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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Teuta Selimi & Adnan Daci Video - S'mundem me u nda

Teuta Selimi & Adnan Daci videoklip
"S'mundem me u nda" eng. "Cannot leave you"
Text by Arsim Bunjaku
Music by Ardian Kastrati

Very nice ballad marking Teuta's come back after a long pause. This video was promoted quite recently in KTV and other tv stations. In an interview asked for reasons of her absence, she stated that she was not herself for some time due to some personal circumstances. She is working on her 2nd album that she expects to be released around May 2007 and will contain 8 songs. The rest of the songs are of a more rhythmic nature. Teuta lives in Switzerland but she is often seen in Kosova or Macedonia. Not long ago she was a guest in RTK's "Perralle me tupan" Show. Otherwise, Adnan is a very popular albanian singer from Macedonia.

+tag: boleros

Greta Koci Video - Sa me lodhe

Greta Koci video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.38, Day 9, Monday 26th March 2007)
Title: "Sa me lodhe" eng. "I'm tired of you"
Music by Genti Lako

As usual, Greta appears on stage "to impress". You can see that there is a whole team working behind, trying to turn her into a show biz star or as some refer to as "cash cow", something that generates lots of cash. She is only 15 and they may be right to invest early to rip benefits later.

I am slightly disappointed that the lighting system started to behave amaterish. When Top Fest began, I was pleased that the lighting on stage was very professional. You could clearly see who is singing, with bright faces, not too many flashing lights beaming straight into your eyes etc. Since last week, something has changed and sometime the frontline of the stage is too dark. And also this flashing lights they use, to match the rhythm of the song, is so annoying. You hardly see anything really what's happening on stage. Even compression softwares that prepare the video for internet viewing do not like much these lights, since normally these videos look so awful on the internet. Arrggghhh... when are we going to learn to get this lighting business right. Well, enjoy the video, if you can see anything! But, trust me, this is Greta Koci singing.

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 8 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 8 Highlights (Thursday, 22nd March 2007)

30. Suada - "Shko"
31. Jualian feat Bess - "Harroje ti"
32. Koha - "Kur djalli dashuron nje engjell"
33. Yllka Deliu- "Koha sheron plaget"
34. Elvis Tenko - "Kercimi i dashurise"

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Flaka Krelani Video - Nje bote tjeter

Flaka Krelani videoklip
"Nje bote tjeter" eng. "Another world"
Music: Ilir Osmani

Flaka participated with this song in Top Fest 4 and performed on Wednesday, 4th April 2007 under code.70.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Besa Videos

Besa Kokedhima Video Pages:
  1. Si motra
  2. Unik (Top Fest 4 2007)
  3. Pa yllin tend (Kenga Magjike 2007)
  4. Engjujt te vrasin njelloj (Top Fest 5 2008)
  5. Top Fest 5 Winner
Besa Kokedhima

Jeta Faqolli Videos

Jeta Faqolli Video Pages:
  1. Provokimet
  2. S'mund te fal (Top Fest 4)
  3. Konkurenca
  4. Aman Derman
Jeta Faqolli

Legenda Video - Kampioni

Legenda videoclip
"Kampioni" eng. "Champion"
Text: Alban Miroci
Music: DJ Cimi

This is a tribute song by hip hop group Legenda to Luan Krasniqi, the albanian heavyweight boxer who has just recently triumphed against the american boxer Brian Minto, securing a WBO Intercontinental Champion title. Luan's goal is to become a world champion. He was very close to winning in September 2005 against Lamon Brewster, against whom he was ahead on all cards, but unfortunately, was stopped in the ninth round by a strong lucky blow thrown by Brewster. It is a high possibility that we might see Krasniqi vs Brewster II fight in the very near future. Luan has made every albanian proud with his successes so far in the international professional boxing arena. We have high hopes, to see Luan become a world champion. He truly deserves this!

More info on Luan: luankrasniqi.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Suada Video - Shko

Suada Sherifi video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.30, Day 8, Thursday 22nd March 2007)
Title: "Shko" eng. "Go"
Music: Blero

Suada SherifiIf other beauty contestants like Valbona Selimllari, Hygerta Sako, Ciljeta, Zajmina, Rezarta, Diellza etc. can do singing so does she. Otherwise, Suada is well known as Miss Albania 2005 who represented Albania in Miss World 2005 and (was to represent but replaced by Eralda Hitaj) in Miss Universe 2006 and here we have her proving or trying to prove that she can do singing too. She is 18 or 19 years old and you know what, she is 1.84m tall. Yeehh, you think perfect height to engage in sports such as basketball. Well, guess what, she does exactly that. She does play basketball for "Flamurtari".

Don't forget to leave your opinion on her performance as a singer.

p.s. About her outfit, she mentioned in a brief interview prior to climbing the stage that she is purposely dressed casual, so that people don't judge her by her look (I mean she was Miss Albania after all), but by her ability to sing.

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Gjyle Qollaku Video - Ku je sonte

Gjyle Qollaku video
"Ku je sonte" eng. "Where are you tonight"

+tag: qallaku, collaku, labia

Monday, March 26, 2007

Elsa Lila Videos

Elsa Lila Video Pages:
  1. Pyes Lotin (1st Prize Festivali 35 RTSH)
  2. Larg Urrejtje (1st Prize Festivali 36 RTSH)
  3. Il Senso Della Vita (Sanremo 2007 final)
  4. Kenge per Camerine
  5. Diferenca Je Ti & Pirro Cako (Festivali 46 RTSH)
Elsa Lila

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 7 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 7 Highlights (Wednesday, 21st March 2007)

25. Fabiani feat Samantha - "Te dua"
26. Diola - "Fjale dashurie"
27. 7 ME 7 - "Flutura"
28. Monika Salihu - "Frajer"
29. Eris Hoxha - "Shpend i mallit"

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zeero Man Videos

Zeero Man Video Pages:
  1. Aty ku jon 2G (feat Duda)
  2. Pse po rri me ta (feat Duda, Top Fest 4)

7me7 Video - Flutura

7me7 video - Top Fest 4
(Contestant No.27, Day 7, Wednesday 21st March 2007)
Title: "Flutura" eng. "Butterfly"

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 6 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 6 Highlights (Tuesday, 20th March 2007)

21. Ngroba - "Vetem syte e tu"
22. Ink - "You'll never be a star"
23. Kristela Trungu - "Nate e veshtire"
24. Supernova - "S'dua te tjere"

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Prishtina & Tini Video - Te therras

Prishtina & Tini videoclip
"Te therras" eng. "I call for you"
Text by Arlind

This is their first video promoted beginning of March. Wonderful ballad by Tini and Prishtina band. Listen how clarinet played by Arlind is giving such a special "colour" to the song. Clarinet is an instrument that is mostly used in folk music, however, as you can see, it blends in well with any type of music really. You should know that Genta's boyfriend, Milot is part of the Prishtina band too, playing on keyboard. I am not sure about the names of other two members, guitar and drums.

+tag: labia production te ndjej me mall

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ledina Celo Video - Po vij tek ty

Ledina Celo videoclip
"Po vij tek ty" eng. "I'm coming to get you"
Lyrics by Timo Flloko
Idea and Styling by Joni Peci

You think you've seen everything of Ledina? Well watch this then. Burning hot Ledina is coming to get you baby! She can't forget you! Listen for her sexy french talk too.

+tag: lejdina fantasy fantazi

Kristela Trungu Video - Nate e veshtire

Kristela Trungu video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.23, Day 6, Tuesday 20th March 2007)
Title: "Nate e veshtire" eng. "Difficult night" or "Hard night"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 5 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 5 Highlights (19th March 2007)

17. Anakonda feat Mirsa Kerceli - "S'rrihet pa ty"
18. Vedat Ademi - "Me mashtruan syte"
19. Revolt Klan feat Orient Express - "Gjithcka rinise"
20. NRG Band - "Per here te pare kur dashuron"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Silva Gunbardhi feat Nik-T Video - Dije se te dua

Silva Gunbardhi feat Nik-T videoclip
"Dije se te dua" eng. "Know that I love you"
Album: "Trake Truke"
Elrodi Music

This is an excellent cooperation between Silva and Nik (member of Rino Ritem) to produce a highly sought after song. Silva is a popular 27 years old albanian singer from Vlora who lives in Tirana. I think so far she's had only two albums, "Plaku, plaka" being the first one. Her most preferred composer to work with is Adrian Hila and this is where most of her songs come from.

Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Mos ja falni (clip)

Sinan Vllasaliu videoclip
"Mos ja falni" eng. "No forgiveness to her"
Text & Music: Ilir Berani

Very dramatic video. Someone must have had such a bad experience in their life (with their wife) to make a music subject out of it, plus a videoclip too. Song is excellent, but I don't like much the subject of it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vedat Ademi Video - Me mashtruan syte

Vedat Ademi video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.18, Day 5, 19th March 2007)
Title: "Me mashtruan syte" eng. "Deceived by your eyes"

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Input by Dorela:
"Vedat is from Mitrovica, Kosova. He has been working at Top Show for a season and has participated at Top Fest 2 with "Nothing like the dream", Top Fest 3 - "As some time ago" and now with a beautiful song. He has been singing solo, than with a band in Mintrovica called TEMA and during the last three years in Albania where he works and sings live in the Tirana night pubs. Dont forget to vote him!"

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 4 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 4 Highlights (15th March 2007)

13. Rona Nishliu - "Eja"
14. Poni - "Si trendafil"
15. Berkan - "Te dashuroj"
16. Blerina Osaj - "I mbyll syte"

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Eurovision 2007 Semifinals Preview Videos

Eurovision Song Contest 2007 Semifinals
52nd Edition, 10th May 2007, Helsinki, Finland
All 28 semi finalists promo videos in the running order.

See what Albania is up against on this day. Only 10 will qualify to the finals, to join the other 14 countries who qualified automatically (10 + 4), bringing the total of participants in the finals to 24. Finals will take place on the 12th May 2007.

1. Bulgaria, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov "Water" - Voda
2. Israel, Teapacks "Push the button"
3. Cyprus, Evridiki "Comme ci comme ça"
4. Belarus, Koldun "Work your magic"
5. Iceland, Eiríkur Hauksson "Valentine lost"
6. Georgia, Sopho "Visionary dream"
7. Montenegro, Stevan Faldy "Ajde kroči"
8. Switzerland, DJ Bobo "Vampires are alive"
9. Moldova, Natalia Barbu "Fight"
10. Netherlands, Edsilia Rombley "On top of the world"
11. Albania, Aida & Frederik Ndoci "Hear my plea"
12. Denmark, DQ "Drama queen"
13. Croatia, Dragonfly & Dado Topić "Vjerujem u ljubav"
14. Poland, The Jet Set "Time to party"
15. Serbia, Marija Šerifović "Molitva"
16. Czech Republic, Kabát "Malá dáma"
17. Portugal, Sabrina "Dança comigo (vem ser feliz)"
18. F.Y.R. Macedonia, Karolina Gočeva "Mojot svet"
19. Norway, Guri Schanke "Ven a bailar conmigo"
20. Malta, Oliwia Lewis "Vertigo"
21. Andorra, Anonymous "Salvem el món"
22. Hungary, Magdi Rúzsa "Unsubstantial blues"
23. Estonia, Gerli Padar "Partners in crime"
24. Belgium, The Krazy Mess Groovers "Love power"
25. Slovenia, Alenka Gotar "Cvet z juga"
26. Turkey, Kenan Doğulu "Shake it up shekerim"
27. Austria, Eric Papilaya "Get a life -- get alive"
28. Latvia, Bonaparti.lv "Questa notte"

SpeyA feat Linda - Venat m'i ke lidhe

SpeyA (Sami Mulliqi) feat Linda videoclip
"Venat m'i ke lidhe" eng...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Altin Sulku Video - Dale capkene e vogel

Altin Sulku videoclip
"Dale capkene e vogel"
Music & Orchestration: Sokol Marsi

+tag: elrodi music

Enis Potoku Video - Une dhe ti

Enis Potoku videoclip
"Une dhe ti" eng. "Me and you"

+tag: fatmir gashi westvideo

Berkani Video - Te dashuroj

Berkani video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.15, Day 4, 15th March 2007)
Title: "Te dashuroj" eng. "I love you" (can't think of another way of saying this)

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Eda Zari Video - Four Season

Eda Zari Videoclip
"Four Season"
Album: "Euphoria"
Official Website: www.eda-zari.com

About latest Eda's album "Euphoria":

"Euphoria" Worldmusic Transglobal-Beat

Balkan it is a region of hot summers and hot passions, where the music is as rich and varied as the land itself. Love has always been the favourite theme for its singers with religion and songs of the good life equal second. This unique album can be enjoyed as a exotic mediteranien balmy. Euphoria is a boat trip starting from the balkan Adria coast, famous for its polyphonic vocal music with haunting melodies, rhythms and spine-tingling harmonies. More then one decade Eda Zari follows this path with a perfect mixture of sweetness and strength.

With Euphoria she support the peaceful co-existence of people regardless of religion and the free exchange of ideas in hope of reaching a new model of society without discriminating cultures or religions which includes equal rights for everyone.

In Euphoria Zari and the producer Mark Kay have embraced all worldmusic trans-global sounds to create exciting fusions, where national identity is blurred and boundaries are expanded.

Euphoria`s musical journey starts with the ethnic vocals basin, Adria Mediterran Balkan rhytmus & North Africa.

Twelve tracks that caress the listener and send them in a hot spot of mediteranean sun. This music is the soundtrack of the new millennium, which got support from the electic voice of the multiinstrumentalist Cheb Momo Djender ( Algerien), Fatmir Lela the best hand of Dynasty Lela dè Permet( lute, buzuki), Abdel Rahni Krija percussionist (who`s sharing his great talent and the stage with Sting Sacred Love) Casablanca, the great german trompet player Sebastian Studnizky, the famous virtuos clarinetist of Balkan Vladimir Gica and some more great artists from Balkan are featured. The songs are varied, complex and powerful, and leaves the listener yearning to hear more and also to learn about the ancient past from which it originated this music.

Featuring life performing Musicians:

- Abdel Rhani Krija perccusionist (Cajon, Karakas, Tarabuka, Timbalis, Congas, Def, Tabla & other ethnic athmo perccusions) Casablanca/ Morocco/ Germany.
- Mohamed Djender (Soloist North Africa vocal, Acoustic Guitar and Arabic Lute) Alger-Germany
- Sebastian Studnitzky (Trumpet)Germany
- Vladimir Gica (Clarinet) Tirana
- Fatmir Lela ( Bakllama, Lute,Buzuki)Tirana
- Lukas Dziwoki ( D-Bass & E-Bass, backing boys voc)
- Istanbul Symphonic Orchestra-Turkey (Strings & Flute )
- Gregorian Voices by Nomad Voices of Ireland (Dublin)
- Arabic Vocal by Tilays Hassan Turkey
- Papo Darakis (Greece flute) Grecce-Athens
- Hosé Marilos ( Flamenco singer) Andalusia-Spain
- Mark Kay (Drummer) Germany

All Lead soloist, female vocals and classic coloraturas performed by Eda Zari. All femals backing vocals arranged and performed by Eda Zari. All songs Arranged by Mark Kay/ Programmed by Orkan Kuyas ( Germany) Sounds design by Orkan Kuyas & Mark Kay Production

Frederik Ndoci Video - Hear my plea

Frederik and Aida Ndoci videoclip - Albania 2007 Eurovision Song
Title: "Hear my plea" alb. "Degjo lutjen time"
Text by: Pandi Laco & Jun Tailor
Music by: Adrian Hila
Orchestration: Stefano Borzi, Shpetim Saraci, Adrian Hila

This is the Eurovision version of the original "Ballad of Stone" song that won Albania's 45th Edition Music Festival which otherwise determines the Albania's entry to Eurovision song contest. Apart from being shorter, which is a Eurovision requirement anyway, the major change is that it will be sang in english. To aid Aida, three back vocals will be added, Erti Hizmo, Denis Skura and Oltian Marku. And also the music is richer by one significant instrumental addition, the violin, that will be performed by Joana Kaimi (if you watched Kenga Magjike 2006, you'd had a chance to see her perform as a guest). Considering that they had to do some significant trimmings to the original song, the new english version, I think has still preserved its originality, however, I have a feeling that the finish of the song is a bit weird or unexpected. I would have expected a more bombastic end, but no, the energy of the song simply dies down in the end.

Just to remind you, the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland with Semifinals on 10th May 2007 and Finals on 12th May 2007.

p.s. Don't get confused with the videoclip, its not Sinan & Gili "Prape se prape" lol

Friday, March 16, 2007

Produkt 28 Video - Lamtumire

Produkt 28 Video - Top Fest 4
(Code no.11, Day 3, 14th March 2007)
Title: "Lamtumire" eng. "Good Bye"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 3 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 3 Highlights (14th March 2007)

9. 00 (Zero Zero) Genti - "Historia e Pingpongut"
10. Malda Susuri - "Jeta pa ty"
11. Produkt 28 - "Lamtumire"
12. Luka Hajdini - "Per nje fjale"

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 2 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 2 Highlights (13th March 2007)

5. 5 Plus - "Clubbing"
6. Burn feat Big Busta - "Restart"
7. Fer - "Kur jena bashk na"
8. Teuta Kurti - "E Lire"

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7me7 Videos

7me7 Video Pages:
  1. Njeriu me ombrelle
  2. Flutura (Top Fest 4)
  3. Flutura (org.clip)
7 me 7

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Teuta Kurti Video - E lire

Teuta Kurti Video - Top Fest 4
(Code No. 8, Day 2, 13th March 2007)
Title: "E lire" eng. "I'm free"

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Shpat Kasapi Video - Lila laj

Shpat Kasapi video - Top Fest 3 (yes 3 not 4)
Title: "Lila laj"
"Best Male" Award

This is Shpat performing in the final night of Top Fest 3 last year.

+tag: ni na naj

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vesa Luma Video - Luaj

Vesa Luma video - Top Fest 4
(Code No.3, Day 1, 12th March 2007)
Title: "Luaj" eng. "Dance"

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Top Fest 4 Video - Day 1 Highlights

Top Fest 4 Video - Day 1 Highlights (12th March 2007)

1. Hana Cakula - "Endrrat s'ndalen kurre"
2. Silvani - "S'duhet te jete e veshtire"
3. Vesa Luma - "Luaj"
4. Asgje Sikur Dielli - "Bunker"

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Top Fest 4 Videos

Top Fest 4 2007
Start Date: 12th March 2007
Duration: 8 weeks, Monday to Friday 15:30 - 17:00
Voting starts: 4th May 2007 vote here and/or send the preferred singer's code no. as text message to 15131.
Finals: 27th May 2007
1st Prize: 10,000 Euro
Contestants: 100+
Presenters: Arbana Osmani & Ledion Lico
Director: Bojken Lako
Promoter: Top-Channel.tv

Arbana Osmani - Top Fest Presenter

4th edition of the Albania's Top Fest Music Festival has officially started on 12th March 2007 and will continue for the next 8 weeks, Monday to Thursday. This year's presenter are Arbana Osmani and Ledion Lico. Hana Cakula was the first singer to climb the stage with her song "Endrrat s'ndalen kurre". Over 100 contestant will give their best performances for a chunk of fame and perhaps a prize too. Prizes will be announced beginning of May on the final night (I think 27th May, voting starts 4th May). The 1st Prize as usual will have a cheque of 10,000 euro attached to it plus of course, the fame itself. Just to remind you, last year's fest was won by Alban Skenderaj and Kthjellu. All internet users will have a chance to vote for their favourite song via Top-Channel.tv site which will in the end bring someone the "Best Internet" award.

Day 1 Highlights, 12th March 2007
Day 2 Highlights, 13th March 2007
Day 3 Highlights, 14th March 2007
Day 4 Highlights, 15th March 2007
Day 5 Highlights, 19th March 2007
Day 6 Highlights, 20th March 2007
Day 7 Highlights, 21st March 2007
Day 8 Highlights, 22nd March 2007
Day 9 Highlights, 26th March 2007
Day 10 Highlights, 27th March 2007
Day 11 Highlights, 28th March 2007
Day 12 Highlights, 29th March 2007
Day 13 Highlights, 2nd April 2007
Day 14 Highlights, 3rd April 2007
Day 15 Highlights, 4th April 2007
Day 16 Highlights, 5th April 2007
Day 17 Highlights, 9th April 2007
Day 18 Highlights, 10th April 2007
Day 19 Highlights, 11th April 2007
Day 20 Highlights, 12th April 2007
Day 21 Highlights, 16th April 2007
Day 22 Highlights, 17th April 2007
Day 23 Highlights, 18th April 2007
Day 24 Highlights, 19th April 2007
Day 25 Highlights, 23rd April 2007
Day 26 Highlights, 24th April 2007
Day 27 Highlights, 25th April 2007
Day 28 Highlights, 26th April 2007
Day 29 Highlights, 30th April 2007
Day 30 Highlights, 1st May 2007
Day 31 Highlights, 2nd May 2007
Day 32 Highlights, 3rd May 2007
Big Prize Announcement, 27th May 2007, TF4 Finals

Top Fest Special Reports:
Albanian Music Celebrities and Fans
Albanian Baby Dolls

Contestants, Full List:

01. Hana Cakula - "Endrrat s'ndalen kurre", DAY 1
02. Silvani - "S'duhet te jete e veshtire", DAY 1
03. Vesa Luma - "Luaj", DAY 1
04. Asgje Sikur Dielli - "Bunker", DAY 1
05. 5 Plus - "Clubbing", DAY 2
06. Burn feat Big Busta - "Restart", DAY 2
07. Fer - "Kur jena bashk na", DAY 2
08. Teuta Kurti - "E Lire", DAY 2
09. 00 (Zero Zero) Genti - "Historia e Pingpongut", DAY 3
10. Malda Susuri - "Jeta pa ty", DAY 3
11. Produkt 28 - "Lamtumire", DAY 3
12. Luka Hajdini - "Per nje fjale", DAY 3
13. Rona Nishliu - "Eja", DAY 4
14. Poni - "Si trendafil", DAY 4
15. Berkani - "Te dashuroj", DAY 4
16. Blerina Osaj - "I mbylle syte", DAY 4
17. Anakonda feat Mirsa - "S'rrihet pa ty", DAY 5
18. Vedat Ademi - "Me mashtruan syte", DAY 5
19. Revolt Klan feat Orient Express - "Gjithcka rinise", DAY 5
20. NRG Band - "Per here te pare kur dashuron", DAY 5
21. Ngroba - "Vetem syte e tu", DAY 6
22. Ink - "You'll never be a star", DAY 6
23. Kristela Trungu - "Nate e veshtire", DAY 6
24. Supernova - "S'dua te tjere", DAY 6
25. Fabiani feat Samantha - "Te dua", DAY 7
26. Diola - "Fjale dashurie", DAY 7
27. 7 ME 7 - "Flutura", DAY 7
28. Monika Salihu - "Frajer", DAY 7
29. Eris Hoxha - "Shpend i mallit", DAY 7
30. Suada - "Shko", DAY 8
31. Jualian feat Bess - "Harroje ti", DAY 8
32. Koha - "Kur djalli dashuron nje engjell", DAY 8
33. Yllka Deliu- "Koha sheron plaget", DAY 8
34. Elvis Tenko - "Kercimi i dashurise", DAY 8
35. Valton Krasniqi - "Je e bukur", DAY 9
36. Xhuli - "Per ato qe s'i the", DAY 9
37. A-Connection - "Sa palidhje", DAY 9
38. Greta Koci - "Sa me lodhe", DAY 9
39. Eliminimi - "Vetem pak", DAY 9
40. Real 1 feat Big Basta - "Connection", DAY 10
41. Silva Gunbardhi - "Je ti", DAY 10
42. Gledi - "Parajsa fallco", DAY 10
43. Evis Mula - "Te pres dhe bora bie", DAY 10
44. Oda - "Ti je ajo", DAY 11
45. Albana Bilali - "Me mungon", DAY 11
46. Mc Fija - "Hajde locke", DAY 11
47. Jeta Faqolli - "S'mund te fal", DAY 11
48. Besa Kokedhima - "Unik", DAY 11
49. Zodiak - "Ishte engjell", DAY 12
50. Buba - "Me ler", DAY 12
51. J2L feat Flokshat - "Bote e ftohte", DAY 12
52. Teuta Shabani - "Sonte do eci vet", DAY 12
53. Sevina - "Me harro", DAY 12
54. Duda feat Zero Man - "Pse po rri me ta", DAY 12
55. Anjeza Qose - "Gabimisht", DAY 12
56. Juna - "Shikimi yt", DAY 13
57. 2 Ton - "Hey lady", DAY 13
58. Eoljan - "Netet me ty", DAY 13
59. Renata - "Jete per dreq", DAY 13
60. Qelbaniks - "Te paarsyeshmit", DAY 13
61. Belinda Telaku - "Endrra qe ke enderruar", DAY 14
62. Mirela - "Si drite", DAY 14
63. Ilir Kazaferi - "Ti nuk do te degjosh", DAY 14
64. 0290 feat Uncle B - "Lady", DAY 14
65. Eldi - "Dashuria ime, DAY 14
66. Jorida - "Kercimi i nje nate vere", DAY 14
67. Greta Tafa - "Jam e lire te fluturoj", DAY 14
68. Olsa - "Ti do te vish", DAY 15
69. G-MCD - "Me do s'me do", DAY 15
70. Flaka Krelani - "Nje bote tjeter", DAY 15
71. Greta Shaho - "Diell dhe jete", DAY 15
72. Zanfina Ismajli - "Ti s'do tja dish", DAY 15
73. Evi - "Me ty pa ty", DAY 16
74. Lysjen - "Une dhe sistemi", DAY 16
75. Fatima - "Jam dhe nuk dua", DAY 16
76. Elsa Idershai - "Afer kujt planeti rri", DAY 16
77. Blero feat Shpati - "Falma", DAY 16
78. Manjola feat Adrian - "Sensacion dashurie", DAY 16
79. Ledi Ibrahimi - "Perse", DAY 17
80. Frensis - "Edhe burrat qajne", DAY 17
81. Denisa - "Eja ti", DAY 17
82. Yllka Bytyci - "Mos oj zemer", DAY 17
83. Drini Shkreli - "Nje nate me ty", DAY 17
84. Dafina - "Nese", DAY 17
85. Don Enio feat Enxhi - "Limonada", DAY 18
86. Valon Rama - "Je e bukur, s'je e lumtur", DAY 18
87. Venera Imeri - "Jete u kemi falur", DAY 18
88. Pier Noshi - "Tani te kam harruar", DAY 18
89. Metini - "Eja ti sonte", DAY 18
90. APG - "Nuk ndalem", DAY 18
91. Gerald Bali - "Digjem me ty", DAY 18
92. Dona - "Ende nuk e di", DAY 18
93. Donjeta Kamishaj - "Nje premtim", DAY 19
94. The Neighbours - "Ajo ka faj", DAY 19
95. Xhina Balliu - "E kuqe", DAY 19
96. G-Bani feat Klodi & Gjyshi - "Kohe te veshtira", DAY 19
97. Meda - "Pse s'me thua", DAY 19
98. Big Man feat Rafael - "Big and small", DAY 19
99. Jonel - "Eshte radha ime", DAY 19
100. Germs - "Bindju udhes", DAY 19
101. Mr Elvis - "Ky jam une", DAY 19
102. Medina Mehmeti - "S'jam asgje pa ty", DAY 20
103. J.G-NO feat Gissi - "Kur vijm na", DAY 20
104. Albina's Band - "Destinacion i gabuar", DAY 20
105. Aida Hani - "Jo sot", DAY 20
106. Kastro Ziso - "Nuk gjej dot titullin", DAY 20
107. Stine - "Mos me thuaj jo", DAY 20
108. Kthjellu - "Pafundesi", DAY 20
109. Silva Brahimi - "Shijo jeten", DAY 21
110. Mardi - "Akull", DAY 21
111. Zajmina - "Mos thuaj jo", DAY 21
112. Arjola Xhigollari - "Ti nuk je si me pare", DAY 21
113. Jani feat Erika - "Slow slow", DAY 21
114. Agim Poshka - "Vitet ikin", DAY 21
115. Jeta Mehmeti - "Kam mall", DAY 22
116. Armagedon - "Sa do te doja", DAY 22
117. Edita Sopjani - "Dashuri verore", DAY 22
118. Shkumbin Ismaili - "Vargjet e fundit", DAY 22
119. Giti - "Te shoh ne sy", DAY 22
120. Albana Mesuli - "Pa dashur", DAY 22
121. Gold AG feat Duffe - "Nje dite tek ti", DAY 22
122. Eltina - "Lloje puthjesh", DAY 22
123. FFJ - "Lollipop", DAY 23
124. Adriana Rama - "Nuk jam rob", DAY 23
125. Metamorf - "Rruga e vertete dhe jeta", DAY 23
126. Mira Bregu - "Jam me ty", DAY 23
127. Gangsta D feat Rachel - "Nje here nje jete", DAY 23
128. Dr Trendy - "Sokolata ime", DAY 23
129. Las Walker - "Drejt fames", DAY 23
130. Jonida Maliqi - "Parfum nate", DAY 23
131. Nameless - "Per here te fundit", DAY 24
132. Artush - "Degjoje zerin tim", DAY 24
133. Mad Dogs - "Deri ne mengjes", DAY 24
134. Emine Toska - "S'me ke per nje dite", DAY 24
135. Permit Of Stay - "Sa ka vlere per ty", DAY 24
136. Artied - "Ec perpara", DAY 24
137. Ilirja - "Ne ekstrem", DAY 24
138. Tuna - "Bileta", DAY 24
139. Mary - "Ti jo mos ik", DAY 25
140. Gert D - "Une dhe zemra", DAY 25
141. DMC Babloki - "Kohe kritike", DAY 25
142. Orient Ekspres - "The morikuku song", DAY 25
143. The Scown - "Vajtim nen muzg", DAY 25
144. Kadi Spahiu - "Fatin do ta gjej", DAY 25
145. Big G - "Une e di", DAY 25
146. Gentian Dema - "Per nje cast te vetem", DAY 25
147. Ani - "Vetem...", DAY 25
148. Valon Shehu - "Sa do te doja", DAY 25
149. DJ Faitos feat Kieda - "Je me mua", DAY 26
150. Genti - "Te dua, te urrej", DAY 26
151. MCJ feat Ledi - "Gjithmone bashke", DAY 26
152. Erjona Vucaj - "Ti dhe une", DAY 26
153. Rrufeja - "Edhe nje loje", DAY 27
154. Arjola Pikuli - "Tani qe ike ti", DAY 27
155. LRC - "Fjalet e fundit", DAY 27
156. Gledis - "Sinteze perfekte", DAY 27
157. Emijola Fejzullahu - "Sonte", DAY 28
158. Ximi - "Une s'di te genjej", DAY 28
159. Denada Bare - "Engjujt po zbresin", DAY 28
160. Korab Jetishi - "Po s'erdhe do kete problem", DAY 28
161. Bertan Asllani - "Ky eshte fati im", DAY 28
162. Xuxi - "Mos me ndalni", DAY 28
163. Arna - "Pse", DAY 29
164. Edit - "Ti" , DAY 29
165. Linda Drenovci - "Digjem", DAY 29
166. Omerta Family - "Relax", DAY 29
167. Anisa Dervina - "Ne qiell", DAY 29
168. Erandi feat Xhoi - "Qyteti im", DAY 29
169. Luna - "Vras vetmine", DAY 30
170. Excelent - "Takimi", DAY 30
171. Moza Ahmeti - "Bejbi", DAY 30
172. Muzgart - "Dissonant", DAY 30
173. Toni - "Baby", DAY 30
174. Shamsah - "Zemren ma rrembeve", DAY 30
175. Eugent Bushpepaj (Genti) - "Maska e madheshtise", DAY 30
176. Ada - "Mos me thuaj", DAY 31
177. Curri feat Pamon & Dj Blunt - "Kapu ti", DAY 31
178. Kozeta - "Nuk guxoj", DAY 31
179. Rini - "Endu", DAY 31
180. Visari - "Per ty", DAY 31
181. Elixir - "Je shprese", DAY 31
182. Dorina - "Asgje s'me ndane", DAY 31
183. Cody - "Gravitet", DAY 31
184. Kamela - "Loje dashurie", DAY 31
185. Arijana - "Ku je", DAY 32
186. Bekim Rexhepi - "Zbraze dollapin", DAY 32
187. Sunrise - "Engjell", DAY 32
188. Stela Brahimllari - "Te premtoj", DAY 32
189. Philip - "Je e semure", DAY 32
190. Landi - "Sa keq", DAY 32
191. Street Dogs - "Shkaterrimi", DAY 32
192. Ardi Ibrahimi - "Kenga brenda meje", DAY 32
193. Xhoi - "Pertej vetmise", DAY 32
194. Big Mama - "Top secret", DAY 32


Best Female
1. Vesa Luma (WINNER!)
2. Poni
3. Besa
4. Zanfina Ismaili
5. Jonida Maliqi
6. Tuna

Best Male
1. Blero feat Shpati
2. Stine (WINNER!)
3. Xuxi
4. Eugent Bushpepaj
5. Kastro Zizo
6. Vedat Ademi

Best Alternative
1. Asgje Sikur Dielli
2. Flaka Krelani (WINNER!)
3. Hana
4. Zero Zero Genti
5. Qelbanix
6. Gledis

Best Song
1. Tuna (WINNER!)
2. Produkt 28
3. Silvani
4. Vedat Ademi
5. Ngroba
6. Frensis

Best Interpretation
1. Manjola Nallbani feat Adrian Gaxha (WINNER!)
2. Big Mama
3. Rona Nishliu
4. Kamela
5. Teuta Kurti
6. Stine

Best New Artist
1. Ngroba (WINNER!)
2. Valon Shehu
3. Flaka Krelani
4. Greta Koçi
5. Blerina Osaj
6. Grupi Koha

Best Pop Rock
1. Kthjellu
2. Cody
3. Supernova
4. Anisa Dervina
5. Besa (WINNER!)
6. Aida Hani

Best Hip-Hop and Rnb
1. LRC
2. Real 1 Ft Big Basta
3. Duda feat Zero Man
4. Produkt 28 (WINNER!)
5. Stine
6. Mr. Elvis

Best Video
1. NRG Band (Paja Paja)
2. Berkan (Kriza)
3. Eliza Hoxha (Per Ata Qe (S)Jane)
4. Qelbanix (I vetem ne mes te njerezve) (WINNER!)
5. Troja (Jena Na)
6. Kthjellu (Doja Te Ishe Ajo)


1st Place: Greta Koci (Big Prize 10,000 Euro) Watch video
2nd Place: Poni
3rd Place: Produkt 28

BEST HIP HOP/RNB: Produkt 28
BEST POP/ROCK: Besa Kokedhima
BEST INTERPRETation: Manjola Nallbani & Adrian Gaxha
DIGITALB AWARD: Zanfina Ismajli
BEST VIDEO: Qelbaniks

Greta Koci
Greta Koci, The Winner of Top Fest 4 Big Prize

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Zemrushe

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Dea 2007

Ermal likes this particular shirt so much. I think its the same one he wore at "Kenga Magjike 2006" semifinals. Maybe not literally, but same color and design. At least this one is ironed properly or not...

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Mua m'len me faj

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Dea 2007
"Mua m'len me faj" eng. "You blame me"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eda Zari Videos

Eda Zari Video Pages:
  1. Concert
  2. Four Season
Eda Zari

Frederik Ndoci Videos

Frederik Ndoci Video Pages:

  1. Balada e gurit eng. "Ballad of Stone", 1st Place 45th RTSH Festival
  2. Hear my plea, Eurovision 2007 version (clip)
  3. Hear my plea, Eurovision 2007 Semifinals, 10th May

+tag: aida

Frederik Ndoci

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Agron Kalisi Video - Kjo meri

Agron Kalisi videoklip
"Kjo meri" eng.(need some help on this)

Just to remind you, Agron was the winner of "Nota Fest 2006".

Eurovision 2007 Videos

Eurovision 2007 Song Contest Videos - Albania
  1. Frederik & Aida Ndoci Video - Balada e Gurit eng. "Ballad of Stone"
  2. Frederik & Aida Ndoci Video - Hear my plea (Promo video, final english version)
  3. Frederik & Aida Ndoci Video - Hear my plea (Semifinals)
  4. Eurovision 2007 Semifinals - Preview Videos
  5. Eurovision 2007 - Bulgaria - Voda (Promo video)
  6. Eurovision 2007 - Turkey - Shake it up sekerim (Promo Video)
  7. Eurovision 2007 - Macedonia - Mojot Svet (Promo Video)
  8. Eurovision 2007 - Serbia's Song Stolen?
  9. Eurovision 2007 - Plagiarism: Soni Malaj Interview!
Eurovision 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ardit Gjebrea Video - Eja

Ardit Gjebrea video - 1st Prize 34th Edition of RTSH National Song Festival 1995
"Eja" or "Eja me diellin" eng. "Come" or "Come with the sun"
Music by Ardit Gjebrea
Text by Xhevahir Spahiu
Album: "Jon Project" (1997)

Lets go back in time a little bit. This is a masterpiece by Ardit Gjebrea that won him the first place in the Albania's National Song Festival back in 1995. This was his second time to win the contest. Prior to this, he won the 30th Edition in 1991 with his song "Jon". The lyrics talk about a woman sitting on a hill full of olive trees and watching anxiously the sea waiting for her man to come back.

Ardit is a great singer, composer, showman and producer.
Official website: www.arditgjebrea.info

p.s. To appreciate and enjoy Ardit's music, get quality headsets and turn volume to max.

Jehona Sopi Video - Thuaje

Jehona Sopi video - Labia
"Thuaje" eng. "Say it"

Friday, March 09, 2007

Big Mama Video - Sexy

Big Mama videoklip
"Sexy" or "Video sexy"

Prepare for a blazing hot video!
Watch carefully the very beginning of the video and see if you recognize the face that appears on the mobile itself. Of course you know who that is? Big Mama you're naughty!

+tag: besjana besiana

Tingulli 3nt feat Skillz Video - A e din se

Tingulli 3nt feat Skillz Video
"A e din se..." eng. "Do you know that..."
Album: "Babes"

Skillz... they are so good!

+tag: getoar baba records ledri

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Soni Malaj Video - Zjarr

Soni Malaj Video - Kenga Magjike 2005 (Magic Song)
"Zjarr" eng. "Fire"

Violeta Kukaj Video - Ai eshte i gjalle

Violeta Kukaj - Retkoceri video
"Ai eshte i gjalle" eng. "He is alive"

A patriotic song dedicated to our national hero Adem Jashari (28.11.1955 - 06.03.1998).

+tag: violete ratkoceri

Monday, March 05, 2007

Silva Gunbardhi Videos

Silva Gunbardhi Video Pages:
  1. Plaku plaka
  2. Rritu pak moj vajze (ft.Refit Sulejmani)
  3. Dije se te dua (ft.Nik-T)
  4. Dy kunatat
  5. Me do, s'me do
Silva Gunbardhi

Adrian Gaxha Video - Me mungon

Adrian Gaxha video - (Perralle me tupan)
"Me mungon" eng. "I miss you"

Adrian, the man with two personalities. Here is the video where he performed as a guest at the "Perralle me tupan" show. Someone very "creative" from the tv production staff, decided to let the text scroll in the end with no video, while Adrian was still singing! Phewww... So, we had to add some sliding photos to fill the gap. We look forward to the original clip soming soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Remi Video - Dy kandila (clip)

Remi videoklip
"Dy kandila" eng. "Two candles"
Album: Fiki Dritat
Las Vegas 2004
Video: RV & Alba Productions
Directors: Fadil Berisha & Veton Hajdini

We had Remi before with this song, however, this one is the original video clip. Must admit, this song is truly beautiful. Well done!

Xheki Video - Pike ne zemer

Xhevat Mehmeti - Xheki video
"Pike ne zemer" eng. (c'mon translators please give your version)

+tag: me shikim me mbyt

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ardit Gjebrea Videos

Ardit Gjebrea Video Pages:

  1. Eja eng. Come (1st Prize 34th Edition RTSH Festival Show, 1995)
  2. Dimeroj eng. Winter Living
  3. Ja ku jam eng. Here I am
  4. Se te kam shpirt eng. Cause you're my soul
Ardit Gjebrea

Aferdita Demaku Video - Vjehrra

Aferdita Demaku Video
"Vjehrra" eng. "Mother in law"

Friday, March 02, 2007

Agron Kalisi Videos

Agron Kalisi Video Pages:
  1. Po te pres (1st Prize Nota Fest 2006)
  2. Kjo meri

Skillz Videos

Skillz (Ledri Vula & Visar Shala) Video Pages:
  1. Krejt i kom
  2. A e din se (feat Tingulli 3nt)
  3. Njo (feat Tuna & Viagra)
  4. Ah Femnat
  5. Pimpex (feat Viagra, Top Fest 5)
  6. Pimpex (feat Viagra, Top Fest 5 Final, Best Hip Hop)
  7. Wu C'a Po Shoh

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Elsa Lila Video - Il Senso Della Vita

Elsa Lila video - Sanremo 2007 (57th Edition)
"Il Senso Della Vito" alb."Kuptimi i jetes" eng. "The meaning of life"
A song by Maurizio Fabrizio & Giudo Morra

Official site: www.elsalila.net

Elsa LilaElsa Lila was born in Tirana in 1981 from parents of classic music background. She became accustomed to big musical events in the very early stages of her life, while actively participating in her father's rehearsal sessions (her father, Edmond Lila, is a distinguished tenor with a good international reputation). Her singing talent was spotted by composer Valentin Veizi during a childrens festival in Tirana. In 1996 she participated in the 35th Edition of RTSH Music Festival (Festivali i Kenges 35) and won the first place with a song "Pyes Lotin" composed by Valentin Veizi. Same success was repeated in the 36th Edition of the same festival in 1997 with the song "Larg urrejtjes" composed again by Valentin. After unrest in Albania, in 1997 she followed her father to Italy where they obtained italian citizenship after her father married an italian woman Marie Rozaria. This was a year that marked a tragic event for Elsa, when her mother Eva Vishaj (ballet dancer; divorced from Edmond) was found murdered under misterious circumstances on 23rd May 1997. She dedicated one of her songs to her mother. This event made Elsa strengthen her feelings towards Italy as her second mother country where she continued her higher education in architecture while pursuing a career in music. One of her first challenges was to be enlisted with Sanremo festival. Elsa is the second albanian singer, after Anna Oxa, to ever participate in the Sanremo Music Festival (Festival di Sanremo). Her first participation was in Sanremo 2003 with the song "Valeria". In this year festival, she appeared on the second night, 28th February 2007, with her song "Il Senso Della Vita" as one among the 14 young participants of the festival. Wish her a success!

p.s. Sanremo Music Festival is a traditional italian music spectacle that has been running every year since 1951 in the city of Sanremo ("The Town of Flowers") in the Italian Riviera. The Eurovision Contest was inspired from this music event. This years festival will take place between 27th February and 3rd March 2007, televised live by Rai Uno.

p.p.s. Elsa Lila has been very active in promoting the values of albanian music accross the planet, where she participated in many international festivals, representing Albania and also in many concerts in major western countries. In 2001, she was decorated by then the President of Albania, Rexhep Mejdani, with the Award "Ambassador of Albanian music in the world".

p.p.p.s. As you can see from the above photo, Elsa not only that she is a great singer but she is a stunning beauty too. But, her appearance in the festival, somehow looks dissapointing. However, may be she's done this purposely, to hide the beauty and get focused on singing qualities only. I hope its only a tactical move and not a lasting desire to appear like this in the future. She looks much better with her long hair!

Notes: The good news is that Elsa made it to the "Giovani" (The Young or Newcomers) finals (8 finalists in total) but the bad news is that she did not make it to the top three places. The contest for the young was won by Fabrizio Moro with his song "Pensa" followed by Stefano Centomo with "Bivio" in the second place then Pquadro - "Malinconiche sere" in the third place. As far as I could understand the voting system, the final vote counts were derived from three sources: 1) Audience 50% 2) Televoting 30% and 3) (some sort of) Professional jury 20%.

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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