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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Edona Llalloshi Video - Ika nga ti

Edona Llalloshi videoklip
"Ika, nga ti" eng. "I ran away from you"
Text & Music by Ilir Berani
Orchestration by Xhevdet Gashi
Styling by Sellma

Kacho - Leter Rambos

Kacho videoklip
"Leter Rambos" eng. "Letter to Rambo"
+tag: me ramushin

Ramush HaradinajThis videoclip is dedicated to Ramush Haradinaj, ex-prime minister of Kosova and former KLA leader. He left to the Hague, on Monday morning (26th Feb 07), to face trial that will commence on 5th March 2007. "I need to go back again, with full confidence like two years ago that justice will prevail," Haradinaj said in a statement distributed to reporters after he met with Kosova's president and prime minister. "I will go to tell the truth and nothing more," he said, adding that Kosovo "will become an independent state."

"Born in Decan (western Kosovo) in 1968, like many others, completed military service with the old Yugoslav army.He claims his attempts to further his education in Pristina were blocked by the then Serb authorities. He emigrated to Switzerland in 1989 and spent nine years in a number of jobs. These included working as a security guard at sporting events and pop concerts. Mr Haradinaj returned to Kosovo in early 1998 as violence broke out between Albanian guerrillas and the Serb security forces. He became a regional commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the west of the province. Two of his brothers were killed during the conflict. After the war, in between studying law at Pristina University, he set up a political party - the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo. In the last elections in October 2004, his party came third, forming a coalition government with Kosovo's largest party. Mr Haradinaj, 36, was chosen as prime minister. Western diplomats say in the few months that he was leader, he showed himself to be able, dynamic and extremely hard-working. But the storm clouds were gathering towards the end of 2004, when he was interviewed by UN war crimes investigators looking into the alleged murders of 40 civilians in western Kosovo during the conflict. On 8 March, the tribunal confirmed that he had been indicted, but did not disclose the charges against him. Mr Haradinaj strenuously denies any involvement. The former prime minister enjoys a widespread following within the Kosovo Albanian community - and hundreds turned out to see him off as he flew to the Netherlands to face the charges. He urged calm in the province during his absence." [BBC News: Ramush Haradinaj profile]

"United States Senator Joe Biden commented on Haradinaj's indictment, "In the overall post-Yugoslav context, Mr. Haradinaj's willingness after his indictment to surrender voluntarily and go to The Hague is striking. It stands in glaring contrast to the behavior of the three most infamous individuals indicted by The Hague, all of whom are still fugitives, resisting arrest: former Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic, former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, and former Croation General Ante Gotovina." [Wikipedia]

"Haradinaj has done a greater service to Kosovo by encouraging his people to accept the rule of international law than any action he could have taken by staying in office. As a result, Kosovo may now be nearer to international acceptance of eventual independent status. Conversely Serbia will find it more difficult to resist that outcome if it persists in failing to demonstrate the same degree of cooperation with the tribunal." [Robin Cook, 11.03.2005, guardian.co.uk]

Monday, February 26, 2007

Aferdita Demaku & Mirash Bardheci Video - Syte e bukur

Aferdita Demaku & Mirash Bardheci video
"Pse ke syte kaq te bukur" eng. "Why do you have such beautiful eyes"

Enkeleida & Hysni Alushi Video - Vaj e mall per Camerine

Enkeleida & Hysni Alushi videoklip
"Vaj dhe mall per Camerine" eng. "Mourning and longing for Chameria"
Music: Edi Balili
Text: Jorgo Papingji
Production: "Muza" House Recording

ChameriaChameria is an albanian "wound" that needs healing. The international community has unfairly kept silent for too long about this issue. Here we bring you few excerpts from various sources (check comments section aswell) to have a better understanding of "The Cham issue". If you have a good article on Chameria subject, please post it in the comments section, preferably in english, for the world to understand.

"Cameria geographically is situated on the today north-west Greece. This beautiful region, has a rich Albanian heritage and it was only in the 1912 that it was annexed unfairly and unjustifiably by Greece. This was the aftermath of the decision of the great powers to give Çameria to Greece, just as the great powers had made similar decisions to give Kosova and other Albanian territories to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro... The Greek government has been very hostile toward Çams and the main reason is the fact that Çams have a very strong Albanian identity. Another reason of the Greek hostilities is the fact that Greeks inherited a very hostile policy towards Cams. During the period of time, from 1854 till 1877 the Albanians of Çameria resisted successfully the attacks from Greek "Andartes". During the WWI and WWII the greek troops attacked Çameria again. The (provisional) government of Vlora (Albania) responded by sending Albanian military troops to assist the Albanian population of Çameria , but the decision of the Ambassadors Conference assigned Çameria to Greece. As a result of this decision by the great powers, Greeks forces led by the hateful figure of N. Zervas launched attackers that ended up with many innocent Albanian locals killed... During the summer of 1944, the neo-nazi forces led by Zervas attacked many villages and towns of Chameria and as a result 9,000 Albanians (including children, women and old folks) were killed indiscriminately." [illyrians.org]

"In 1944 the Chams were evicted from Northern Greece by guerilla forces under the command of Gen. Zervas acting under the instructions of Allied officers... It was unfortunately true however that the eviction was carried out in an extremely bloody manner, and in the form of a reprisal... In March 1945 units of Zervas’ dissolved forces, under a certain officer called Zotos, carried out a ruthless massacre of the Chams in the Philiates area, and practically cleared the area of Albanian(Cham) minority." [Documents of the. British Foreign Office No.371/58479/R 10458]

"Colonel Chriss Monague Woodhouse, head of the British Military Mission in Greece reported as follows in October 1945: Encouraged by the Allied Mission I headed, Zervas drove the Chams out of their homes in 1944. The majority fled to find shelter in Albania... Their eviction from Greece was carried out with large scale bloodshed. Zervas work was followed with a big scale massacre that cannot be excused among the Philiates Chams in march 1945... The result was eviction of the undesirable Albanian population from their own native land." [Documents of the British Foreign Office, No.371/48094/544/R8 564]

"In June 1946, Joseph Jacobs, Head of the U.S. Mission in Albania (1945—1946), writes in his report: According to all information I have been able to gather on the Chams issue, in autumn 1944 and during the first months of 1945, the authorities in north—western Greece perpetrated savage brutality by evicting 25.000 Chams, residents of Chameria, from their homes, where they had been living for centuries on end, chasing them across the border after having robbed them of their land and property. Most of the young people were killed because the majority of the refugees were old folk, and children." [Documents of the U.S Department of State, No.84/3,Tirana Mission, 1945—1946, 6—646]

"1) We request that the Greek Democratic government as a member of the European Community, as a state that has signed all International Acts on Human Rights and respect for national minorities, recognizes our denied rights; 2) We request that the Greek state and government should accept the historical reality of the Cham question; 3) It should recognize the civil and legal rights of the Albanians evicted from their own territories in 1944-1945, as well as their right as legitimate owners of the property they have been robbed of. 4) We request that the Greek state and government should allow and make possible the free movement of this population to visit its ancestors’ land." [aacl.com]

+tag: enkelejda

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anila Mimani Video - Eh ta dish sa shume te dua

Anila Mimani video
"Eh ta dish sa shume te dua" eng. "If you only knew how much I love you"

Here is another wonderful ballad performed by Anila with her "angelic voice". Credit Armando for putting this video together, featuring Britney Spears.

Adrian Gaxha feat Driton Video - Vlora ime

Adrian Gaxha feat Driton
"Vlora ime" eng. "My Vlora"

Adrian sang this ballad in his concert held on 11th November 2006 in Shkup, Macedonia. Driton is the guy playing the violine and he is, yes you guessed it right, his beloved brother. Though, I am not much of a fan of Adrian, I certainly think that his ballads are making a strong impact on me. He truly is becoming a "master of ballads". Almost every ballad of his I listened to so far, sounded like a masterpiece. This is my opinion anyway. And I listened to his newest one too "Me mungon" which he sang when he was a guest at "Perralle me tupan" comedy show. Very promising indeed. No doubt Adrian is a very talented performer. Enjoy!

p.s. I have enhanced the sound of the video for a better stereo experience.

Rajmond Prenaj Video - Kerkoj hijen tende

Rajmond Prenaj videoklip
"Kerkoj hijen tende" eng. "Seeking your shadow"

Nice song by Rajmond! Very strong and stable voice!

+tag: raimond studio gashi

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aferdita Hoxha Video - Jeto ku fati te te coje

Aferdita Hoxha video
"Jeto ku fati te te qoj" eng. "Live your predestined life"

Aida Baraku feat Hashim Shala Video - Leze leze

Aida Baraku feat Hashim Shala & Tahir Drenica video
"Leze leze"

Hashim Shala, a great folk singer, was featured in this weeks program "Pa skenar" broadcasted Tuesday nights by RTK and hosted by Antigona Qena - Kacaniku (daughter of the famous kosovar artist Muharrem Qena). Among other things, Antigona asked Hashim about the controversial song that he and Aida Baraku did together way back a decade ago or so (not really sure when was this song done). The script of the song was very advanced for the time when it was done and with whom it was done and Antigona asked whether he regretted doing such a song. Hashim replied that he had doubts at the time, fearing that some may see it as tasteless thing to do or scandalous and if asked he said he would never do it again, however he never regretted doing it in the first place because, despite all, the song achieved a tremendous success. Probably one of the most successful "marriages" between two music genres, pop and folk, ever made in Kosova and perhaps beyond. Aida Baraku, otherwise a very successful scriptwriter, composer (together with her husband Armend Rexhepagiqi) and journalist, has not been seen much singing in public after the war in Kosova in 1999, especially in the recent years.

p.s. Unfortunately, they only broadcasted half of the song so we had to replicate the second half of the video, hence you'll see the video does not match the voice. But, hey... so far, this is the best you can get. It would be great if someone has the full video of this song. Great song by the way!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

B.F.P Video - Click Click

BFP videoclip
"Click click"
Night Sound Records Production

+tag: bullets from peja

Hysni Klinaku Video - Nje kenge per ty

Hysni Klinaku videoklip
"Nje kenge per ty" eng. "A song for you"
Text: Milaim Islami
Music: Hysni Klinaku
Album: "Nje kenge per ty" (2006)

+tag: gegnia film

Labinot Tahiri Video - Eshte faji yt

Labinot Tahiri - Labi videoklip
"Eshte faji yt" eng. "It's your fault"
Text: Arsim Bunjaku
Music: Valon Fetiu

+tag: emrin mos ma thirre emnin thirr

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jehona Sopi Video - Pervjetori (org)

Jehona Sopi original videoklip
"Pervjetori" eng. "Anniversary"

Gili Video - I braktisur kur te jesh

Gili (Fevzie Berani) videoklip
"I braktisur kur te jesh" eng. "When you're abandoned"
Text & Music by Ilir Berani
Album: "Dy Dakika"

Watch Interview with Gili

+tag: fevzije haram te qofte puthja ime harram qoft koft tkoft

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hashim Shala Videos

Hashim Shala Video Pages:
  1. Sheherli e Katunar (&Tahir Drenica)
  2. Leze, Leze (& Tahir Drenica, Aida Baraku)
Tahir Drenica & Hashim Shala
Tahir Drenica & Hashim Shala

Andi Shkoza Video - Egoiste

Andi Shkoza videoklip
"Egoiste" eng. "Selfish"

+tag: kape

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Irini Qirjako Video - Potpuri

Irini Qirjako video clip

Irini Qirjako, "the Queen of Albanian Folk" is one of the greatest south albanian folk singers and her voice quality has been praised even on international arena. She normally sings music from the south (Finiq of Saranda is where she comes from), but its not strange to her to sing songs from the north aswell. Music art is something that she inherited from her parents who were both music artists. In April 2004, Irini was decorated by the President of Albania with the order "Great Master".

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Hackers feat Paloma - Konviktorja

The Hackers feat Paloma video clip klip

+tag: konviktoria katundare mbete katunare palloma

Presioni feat Unikkatil - Nentori i Trete

Presioni feat Unikkatil
"Nentori i Trete" eng. "The Third November"

+tag: rebel eagle graphic design

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vjollca Robelli Video - Ajo

Vjollca Robelli video klip clip
"Ajo" eng. "She"

A rare video by Vjollca.

+tag: jericho

Gili Video - Dy Dakika

Gili (Fevzije Berani) Video - RTV21 Festive program
"Dy dakika" eng. "Two Ticks of Time" or "Two timeticks" or "Two minutes" or (you have a go!)

+tag: fevzie

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rona Nishliu feat Bimi Video - A ka arsye?

Rona Nishliu feat Bimmi video klip clip
"A ka arsye" eng. "Is there a reason"
+tag: bim bimma

Today is the 14th February, the Valentine's Day, so guys no fighting today.

+tag: nr arsy

Stine feat Rudi Video - Mendoja se

Stine feat Rudi video clip klip
"Mendoja se"

Besart Halimi Video - Loja dashuri

Besart Halimi video clip klip - (44th RTSH Festival Show)
"Loja Dashuri" eng. "The game of love"
Text by : Beka
Music & Orchestration: Florent Boshnjaku

With this song, Besart from Prishtina, made it to the semifinals which was held on 16th December 2005 in Tirana. He was one of the youngest participants of the festival.

+tag: festivali 44

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anila Mimani Videos

Anila Mimani Video Pages:
  1. Anila Mimani Video - Vajza e mamit
  2. Anila Mimani & Artan Kola Video - Te therras eng. "I call you"
  3. Anila Mimani Video - Eh ta dish sa shume te dua (not original clip)
  4. Anila Mimani Video - Ma ka thene horoskopi
  5. Anila Mimani Video - E cuditshme dashuria
  6. Anila Mimani Video - Me inat po shkon eng. "You're stubborn"
  7. Anila Mimani Video - Pasion dashurie eng. "Love passion"
  8. Anila Mimani Video - Si Xhevahir eng. "Like a Jewel"
  9. Anila Mimani Video - Fustani (ft. Iris) eng. "The Dress"
Anila Mimani

Kozeta Video - Nese me don

Kozeta video clip klip
"Nese me do" eng. "If you love me"

Monday, February 12, 2007

Soni Malaj Video - Blue Jeans

Soni Malaj video - DEA 2007
"Blue jeans"

We've seen Soni recently in her latest video "Te dua ty" where she travels back in time in year 1952 (still don't know why) but for a moment we are coming back to reality with Soni in a completely different outfit. Uhhh... what a change!

Test yourself and see if you have an eye for detail. Guess what color is her underwear?

Genta Ismajli Video - Hajde Bukuri

Genta Ismajli video - RTV21 Festive Program 2007
"Hajde bukuri" eng. "C'mon beauty" or "Go on beauty"

+tag: gentiana ismaili

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toxin Video - Revolution

Toxin video klip clip

There are striking similarities between this video and the events of yesterday in Prishtina, 10th February 2006. However, the video shows footage from times when people of Kosova were fighting for their rights and freedom under Serbian rule and it shows protesters clashing with the Serbian police. Whereas, yesterday, it was the same person leading the demostration (Albin Kurti), but now completely under different circumstances where Kosova is not ruled by Serbia anymore. And I say, this protest and the way it ended was wrong, especially when knowing that two people died so unnecessary as a result of this.

The right to protest cannot and should not be denied in any democratic society, and it was ok to protest, but chosing to opt for violence and vandalism cannot and should not be tolerated. Whether police used excessive force or not, is a matter to be dealt with by the appropriate authorities, but the burden of the consequences still falls upon those that chose to turn the peaceful protests into a violent one.

Sorry to be so political, but with all due respect, this man, Albin Kurti is still living in the past. This does not mean that he is not right about some of the points he raises regarding negotiations for Kosova status and the Ahtisaari's package, but the method he uses to point this out is unacceptable and is causing more damage than good. One of the main flaws in Albini's doctrine is his continuous drive to clash with the authorities and the international community instead of building a partnership.

Kosova can only achieve its dreams while working in partnership with the international community and this is the first time in the history of Albanians, that the international community in large are interested in helping positively e.g. the decisions of Congress of Berlin (1878) and the Conference of Ambassadors in London 1912/13 where great powers and the international community did not share much sympathy for Albanian cause, are largely responsible for all the sufferings indured by the ethnic Albanians in the Balkans during the past century and we must imagine where would we be now if the international community did not intervene in stopping the Serbian aggression in 1999. Therefore, this partnership with the West in particular, must be cherished and build further and not be stepped upon. Thanks god, there are not too many of those in Kosova who think like those protesters. Condolences must go to the families who lost their beloved members and pray that it will never happen again.

Enjoy the video and reflect back!

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Dashnoret e Ferrarit

Zanfina Ismajli Video
"Dashnoret e Ferrarit" eng. "Ferrari's lovers"

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blero feat DeCamada Video - Mos me refuzo

Blero feat De Camada video clip klip
Title: "Mos me refuzo" eng. "Don't refuse me" or "Don't reject me" sp. "Suda suda"
Album: "Blero" (2006)

This is a new video by Blero featuring DeCamada , a spanish rapper (Chilean, moved to Sweden). The same video will be promoted this coming Monday on Top Channel's "Select" music show program.

According to Albaniac online magazine, Blero is preparing his fourth album and in there will be few more cooperations of Blero with other artists. In this case, it is going to be a song with Shpat Kasapi and one with Genta Ismajli. Considering that Shpat and Genta are at the top of the list of those most demanded artists, one can imagine how impatient all fans must be waiting to see the release of his latest album.

There are great expectations about Blero and his breakthrough into the international arena. "Can't you see" song (original "Kthehu ti", with few remixes too ) has already created many fans around the world and his music is reaching far beyond the local zones. Apparently he is also being sought after by international producers who are looking to work with him in future projects. As guest of "Perralle me tupan" comedy show hosted by Valon, he also announced working on his first album in english to be released sometime in Feb 07 that will be promoted first in Turkey and then in Germany. Go for it Blero!

+tag: straight streight str8 dope cekic blerim muharremi huero kamada

Blerina Braka feat Kastro Zizo - Hajde ti

Blerina Braka feat Kastro Zizo video klip clip
"Hajde ti" eng. "C'mon you"

+tag: ziso sizo albanian shakira

Retrovizorja Video - Rokstar

Retrovizorja Video klip clip
"Rokstar" eng. "Rockstar"
Album: "Lakuriq" (Naked, 2004/2005)

Official website: www.retrovizorja.com
Members of the band: Kreshnik Hoti, Bashkim Salihu & Elina Duni

+tag: video production dirtylenses

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dritero Shaqiri Video - Jam pa dashuri

Dritero Shaqiri video klip clip
"Jam pa dashuri" eng. "Without love"

Sabri Fejzullahu Video - Ec me kohen

Sabri Fejzullahu video - DEA 2007
"Ec me kohen" eng. "Walk with time" or "Follow the trends"

+tag: hec

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Poni Video - Dale moj dale

Poni video clip klip
"Dale moj dale"

Ylli Baka Video - Kenga e Bandillit

Ylli Baka video klip clip
"Kenga e Bandillit"

Xhema aka Jemayli Video - Plus d'espoir

Xhema aka Jemayli video clip klip
"Plus d'espoir" eng. "More hope"
Album: "Seul" (Alone)
Text: Mbwanga Dany
Music: Joe Baamil & Xhema

If you ever had any doubts about Xhema's music, then see if this song will change your mind. Ohh... this is a very nice song by Xhema. Pleasantly surprised! If you want to listen to his whole album, visit his official website www.jemayli.com. Its in french and if someone can translate his biography into english and post it here, it would be a great help.

He is a success story of a 15 year albanian boy who after a war break up in former Yugoslavia, is obliged to flee his hometown Gjakova (Kosovo) to find himself in a very different environment in Switzerland. This new environment offered the enthusiastic boy an opportunity to continue his education in his own most passionate fields, arts and music, to become later a successful composer and songwriter. He is now 31 and his story continues...

+tag: xhemajl bellaja belaja

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Muharrem Ahmeti Video - Italia

Muharrem Ahmeti video - Top Show
"Italia, italia"

So, who is now The King of Tallava? Meda!? Well, check this out first.

+tag: ameti

Afrim Muqiqi Video - Boll rrena te kane fole

Afrim Muqiqi video
"Boll rrena te kane fole" eng. "Enough lies you're told"

+tag: mucici muciqi

Bubulina Krasniqi Video - Nen kontroll

Bubulina Krasniqi video klip clip (Top Fest 3)
"Nen kontroll" eng. "Under control"

+tag: bubullina

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sinan Hoxha Video - Qika kosovare

Sinan Hoxha video
"Qika kosovare" eng. "Kosovan Girl"

+tag: vajza cika

Besjani Video - Ndoshta

Besjan Gashi - Besjani video klip clip
"Ndoshta" eng. "Maybe"
Text: L.Ibrahimi
Music & Orchestration: Wirusi

+tag: besiani yjet

Viola Syla Video - Sikur ti nuk gjeta

Viola Syla video klip clip
"Sikur ti nuk gjeta" eng. "There is no one like you"

+tag: violeta

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Leonora Poloska Video - Mos thuaj jo

Leonora Poloska video - RTV21 festive show
"Mos thuaj jo" eng. "Don't say no"

Dardan Aliu Video - Pse po hesht

Dardan Aliu video clip klip
"Pse po hesht" eng. "Why are you silent"

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shqipe Abazi Video - Nuk mund t'jetoj pa ty

Shqipe Abazi video klip clip
"Nuk mund t'jetoj pa ty" eng. "I can't live without you"
Text (lyrics): Agron Abazi
Music: Wirusi

Stine Videos

Stine Video Pages:

  1. Te dua si femije (ft.XXL, Mikrofoni Arte 2005)
  2. Mendoja se (ft.Rudi)
  3. Mos me thuaj jo (Top Fest 4)
  4. Ti e meriton (Top Fest 5)

+tag: nesti

Alban Shehu Video - Ne Gjakove hidhet vallja

Alban Shehu video
"Ne Gjakove hidhet vallja" eng. "Dancing is on in Gjakova"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Soni Malaj Video - Te dua ty

Soni Malaj video clip klip
"Te dua ty" eng. "I love you"
Lyrics: Rozana Radi
Music: Maki

The very first screen reads "Happy New Year 1952" (Gezuar Vitin e Ri 1952). That must have some meaning and if you had a chance to watch this Sunday's "Kafe me Labin" morning show on RTV21, where Soni was a guest and apparently talked about the video, you would have a chance to explain to the rest of us a bit more about this video that seems to have puzzled us with the exact meaning of it. In other words, we are confused as to what this year 1952 in particular and the video has got to do with the song or ultimately Soni herself.

+tag: alexander

Ramiz Jusufi Video - Ku je ti

Ramiz Jusufi video klip clip
"Ku je ti" eng. "Where are you"

Unfortunately, at present, all I know about Ramiz is that he is from the city of Shkup (Skopje) and as you can see, he belongs to an older generation of singers. There is no much info on internet about him. If you know anything more about Ramiz, do let us know by leaving a comment.

The song and the videoclip are exceptional. At least this is what I think.

Halime Mani Video - Ne vetmi

Halime Mani video klip clip
"Ne vetmi" eng. "Lonesome"

This is Halime's first solo videoclip.

+tag: animedia pictures

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Valton Krasniqi Video - Mos me beso

Valton Krasniqi Video clip klip
"Mos me beso" eng. "Do not trust me"

Lori Video - Profiter i dashurise

Loreta Kacka (Lori) video - RTV21 festive program
"Profiter i dashurise" eng. "Love profiteer"

After hearing Lori singing live, we are now back to "normal" with playback, lots of make up, attractive clothing and an invisible orchestra. Enjoy!

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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