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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shyhrete Behluli Video - Moj e mira e kesaj mahalle

Shyhrete Behluli video
"Moj e mira e kesaj mahalle"
Album: "Moj fisnike"

How do you translate the title of this song?
How about "Oh moj beauty of this Mahalle" he he, sounds cool hey.

Enjoy Shyhrete's song, our perfect folk singer.

Arta Bajrami Video - Femer shqiptare

Arta Bajrami Music Video
Title: "Femer shqiptare"
Album: "Femer shqiptare"
Video: Video Art

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Votra Videos

Votra Video Pages:
  1. Kur te kam prane
  2. Perseri
  3. Ne oret e vona

Aferdita Demaku Videos

Aferdita Demaku Video Pages:
  1. Potpuri (Dita e Darsmes - Wedding Day)
  2. Po ku je burre i dheut
  3. Vjehrra
  4. Pse ke syte kaq te bukur (& Mirash Bardheci)
  5. Kujt ia fale zemren
  6. Kush po t'bahet nuse
  7. Gurbetqari im (Polifest 2008 Folk)
Aferdita Demaku

Irma Libohova Video - Preke hunden

Irma Libohova videoklip
"Preke hunden" eng. "Touch your nose"

Greta Koci Video - Dashuri pa shije

Greta Koci Music Video
Title: "Dashuri pa shije" eng. "Tasteless love"

Greta is only 15 years old, from Tirana. Her hobby is acting, however, she became very active in the music industry last year and is making a very good progress. Participated in several music festivals e.g. Kenga Magjike ("Kam Mall"), Mikrofoni Art ("Dua") etc. and made few videoclips too. She has been quoted saying that she likes to sing live and enjoys pubs and clubs. Rumours say she bought a black Chevrole costing 24,000 euros, exactly on the 666 day (6th, June 2006), the Mark of the Beast day. Also, there is something going on between her and Ermal Fejzullahu, though she says that they are only colleagues. She cooperates with many artists e.g Erio Korini ("Kush ka faj"), and composers like Darko Dimitrov. Great future in showbiz its being planned for her.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Votra Video - Kur te kam prane

Votra Band videoklip
"Kur te kam prane" eng. "When I have you close by..."

In the video, the guy in red BMW is... of course Ermal Fejzullahu. he he... he can do acting too! Does anyone know, is there any connection (I mean close family connection) between the band and Ermal. Also, if you know the names of Votra members, please drop a comment. Not sure really, but I read somewhere that the vocal's name is Armend Fejzullahu... don't know if true.

Hana Band Video - Paradox

Hana Band video clip klip

+tag: kaltrina selimi bend

Alban Skenderaj Video - Ky ritem (This rhythm)

Alban Skenderaj videoklip
"Ky ritem" eng. "This rhythm..."

Alban is born in 1982 in Lushnje. However, family origins are from Vlora. He moved to Italy with his family when he was 15 years old. He came back to Albania last year to participate in Top Fest Music Festival where he won 1st prize. As if that was not enough, he repeated the same thing in this year's Top Fest, scooping 1st prize with Kthjellu band. This guy means business... Enjoy!

p.s. if you know anything interesting about him, don't hesitate to post in the comments section. Dini ndonje gje interesante per Albanin, p.sh. kush eshte e dashura e tij etj. mos harroni te shtoni komentin tuaj!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nora Istrefi Video - E di

Nora Istrefi videoklip
"E di" eng. "I know..."
Album: "Opium" (July 2006)

This is a video from the concert "Hello America", organised July 2006 and she looks blazing hot.

Nora did promote her new album beginning of July 2006 and released the accompanying video clip "Nje Djale". The video clip did not reach the expected popularity, comparing to the success of her previous clips "Negativ" (that won her Best Pop award in Video Fest 2006) and "Pse te dua" etc. I personally think that, had she gone with a clip with this song "E di" or maybe "Stereotip", her album would have gained much more in popularity. I would expect Nora to release new videoclip to restore her previous image.

Jonida Maliqi Videos

Jonida Maliqi Video Pages:
  1. Papagalli i dashurise (Kenga Magjike 2005)
  2. Fli tani
  3. Zgjohu
  4. "Mother TVSH" (&Gjergj Leka,Kthehem te Dielen)

Mirsa Kerceli Video - Indiferent

Mirsa Kerceli Music Video
Album: "Nuk e di" (2006)
+tag: kerqeli kercilli kerqili

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kthjellu Video - Doja te ishe ajo

Kthjellu rock band videoklip (missed few seconds at the beginning)
"Doja te ishe ajo" eng. "I wanted you to be her"

Beside scooping the 1st Prize in Top Fest 3 2006 (with Alban Skenderaj), Kthjellu (Mentor Haziri, Adnan Sinani, Valon Isufi ...) are also receiving international recognition. One of our visitors, left a comment about Kthjellu that deserves attention:

"I would Like to say that Kthjellu especially the Lead Singer Mentor Haziri is one of the Best Rock Singer i have ever heard ... i can see his other songs are not in the website and would like to ask the webmaster to put them in.. you will be amazed with his voice. I live in US and I participated in his MTV Performance.. People you cant Imagine 20.000 spectators were singing Kthjellu-s Songs and MTV Director was Surprised and amazed with their performance, he later stated that "Kthjellu Survived the Show" and his impressions about Kthjellu. Very soon we will be seeing Kthjellu on MTV London that is a Secret Info i have heard lately.
Kthjellu is on MTV Webpage too, follow the link:

Congratulations and i am very Proud that Finaly came Up a Rock Albanian Band to represent us on MTV. Go Kthjellu ..... "

Thanks for the heads up!

In the video, the young lady is Teuta Krasniqi, sister of Memli Krasniqi (popular albanian rapper and musician). Teuta is a professional actress and became popular playing in the comedy shows like "Kafeneja Jone" (KTV Production) and "Perralla me tupan" (RTK Production). The old lady appearing by the end of the video is the doyenne of folk and opera music in Kosova and a living music voice legend, Nexhmije Pagarusha, as many call her the real prima donna. She is 73 years old and everyone remembers her how she sang "Baresha" of Rifat Kukaj. Incredible voice. For those wishing to hear her singing go here. Nexhmije also appears in a new video of Ermal Fejzullahu "Nena loke".

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Djali qe te do

Ermal Fejzullahu videoklip
"Djali qe te do" eng. "The one who loves you..."
Album: "Pse me ike" (2006)

Ermal, son of Sabri Fejzullahu. Like father, like son!
He seems to have lost in weight in recent videos. Is he in love or is it something else. What do you think? Any gossip about him you know, leave in the comment section.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Shkurte Fejza Video - Mora fjale

Shkurte Fejza videoklip
"Mora fjale" eng. "I've got words to make a song for you"

This is such a touching performance by one of the finest albanian folk singers. Here she sings a song dedicated to our national hero, Adem Jashari (28.11.1955 - 06.03.1998), who sacrificed himself and his family in the cause of Kosova independence. On 5th March 1998, large serbian forces, with tanks and other armoured vehicles, attacked Prekaz and killed 58 ethnic Albanians from Jashari family, including 28 women and children. According to the only survivor of the massacre, one of Adem's nieces, "bali Adem" died singing the Albanian national anthem. Drenica region of Kosova is a well known for its resistance to different occupiers and regimes. This is the place where Shota and Azem Galica came from; Shaban Polluzha, who fought against Serb, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian forces; then Tahir Meha who fought Serb forces in 1981. In 2004, Ibrahim Rugova, president of Kosova awarded Adem Jashari the highest order Hero of Kosova along with Isa Boletini, Hasan Prishtina, and Bajram Curri.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eli Fara Video - Leskovik o fryn nje ere

Eli Fara videoklip
"Leskovik o fryn nje ere"

Eli is a famous albanian singer from Korca who lives in New York.

videospot of Eli.

Rovena Stefa Video - Llokum

Rovena Stefa Music Video
"Llokum" eng. not sure but maybe "You're my candy" or sweetie

Tingulli 3nt feat Elvana Gjata - Te 2

Tingulli 3nt feat Elvana Gjata
"Te 2" eng."You and me make the 2 of us" or something like that
Album: Babes (2006)

also: te dy

In the video two known music faces appear too: Memli Krasniqi and Naim Abazi. Memli is a well known albanian rapper (member of Ritmi Rruges band), probably one of the first ones who performed alba hop music, as he calls it, from his early age and his music inspired and influenced many other albanian hip hop/ rap artists in the years to come e.g. Blero's hit "Kthehu ti" is one example of a successful cooperation with Memli. Naim is a singer too (folk genre mostly) who is in fact better known as a tv presenter/moderator(remember Telebingo). His wife Mihrije Braha is getting more popularity than him as far as the music and singing is concerned.

If you can recognise any of other guests in this video, please leave your input in the comments section. Not sure, but the lady with a black hat, that appears in the second part of the video, is that Elvana or perhaps someone else e.g. Eliza Hoxha?

p.s.meantime, we have spotted Flori and DJ Blunt on this video too.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Zanfina Ismajli Video - 1st Prize Summer Festival

Zanfina Ismajli videoklip (original)
"As i fundit as i pari" eng. "You're not the last nor the first" or perhaps better "You are not the only one" ... even better "Who gives a damn about you" he he... pardon me... I am not that good in translations.

also: ismaili

Zanfina won 1st prize with this song in this years Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006". Seems that Zanfina is pushing her career forward day by day. As more and more think that Adelina (her sister) is prone to retiring from show biz soon, some speculate that perhaps Zanfina will try to fill the gap. Or maybe she would not want to be associated with her sister at all, while she can make a good show biz name of her own. What do you think, he?

I must admit, the video compression is sometime spoiling the finest details of the video. Some videos look over compressed.

Monika Salihu Videos

Monika Salihu Video Pages:
  1. A po don ti pak (2nd Prize Celesi Muzikor 2006)
  2. U lost baby
  3. Wow

+tag: saliu

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jehona Sopi Video - Me shtyj perpara

Jehona Sopi videoklip
"Me shtyj perpara" eng."Good friends for bad times"

Sponsored by the government to raise awareness on danger from unexploded mines and its dedicated to all victims of such misfortunes.

This is a beautiful song performed so beautifully by Jehona.

Sinan Hoxha Video - Me hir a me pahir

Sinan Hoxha videoclip
"Me hir a me pahir" eng. "Intentionally or not intentionally"

Monday, August 21, 2006

Adrian Gaxha Video - Brilante

Adrian Gaxha videoklip - "Brilante"

also: adrijan

What a come back by Adrian? What do you think?

Rrufeja feat 2 po 2 - Pendimi ndaj jetes

Rrufeja feat 2po2 videoklip/clip/spot
"Pendimi ndaj jetes" eng. "Regret about life"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mariza Ikonomi Videos

Mariza Ikonomi Video Pages:
  1. Edhe fati qan (&Erion Korini)
  2. Per Ty
  3. Afer
  4. Ku eshte dashuria (3rd Place Festivali 45 RTSH)
  5. E Di (& Erik)
  6. Mall i tretur (Festivali 46 RTSH)
  7. S'te kam harruar
Mariza Ikonomi

The Dreams Video - Mos Fustanin

The Dreams videoclip
"Mos fustanin"

Mirsa Kerceli Video - Dashuria kushton

Mirsa Kerceli videoklip music video
"Dashuria kushton" eng. "Love is costly"
+tag: kerqeli, kercelli

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Leonora Jakupi Video - Zgjohuni shqipetare

Leonora Jakupi videoklip
"Zgjohuni shqipetare"

Here you have a chance to see Leonora dressed in albanian traditional costume and singing a patriotic song.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Viagra & Mc Mimo ft.Tingulli 3nt - Na jem

Viagra & Mc Mimo feat Tingulli 3nt (Getoar)
"Na jem" eng. "We are"

Ejup Rexha Video - Gyrbeti

Ejup Rexha Music Video
"Gyrbeti" eng. "Being away from home..."
Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku

also: gurbet

The word gyrbet/gurbet has a turkish/arabic origin and it means something like "foreign". Albanians use this term too since our language was influenced by 500 year turkish/ottoman rule. In this video it basically means being away from your home, in other country abroad or continent, for a particular purpose such is: working to support your family, fleeing from state persecution etc. and usually those people have a strong nostalgia for their homeland. Ejup is singing such a song where he is damning "gyrbet" for changing his life, being away from the loved ones, finding that after he returned (now that we are free from persecution), many of his friends aren't alive anymore etc. Albanians did have a harsh life and they had to or were forced to leave their homeland, throughout this century, the most recent being the war in Kosova. Many have never returned and their descendants can now be found scattered around the world, from USA, Europe and including Australia and New Zealand. However, time is now working on albanians favour and the Eagle is now flying freely above the albanian lands.

Gurbetqare, ndegjone kete kenge me vemendje!

+tag: regja

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teuta Selimi Video - Cka po dojme

Teuta Selimi videoklip
Title: "Cka po dojme"... na po bojme eng. "We do what we want..."
Album: Non stop (2005)

Listen now to some sunshine reggae music...!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuna Video - Testament

Altuna Sejdiu - Tuna video (Kenga Magjike 2005/Magic Song 2005)

Adelina Berisha Video - Barabar

Adelina Berisha videoklip
"Barabar" eng. "We are even.."

Adelina is a young singer with a promising future. She was seen in Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006" where she scooped one of the Zico Company prizes, I think it was something for successful first time appearance or similar.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ciljeta Video - Tekila

Ciljeta Xhilaga video clip klip

+tag: tekilla

Xhema aka Jemayli Videos

Xhema a.k.a. Jemayli Video Pages:

  1. Hey Mama
  2. Ti je sexy (feat Oran G)
  3. Plus d'espoir
  4. Me kete flow

+tag: xhemajl bellaja belaja

Xhema aka Jemayli

Adriatik Lota Tiki Video - Potpuri Valle

Adriatik Lota aka Tiki video.
"Potpuri valle" eng."Folk mish mash".. just joking, but yes its folk music instrumental performed by this excellent clarinettist.

Clarinet is a prominent instrument in albanian folk music. Klezmer (eastern europian jewish instrumental music) is another folk genre where clarinet is widely used.

As Andrea Kirkby put it "Albania is a fascinating country for musicologist... a completely new sound world, and a fascinating one that not many seem to know about". Well, here you have a chance to enjoy a great albanian instrumental with clarinet as the lead music instrument. But, this is just a small portion of albanian music "menu" where music instruments of kind that you may have never seen before, perform a beautiful music that will make you green with envy! Enjoy!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Blero feat Mc Kresha Video - M'shele gojen

Blerim Muharremi aka Blero feat McKresha
"M'shele gojen" also: mshile gojen
eng. "Shut your mouth..."
The song is from his latest album "Blero" that was promoted June 2006.

Blero was a guest of RTK's "Summer Coctail" Show programme, August 2006.
How did they get in the middle of the pool without getting wet? he he...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Naser Berisha Video - Dy pas mesnate

Naser Berisha video - Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006"
"Dy pas mesnate" eng. "2 o'clock after midnight"
Music & Text by: Dardan Shkreli
Orchestra: Axel M

Aurora Video - Gezuar Pavaresine

Aurora videoklip
"Gezuar Pavaresine" pavarsine
eng. "Happy Independence..."

Music & Text by Nazmi Sfishta. Orchestra: Artan Rexhepi
Members of the band: Nazmi Sfishta, Yll Valla, Alban Mehmeti & Yll Zajmi.

Sensing the independence is becoming reality, Aurora released this song hoping to become a chart breaker.

Elita 5 Video - Faleminderit

Elita 5 videoclip
"Faleminderit" eng. "Thank you"

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Adelina Berisha Videos

Adelina Berisha video pages:
  1. Barabar eng. "We're even"
  2. Merre veten me te mire (Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006")
  3. Une jam ajo

Adelina Berisha Video - Merre veten me te mire

Adelina Berisha video - Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006"
Title: "Merre veten me te mire" eng. "Take it easy..."
Text: Aida Baraku
Music: Armend Rexhepagiqi

Nora Istrefi Video - Taxi

Nora Istrefi video (tv performance) - "Taxi"

Tell me she is not hot...! I will not believe you!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Rrugaqi Art Video - Malli (Nostalgia)

Rrugaqi Art (rrugaqi i arte) videoklip
"Malli" eng. "Nostalgia"

There is another version of this song featuring Rebel aka Unikkatil.
No big difference, but just an inset of Unikkatil.

Ingrit Gjoni Video - Jek e jek

Ingrit Gjoni videoklip - "Jek e jek"
+tag: ingrid

Ilir Shaqiri Video - Dridhe Shkup e Shkoder

Ilir Shaqiri videoklip
"Dridhe Shkup e Shkoder"

DJ Blunt Videos

DJ Blunt Video Pages:

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anxhela Peristeri Video - Genjeshtra dashurie

Anxhela Peristeri videoklip
"Genjeshtra dashurie" eng. "Love lies"

Albert Popaj Videos

Albert Popaj Video Pages:
  1. Shkruaj ne emailin tim
  2. Te du s'te du

also: alberti

Albert Popaj

Kthjellu Videos

Kthjellu Video Pages:
  1. Kerkoj
  2. Dicka eng. "Something" (&Alban Skenderaj,1st Prize Top Fest 3)
  3. Doja te ishe ajo eng. "Wish you were her"
  4. Dhoma (Festivali 46 RTSH)
+tag: Adnan Sinani, Mentor Haziri,Valon Isufi

Labinot Tahiri Video - Me ndenja mos luaj

Labinot Tahiri - Labi videoklip
"Me ndenja mos luaj" luj eng. "Don't play with feelings"

More or less, this is the song that made him famous, I think.

Elvana Gjata Videos

Elvana Gjata Video Pages:
  1. Parajsa (with Flori, Julka & Orinda)
  2. Te 2 (dy) (as guest of Tingulli 3nt)
  3. Te kam xhan (Kenga Magjike 2005)
  4. Mames
  5. Ani ani loqka jem (live, Insomnia Club)
  6. Ku jeton dashuria (Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007)
  7. Ku jeton dashuria (3rd Prize Kenga Magjike 2007)
  8. Vetes
  9. Vetes (Remix)
Elvana Gjata

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jonida Maliqi Video - Fli tani

Jonida Maliqi Music Video
Title: "Fli tani"

Vesa Luma & Benet Kaci - Bija e dikujt

Vesa Luma & Benet Kaci (Kaqi) Music Video
Title: "Bija e dikujt" eng. "Someone's daughter"

This video is sponsored by IOM under the motto:
"Stop to trafficking of human beings"

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oran G Videos

Oran G Video Pages:
  1. Dridhe Trupin, feat Mentor Kurtishi
  2. Ti je sexy, feat Xhema aka Jemayli

Monika Salihu Video - A po don ti pak

Monika Salihu videoklip
Title: "A po don ti pak" eng. "Do you want some?"
Text by: Monika Salihu
Music by: Burim Shala

This song won 2nd Prize in Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006" held in Prishtina 4th August 2006. In fact, 2nd place was shared with Bertan Asllani.

Monika is the daughter of the famous boxer Aziz Salihu (now boxing trainer).

WMA track of this video here (mono)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bertan Asllani Video - Fukara pa dashuri

Bertan Asllani video - "Fukara pa dashuri" eng. "Poor and without love", "Poor and loveless" or "Poor and lonely" aaaa....poor boy. I doubt it!
Text by: Bertan Asllani
Music and Orchestra by: Artan Kastrati

2nd Prize, Festivali Veror "Celesi Muzikor 2006", Prishtina 4th August 2006.
Bertan shared 2nd place with Monika Salihu.

Bertani kete radhe pa qika tmira!

WMA track of this video here (mono)

Alban Skenderaj Videos

Alban Skenderaj Video Pages:
  1. Dicka (& Kthjellu, 1st Prize Top Fest 3)
  2. Ky ritem eng."This rhythm"
  3. Thirrje e deshperuar eng. "Desperate cry"
  4. Eklips eng. Eclipse (song from 45th RTSH Festival)
  5. Larg dhe afer
  6. Nje Here Ne Jete

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Agenda Video - Bota Jone

Agenda videoklip/clip
"Bota jone" eng. "Our world"
presented in Top Fest 2

Zanfina Ismajli Video - As i fundit, as i pari

Zanfina Ismajli Video - "As i fundit, as i pari" eng. "neither last, neither first one" he he the golden middle...

Text & Music by Florian Mumajesi - Flori

This is the song from "Festivali Veror Celesi Muzikor 2006" that goes something like this "The Music Key (Clef) Summer Festival" gosh... hard to translate, but, just to give you an idea to those who don't understand albanian, even though, there is no point in translating titles as they don't make sense sometime. The festival was held in Prishtina, Friday 4th August 2006 and was organised by Zico Company as the main sponsor. Moderators were Armend and Laura. Some good names participated (besides the main winners), like, Gresa Behluli alias Gressa, Anjeza Branka, Naser Berisha, Big Mama, Gold AG, Lori, Mad Lion, Emira Ademi, Koza Nostra, Albina's Band, Vjollca Haxhiu, Berkani, Lirie Dedvukaj, Genta Mucaj, Adelina Berisha, Shpendos feat Burim Shala, Dafina Dauti, Ridi MC, Rajmond Prenaj, Fibi, Gazmend Rexhepi etc. forgive me if I forgot someone. As guests were Ryva Kajtazi, Aurora and Rovena Stefa.

There were many prizes distributed but the main ones went as follows:

- Zanfina won 1st Prize.
- 2nd Prize was shared between Bertan Asllani - "Fukara pa dashuri" and Monika Salihu - "A po don ti pak". By the way, Monika is the daughter of Aziz Salihu, a famous boxer.
- 3rd Prize went to, in fact shared again, between Donjeta Krasniqi - "Jeto castin" and Tina - "Edhe kete vere".

Worth mentioning that special event prizes were awarded to music veterans, Nexhmije Pagarusha, Bashkim Paquku (Pacuku) and Shpresa Gashi as our music treasures of all time.

Prizes were presented by Avni Qahili.

Now listen to the winning song below and I want your comments, lots of comments.
Shiqoni kengen fituese me poshte dhe ju lutem, si gjithnje, leni komente sa ma shume, mos t'ju vie marre, t'mira t'kqija, sasht me rendesi. Me rendesi eshte te jepni mendimin sido qe te jete. Enjoy!

WMA audio track of this video here (in mono)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mariola Video - Te verdhat gersheta

Mariola videoklip
"Te verdhat gersheta"

Shkurte Fejza Video - Djali i Dukagjinit

Shkurte Fejza videoklip - "Djali i Dukagjinit" eng. "Boy from Dukagjin" he he...
Shkurte is truly amazing. She sings for so many years now and she has changed none. She looks young and her singing voice is better than ever. Gresa Behluli is her daughter and she too is making a music career of her own. If you did not know, Shyhrete Behluli (another doyenne of albanian folk music) is Gresa's aunt.

Shkurtja eshte nje kengetare e vertete!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shkurte Fejza Videos

Shkurta Fejza Video Pages:
  1. Nuk ndahet Mitrovica (Mitrovica cannot be divided)
  2. E Kam Emrin Kosovar (1997)
  3. Mora Fjale
  4. Djali i Dukagjinit (Boy from Dukagjin)
  5. Lutja e te varferit (Prayer of the poor)
  6. Gezuar Vitin e Ri (with Shyhrete, Mahmut etc.)
  7. As ne Prishtine, as ne Tirane
  8. Lulet e Gurbetit
  9. Gezuar me Stupcat 2008
  10. Gezuar me Tupan 2008
  11. Pavaresia
  12. Pavaresia (org.clip)
  13. Malli
Shkurte Fejza

Mad Lion Videos

Mad Lion Video Pages:
  1. Molla me Sherbet (feat Don Arbas)
  2. Krejt Mahalla n'Disko (feat Hekuran Krasniqi)
  3. Emine (performance at Perralle me tupan)
  4. Mos m'thuj (feat SpeyA & Mendi)

Mad Lion ft.Hekuran - Krejt Mahalla n'Disko

Mad Lion (Luan Zeqiri) feat Hekuran Krasniqi videoklip
"Krejt mahalla n'disko" eng. "Everybody lets Disco tonight" or something like that.
Director: Alban Makolli
Album: "200km n'ore" (this is 2nd album promoted July 2006)

Here we go Hekuran Krasniqi again, now as a guest of Mad Lion. He seems to be everywhere. I guess the guy has some qualities, has'nt he! Goxha video e fort me qika tmira!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aurora Videos

Aurora Video Pages:

  1. Le le kaqurrele
  2. Sexy
  3. Catch me
  4. Gezuar Pavaresine eng. "Happy Independence"
  5. Pizza Dona
  6. Prishtina (feat Ismet Beqiri)
  7. Per Mua Ishe Ti
  8. Amaneti (feat Lendita Selimi)
  9. Universal
  10. Mia Aferdita (feat Aferdita Pllana)

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Machiato Band Video - Fustani

Machiato Band videoklip - "Fustani" eng. "The dress" or "Your dress" don't know!
Have you seen Hekuran Krasniqi perform solo in another video clip "Per ty"?
Paa... sa mire pe knon!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ritmi i Rruges Videos

Ritmi i Rruges Video Pages:
  1. Ushtari i Rruges eng. "Street Soldier"
  2. Perjetesisht eng. "Eternally"

Zajmina Videos

Zajmina Video Pages:
  1. Bonito (ft. Kastro Zizo)
  2. S'te Dua (eng. I don't love you)
  3. Sonte me prit , Mikrofoni Arte 2006 (eng. Wait for me tonight)
  4. Mos thuaj jo, eng. Don't say no (Top Fest 4)
  5. Chupa Chupa (ft. Kastro Zizo)
  6. Zarfe Trendafilash (ft.Rati)

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Zajmina Vasjari

Zajmina Video - S'te dua

Zajmina videoklip
"S'te dua" eng. "I don't love you"

Mimoza Mustafa Video - Pa koment

Mimoza Mustafa Video Klip
"Pa koment" eng. "No comment" "Speechless"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meda (Mehdin Pergjegjaj) Video - Pse nuk qohesh me vallzu

Meda (Mehdin Pergjecaj) videoklip
"Pse nuk qohesh me vallezue" vallzu, hidhe vallen
eng. "Come and join the dance"

Hekuran Krasniqi Video - Per Ty

Hekuran Krasniqi Video Klip - "Per ty" eng. "for you"
Brilliant performance!

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