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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valton Krasniqi Video - Dy rezerve

Valton Krasniqi video klip clip
"Dy rezerve" eng. "Two spare ones"

Lori Video - Kollazh Live

Loreta Kacka - Lori video (100% live & no make up & no orchestra)
Kolazh popullor

You always wanted to hear and see a singer sing live. Not only that Lori sings live for you but she wears no make up at all, there is no orchestra music and she is dressed casual, this is to say, she sings "naked" (musically speaking), so that you can judge her and her singing without any third party influence.

C'mon, leave your comment and tell us what do you think about her live singing.

And by the way, Lori shows you how to earn a free meal by singing live as you will see in the end, she and her friends are rewarded with large pizzas. Way to go, Lori! I hope you enjoyed the pizza!

Remi Video - Dy kandila

Remi video
"Dy kandila" eng. "Two candles"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Faraoni G Video - Shabani Sandokani

Faraoni G video clip
"Shabani Sandokani" eng. "Shaban, the Sandokan"

+tag: pese gishta naj ka dora

Adelina Ismajli Video - Jetoj se te dua

Adelina Ismajli video
"Jetoj se te dua" eng. "I live 'cause I love you"
+tag: ismaili

Monday, January 29, 2007

Agron Kalisi Video - Po te pres

Agron Kalisi video - 1st Prize Nota Fest 2006
"Po te pres" eng. "Awaiting you" or "I'm waiting for you"
Text by: Fatmir Muja
Music by: Dimitar Dimovski

A very successful first time ever festival appearance by 24 year old Agron crowned with the 1st Place Award in the 12th edition of Nota Fest music festival held in Shkup (Skopje), FYR of Macedonia (sometime in November or December 2006, not sure about exact date). 25 contestants in total participated the event.

Kastro Zizo Videos

Kastro Zizo Video Pages:

  1. Bonito (&Zajmina)
  2. Hajde ti (&Blerina Braka)
  3. Chupa Chupa (&Zajmina)

+tag: ziso sizo

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mirsa & Lyrical Son Video - Pune e madhe

Mirsa Kerqeli & Lyrical Son (Gezuar me Tupan 2007 I)
"Pune e madhe" eng. "Big deal"

+tag: kerceli kercelli

Kaltrina Selimi Video - Xhelozoj

Kaltrina Selimi video (Gezuar me Tupan 2007 I)
"Xhelozoj" eng. "I'm jealous"
("Hiti yt veror") eng. "Your summer hit"

Slowly by steadily Kaltrina is building her future album and music career as a solo singer. Just to refresh your memory, Kaltrina left Hana Band almost a year ago (or Hana Band left her, who knows) and she now prefers to sing solo instead. Almost soon after their split, she released her first single "Gjithmone fitoj" which reached at the top of music charts (e.g. May 2006 TopRTK Song). Then she appeared again in "Kenga Magjike 2006" (November) right in the finals, to scoop one of the prizes there with her song "Do te them po". Just recently, during the festive periods, she promoted her third single "Xhelozoj" (or "Hiti yt veror") that according to requests for this song, seems to have been accepted very well by the audience.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sabri Fejzullahu Video - Valle kam hy n'gjynah

Sabri Fejzullahu video (RTV21 Festive Program)
"Valle kam hy n'gjynah" eng. "(c'mon try someone this translation)"

The never tired Sabri with another hit song. Enjoy!

+tag: ne gjynah

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - 7 Dite

Ermal Fejzullahu video (DEA 2007)
"7 dite" eng. "7 Days"

+tag: fejzullahi ermail ermajl

Leonora Jakupi Video - Nje kompliment

Leonora Jakupi video (RTK Leonora Special)
"Nje kompliment" eng. "A compliment"

I think there is a general opinion that Leonora's new album "Zemra te kerkon" is a "spot on" and probably one of the best albums so far by her. Some of you have already noticed her new style. She does still need some dancing lessons even though in this video she is not that bad at all, but seen some other ones and yeehhh, looks as if practising some dance moves with some dancing specialist could help her appear on stage a bit more settled.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Migjeni feat Queen D Video - Tung tung

Migjeni (Miggi) feat Queen D videoclip/videoklip
"Tung tung"

+tag: kshtu s'shkon mo shpixi

Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Mos ja falni

Sinan Vllasaliu video - DEA 2007
"Mos ja falni" eng. "No forgiveness"

+tag: vllasalliu

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jolanda Dhamo Video - Me fal une te them

Jolanda Dhamo video klip clip
"Me fal une te them" eng. "I'm sorry"

Bujar Qamili Video - Hej goce cfare po ben

Bujar Qamili video clip
"Hej goce cfare po ben" eng. "Hej girl, what are you up to"

Bujar is a very popular folk singer from the city of Shkodra, Albania. He has been singing for over 25 years (he is 43 now) and has been awarded many prizes in various music festivals, the latest being the "Folk Universe" where he scooped the Audience Award (I think Tirana, 2004). In addition he received the highest possible award that is given to artists in Albania for their contribution in art,music and culture, known as "Kengetar i Urdherit Naim Frasheri i Arte".

+tag: cka bon

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lori Video - Dridhet zemra

Loreta Kacka - Lori videoclip/videoklip
"Dridhet zemra" eng. "Trembling heart"

Well, well... very nice song by Lori. She is getting so active lately. And someone is building a website for her too (see lori-dr.com).

Erjon Korini Video - Semundje dashurie

Erjon Korini videoclip/videoklip
"Semundje dashurie" eng. "Lovesick"
Music & Orchestration by: G.Kozeli

+tag: erion

Monday, January 22, 2007

Adelina Ismajli & Sabri Fejzullahu Video - Vete me thua te dua

Adelina Ismajli & Sabri Fejzullahu Video - DEA 2007
"Vete me the te dua" eng. "You told me I love you"

Not sure if its my ears, but they are singing this a bit too low I think.

+tag: ismaili fejzullahi feizullahu

Toxin Videos

Toxin Rock Band Video Pages:

  1. Por prape
  2. Revolution
  3. Dita e Zeze

Members of the band: Bujar Bejta, Ilir Berisha & Yll Havolli

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Valton Krasniqi Video - Prano

Valton Krasniqi Video clip klip

Sabri Fejzullahu Video - Shpirt magjie

Sabri Fejzullahu videoclip/videoklip
"Shpirt magjie" eng. "Magic soul"
CD: "Lot t'u befsha"
Text: F.Tasholli
Music & Orchestration: Xh.Gashi

Perfect song by Sabri. I mean is there any bad one at all that he sings. This guy is a true legend. Imagine, some of you were not even born when Sabri started his music career (he is actor too) and here we are today, the same guy still active than ever. This song is not so new, but I am so glad I've got hands on it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mariola Video - Bema Hallall

Mariola Kacani videoclip/videoklip
"Bema Hallall" eng. "(hmm... can someone help, please?)" it could be something like "Forgive me" but not sure. Or perhaps something to do with praising someone e.g. "Hallall te kofte". I really lost sense of this word now.

Remzije Osmani Video - Si t'i them

Remzije Osmani videoclip/videoklip
"Si t'i them" eng. "How to tell him"

+tag: remzie tja

Fugaa feat Real1 Video - Ska mu nal

Fugaa (Ardian Kurtolli) feat Real1 videoclip/videoklip
"S'ka mu nal" eng. "There's no stopping"

+tag: entermedia real one

Friday, January 19, 2007

Remi Videos

Remi Kosova Video Pages:
  1. Dy Kandila
  2. Dy Kandila (original clip)
  3. Po vijne krushqit

+tag: remzi jakupi

Remi Kosova
photo fadil berisha

Lena Video - Te besoj, s'te besoj

Albulena Qerkinaj - Lena videoclip/videoklip
"Te besoj, s'te besoj" eng. "Trust you, don't trust you"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gjyste Vulaj Video - U shkri bora

Gjyste Vulaj videoclip/videoklip
"U shkri bora" eng. "Snow has melted"

Gjyste Vulaj Video - Du me te nxan jaran

Gjyste Vulaj videoclip/videoklip
"Du me te nxan jaran" eng. "I want you befriended"

Sansara Video - Ka kohe qe me duhesh ti

Sansara videoclip/videoklip
"Ka kohe qe me duhesh ti" eng. "It's been a while since I need you"
Album: "Welcome to Prishtina"

Not difficult to spot the influence of the british pop-rock on this band.

+tag: drin meka

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bedri Islami Video - Goce Pejane

Bedri Islami video
"Goce Pejane" eng. "Girl from Peja"
100% live

Bedri is a veteran singer from Peja, no wonder he sings to a girl from his hometown. He is such a rare singer with a very special voice. After a long pause, in the last couple of years he has been very active again in promoting his beautiful songs of the past. Anyone with some more biographical data about him, please don't hesitate to drop a comment.

+tag: moj goce pejone

Greta Koci Video - Kam Mall

Greta Koci Video - Kenga Magjike 2005
"Kam mall"
Text by: Turjan Hyskaj
Music & Orchestration: Florian Mumajesi - Flori

Monday, January 15, 2007

Teuta Shabani Video - I Love You

Teuta Shabani videoclip/videoklip
"Te dua" eng. "I Love You"

Aswell as singing, Teuta is involved in modelling and photomodelling too. She lives in Sweden. No album has been published yet, but it is one of her plans to do so very soon. Read more about her in the comments section.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Genta Ismajli Video - Nje lutje

Genta Ismajli video
"Nje lutje" eng. "A prayer"

Genta has recently been involved in another alleged steal, where her song "S'je per avanture" has been matched with at least two other songs that bear same melody. Whether this is true or not, it does not change the fact that Genta is still a good entertainer.

I personally think that what should we worried about, and not only about Genta but about all performers, is about those songs that pretend to claim a prize in some music festival such as "Kenga Magjike", "Top Fest" etc. These songs must be fully scrutinized as they are expected to be original. But, those that artists use just to fill their menu list in their album, should not really be such a serious problem and we should really stop from "witch hunting" practice. There may be good songs in your "neighbourhood" that you would otherwise not heard of and bringing them forward to you would allow you to enjoy such songs. This is not a green light that we can steal as much as we can, but for example if bulgarians have a hit song, I'd rather listen to the albanian version of this song, for the purpose of being entertained.

One aspect that performers must be aware of or careful about is not to borrow songs from areas that may still be linked in a bad way to our own history. You know what I am talking about.

The bottom line is, you have to put everything in balance and ask yourself "Are we going to be better off with or without entertainers like Genta"! Well, my personal answer to this question is, we wouldn't be better off. You do your own balancing!

p.s. oh.. another thought about this. I mean we all know that singers most of the time are not directly involved into "stealing business" as usually this is a "job" for composers, promoters, managers and those that make and prepare the music for them. Probably, the singers may not be aware at all that their song is "stolen" until the moment they are exposed in public.

Skillz Video - Krejt i kom

Skillz video - Top Fest 2 (9th place)
"Krejt i kom" eng. "I've got everything"

Skillz is part of Baba Records group consisting of other various rappers such as Tingulli 3nt, Viagra, Mc Mimo, K-OS etc. There is often a rivalry going on between this group and another one known as TBA (The Bloody Alboz), a group where Unikkatil belongs to.

+tag: ledri kejt i kom skilz

Elsa (Emmy)Video - Largohu

Elsa Hidersha EMMY Music Video

Sorry for poor sound quality but this I trust is compensated by Elsa's dazzling beauty.

+tag: elsa hidersha emi

Friday, January 12, 2007

Neolit Video - Rain drops

Neolit Band videoclip/videoklip
"Pikat e Shiut" eng. "Rain Drops"
Text & Music by: Armend Mustafa
Album: "2004" (launched June 2005)

Beautiful song by Neolit Band consisted of only two but skillful musicians, Armend Mustafa (lead vocal, piano, guitar, composing, lyrics) and Gazmend Mustafa (guitar, bass, supporting vocal, technical/mix/mastering) plus a supporting crew of two man, Irfan Ferizi (Video Production) and Nazif Ferizi (Manager). They operate from their own Neolit Studio based in Karlstadt, Sweden. You can download their entire album from their site.

Official website: www.neolit-band.com

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leonora Jakupi Video - Jealous guy

Leonora Jakupi video
"Ti me je shume xheloz" eng. "So jealous you are" or short "Jealous guy"
Album: "Zemra te kerkon" (2006/07)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NRG Band Video - Luja bab luja

NRG Band Video - Kenga Magjike 2006 (Magic Song 2006)
"Hit Award", 6th place with 130 points

Title: "Luja bab luja"
Text: Mithat Sadiku
Music: Besnik Qaka
Orchestration: NRG Band

+tag: caka babe

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Maya Video - Lege, lege

Maya Music Video
"Lege, lege"
+tag: fatbardha maja alickaj

Monday, January 08, 2007

Meda Video - Light and dark

Meda (Mehdin Pergjegjaj) videoklip/videoclip
"Drite e terr" eng. "Light and dark"

Medaaaaa.... ladies and gentlemen! The Tallava King or The King of Tallava! Or maybe not! Who cares! Though everyone is on tallava denial, they all enjoy listening to it. And I don't blame them. The rhythm of this type of music will get you moving and shaking without you knowing it. And when you know it, its too late. You cannot stop it!

Rozana Radi Video - Rrotullo me gisht

Rozana Radi videoclip/videoklip
"Rrotullo me gisht" eng. "(who can translate this?)"

Anjeza & Ervin Bushati Video - Let's party

Anjeza Branka & Ervin Bushati videoclip/videoklip
"Shkojme ne party" eng. "Let's go party"

+tag: anjesa

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tuna Video - Hey Xhuxh

Altuna Sejdiu - Tuna videoclip/videoklip
"Hej Xhuxh" or "Xhuxhi"

This is Tuna's controversial song and videoclip that sparked rage at disabled societies accross Kosova because it uses words that allegedly offend people of small stature. The videoclip is censored from broadcasting in Kosova, however, as we can see here, it is being broadcasted in regional tv medias. As per previous reports on this incident, the explanation made by Tuna and Aida (scriptwriter) to the Handicaped and Disabled Society of Kosova that they refer to an emotional state rather than the physical one, has been accepted in a meeting that took place sometime in November 2006.

Personally, it is really hard to convince me that Tuna's intention was to offend anyone, however, it is a misfortune that she and Aida opted for this kind of version of text to go with their song. Nevertheless, you listen to the song and make your own judgement.

p.s. if anyone has the lyrics of this song, please post it in the comments section. thanks!

Xhenet Video - Kot e keni

Xhenet video
"Kot e keni" eng. something like "You have no chance"

Probably unknown until recently, Xhenet has drawn attention of many people after appearing on YouTube with several videos, where she presents herself to the public with some extraordinary dance moves. She often appears on videos with her partner (Anes)and I believe they have released together a CD album entitled "Sensation", containing 6 songs and 2 remixes.

Enjoy a great entertainment by Xhenet!

+tag: xhenete

Friday, January 05, 2007

Adelina, Soni, Zanfina & Big Mama Video - Lulja e Blinit

Adelina Ismajli, Soni Malaj, Zanfina Ismajli & Big Mama video - DEA Gezuar 2007
"Lulja e blinit"
New Year 2007 festive performance!

(Escorted by Ermal Fejzullahu)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Adelina Thaqi Video - Kurre su pame ne sy

Adelina Thaqi video
Performing at RTK's festive show
"Kurre su pame ne sy" eng. "We never faced each other"

+tag: kur pam tane moj

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jehona Sopi Video - Anniversary

Jehona Sopi video - Festive Edition of TopRTK
"Pervjetori" eng. "Anniversary"

Jehona has promoted this song for the first time here at Top RTK and also at Top Koha.

Gjyste Vulaj Videos

Gjyste Vulaj Video Pages:
  1. Pendohu o pellumb
  2. Du me te nxan jaran
  3. U shkri bora
  4. Une esell, Ti i abuzuar
  5. Puthja e fundit
  6. Shah Mat (Gezuar me Tupan 2008)
Gjyste Vulaj

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Tradheti po te vjen era

Zanfina Ismajli video
"Tradheti po te vjen era" eng. "Betrayal you smell"

Zanfina performing at the festive edition of TopRTK show. Get a glass of water, this is going to be hot. She is no longer Adelina's little sister. She is ZANFINA, the one that will represent Kosova in the europian festival (what was the name of this festival again?!) to be held in March 2007.

+tag: ismaili tradhti vie

Lena Videos

Albulena Qerkinaj - Lena Video Pages:
  1. Nuk e di eng. "I don't know"
  2. Te besoj, s'te besoj eng. "Trust you, don't trust you"

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year with Shkurte, Shyhrete, Mahmut etc.

Happy New Year with Shkurte Fejza, Shyhrete Behluli, Mahmut Ferati, Vjollca Bucaj, Violeta Kajtazi etc. RTK Festive music show programme.

Happy New Year with Xeni, Zenel & Ermira Video

Gezuar Vitin e Ri me Shkelzen Jetishin (Xeni), Zenel Doli dhe Ermira Morina etj.
Happy New Year with Xeni, Zenel & Ermira

Please note, this video is extra large!

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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