday 24th April 2007
Title: "Te dua, te urrej" eng. "Love you, hate you"
Music by Ocko

Genti is a promising young albanian rock singer from Tetova (Macedonia) who lives in Germany. This is his first appearance in Top Fest and he thanked Big Mama for supporting him and making this happen. By the way, Big Mama is expected to sing next week. Nora Istrefi aswell, was mentioned as one of those still to sing in Top Fest.

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Fatjeta Barbullushi Video - Per ty

Fatjeta Barbullushi videoclip
"Per ty" eng. "For you"

We heard about turbofolk, but this is something new albanian. A mixture of jazz, latino music and traditional albanian folk. So, what do we call this, jazz-folk, or perhaps jazz-latino-folk. Anyway, I am sure you'll love it! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 26 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 26 Highlights (Tuesday, 24th April 2007)

149. DJ Faitos feat Kieda - "Je me mua"
150. Genti - "Te dua, te urrej"
151. MCJ feat Ledi - "Gjithmone bashke"
152. Erjona Vucaj - "Ti dhe une"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 25 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 25 Highlights (Monday, 23rd April 2007)

139. Mary - "Ti jo mos ik"
140. Gert D - "Une dhe zemra"
141. DMC Babloki - "Kohe kritike"
142. Orient Ekspres - "The morikuku song"
143. The Scown - "Vajtim nen muzg"
144. Kadi Spahiu - "Fatin do ta gjej"
145. Big G - "Une e di"
146. Gentian Dema - "Per nje cast te vetem"
147. Ani - "Vetem..."
148. Valon Shehu - "Sa do te doja"

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rona Nishliu video - Eja

Rona Nishliu videoclip
"Eja" eng. "Come"
Top Fest 4 Code no.13
(hopefully a good luck number this time for Rona)
Lyrics by Rona Nishliu
Music & Orchestration: Darko Dimitrov
Video by Pixels

Rona has joined the trend, by producing a videoclip for her TopFest 4 song, before it has even reached the final night, similar to Flaka Krelani, Belinda Telaku, Vedat Ademi etc. I think it may make a slight difference because it exposes the song to a wider audience and may realistically increase chances of getting higher on the TopFest chart, perhaps even winning a prize too.

p.s. The red bus on the video is kind of 'two-level' bus that you would normally see only in London and it would be interesting to know if this video has been shot in England or what is her connection to London!

p.p.s. We learn from her interview with "Amazing be njeri" that the video has been shot in Prishtina, to be exact, in premises of the American University. See video further down!

Interview: Rona Nishliu - Amazing be njeri

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 24 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 24 Highlights (Thursday, 19th April 2007)

131. Nameless - "Per here te fundit"
132. Artush - "Degjoje zerin tim"
133. Mad Dogs - "Deri ne mengjes"
134. Emine Toska - "S'me ke per nje dite"
135. Permit Of Stay - "Sa ka vlere per ty"
136. Artied - "Ec perpara"
137. Ilirja - "Ne ekstrem"
138. Tuna - "Bileta"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 23 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 23 Highlights (Wednesday, 18th April 2007)

123. FFJ - "Lollipop"
124. Adriana Rama - "Nuk jam rob"
125. Metamorf - "Rruga e vertete dhe jeta"
126. Mira Bregu - "Jam me ty"
127. Gangsta D feat Rachel - "Nje here nje jete"
128. Dr Trendy - "Sokolata ime"
129. Las Walker - "Drejt fames"
130. Jonida Maliqi - "Parfum nate"

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Eliza Hoxha Video - Per ata qe s'jane

Eliza Hoxha videoclip
"Per ata qe s'jane" eng. "For those missing"
Music & Text by Eliza Hoxha
Orchestration by Florent Boshnjaku

This is a song dedicated to the missing ones. There are still over 2000 ethnic albanians missing following the Kosova War 1999. They were obducted, kidnapped or otherwise liquidated by the killing machinery of Slobodan Milosevic, the then President of Serbia (now deceased). The families of the missing ones are still in anguish to know about the fate of their beloved ones. They did not have time to even say goodbye to them, nor a proper burial given. In their mind they still refuse to admit their physical absence. Those who know what really happened to them are those who made them vanish. Despite all the pressure, the Serbian government is not cooperating in this direction and it is prolonging the sufferings of many bereaved families, by withholding information or/and not returning the remains of those missing.

27th April 2007 is the "Day of the Missing Persons" in Kosova and there will be numerous activities held to mark this day and remind the world of this long overdue problem. The real tragedy is that Serbia of today, even after 8 years, has not changed anything in their political attitude towards Kosova and is still fighting fiercely to expand its territory.

p.s. you may also want to listen to Jericho song "Kur do t'pushoje kjo kange".

Interview with Eliza Hoxha by TopRTK team

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poni Video - Si trendafil

Poni (Shqiponja Karafilaj) Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.14, Day 4, Thursday 15th March 2007
"Si trendafil" eng. "Like a rose"
Music: Stine

Vedat Ademi Videos

Vedat Ademi Video Pages:
  1. Me mashtruan syte (Top Fest 4)
  2. Me mashtruan syte (original clip)
  3. Mund te ishim bashke (Top Fest 5)
Vedat Ademi

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tuna Video - Bileta

Tuna (Altuna Sejdiu) video - Top Fest 4
Code no.138, Day 24, Thursday 19th April 2007
Title: "Bileta" eng. "Ticket"
Music by: Armend Rexhepagiq
Text by: Aida Baraku
Orchestration: Darko Dimitrov

When asked about the song, Tuna said, she chose the best and expects good results. They are maybe the best, but don't forget, it was Aida's text with her song "Xhuxhi" that got her into troubles last time. lol. She announced her 3rd album to be released soon and accompanying videoclip too, plus a possible summer hit song aswell.

p.s. Video Fest 2007 is taking place today at 20.00h (local time) in Prishtina, televised by KTV. So tune in! Unfortunately, Tuna does not seem to have been nominated, but you can still vote for her "Xhuxhi" videoclip at www.video-fest.com for an internet award.

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Las Walker Video - Drejt fames

Las Walker video - Top Fest 4
Code no.129, Day 23, Wednesday 18th April 2007
Title: "Drejt fames" eng. "The road to fame"

Very strong performance.

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 22 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 22 Highlights (Tuesday, 17th April 2007)

115. Jeta Mehmeti - "Kam mall"
116. Armagedon - "Sa do te doja"
117. Edita Sopjani - "Dashuri verore"
118. Shkumbin Ismaili - "Vargjet e fundit"
119. Giti - "Te shoh ne sy"
120. Albana Mesuli - "Pa dashur"
121. Gold AG feat Duffe - "Nje dite tek ti"
122. Eltina - "Lloje puthjesh"

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rovena Dilo Video - Dorezohem

Rovena Dilo videoclip
"Dorezohem" eng. "I surrender"
Official website: www.rovenadilo.com

Rovena started her career in show biz in 1990 and since then, she has built a very rich biography in the music industry that include several major festival prizes e.g. First Prize in National Song Contest 2000 and Magic Song 2001 etc. This is her latest videoclip that is also competing with many other videos to win the "Best Video" award in Top Fest 4. Visit her site to learn more about her.

Xuxi Videos

Xuxi (Naim Bunjaku) Video Pages:
  1. Funky ty te zevendeson
  2. Mos me ndalni (Top Fest 4)
Naim Bunjaku - Xuxi

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Edita Sopjani Video - Dashuri verore

Edita Sopjani Video - Top Fest 4
Code no.117, Day 22, Tuesday 17th April 2007
Title: "Dashuri verore" eng. "Summer love"
Music by: Valdet Sopjani & Samir Derguti
Text by: Bujar Idrizi

A very promising 17 year old singer from Kosova. Even though this is her first time in Top Fest, she is no strange to music festivals at all. We had a chance to see her in Kosova Fest, Nota Fest and Mikrofoni Arte 2006. In MIA she won "Best Internet" award with her song "Me mua nuk ka loje". Her first album is expected to be released around June 2007. Wish her luck!

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Ciljeta Video - Vetem ti

Ciljeta Xhilaga (Chili) video - Top Fest 2
"Vetem ti" eng. "You only"

You wanted to compare Ciljeta with Zajmina. Well, here is Ciljeta with "ti ti ti", a song from Top Fest 2, compare to "jo jo jo" of Zajmina.

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 21 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 21 Highlights (Monday, 16th April 2007)

109. Silva Brahimi - "Shijo jeten"
110. Mardi - "Akull"
111. Zajmina - "Mos thuaj jo"
112. Arjola Xhigollari - "Ti nuk je si me pare"
113. Jani feat Erika - "Slow slow"
114. Agim Poshka - "Vitet ikin"

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Aurora feat Ismet Beqiri - Prishtina

Aurora feat Ismet Beqiri videoclip
Music & Text by Nazmi Sfishta

Ok, so we've seen West Side Family feat Edi Rama - "Tirona" and now is the turn of Aurora and their song dedicated to Prishtina, the capital city of Kosova, the soon to be the newest country in the world. See if Ismet Beqiri, the Prishtina Mayor is singing any better at all than Edi Rama, the Tirana Mayor. At least in future elections, Ismet can add "singing skills" to his CV (Curriculum Vitae) aswell. For fans of Aurora, watch them coming in the next "Perralle me tupan" show, next Thursday in RTK.

Interview with Aurora by TopRTK team

Friday, April 20, 2007

Zajmina Vasjari Video - Mos thuaj jo

Zajmina Vasjari video - Top Fest 4
(Code no.111, Day 21, Monday 16th April 2007)
"Mos thuaj jo" eng. "Don't say no"

Zajmina was present in Top Fest 2 and here she comes back again but slightly slimmer in shape, as it has been noticed well by Ledion, who as usual, makes direct remarks: "Why have you lost in weight?", he asked and the reply from Zajmina was interesting: "Because you have put on weight!" pointing out at his flabby stomach.

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 20 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 20 Highlights (Thursday, 12th April 2007)

102. Medina Mehmeti - "S'jam asgje pa ty"
103. J.G-NO feat Gissi - "Kur vijm na"
104. Albina's Band - "Destinacion i gabuar"
105. Aida Hani - "Jo sot"
106. Kastro Ziso - "Nuk gjej dot titullin"
107. Stine - "Mos me thuaj jo"
108. Kthjellu - "Pafundesi"

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Xhevat Kelmendi Video - Stina e peste

Xhevat Kelmendi videoclip
"Stina e peste" eng. "The fifth season"
Music by: Memli Kelmendi
Lyrics by: Xhevat Kelmendi

+tag: nightsoundrecords galege gazmend gega

Ramadan Krasniqi Video - Ndahet zemra

Ramadan Krasniqi - Dani videoclip
"Ndahet zemra" eng. "Heart is broken"

+tag: ne dy pjese wirus videoart

Artan Bakija Video - Ti vetem ti

Artan Bakija Videoclip
"Ti vetem ti" eng. "You, only you"
Music by: Artan Bakija
Video: Memli Kelmendi

In "Zambaku i Prizrenit 2006", Artan won third place, the "Audience" award and "Zambaku i Argjendte" award. This is a traditional folk music festival held in Prizren every year or so. Artan is proving with this videoclip that he can also sing ballads and not just folk.

+tag: bakia nightsoundrecords

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rona Nishliu Videos

Rona Nishliu Video Pages:
  1. A ka arsye? eng. "Is there a reason?"(ft.Bimi)
  2. Eja eng. "Come" (Top Fest 4 song and video)
  3. Veriu eng. "North" (1st Prize Polifest 2007)
  4. New York, New York (RTK's Gala Concert Sep 07)
  5. Shko pastro pas saj eng "Go clean after her" (Mikrofoni i Arte 2007)
Rona Nishliu

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Zodiak Video - Ishte engjell

Zodiak video - Top Fest 4
(Code no.49, Day 12, Thursday 29th March 2007)
"Ishte engjell" eng. "It was an angel"

Have not listened to the text carefully enough to know if this is about "it", "he" or "she". Kind of trance music they produce. I think this was excellent performance. Wish if someone knows more about this band.

p.s. Enoo DJ has enlightened us with the following Zodiak's CV:

ZODIAK was formed in October 2005. Their first song was LIKE NO OTHER. They preformed with this song in Top Fest 3. Unlike everybody else this was a house song. After Top Fest 3 they were invited at Calvin Club here in Tirana where they sang 3 songs:

1-LIKE NO OTHER (ENOO DJ TRIBAL MIX 2006) 2-ISHTE ENGJELL 3-IN THE END(ENOO DJ REMIX). The third song is a techno version of the well known song IN THE END by LINKIN PARK. This is the first time that this song is remixed by an Albanian DJ. Later ZODIAK would sing in TOP FEST 4 in 2007. This time the song was a TRANCE one titled ISHTE ENGJELL. The song is dedicated to LADIOLA who lost her life in a car accident. She was, is, and will be the most important person for ENEA(ENOO DJ). The nearest plan is to make a videoclip for this grate song. ZODIAK is always present at the most of youth activities organized in TIRANA...

Te ZODIAK band is composed by:

1-ENTELA ZHULA (Vocal)----17 years old---She is a student at "Partizani" high school. She has been singing since she was a little girl. She has been part of several important competitions like: The National Festival of RTSH, TOP FEST 3, STAR AKADEMI at TV KLAN and lastly in TOP FEST 4 with ZODIAK. She has sang live for several months at CLUB CAVALIERO. She likes jazz music very much. She passes most of the time playing piano and guitar...

2-ENOO DJ---20 years old---He a student of Law at private university. He firs started listening electronic music at 1988. He participated at PLAY NEXT at BBF television in a DJ contest when he was one of best DJ taking part at the final held in Saranda. He participated at SUAVEMENTE in TV KLAN in another DJ contest. He likes to play House music...

3-BESY(LYRICS and SECOND VOCAL)---20 years old---He writes the lyrics of ZODIAK's songs helped by Entela which is his sister. He finished high school at "Partizani" and now he will try to contunie studying as FILM DIRECTOR...

5-KLAJDI(GUITAR)---18 years old---He is at a private high school here in Tirana. He has more than 3 years studying guitar. He likes HARDSTYLE, HOUSE and Electronic music in general. The guitar strings makes the ZODIAK's songs very special.

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+tag: ishe engjell

Lil Liri feat Enis Potoku Video - Na po vim

Liridon Gashi aka Lil Liri feat Enis Potoku videoclip
"Na po vim" eng. "We're coming"
Official website: www.lir-liri.com

Liridon was born in 1987 and is from the town of Ferizaj in Kosova. Lives in Switzerland since age 11 and got involved in music since age 14.

+tag: xxl records westvideo

Stine Video - Mos me thuaj jo

Stine Video - Top Fest 4
(Code no. 107, Day 20, Thursday 12th April 2007)
"Mos me thuaj jo" eng. "Don't you say no"

Interesting, I must say, whenever I listen to Stine's songs, they all sound the same to me. Similar thing with Blero. They both have their own distinct "music beats". Don't get me wrong, they both produce exceptional music and they both are excellent stage performers, perhaps Stine being a better dancer. Stine is very smooth on stage indeed. Enjoy!

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+tag: nesti

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 19 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 19 Highlights (Wednesday, 11th April 2007)

93. Donjeta Kamishaj - "Nje premtim"
94. The Neighbours - "Ajo ka faj"
95. Xhina Balliu - "E kuqe"
96. G-Bani feat Klodi & Gjyshi - "Kohe te veshtira"
97. Meda - "Pse s'me thua"
98. Big Man feat Rafael - "Big and small"
99. Jonel - "Eshte radha ime"
100. Germs - "Bindju udhes"
101. Mr Elvis - "Ky jam une"

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Edita Sopjani Videos

Edita Sopjani Video Pages:
  1. Me mua nuk ka loje (Mikrofoni Arte 2006)
  2. Dashuri verore (Top Fest 4)
  3. Dashuri Verore (orig. clip)
  4. Dashuri e ndaluar
  5. Merri Krejt (feat 2 Boys)

photo by ArtFabe

Eurovision 2007 - Macedonia

Eurovision Song Contest 2007 - Macedonia (FYROM)
Karolina Goceva - "Mojot Svet" eng. "My World"

Eurovision 2007 - Turkey

Eurovision Song Contest 2007 - Turkey (Promo Video)
Kenan Dogulu - "Shake It Up Şekerim"

+tag: turkiye sekerim shekerim

Eurovision 2007 - Bulgaria

Eurovision Song Contest 2007 - Bulgaria (Promo Video)
Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov - "Voda" eng. "Water"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meda Kamberi Video - Pse s'me thua

Nurimeda Kamberi (Meda) Video - Top Fest 4
(Code no.97, Day 19, Wednesday 11th April 2007)
"Pse s'me thua" eng. "Why don't you say it"

Its easy to confuse her with the other singer Meda (Mehdin Pergjecaj). Only by their nickname though, since they are very different indeed. First, Nurimeda is a female while Mehdin is a male singer. Nurimeda is a 23 year old singer from Tirana, Albania and Mehdin is from Kosova. "Why name Meda", she was asked once in an interview and she explained how this is short for her full name and has come from her family really plus its easier to remember, of course. Very logical answer indeed!

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The Period of Concealment Video - Embrioni Cene

The Period of Concealment Videoclip
"Embrioni Cene" eng. "Embryo Cene"
Official website www.theperiodofconcealment.com

I've heard of this band not until their recent appearance on YouTube. Sort of rock-metal-alternative-gothic band they say they are. And the name of the band is not far from strange. I personally am not fan of this type of music, but its always good to know, how diverse our music is becoming and are we following the world on all directions, musically of course in this instance. Say your thoughts!

The song itself carries a very strong message to people and in particular women who make a decision to end a life of a human being too prematurely by way of abortion, as a result of some misunderstandings between two adults in relation to the unwanted pregnancy or/and perhaps all other social prejudices with regard to sex before marriage etc. Abortion is a very strong and emotional subject that is present in all societies of this world. In many countries, abortion is prohibited by law and only allowed in special circumstances.

Ermal Mamaqi feat Olsa Video - Ma kthe qytetin tim

Ermal Mamaqi feat Olsa videoclip
"Ma kthe qytetin tim" eng. "Bring back my town"

Not only that Ermal can sing, he can do DJ-ing and is very funny comedian and a serious actor too. We've seen Olsa just recently in Top Fest 4 with her song "Ti do te vish". Interesting cooperation and nice song as a result. Enjoy!

+tag: the dreams portokalli

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 18 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 18 Highlights (Tuesday, 10th April 2007)

85. Don Enio feat Enxhi - "Limonada"
86. Valon Rama - "Je e bukur, s'je e lumtur"
87. Venera Imeri - "Jete u kemi falur"
88. Pier Noshi - "Tani te kam harruar"
89. Metini - "Eja ti sonte"
90. APG - "Nuk ndalem"
91. Gerald Bali - "Digjem me ty"
92. Dona - "Ende nuk e di"

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Dona Video - Ende nuk e di

Dona Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.92, Day 18, Tuesday 10th April 2007)
"Ende nuk e di" eng. "Still don't know"

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 17 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 17 Highlights (Monday, 9th April 2007)

79. Ledi Ibrahimi - "Perse"
80. Frensis - "Dhe burrat qajne"
81. Denisa - "Eja ti"
82. Yllka Bytyci - "Mos oj zemer"
83. Drini Shkreli - "Nje nate me ty"
84. Dafina - "Nese"

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Proka Video - Why we live

Proka videoclip
"Why we live"

+tag: heavy metal

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drini Shkreli Video - Nje nate me ty

Drini Shkreli Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.83, Day 17, Monday 9th April 2007)
"Nje nate me ty" eng. "One night with you" (I guess he does not mean 'one-night stand')

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+tag: drin

Vilma feat Dashi Video - Alo alo

Vilma feat D.a.sh.i videoclip
"Alo alo"

Roy Video - Dridhu sonte

Roy videoclip
"Dridhu sonte" eng. "Shake tonight"

+tag: entermedia

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adrian Gaxha Video - Me mungon (clip)

Adrian Gaxha videoclip
"Me mungon" eng. "I miss you"

The videoclip was shown yesterday in Top Fest 4, meaning that in this festival it will be competing for the "Best Video" Award. The clip was stopped short by cc.20 seconds and we had to repeat some of the sequences to fill the gap.

p.s. We had this song earlier in this blog, when Adrian performed it at "Perralle me tupan" show. This is the original videoclip.

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 16 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 16 Highlights (Thursday, 5th April 2007)

73. Evi - "Me ty pa ty"
74. Lysjen - "Une dhe sistemi"
75. Fatima - "Jam dhe nuk dua"
76. Elsa Idershai - "Afer kujt planeti rri"
77. Blero feat Shpati - "Falma"
78. Manjola feat Adrian - "Sensacion dashurie"

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mimoza Shkodra Video - Krejt mi more

Mimoza Shkodra videoclip
"Krejt mi more" eng. "You left me with nothing"

Inva Mula Video - The Fifth Element performance

Inva Mula Video from movie "The Fifth Element"
Official website: www.inva-mula.com

In the film The Fifth Element (1997) Inva performed an aria from Donnizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor (the mad scene), and "The Diva Dance" song. Director Luc Besson adored Maria Callas, but her 1950s recording of "Lucia" wasn't clear enough to use on a film soundtrack, so the producer who had just helped Mula record La Rondine introduced her to Besson. Some of the vocal parts in "The Diva Dance" were thought to be physically impossible to produce, but musicians are well aware that they are, depending on singer, and it was stated in the movie's Special Edition that her voice was not digitally altered. [source wikipedia]

p.s. enjoy great action scenes aswell!

+tag: 5th element soprano

Shkumbin Veliu Video - Do te mbijetoj

Shkumbin Veliu videoclip
"Do te mbijetoj" eng. "I'll survive"
Album: "Do te mbijetoj"

Shkumbin graduated in music (don't know particulars) in Copenhagen. This is according to his official website www.shkumbinveliu.com. His first album is a result of cooperation with composers like Wirus, Shpetim Saraci and Florent Boshnjaku.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Shkendije Mujaj Video - O zot!

Shkendije Mujaj videoclip
"O zot" eng. "Oh god!"

Papush Video - Ku fshehesh ti

Papush videoclip
"Ku fshehesh ti" eng. "Where're you hiding"

Belinda Telaku Video - Endrra qe ke enderruar

Belinda Telaku videoclip - Top Fest 4, Day 14
"Endrra qe ke enderruar" eng. "The dream you dreamt"
Music by Faton Dollaku
Text by Florent Cakiqi

This is the song that Belinda presented in Top Fest 4, on Tuesday, 3rd April 2007 under code.61. It is becoming a trend that videoclips are preceding their festival songs, similar to Flaka Krelani who promoted her videoclip "Nje bote tjeter" ahead of her performance with the same song in Top Fest.

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+tag: dolaku

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nimon Mushkolaj Video - Ritmi Rinor

Nimon Mushkolaj, Driton Ajeti & K-Master videoklip
"Ritmi rinor" eng. "Youth rhythm"
Directed by Fatmir Gashi
Text by Remzi Murati

Ermal Mamaqi Videos

Ermal Mamaqi Video Pages:
  1. Gjo e eger
  2. Mos harro te vish
  3. Ma kthe qytetin tim feat Olsa

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 15 highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 15 Highlights (Wednesday, 4th April 2007)

68. Olsa - "Ti do te vish"
69. G-MCD - "Me do s'me do"
70. Flaka Krelani - "Nje bote tjeter"
71. Greta Shaho - "Diell dhe jete"
72. Zanfina Ismajli - "Ti s'do tja dish"

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Inva Mula Videos

Inva Mula Video Pages:
  1. Celni lule
  2. The Fifth Element
Inva Mula

Friday, April 06, 2007

Manjola feat Adrian Gaxha Video - Sensacion dashurie

Manjola feat Adrian Gaxha Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.78, Day 16, Thursday 5th April 2007)
"Sensacion dashurie" eng. "Love sensation"
Text by Avni Qahili

This is another successful duet in Top Fest 4. "It was definitely my idea! While we were doing the song with my DJ (did not catch the name), I was looking for someone experienced for this song with a popular look", said Adrian. And we now know the choice was Manjola. Manjola, in other hand said "I decided to participate in Top Fest because I like this festival, and I think it has gained a lot in dignity. I thought this particular cooperation its going to be interesting".

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p.s. Song is really good! But, there is a lot of background noise from the fans. I did not have mp3 to enhance the audio.

+tag: manjolla nallbani nalbani ardian senzacion

Blero feat Shpati Video - Falma

Blero feat Shpat Kasapi Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.77, Day 16, Thursday 5th April 2007)
Title: "Falma" eng. "Forgive me"

Day 16 of Top Fest 4 was a very interesting one. With the appearance of Blero, Shpat and later Manjolla and Adrian Gaxha, the screaming of the indoor fans were ecstatic. The presenters literally had to shout to each other to conduct a prestage interview with the contestants.

"He had a song ready that I liked and I brought in a text that Blero liked too, so we decided to go on this together", said Shpati. Then Ledion asked Blero "How do you feel when you enter a room full of beautiful girls...". Blero had a short thinking then said: "I've got Shpat with me to take care of this", laugh. Apparently, the song is about two friends who fell out because one of them took the other's one girlfriend and he is asking for forgiveness. "And who stole the girl to whom" asked Arbana. "In the text, I did", said Blero, "but not in real life of course". Shpat responded quickly with "You know, I have so many girlfriends, I let him have this one", laugh. As far as the music is concerned, its nothing different from the well known "Blero beat" type music.

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+tag: blerim muharremi

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Ti s'do t'ja dish

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.72, Day 15, Wednesday 4th April 2007)
"Ti s'do t'ja dish per mua" eng. "You don't want to know about me"

This is Zanfina's first time participation in Top Fest. The song is from her latest album "Nje puthje". Great oriental dancing performed by Zanfina.

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+tag: ismaili

Performance in the final

Miri feat Erion Video - Hajde

Miri feat Erion videoclip
"Hajde" eng. "C'mon"

+tag: emiliano sulollari

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mirsa feat Lyrical Son Video - Pune e madhe

Mirsa feat Lyrical Son videoklip
"Pune e madhe" eng. "Big deal"
Music: Genc Prelvukaj

"I'm fond of rock music, however, since rock is not that much popular amongst us, I am sticking to RnB at present", stated Mirsa in a recent interview with KTV Express, amid release of her new videoclip "Pune e madhe". She also added that she is in preparation of her second album that will contain diversity in terms of genres involved, similar to her first album.

+tag: kerqeli kerceli kercelli kercilli festimi

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 14 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 14 Highlights (Tuesday, 3rd April 2007)

61. Belinda Telaku - "Endrra qe ke enderruar"
62. Mirela - "Si drite"
63. Ilir Kazaferi - "Ti nuk do te degjosh"
64. 0290 feat Uncle B - "Lady"
65. Eldi - "Dashuria ime
66. Jorida - "Kercimi i nje nate vere"
67. Greta Tafa - "Jam e lire te fluturoj"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 13 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 13 Highlights (Monday, 2nd April 2007)

56. Juna - "Shikimi yt"
57. 2 Ton - "Hey lady"
58. Eoljan - "Netet me ty"
59. Renata - "Jete per dreq"
60. Qelbaniks - "Te paarsyeshmit"

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Qelbanix Video - Te paarsyeshmit

Qelbanix Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.60, Day 13, Monday 2nd April 2007)
"Te paarsyeshmit" eng. "The unreasonables" "the unreasonable ones"

Members of the band:
Indrit Mesiti, Dritan Mesarea, Julian Gjoni, Dorian Metohu.

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+tag: qelbaniks

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 12 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 12 Highlights (Thursday, 29th March 2007)

49. Zodiak - "Ishte engjell"
50. Buba - "Me ler"
51. J2L feat Flokshat - "Bote e ftohte"
52. Teuta Shabani - "Sonte do eci vet"
53. Sevina - "Me harro"
54. Duda feat Zero Man - "Pse po rri me ta"
55. Anjeza Qose - "Gabimisht"

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Duda feat Zeero Man Video - Pse po rri me ta

Duda feat Zeero Man video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.54, Day 12, Thursday 29th March 2007)
"Pse po rri me ta" eng. "Why do you hang around with them"

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+tag: double g zero

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top Fest 4 - Day 11 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 11 Highlights (Wednesday, 28th March 2007)

44. Oda - "Ti je ajo"
45. Albana Bilali - "Me mungon"
46. Mc Fija - "Hajde locke"
47. Jeta Faqolli - "S'mund te fal"
48. Besa Kokedhima - "Unik"

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Besa Video - Unik

Besa Kokedhima Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.48, Day 11, Wednesday 28th March 2007)
"Unik" eng. "Unique"

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Jeta Faqolli Video - Smund te fal

Jeta Faqolli Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.47, Day 11, Wednesday 28th March 2007)
"S'mund te fal" eng. "Cannot forgive you"

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 10 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 10 Highlights (Tuesday, 27th March 2007)

40. Real 1 feat Big Basta - "Connection"
41. Silva Gunbardhi - "Je ti"
42. Gledi - "Parajsa fallco"
43. Evis Mula - "Te pres dhe bora bie"

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Motrat Mustafa Video - Vallen e Rugoves

Motrat Mustafa video
"Vallja e Rugoves" eng. "The Rugova Dance"

Dawa feat Mel - I'm sorry

Dawa feat Mel videoklip
"I'm sorry"

+tag: jeton zejnullahu kushtrim berisha infinit records

Evis Mula Video - Te pres dhe bora bie

Evis Mula Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.43, Day 10, Tuesday 27th March 2007)
Title: "Te pres dhe bora bie" eng. "It's snowing and I'm waiting for you"

Evis was the winner of "Mikrofoni Arte 2005". Let's see how far can she get in Top Fest contest. I don't know if she has any connection to Inva Mula (opera singer). Perhaps someone knows!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nimon Mushkolaj Videos

Nimon Mushkolaj Video Pages:
  1. Varferia
  2. Ritmi Rinor (feat Driton Ajeti & K-Master)
Nimon Mushkolaj

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 9 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 9 Highlights (Monday, 26th March 2007)

35. Valton Krasniqi - "Je e bukur"
36. Xhuli - "Per ato qe s'i the"
37. A-Connection - "Sa palidhje"
38. Greta Koci - "Sa me lodhe"
39. Eliminimi - "Vetem pak"

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Elsa Lila Video - Kenge per Camerine

Elsa Lila video
"Kenge per Camerine" eng. "A song for Chameria"

Beautiful voice by Elsa wearing an albanian national costume.

Gazmend Rama Video - Vetem ty te kam

Gazmend Rama videoklip
"Vetem ty te kam" eng. "Only you I have"

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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