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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bleona Qereti Video - Scandal

Bleona Qereti videoclip

This is the english version of the original "Hallall e ke".

Nora Istrefi Video - 1000 here

Nora Istrefi video
"1000 here" eng. "1000 times"
Album: "Opium" (July, 2006)
Lyrics by Fatmir Muja
Music by Wirusi

Nora sang this song for the first time on tv as a guest of TopRTK show programme, where she was invited to attend after winning the TopSong title for the month of October 2006. The winning of this title which was accompanied by the release of her new videoclip "E di" marks a new comeback by Nora Istrefi who is proving to her fans that she is persistent in her path to achieving a career success. Her previous clip "Nje djal" did not have the desired boom effect the way it did for example the "Negativ" or "Pse te dua" last year. You have a chance to watch an interview with Nora conducted by the moderators of the TopRTK show programme, Fitore Rexhepi & Erleta Hoti by visiting noraistrefi.blogspot.com. And as usual, your comments are appreciated. Let me guess, the way she dressed on this video, will be one of the subjects for discussion.e.g. flashing boobs and bum (not there yet but nearly there by inches)! We must admit she's got the right stuff though!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lina Videos

Lina Video Pages:
  1. Ti je tipi im (Polifest 2006 - RnB genre)
  2. Realisht
  3. Gezuar me Tupan 2008
  4. Gezuar me Stupcat 2008
  5. New Love (Polifest 2008)

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Goca nga Tirana

Ermal Fejzullahu video - Kenga Magjike 2006
Title: "Goca nga Tirana" eng. "Girl from Tirana"
Music & Text by Ilir Berani
Orchestration by Florent Boshnjaku

Hmm... are you thinking what I am thinking. This could be a winner song.
Do you think Ilir Berani has again "hit the nail on the head" with this song and produced another hit, same as he did at Polifest 2006 with his song "Prape se prape" performed by Gili & Sinan? Leave your opinion about this.

Ermal is a great performer, which adds a cutting edge to the song. I guess he had a good teacher, his father Sabri, a very experienced stage performer, who is a master of expressive and passionate singing.

The next thing you could do is to have a guess, who that girl might be, the one he is singing about...hm... Greta? Don't know really just guessing. Does she really exists? What's your guess?

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 7th Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (7th Night) - Magic Song 2006
One of the greatest of albanian music festivals produced by Ardit Gjebrea
Semifinals on 17th & 18th Nov 2006
Finals on 19th Nov 2006

In this video:

Ermal Fejzullahu - "Goca nga Tirana"
Seldi - "Une dhe ti"
Ermiona Lekbello - "Nuk do me kesh me prane"
Aurel Thellimi - "Jam vetem"
Besa Kokedhima - "Tani te dua"
Roy - "Femer e nxehte"
Eneida Tarifa - "Rreth zjarrit tend"
Armend Rexhepagiqi - "Kur dashuria vdes"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Votra Video - Perseri

Votra band videoclip
"Perseri" eng. "Again"

+tag:armend fejzullahu

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 6th Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (6th Night) - Magic Song 2006
Produced by Ardit Gjebrea
Semifinals on 17th & 18th Nov 2006
Finals on 19th Nov 2006

In this video:

Gerta Heta - "Shume sexy"
Albulena Brestovci - "Me do mua"
Besiana Kertusha - "Dhe mbetet nje imazh"
Emira Ademi - "Me pelqen parfumi yt i ri"
Rikthimi ft. Big Man & Blerina - "Albanians in the Club"
Jeta Faqolli - "Shikimet"
Ledina Celo - "Jemi te huaj"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 5th Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (5th Night)
One of the biggest Albanian Music Festival
Produced by Ardit Gjebrea

Semifinals on 17th & 18th Nov 2006
Finals on 19th Nov 2006

In this video:

Kaltrina Selimi - "Do te them po"
Denis Hasa - "Nate perfekte"
Eriketa Ndreaj - "Se di"
Burn - "Qendro prane"
Jeta Mehmeti - "I mbaruar"
LRC - "Exstazy"
Berkani - "Nje ne nje million"
Rona Nishliu - "Shenja"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com

Hana Band Video - Ti po qan e une po qesh

Hana Band video clip klip
"Ti po qan e une po qesh" eng. "You're crying and I'm loughing"

+tag: ryva kajtazi mjellma imeraj berisha

Sherif Kurtaj & Rexhep Dakaj & Naser Murici - Prej ni shpati ti lshova syte

Sherif Kurtaj & Rexhep Dakaj & Naser Murici video
"Prej ni shpati ti lshova syte"
eng. "I've been watching you from the hill"
(he he naughty boys...)

+key:albanian folk

Gresa Behluli Video - Kupto djalo

Gresa Behluli - Gressa video
"Kupto djalo" - Kenga Magjike 2006 (Magic Song 2006)
Text by: Arjani
Music & Orchestration: Andin Randobrava

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ylli Trokites ft.Banda e Lindjes - Street Party

Ylli Trokites feat Banda e Lindjes videoklip/clip/spot
"Street Party"
+tag: adem ramadani

Jonida Maliqi Video - Papagalli i dashurise

Jonida Maliqi video - Kenga Magjike 2005
Best Performance award
"Papagalli i dashurise" eng. "Parrot of love"

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 4th Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (4th Night) - Magic Song 2006 Music Festival
One of the biggest of Albanian Music Festivals
Produced by Ardit Gjebrea
Semifinals on 17th & 18th November 2006
Finals night to be held on 19th November 2006

In this video highlight:

Gresa Behluli (Gressa) - "Kupto djalo"
Gentjan Dema - "Ti je larg"
Lindita Selimi - "E di cfare zemre ke"
Guximtar Rushani - "Vjeshta e fundit"
Mili - "Loja mbaroi"
Gilan G, B2N & 25% - "Me eks"
Alb Magji - "Ti me kall"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Valbona Halili Video - Ne der du pajtonin

Valbona Halili Video
"Ne der du pajtonin"

Sorry for poor sound quality. Its was ripped by someone else.
Can someone translate the title into english?

Teuta Kurti Videos

Teuta Kurti Video Pages:
  1. Shihemi eng. "See you around"
  2. Me ofro dashuri eng. "Bring me love" (ft.Veli Sahiti)
  3. E lire eng. "I'm free" (Top Fest 4)
  4. Si mbretereshe (Top Fest 5)
  5. Si mbretereshe (org.clip)

Valbona Halili Video - Qan lulja per lulen

Valbona Halili
"Qan lulja per lulen"

This is such a nice remake of an old albanian folk song.

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 3rd Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (3rd Night)
One of the Biggest Albanian Music Festival
Produced by Ardit Gjebrea and company

Final night on 19th November 2006.

On this video, participants of the 3rd night:

Kastro Sizo (Zizo) ft. Besmir Metani & Sanches - "Party"
APG ft. Fabiani - "Hej, Kamariere"
Jani & Meda - "Vetem nje here"
Emi Bogdo & Floriana Muca - "Ndryshe"
Big Basta ft. Vini - "Ndize"
Ronela Hajati & Orgesa Zaimi - "Requiem"
NRG Band - "Luja bab luja"
Produkt 28 ft. Rovena Dilo - "Fama"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights - 2nd Night

Kenga Magjike 2006 Highlights (2nd night)
One of the Biggest Albanian Music Festival
Produced by Ardit Gjebrea
Final night on 19th November 2006

In this video, participants of the 2nd night in the preliminary contest:

Orinda Huta - "Nisu, Arratisu"
Hip Hop Soldiers - "Jump"
Ani Cuedari - "Mesuar me ty"
Gentian Gojani - "Ty magjike"
Saranda Jusufi - "As te ndare, as te bashkuar"
Evans Rama - "U ktheva"
Erinda Dhima - "Flake"
Yllka Kuqi - "Me merr"

Cast your vote at kengamagjike.com
Where is 1st night video? Ha... we missed it! What a blunder!

Ciljeta Videos

Ciljeta Xhilaga (Chili) Video Pages:
  1. Tekila
  2. Dridhe Bothen (as guest of Tingulli 3nt) eng. "Shake your bum"
  3. Vetem ti (Top Fest 2)
  4. S'ke Ku Vete (Kenga Magjike 2006, Best Etno)
  5. I papam (feat Flori)("Zone e Lire" Show)
  6. Kur kendoj serenate (Kenga Magjike 2007)
  7. Falma
  8. Doreheqja ( Top Fest 5)
  9. Doreheqja (Top Fest 5 Final, Best Female Award)
  10. Puci Puci (& Ingrit Gjoni)
Ciljeta Xhilaga

Leonora Jakupi Video - Nuk e dua jeten

Leonora Jakupi
"Nuk e dua jeten"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shkendije Mujaj Video - Dashuri me para

Shkendije Mujaj Music Video
"Dashuri me para" eng. "Love with money"
Music by: Ilir Berani
Directed by: Fatmir Gashi, WestVideo Production

Manushaqe Vata Video - Zemren time nuk e kall njeri

Manushaqe Vata videoklip
"Zemren time nuk e kall njeri" eng. "No one can break my heart"

Videoclip;Videospot of Manushaqe

Kenga Magjike 2006 Videos

Kenga Magjike 2006 Video Pages:

  1. Kenga Magjike Video - 1st Night Highlights (missed it! arrrggghhhhh!)
  2. Kenga Magjike Video - 2nd Night Highlights
  3. Kenga Magjike Video - 3rd Night Highlights
  4. Kenga Magjike Video - 4th Night Highlights
  5. Kenga Magjike Video - 5th Night Highlights
  6. Kenga Magjike Video - 6th Night Highlights
  7. Kenga Magjike Video - 7th Night Highlights

Semifinals on 17th & 18th Nov 2006
Final night on 19th Nov 2006

8th Night marked the day when first semifinalist were announced and this now continues to be done in the subsequent nights. 36 songs in total will qualify for semifinals out of which, 17 only will make it to the finals. Do not forget, you can make a difference by voting at kengamagjike.com.

So far, the following semifinalists were announced by Ardit:

  1. Ciljeta - "S'ke ku vete" (Albania)
  2. Eri - "Sexy baby" (Diaspora)
  3. Gilan G, B2N & 25% - "Me eks" (Albania)
  4. Rezarta Shkurta - "DJ" (Albania)
  5. Bertan Asllani - "Me fal" (Macedonia)
  6. Teuta Kurti - "Jeto me bugin" (Kosova)
  7. West Side Family - "Krahet e tua do jem" (Albania)
  8. Orinda Huta - "Nisu, arratisu" (Albania)
  9. Seldi - "Une dhe ti" (Albania)
  10. Gentian Gojani - "Ty magjike" (Kosova)
  11. Gressa - "Kupto djalo" (Kosova)
  12. Mili - "Loja mbaroi" (Kosova)
  13. Erinda Dhima - "Flake" (Diaspora)
  14. NRG Band - "Luja bab luja" (Kosova)
  15. Yllka Kuqi - "Me merr" (Kosova)
  16. Kastro Sizo & Besmir Metani & Sanches - "Party" (Albania)
  17. Hip Hop Soldiers - "Jump" (Kosova)
  18. Emi Bogdo & Floriana Muca - "Ndryshe..." (Albania)
  19. Big Basta & Vini - "Ndize" (Albania)
  20. Ronela Hajati & Orgesa Zaimi - "Requiem" (Albania)
  21. Alb Magji - "Ti me kall" (Albania)
  22. Produkt 28 ft. Rovena Dilo - "Fama" (Albania)
  23. Rikthimi & Big Man & Blerina - "Albanians in the Club" (Kosova)
  24. Gerta Heta - "Shume sexy" (Albania)
  25. Emira Ademi - "Me pelqen parfumi yt i ri" (Macedonia)
  26. Burn - "Qendro prane" (Albania)
  27. Kaltrina Selimi - "Do te them po" (Kosova)
  28. LRC - "Exstazy" (Albania)
  29. Rona Nishliu - "Shenja" (Kosova)
  30. Ledina Celo - "Jemi te huaj" (Albania)
  31. Ermiona Lekbello - "Nuk do me kesh me prane" (Albania)
  32. Aurel Thellimi - "Jam vetem" (Albania)
  33. Denis Hasa - "Nate perfekte" (Albania)
  34. Ani Cuedari - "Mesuar me ty" (Albania)
  35. Berkan - "Nje ne nje million" (Macedonia)
  36. Besa Kokedhima - "Tani te dua" (Albania)
  37. Eneda Tarifa - "Rreth zjarrit tend" (Albania) (Is her name Eneda or Eneida?!)
  38. Armend Rexhepagiqi - "Kur dashuria vdes" (Kosova)
  39. Ermal Fejzullahu - "Goca nga Tirana" (Kosova)

So, in total, 39 semifinalists are going through (3 more than it was announced initially in an interview with Ardit - see comments section), 22 from Albania, 12 from Kosova, 3 from Macedonia and 2 from diaspora.

The spectacle on 17th, 18th and the final night on 19th went really glamourosly. The event was held in the Palace of Congresses in Tirana (or Palace of Concerts as Ardit likes to refer to it) in front of almost fully packed audience. The voting system this year was different from the other years. This year, the main prizes are determined by contestant themselves, who vote for one another, giving scores from 1 to 10 and the jury then decides on majority of other awards (excluding the one from the audience and internet). The top 10 places as voted by contestants themselves, went as follows:

  1. Armend Rexhepagiqi, "Kur dashuria vdes", 292 points
  2. Ledina Celo, "Jemi te huaj", 235 points
  3. West Side Family, "Krahet tua do jem", 218 points
  4. Eneda Tarifa, "Rreth zjarrit tend", 154 points
  5. Ermal Fejzullahu, "Goca nga Tirana", 139 points
  6. NRG Band, "Luja babe luja", 130 points
  7. Produkt 28 ft. Rovena Dilo, "Fama", 126 points
  8. Yllka Kuqi, "Me merr", 95 points
  9. Rona Nishliu, "Shenja", 90 points
  10. Orinda Huta, "Nisu, Arratisu", 75 points

The rest of the awards went as follows:

  • "Audience Award", Ermal Fejzullahu (decided via a public vote excluding internet)
  • "Internet Award", Ermal Fejzullahu (decided via a public vote on the internet)
  • "Critics Award", Armend Rexhepagiqi
  • "Best Interpretation", Ledina Celo
  • "Best Cantauthor", West Side Family
  • "Cesk Zadeja Award", Eneda Tarifa
  • "Best Hip Hop & Rap Award", Produkt 28 & Rovena Dilo
  • "Jon Music Award", Erinda Dhima
  • "Discographic Award", Orinda Huta
  • "Melody Award", Yllka Kuqi
  • "Hit Award", NRG Band
  • "TV Klan Award", Rona Nishliu
  • "RTV21 Award", Kaltrina Selimi
  • "Style Award", Teuta Kurti
  • "Best Dance Award", Besa Kokedhima
  • "Etno Music Award", Ciljeta Xhilaga
  • "Best Group Award", Burn
  • "1st Magic Award", Berkani
  • "Tendency Award", Orgesa Zaimi & Ronela Hajati
  • "Best Feat Award", Kastro Ziso, Besmir Metani & Sanchez

Members of the jury:
Lindita Theodori, Monika Kryemadhi, Xheraldina Vula, Genta Ismajli, Jean Philippe Favreau, Riza Cerova, Alfred Kacinari, Arian Cani, Pandi Laco, Geri Selenica, Ilir Bibolli.

Guests who performed at the music spectacle:
Genta Ismajli (former winner), Lindita Theodori, Saimir Pirgu, Joana Kaimi, Elena Ristevska etc.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Cyanide ft.Unikkatil Video - Veq edhe ni her

Cyanide feat Rebel a.k.a. Unikkatil Video
"Veq edhe ni here" eng. "Just one more time"

also: eci neper terr

Duda Video - Loja pam pam

Duda videoklip/clip/spot
"Loja Pam Pam" eng."Pam Pam Game"

Eki-Nox Video - Dark

Eki-Nox videoklip/clip/spot
"Dark" eng. "Dinner party"

also: darka

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flori Video - Me sy mbyllur

Florian Mumajesi - Flori video (3rd Prize Kenga Magjike 2005 & Best Author)
"Me sy mbyllur" eng. "With closed eyes"

also: mumajezi

Beside being a successful singer, Flori has also made a shining career as a composer and song writer. The ex-member of the band "The Dreams", has scooped several major prizes in various music festivals e.g. Zanfina Ismajli wins the "Celesi Muzikor 2006" with the song "As i fundit as i pari", text and music by Flori. There are alot more prizes that are attributed to Flori and we ask for your help in compiling such list. Please contribute by telling us everything you know about him in our comments section.

Fahrush Azemi Video - Edhe sot kendoj

Fahrush Azemi videoklip/videoclip
"Edhe sot kendoj" eng. "I still sing for you"

Etno Engjujt Video - Me qika me nejt

Etno Engjujt video
"Me qika me nejt" eng. "In girls company"

+tag: genc prelvukaj milot hasangjekaj

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nora Istrefi Video - E di (TopRTK)

Nora Istrefi Video - TopRTK Pop Chart Winner October 2006
"E di " eng. "I know"
Lyrics by Beka
Music by Artani

This is a new come back by Nora Istrefi, who for a second time wins the TopRTK pop chart in tonight's show. She was voted TopRTK for April 06 and here she comes again, winning in style against a tough competition (Tingulli 3nt feat Elvana Gjate - "T2", Gili & Sinan - "Prape se prape", Zanfina Ismajli - "As i fundit as i pari", all top chart breakers) to become the TopSong in TopRTK's Pop Chart for October 06. As a winner, she will be a guest in the next show on Saturday, 28th October 2006.

Tina Video - Edhe nje nate magjike

Tina video - 1st Prize Kosovafest 2006, 20th May 2006 Prishtina
"Edhe nje nate magjike" eng. "Another magic night"

Tina is also a winner of the 3rd Prize in "Celesi Muzikor 2006" with her song "Edhe kete vere"

Greta Koci Video - Thuaj djalit

Greta Koci Video - 1st Prize "Mikrofoni Arte 2006"
"Thuaj djalit" eng. "Tell the boy" - Golden Microphone 2006
Music by Genti Lako
Text by: Gjergj Jorgaqi

also: hajde foli djalit

Greta is the winner of this year's (5th) edition of "Mikrofoni Arte" Music Festival. The finals took place on the 7th October 2006 in Tirana's "Mother Teresa Square" in front of hundreds of music fans under rainy wheather condition. 20 finalists participated coming from various modern music genres. The event was broadcasted live by Vizion Plus TV. The festival was moderated by Aida Bajraktari & Olti Curri. Guests included Besa Kokedhima, "Mirandi" band etc. In total, 9 prizes were awarded to the best performers in various categories, Greta being the main festival winner.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Kadri Ismajli ft.Dava Gjergji - O mor djal i ri

Kadri Ismajli feat Dava Gjergji & DJ Cimi
"O mor djal i ri" eng. "Hey you young fellow"

also: ismaili

Machiato Band Video - Top bore

Machiato Band videoklip/videoclip
"Top bore" eng. "Snow ball"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Korab Jetishi Video - E tregove veten

Korab Jetishi videoklip/videoclip
"E tregove veten" eng. "You've showed who you really are"

Not heard any other songs from Korab, but I can tell this one sounds suprisingly nice.

Rovena Stefa Video - Hej hej

Rovena Stefa videoklip/videoclip
"Hej hej" eng. "Hey, hey"
Album: "Llokum" (2006)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Soni Malaj Video - Do te vij

Soni Malaj videoklip/videoclip
"Do te vij" eng. "I'll be coming"
Text by: Rozana Radi
Music by: Adrian Hila

With this song, Soni won 3rd prize in Polifest 2006 Music Festival (pop genre). See her performance at the festival (check other Soni videos on our site).

Altin Shira Video - Sdua te mbetem vetem

Altin Shira videoklip/videoclip
"S'dua te mbetem vetem" eng. "Don't want to be alone"

Duchi Video - Se te kam moj nje

Duchi videoklip/videoclip
"Se te kam moj nje" eng. "C'oz you're my only one"
+tag: duci

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Valbona Peraj Video - Te dua ty

Valbona Peraj videoklip/videoclip
"Te dua ty" eng. "Love you"

Antigona Sejdiu Video - Une besoj ne dashuri

Antigona Sejdiu videoklip/videoclip
"Une besoj ne dashuri" eng. "I believe in love"

Albert Popaj Video - Te du, s'te du

Albert Popaj videoklip/videoclip
"Te du s'te du" eng. "Love you, don't love you!"

also: alberti

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Remzije Osmani Video - Sa te deshta

Remzije Osmani videoklip/videoclip
"Sa te deshta" eng. "So much I loved you"

also: remzie

Mimoza Nelaj Video - Ajo

Mimoza Nelaj video
"Ajo" eng. "She"
+tag: nelaj

Merita Halili Video - M'ka marre malli per nenen time

Merita Halili video
"M'ka marre malli per nenen time" eng. "I miss my mother"

“Merita Halili raised her radiant soprano in buoyant wedding songs, punctuated by speed-demon accordion from her husband and bandleader, Raif Hyseni.” – The New York Times

"Merita Halili is one of Albania’s top performers, renowned for her stunning voice and her prodigious range and vocal technique. Born in Tirana but now lives in New Jersey USA. Raif Hyseni (Merita's husband and principal accompanist), originally from Kosova, leads the most sought-after Albanian music ensemble in the United States. Together their performances thrill with masterful interpretations of urban Albanian folk songs and instrumentals. National and international performance highlights include engagements at New York’s Symphony Space and London’s famed Barbican Centre." - ctmd.org

"Merita Halili thrills audiences with her masterful rendition of Albanian folk music. Known in her homeland as the “Queen of Albanian folk songs” and highly esteemed for her stunning voice, range and vocal technique, the award-winning vocalist is accompanied by her husband, Raif Hyseni, whose innovations and compositions for accordion have garnered praise for his “speed demon accordion.” With an ensemble that also includes clarinet, guitar, keyboard and percussion, Merita Halili and Raif Hyseni will astound you with their vocal and instrumental artistry." - lawrence.com

In 2000 the President of Albania named her "National Ambassador", which is the highest albanian award for an artist. Today she travels around in USA, Europe and Asia. Some of her best-known performances were featured in the soundtrack for the acclaimed Italian film Lamerica.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Gili (Fevzie Berani) Video - Me kast

Gili (Fevzie Berani) videoklip/videoclip
"Me kast" eng."On purpose"
Music & Text by Ilir Berani
Orchestration by Virus

also: fevzije

Selami Kolonja Video - Vajza e enderrave

Selami Kolonja videoklip/videoclip
"Vajza e enderrave" eng."Dream girl"

Erjon Korini Video - Te ndjej

Erjon Korini video
"Te ndjej" eng. "I feel you"

also: erion

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Inva Mula Video - Celni Lule

Inva Mula & The Quartet Gaudi video
"Celni lule" eng. "Flowers in blossom"
Live concert in Prishtina, 23rd September 2006
In this concert, she sings traditional albanian folk music.
Of course the classic way.

Inva Mula is an international opera singer and is our albanian pride. She is amongst the few ones with the ability to replace the fame of Nexhmije Pagarusha in the albanian circles. But, Inva went further and conquered the world with her soprano voice. Here is the wikipedia entry on Inva:

Inva Mula (alternative spellings Inva Mula-Çako, Inva Mula-Tchako (born 1963) is an opera singer born in Tirana, Albania. She is perhaps best-known to the American pop culture as the soprano voice behind the Diva in the film The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis (that film credited as Inva Mulla Tchako). She comes from an artistic family and began her opera career at a very early age. In 1987 she won the "Cantante d'Albania" competition in Tirana and in 1988 the George Enescu Competition in Bucharest. In 1992 she won the "Butterfly" Competition in Barcelona outright. She received an award at the first Placido Domingo contest in Paris, 1993. A CD of the event was released. She later performed in various concerts with the famous tenor at the Opéra Bastille, and with Brussels for "Europalia Mexico", in Munich, and in Oslo. In 1996 she performed Luigi Cherubini's opera Médée at Compiègne (it was taped for TV), then she return for Georges Bizet's opera La Jolie fille de Perth (released CD, filmed for TV, released DVD in Japan) in 1998. After this she recorded Puccini's La Rondine (recorded 1996) with Angela Gheorghiu for EMI and for 2005's stage production was leading role Magda with in Toulouse then Paris (replace from Gheorghiu). In The Fifth Element she performed an aria from Donnizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor (the mad scene) and "The Diva Dance" song. Director Luc Besson adore Maria Callas, but her recording "Lucia" isn't good sound and has many noises (live recording in 1950's) to use for film, so EMI's producer introduced Inva Mula she just recorded "La Rondine" for EMI. Then she performed Bizet's Ivan IV concert version (live recording was released as CD). Recital debut at Salle Pleyel in Paris. In 2001, she was busy in Italy, and Verdi's Falstaff at Teatro alla Scala and Rigoletto at Arena di Verona were taped for TV then released as DVD. Then she appear La Scala regulary, and she played Lucia di Lammermoor, La Bohème, Manon (2006)... La Traviata peformed many times included Tokyo, Bilbao, Orange, Trieste and Toronto (2007). In 2007, she will perform first Norina L'elisir d'amore at Toulouse. Her husband Pirro Çako, is a well-known singer and composer from Albania. So she was used named as Inva Mula Tchako spelling not as Çako. But after mid '90. She changed name as just Inva Mula. And never used old name. Her father, Avni Mula, is a famous albanian singer and composer.

Mihrije Braha Video - Refuzova

Mihrije Braha videoklip/videoclip
Title: "Refuzova" eng. "I refused"
Album: "Refuzova" (2005/2006)

also: mihrie

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Mike

Ermal Fejzullahu videoklip/videoclip
Title: "Mike"
Album: "Per nje dashuri" (2005)
Video by Fabrika Production

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Antigona Rustolli Video - Sonte

Antigona Rustolli videoklip/videoclip
"Sonte" eng. "Tonight"

Jericho Video - Tomlin e nanes

Jericho Music Video
"Tomlin e nanes" eng. "Mother's milk"
Inspired by "Mes dy qyteterimeve" (Between two civilizations) of Ali Podrimja
Video by Koperativa
Folk instruments in the end played by Sefedin Kryeziu and Shaqe Hoxhaj

Jericho band (formerly Jericho Walls) is in existence since 1994. They had their first public appearance in March 1997 in "Casablanca" then later in the year released their first videoclip "This is my home". Their style belongs to Rapcore genre (a musical genre that fuses the instrumental and vocal techniques of hip hop, punk, heavy metal, and sometimes funk - also referred to as rap-metal), and it could well be that they are the only albanian band making this kind of music.

Members of the Band:
Petrit Carkagjiu (Rrusta), vocal and composer
Nderim Ramadani, solo guitar
Luan Osmani, bass guitar
Visar Regja, drummer

In 2002, they won 1st prize in "Rhythm & Pop" concert in Prishtina, organised by BBC. The prize included a visit to the "Top of the Pops" in London and a CD compilation at the BBC studio S6.

p.s. The music video produced by Koperativa won 3 Awards at the 9th edition of Magdalena International Festival of Creative Communications held on 17-19th May 2007, in Maribor, Slovenia. (Magdalena Award, Golden Heel in Motion Category and Golden Bra for Best Music Video, see www.magdalena.org)

DJ Blunt feat Lyrical Son Video - Unstoppable

DJ Blunt feat Lyrical Son & White O.G. videoklip/clip
The Big Picture

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fitore Gjonbalaj Video - Vjeshta

Fitore Gjonbalaj videoklip/clip
"Vjeshta" eng. "Autumn"

Valbona Halili Videos

Valbona Halili Video Pages:
  1. Ne der du pajtonin
  2. Qan lulja per lulen
  3. Hall me burre, hall pa burre (feat Mustafa Mehja & Albert Tafani)

Miss Kosova 2006 feat Unikkatil

Miss Kosova 2006 video
Date: 23rd September 2006
Location: Prishtina
Organised by Agnesa Vuthaj Association

Main Winners:
Besa Gashi, Miss Kosova 2006
Leonora Fejza, 1st runner up
Nazlie Statovci, 2nd runner up

Besa Gashi will represent Kosova in "Top Model of the World 2006".

Music tracks:
Rebel a.k.a. Unikkatil feat The Bloody Alboz "Na thej"
Milot feat Unikkatil "Change"
(This is our choice of course and not the official track)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Silvi & Ciko - Aman Aman

Silvi & Ciko Music Video
Title: "Aman, Aman"
+tag: silvana dollapi

Nazif Cela Video - Vasheza nga Vlora

Nazif Cela videoklip/clip
"Vasheza nga Vlora" eng. "Girl from Vlora"

Vlora is a beautiful city in Albania. Of course, with beautiful girls too. By the way, Vlora is the city where albanians proclaimed their independence in 1912. Unfortunately, the great powers draw artificial borders that split the population in half: Albania of today, and the rest of the population were subjugated by neighbouring countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria & Greece etc.). But after much struggle for freedom and sufferings endured, kosovars (inhabitants of Kosova, 90% albanians) are expected to gain independence soon and other albanians in Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and South Serbia (Eastern Kosova, vilayet of Kosova under Ottoman Empire was greater than Kosova of today), are gaining more rights and are becoming a relevant political factor in the region. The Greece is the place where fate of albanians of Cameria looks very grim with no indications by greek government to make any positive movement in that direction.

OK, back to music again. Enjoy the clip!

Meda Video - Mire e keq

Meda (Mehdin Pergjecaj) videoklip/clip
"Mire e keq" eng. "Good and bad"

also: pergjegjaj

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Valbona Mema Video - Ec bretkoce

Valbona Mema videoklip/clip
"Ec bretkoce" eng. "Go on frog" ha ha so funny
At least its not the crazy frog.

Song is very nice but this frog thing, I don't get it.

Vjollca Haxhiu Video - Hajt zemer

Vjollca Haxhiu videoklip/clip
"Hajt zemer" eng. "C'mon sweetheart"

Friday, October 06, 2006

Troja Video - Jena na

Troja videoklip/clip
"Jena na" eng. "We are"

What do you know about Troja band? Tell everyone by dropping a comment!

Adelina Pireva Video - Ti je rrush

Adelina Pireva videoklip/clip
"Ti je rrush" rrush means grape, so she is saying "You're my grape" if that makes sense. Someone with linguistic skills can perhaps find more adequate title to this. Try it in the comments section!

Adelina is 25 years old, born in the city of Gjilan. Involved in music and singing since the age of 9. She had four albums so far. Read more about her here

NRG Band Video - Zdi a ke ndi

NRG Band videoklip/clip
"Zdi a ke ndi" eng. "Have you heard this"
Album: "Hallabatana" (2006)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Antigona Sejdiu Videos

Antigona Sejdiu Video Pages:
  1. Une besoj ne dashuri eng."I believe in love"
  2. Ti, ti, ti eng. "You, you, you"
  3. Aq me ben
  4. Imazhi Yt (& Veli Sahiti TRIX)
If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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