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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rebel aka Unikkatil Videos

Rebel a.k.a Unikkatil (Viktor Palokaj) Video Pages:
  1. Miss Kosova 2006
  2. Veq edhe ni her (feat Cyanide)
  3. Nentori i Trete (feat Presioni)

Holiday Break in Mirusha Waterfalls with Nexhmije Pagarusha

Not literally... but yes, we are taking a break for approx. two weeks from today and during this period we will not be able to add any new video posts. However, you can enjoy the existing archives and especially the video below of one of the finest tourist attractions of Kosova, the Mirusha Waterfalls, with background singing of our once greatest singer ever, Nexhmije Pagarusha. Enjoy!

Ju njoftojme se do marrim nje pushim afersisht dy javor! Nderkohe, kenaquni me arkiven ekzistuese te videove si dhe klipin e meposhtem te atrakcionit tone kombetar "Ujevaret e Mirushes" me kendim ne prapavije te te madhes sone Nexhmije Pagarusha. Ndegjim te kendshem!

Miriam Cani & Alketa Vejsiu - Don't Surrender

Miriam Cani & Alketa Vejsiu videoklip/clip
"Mos u dorezo!" eng. "Don't surrender"

also: mirjam

Miriam Cani as we all know is a very distinctive member of the german band "Preluders" (clip coming soon!). Alketa is mainly a solo singer and time to time a tv presenter too. Remember when she hosted Euro Video Grand Prix in Tirana on 3rd June 2006? As usual she looked stunning!

Bleona Qereti Video - Hallall e ke

Bleona Qereti videoklip/clip
"Hallall e ke" eng. hmm... lets try this "You've earned it". You can correct me anytime by leaving a comment.

also: qerreti

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Orinda Huta Videos

Orinda Huta Video Pages:
  1. Parajsa (with Flori, Julka & Elvana)
  2. Nisu, Arratisu (Kenga Magjike 2006 - Magic Song 2006)
  3. As Fejesa, As Martesa (& NRG Band)
  4. Tradhetia (& Albani - Produkt 28)
Orinda Huta

Kino Video - Kthehu loti im

Kino Gara Music Video
"Kthehu loti im" eng. "Come back my tear" ... well it does not sound most appropriately but this is what he actually says. Have you ever called your lover "my tear"... no? Try it and see if anything happens.

Lovely song!

I know, you are asking what's this guy real name. The answer is I don't know (perhaps this is his real name). If you know, drop a comment. Thanks!

Monika Salihu Video - U lost baby

Monika Salihu videoklip/clip
"U lost baby"

Monika with lots of friends. See if you can recognise some of them.

Erozioni Video - Kojshikes

Erozioni videoklip/clip
"Kojshikes" eng. "To the girl next door"

Friday, September 22, 2006

Flori Videos

Florian Mumajesi - Flori Video Pages:
  1. Parajsa (& Orinda, Julka, Elvana)
  2. Me sy mbyllur (Kenga Magjike 2005)
  3. Njehere ne jete (feat Geti 3nt - Tingulli 3nt)
  4. Gjithmone (feat Luar)
  5. Fluturimi 3470 (feat Soni Malaj, Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007)
  6. Fluturimi 3470 (ft.Soni, 2nd Prize Kenga Magjike 2007)
  7. Dedikuar Nenes (as The Dreams)
Florian Mumajesi

Produkt 28 Video - Miremengjes

Produkt 28 videoklip/clip
"Miremengjes" eng. "Good Morning"

also: mirmengjes

The band formed on 28th November 2002. Members of the band: Alban Kondi, Turjan Hyska and Fabian Basha. They had very successful appearances in many music festivals e.g. Mikrofoni i Arte, Kenga Magjike etc.

5 Plus Video - Erdha

5+ Plus videoklip/clip
"Erdha" eng. "I've come" hm... not the way you're thinking...
Album: "Erdha" (April, 2005)
Text by: 5 plus & Genti Lako
Music by: Genti Lako

The band formed in year 2000 in the city of Besiana, initially consisting of 5 members: Sead, Besi, Agron, Valbon and Xili. However, Valbon and Xili left the band for personal reasons and current formation includes only Sead Abdullahu (Seadi), Besim Ejupi (Besi) and Agron Bajgora (Agroni). Their first successful appearance was with the song "Sonte nata do t'jet e jona", music composed by Naim Krasniqi. They sing pop, rnb and hip hop music.

The flashing lights used in this video, are making this video lose quality after compression. I have noticed, whenever there is a flashing light used, videos look terrible on internet. Perhaps, the video producers should take this into account and use less flashing lights, if they wish their videos to look better for internet viewers.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Xhavit Avdyli Video - Dikur

Xhavit Avdyli videoklip/clip
"Dikur" eng. "Time ago"

Nysret Muciqi Video - Flas me ty

Nysret Muciqi video
"Flas me ty" eng. "I talk to you"

also: muqiqi, corona

Greta Koci Videos

Greta Koci Video Pages:
  1. Dashuri pa shije eng. "Tasteless love"
  2. Kam mall (Kenga Magjike 2005)
  3. Thuaj Djalit (1st Prize Mikrofoni Arte 2006)
  4. Mos shiko tjeter eng. "Don't look other" (ft.Labi)
  5. Nje here po, nje here jo eng. "Once Yes, Once No"
  6. Sa me lodhe eng. "Tired of you" (Top Fest 4)
  7. 1st Prize Top Fest 4
  8. Kollazh (&Indrit Mlika)
  9. Zbulo Sekretin eng. "Uncover Secret"
  10. Me fal nene eng. "Mother, forgive me"
  11. Kolazh
  12. Shkolla Wilson
Greta Koci

Mira Bregu Video - Dy pike loti

Mira Bregu videoklip/clip
"Dy pike loti" eng. "Two tear drops"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antigona Sejdiu Video - Ti, Ti, Ti

Antigona Sejdiu videoklip/videoclip
"Ti, ti, ti" eng. "You, you, you"

Lina Video - Ti je tipi im

Lina Video - Polifest 2006 (RnB)
Title: "Ti je tipi im" eng. "You are my type"
Music by: Florent Boshnjaku
Text by: Naime Beqiraj
Awarded 1st Prize (RnB)

Lavdim Hetemi Video - Si karamel

Lavdim Hetemi video - Polifest 2006 (hip hop)
Title: "Si karamel" eng. "Like a caramel"
Music by: Enis Presheva
Text by: Genc Prevlukaj
Awarded with a Polifonia prize.

Shkenda Video - Tutu

Shkenda Dubova Music Video
"Tutu" eng. "Beware"

+tag: shkendije

Machiato Band Videos

Machiato Band Video Pages:
  1. Fustani (feat Hekuran Krasniqi) eng. "The dress"
  2. Top bore eng. "Snow ball"
  3. Eja ma ngat eng. "Come closer"
  4. Nga Jugu ne Veri (feat Dani)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Blerina Osaj Video - Nese shkon

Blerina Osaj videoklip
"Nese shkon" eng. "If you go"

Dafina Zeqiri Video - Harrimi i dashurise

Dafina Zeqiri videoklip
"Harrimi i dashurise" eng. something like "The forgetting of love", "The forgotten love" sounds better.

If I am not wrong, she too might be coming from albanian diaspora, most likely Sweden. In the recent years, we have seen a number of new albanian singers emerging from Scandinavian countries, e.g. Blero, Doruntina Disha (Pop Idol style auditions winner), Lina (1st prize Polifest 2006, RnB genre, clip coming soon), Blerina Osaj (clip coming next) etc. If you know, remind me of some more names coming from Scandinavian countries...

Malesori Video - Qaj per diten

Malesori videoklip
"Qaj per diten" eng. "I cry for that day"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Edi Furra Video - Cobani

Edi Furra videoklip
"Cobani" eng. "The Shepherd"
Text by Armand Trebicka

Big Mama Video - Shokut tim

Big Mama videoklip
"Shokut tim" eng. "To my friend"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fahrije Zogaj Video - Kthehu prape

Fahrije Zogaj videoklip/videoclip
"Kthehu prape" eng. "Come back again"

Miranda Hashani Video - Mos me lini vet

Miranda Hashani videoklip
"Mos me lini vet" eng. "Do not leave me alone"
Music and text by Ilir Berani.

She is born in Paris, France (year ?). At the age of 3, she moved with her family to Shkup (Skopje), Macedonia. Started singing career at the age of 5. When she was 10, her talent was spotted by television producers who invited her to their studio for recording of children's songs. Since then, she never looked back again. Participated in many music festivals, concerts where she received several prizes. So far, she has released 6 albums.

Babuka Video - Macchiato

Babuka (Besim Gashi) Music Video

also: makiato machiato

Babuka is a member of the Zanziband where he plays drums. Other members of the Zanziband are Emir Plava (the front man and guitar player) and Leonard Canhasi (guitar player).

So, what do you think about Babuka's singing. If you've seen him before, tell us if he is better as a drummer or singer?

What is Macchiato?
Macchiato is an Italian word, meaning "marked" or "stained". It is frequently used to refer to two separate coffee drinks.
  • Caffè macchiato (also known as Espresso macchiato), an espresso with a tiny dollop of steamed milk on top. This drink is the traditional variation. In the case of caffè macchiato, this means literally "espresso stained/marked with milk."
  • Latte macchiato, steamed milk with espresso poured through it. Starbucks has popularized a flavored variant of this drink, known as the Caramel macchiato.

source: wikipedia encyclopedia

Friday, September 15, 2006

Erozioni Videos

Erozioni Video Pages:

  1. Kojshikes
  2. Dua te jetoj
  3. Trip me Qika (Top Fest 5)

The band comes from the city of Prizren (Kosova) and has been performing in its full formation since 1999.

Members of the band:

  • Harbin Hoxhaj (Bini) - Vocal
  • Artan Krasniqi (Booza) - Bass
  • Adem Morina (Ademi) - Solo guitar, Backvocal, Keyboard
  • Meriton Zajmi (Meritoni) - Drums
  • Artan Hapciu (Artani) - Guitar and Backvocal
Erozioni Band

Remzije Osmani Videos

Remzije Osmani Video Pages:
  1. Mos u kthe (& Nexhat)
  2. Sa te deshta
  3. Oj nane (& Nexhat)
  4. Si t'i them
  5. Kjo dashnia eshte kismet
  6. Kenge Malli
  7. Gezuar me Stupcat 2008
  8. Gezuar me Tupan 2008
  9. Gezuar me Stupcat 2008
  10. Lum e lume Kosove
  11. Ah bre djal (& Nexhat)

also: remzie

Remzie Osmani

Mariza Ikonomi Video - Per Ty

Mariza Ikonomi videoklip
"Per Ty" eng. "For you"

Edita Sopjani Video - Me mua nuk ka loje

Edita Sopjani videoklip
"Me mua nuk ka loje" eng. "No games with me"

Another young, good looking singer, hoping one day to become a music celebrity. Wish her a good luck!

Avdulla Gjikokaj Video - Kacanik dej n'Boletin

Avdulla Gjikokaj video
"Kacanik dej n'Boletin" eng. "from Kacanik to Boletin"

also: kacanik deri ne boletin

Elita 5 Videos

Elita 5 Video Pages:

  1. Sajzeza ft.Adelina Ismajli (Moj e majra), 1997
  2. Faleminderit eng. "Thank you"
  3. Bardh e Zi eng. "Black & White"
  4. C'mendem eng. "I get crazy"

Members: Arif Ziberi (vocal), Mevaip Mustafi (solo guitar), Agron Idrizi (bass guitar), Besim Ibraimi (drums) and Nexhat Mujovi - Wirusi (synthesizer, producer)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

TNT Video - Luje belin luje

TNT videoklip
"Luje belin luje" eng. "Do the hip dance"
Album: "Luje belin" (2005)

There is a very interesting story about the vocal of this band, Ferki Shala. The band had a very successful career in the past but something happened after promoting their 10th album in the autumn last year. Ferki abandoned music completely and turned to religion and is now living a life that abides by strict religious rules. That means he changed the way he looks aswell. You can read an interview with Ferki taken by Gazeta Java here.

Redon Makashi Video - Lote ne shi

Redon Makashi video
"Lote ne shi" eng. "Tears in the rain"

Erjon Korini Videos

Erjon Korini Video Pages:

  1. Edhe fati qan & Mariza Ikonomi
  2. Te ndjej
  3. Semundje dashurie

+tag: erion

Erjon Korini

D.M.K feat Ada - Ti Cfar Je

D.M.K. feat Ada
"Ti Cfar je"
Take 1 Studios & DMK Records

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Elvana Gjata Video - Te kam xhan

Elvana Gjata video - Kenga Magjike 2005
"Te kam xhan" eng. something like "You are my love" or simply "I love you" or even "I fancy you". "te kam xhan" can have a different meaning depending on who you address this to e.g. relative or a lover. But, it expresses affection towards other person and in the case of couples, most likely an expression of love toward each other. The straightforward expression for stating love towards other person in albanian is "Te dua".

Stine feat XXL Video - Te dua si femije

Stine feat XXL video
"Te dua si femije" eng. "I love you like a child" (stine is the child one)
Music Festival "Mikrofoni i Arte 2005" eng. "The Golden Microphone"
Won "Best Duo" award with this song.
Music & Text by Stine.
Orchestration by Stine and Aldi.
+tag: femi

Rikthimi Video - Sonte ngoni hip hop

Rikthimi videoklip
"Sonte ngoni hip hop" eng. "Listen to hip hop tonight"

Odeta Video - Seks Bomb

Odeta video
"Seks Bomb"

+key: sex

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeta Faqolli Video - Provokimet

Jeta Faqolli videoklip
"Provokimet" eng. "Provocations" or "Love games"

Haliband Video - Qyteti pa plan

Haliband videoklip
"Qyteti pa plan" eng. "City with no plan"

Guitar: Andin Halimi
Drums: Petrit Riza
Bass: Agim Berisha

Fatmire Mjaku Video - Syte lakmitare

Fatmire Mjaku videoklip
"Syte lakmitare" eng. "Voracious eyes"

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Tribute with Eneida Tarifaj - Ika larg

9/11 Tribute with the song "Ika larg" (eng. "I'm gone faraway") performed by Eneida Tarifaj.

In memory of 9/11 victims!

+key: eneda tarifa

Mira Konci Video - E pathena fjale

Mira Konci videoklip
"E pathena fjale" eng. "The unsaid word"

also: konqi

Poqi BB Armadillo Video - Si cdo femer tjeter

Poqi BB Armadillo videoklip
"Si cdo femer tjeter" eng. "Like any other woman"

+key: e bukur

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Armend Rexhepagiqi Video - Shkel

Armend Rexhepagiqi videoklip
"Shkel" eng. "I obey you"
Album: "Shkel" (2005)

This clip won Armend the "Best All" award in Music VideoFest competition held in Prishtina, 24th April 2006.

Ramadan Krasniqi Video - Fjalet qe na ndane

Ramadan Krasniqi - DANI videoklip
"Fjalet qe na ndane" eng. "Words that separated us"
Text by: Arsim Bunjaku
Music by: Afrim Macula

also: cka na mbet nga dashuria

Selami Kolonja Videos

Selami Kolonja Video Pages:
  1. Gugu ftua
  2. Vajza e enderrave (eng."Dream girl")

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Merita Bunjaku Video - E ke treguar vehten

Merita Bunjaku videoklip
"E ke treguar vehten" veten eng. "You've exposed yourself"

Asgje Sikur Dielli Video - Ndodhemi

Asgje Sikur Dielli Video

Rock band formed mid 90's. Members: Alban Nimani (lead singer), Bujar Hundozi (guitar), Visar Qeska (bass), Fatos Berisha (drums).

Poni Video - Dashuria Labe

Poni videoklip
"Dashuria labe"
Album: "Dashuria labe"

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gre3n & Kushtrim Hoxha - Pa lidhje

Gre3n feat Kushtrim Hoxha videoklip/clip
"Pa lidhje" eng. "No connection"
1st Single

This is a remake of the 80's song "Pa lidhje" by Dardan Shkreli. Members of the Gre3n band are: Faton Hasani (drums), Dren Abazi (Guitar), Guri Shkodra (Guitar), Dren Ukmata (bass guitar). Kushtrim Hoxha who is better known as actor is the guest vocal in this single.

Oran G feat Xhema - Ti je Sexy

Oran G feat Xhema a.k.a. Jemayli
"Ti je sexy" eng. "You're sexy"

Motrat Mustafa Video - Nese je penduar

Motrat Mustafa videoklip
"Nese je penduar" eng. "If you feel sorry"
Album: "Si dikur"

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Cocaine

Zanfina Ismajli videoklip
"Kokaina" eng. "Cocaine"

also: ismaili

Zanfina is this time raising awareness, in her own style, about dangers coming from using drugs.

Selami Kolonja Video - Gugu Ftua

Selami Kolonja videoklip
"Gugu Ftua"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shpat Kasapi Video - Kush te ndau prej meje

Shpat Kasapi Music Video
Title: "Kush te ndau prej meje" (2006)
Video: Video Art Gjilan

Alban Skenderaj Video - Thirrje e deshperuar

Alban Skenderaj videoklip
"Thirrje e deshperuar" eng. "Desperate Cry"

Meda Video - Ah Dashni

Meda (Mehdin Pergjegjaj) videoklip
"Ah Dashni" eng. "My love..."

also: pergjecaj

It is often said, his music is not original (meaning albanian), but some kind of music known as "tallava" (roma music). However, according to some sources, he had the highest CD sales figure in 2005. So, where is the truth? Or better, what is that people are bothered about Meda's way of singing, while at the same time so many people are loving it? Have your say!

West Side Family Video - Une dua A.A.

West Side Family videoklip
"Une dua A..A.." eng. "I love A..A.."

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hashim Shala & Tahir Drenica Video - Sheherli e Katunar

Hashim Shala & Tahir Drenica Video
"Sheherli e Katunar"

Excellent performance by two veterans of albanian folk rhapsody using traditional instruments "cifteli" (Hashim) and "sharki" (Tahir). Cifteli is a wonder music instrument that can play complex music with only two strings.

Emira Ademi Video - Mallkim per ty

Emira Ademi videoklip
"Mallkim per ty" eng. "Your damnation"

Anxhela Peristeri Video - Ishe Mbret

Anxhela Peristeri videoklip
"Ishe mbret"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Arta Bajrami Video - Nije ket sen

Arta Bajrami videoklip
"Nije ket sen" eng. "Hear this"

Nora Mucaj Video - Shko

Nora Mucaj videoklip
"Shko" eng. "Go away"

also: muqaj leonora

Big Mama Video - Zbritje Sezonale

Big Mama videoklip
"Zbritje sezonale" eng. "Season Sale"
Album: "Zbritje sezonale"
Text by: Avni Qahili

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Faraoni G - O Moj Pavaresi

Music Video
Artist: Faraoni G
Title: "O moj Pavaresi"
Video: Koperativa

Eliza Hoxha Video - Mos i mbyll syte

Eliza Hoxha videoklip
"Mos i mbyll syte" eng."Don't close your eyes"
Album: Eliza 100%

Mimoza Mustafa Videos

Mimoza Mustafa Video Pages:
  1. Pa koment eng. "No comment" "Speechless"
  2. Tri dite si tre mije vjete (&Shkumbin Kryeziu)
  3. Roberesha eng. "Slave"
  4. Abrakadabra
  5. Merrma Endrren eng. "Take my dream away"
  6. Nje Minute eng. "One Minute"
  7. Mua m'len me faj eng. "You're blaming me"
  8. Me e forte eng. "Stronger"
  9. Bora e pare (Labia 1 Gezuar 2008)
  10. Si buka je (Top Fest 5 2008)
  11. Buka
Mimoza Mustafa

Vjollca Bucaj Video - Takimi i pare

Vjollca Bucaj videoklip
"Takimi i pare" eng."First date"

also: vjollce

Bagpipe (gajde) is back! More and more modern videoclips are incorporating this unique music instrument. Love the sound of the bagpipe.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Shkelzen Jetishi (XENI) Video - Potpuri

Shkelzen Jetishi - Xeni

Enjoy more music from Gjakova.

Zenel Doli Video - Elif Elif senja me tete

Zenel Doli video
Title: "Elif Elif senja me tete"
Album: "Per gezim ne valle" (with Shkelzen Jetishi)

Here you have a chance to listen to good albanian folk music from Gjakova.

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Nena loke

Ermal Fejzullahu videoklip
Title: "Nena loke"
Album: "Pse me ike" (2006)

In the video, the granny role is played by Nexhmije Pagarusha. The other gentleman, not sure who he is, perhaps someone can help with the name. Interestingly, Nexhmije can be spotted in several recent videoclips and music festivals. She is our albanian prima donna and one should be honored to have her presence.

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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