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Friday, June 30, 2006

Ledina Celo Video - Vagabonds of Love

Ledina (Lejdina) Celo Video Klip - Vagabond nga dashuria (Vagabonds of Love)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Adem Ramadani Videos

Adem Ramadani Video Pages:
  1. Adem Ramadani Video - O Gurbet
  2. Adem Ramadani Video - Kendo o vella Kuran
  3. Adem Ramadani Video - Duaja e Nanes
  4. Adem Ramadani Video - Pendimi
  5. Adem Ramadani Video - Respekti ndaj prinderve
  6. Adem Ramadani Video - Allahut rob sun ju bana
  7. Adem Ramadani Video - Ti o Muhamed s.a.v.s
  8. Adem Ramadani Video - Shtrati im eshte dheu
  9. Adem Ramadani Video - Mire se erdhe Ramazan
  10. Adem Ramadani Video - Ezani
Adem Ramadani

Shyhrete Behluli Video - Pse

Shyhrete Behluli Video Klip - Pse ("Why?")

Poni Videos

Poni Video Pages:

  1. Dil moj dil
  2. Dashuria labe
  3. Pritem o
  4. Dale moj dale
  5. Si trendafil (Top Fest 4)
  6. C'eshte dashuria
  7. Laberi moj Laberi

+tag: shqiponja karafilaj


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NRG Band Video - Paja Paja

This is the latest music hit by NRG Band. NRG Band has appeared on music arena around year 2000 and thus far has had 2 Albums. Founded by brothers Qaka (Besnik, Arben & Meti) and joined later by the fourth member Vedat Maxhuni.

Enjoy good music by NRG Band!
Pasha syte muzike fantazi. Bravo!

Ingrit Gjoni Videos

Ingrit Gjoni Video Pages:
  1. Perse me mua eng."Why with me"
  2. Jek e jek
  3. Barbi silikon
  4. Vitamina
  5. Weekend (Top Fest 5 final)
  6. Puci Puci (& Ciljeta Xhilaga)
+tag: ingrid
Ingrit Gjoni

Don Arbas Videos

Don Arbas Video Pages:
  1. Molla me sherbet & Mad Lion eng. "Candy apple"
  2. E Shtune "The Dinasty" & Etno Engjujt
  3. Metropolet & Etno Engjujt & Lyrical Son
  4. Je sharmante & Dashnori eng. "You're charming"

Vullnet Marigona Video - Sonte

Vullnet Marigona videoklip
"Sonte" eng. "Tonight"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Nje Pike Loti

Sinan Vllasaliu Video Klip - Nje Pike Loti ("You're my tear drop")

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adelina Ismajli Video - Miredita

Adelina Ismaili Music Video
Video by VideoArt Gjilan
+tag: ismajli

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Soni Malaj - Do Te Vije (Polifest 2006)

Soni Malaj won 3rd Prize in this year's Polifest Music Festival (commercial pop category) held in Prishtina, 17th June 2006.

Title: "Do Te Vije"
Music by: Ardian Hila
Text by: Rozana Radi

Monday, June 19, 2006

Genta Ismajli Video - Me Hare (Polifest 2006)

Genta scooped 2nd Prize in this year's Polifest 2006 (pop genre) held in Prishtina, 17th June 2006. Her performance as usual was stunning.

Song Title: "Me hare"
Music by: Beka
Text by: Beka

Watch and enjoy!

Naser Berisha Videos

Naser Berisha Video Pages:
  1. Do te doja eng. "I wish..."
  2. Dy pas mesnate eng. "2 o'clock after midnight" from Summer Festival "Celesi Muzikor 2006"
  3. Nese shkon eng. "If you go"
  4. Jeta eshte elefant eng. "Life is an elephant"
  5. Pergjithmone eng. "Forever"
Naser Berisha

Sinan Vllasaliu Videos

Sinan Vllasaliu Video Pages:
  1. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Niset trimi per n'gyrbet
  2. Sinan & Gili Video - Prap se Prap (Polifest 2006)
  3. Sinan & Gili Video - Prap se Prap (Original clip)
  4. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Nje Pike Loti
  5. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Mos ja falni
  6. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Mos ja falni (Original clip)
  7. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Kollazh Live (DEA Giga Show 2008)
  8. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Une nuk jam si ti (DEA Mega Show 2008)
  9. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Pa fat (& Nora Istrefi, RTK Oxygen)
  10. Sinan Vllasaliu Video - Pa fat (& Nora Istrefi, Org.Clip)
Sinan Vllasaliu

Sinan & Gili - Prap se Prap (Polifest 2006)

Gili (Fevzije Berani) & Sinan Vllasaliu were awarded the 1st Prize in this year's Polifest 2006 (Pop music category) held in Prishtina, 17th June.

Title of the song: "Prap se Prap"
Music by: Ilir Berani (Gili's partner)
Text by: Ilir Berani

A well deserved prize.

Gili (Fevzije Berani) Videos

Gili (Fevzije Berani) Video pages:

  1. Asgje me vete s'ke me marre
  2. Prap se Prap (&Sinan Vllasaliu,Polifest 2006)
  3. Prap se Prap (&Sinan Vllasaliu,Original Clip)
  4. Ditet e fundit eng."The last days" (&Ardit Stafaj)
  5. Me kast eng."On purpose"
  6. Dy dakika eng. "Two TimeTicks"
  7. I braktisur kur te jesh (Haram te qofte puthja ime)
  8. Me Shampanje (RTV21 Gezuar 2008)
  9. Oh sa budalle

also: fevzie


Berkani Videos

Berkani Video Pages:

  1. Ekstravagante
  2. Kriza
  3. Nje ne nje million eng. "One in a million" (Kenga Magjike 2006)
  4. Te dashuroj (Top Fest 4 2007)
  5. Maraton
  6. Rruget (Labia 2008)

+tag: berkan ahmeti


Berkani Video - Ekstravagante

Berkan Ramadani alias Berkani videoklip
Title: "Ekstravagante"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Adem Ramadani Video - Mire se erdhe Ramazan

Adem Ramadani videoklip/videoclip
"Mire se erdhe Ramazan"

Genta Ismajli Euro Video Grand Prix

Genta Ismajli Video Clip - Posesiv/Possessive (Euro Video Grand Prix 2006, 3rd June)
Genta won 3rd place. Well done to Genta! Te lumte!

Leni mbresat e juaja ne lidhje me performancen e Gentes ne Euro Video.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Edona Llalloshi Videos

Edona Llaloshi Video Pages:
  1. Beat Box
  2. S'dua hic
  3. Pike ne zemer
  4. Per ty po flas & Milot
  5. Zemergure
  6. Ika nga ti
  7. Dite per dite
  8. Mos luaj me zjarr (RTV21 Gezuar 2008)

Its now been a long time since Edona has risen her career as a superstardom vocalist nationally and abroad. Through out the years, Edona has convinced and persuaded so many of our spectators with her natural and finest look. Despite her melodious and superb voice , Edona is a very decent and decorous person, who has always avoided being a controversy celebrity on the public eyes. She always regarded her first love and marriage as a very valuable and sacred moment of her life. After a year of marriage, Edona announces her divorce with her ex-husband to the general public! (by Fatbardha, 14.11.06)

Edona Llalloshi

Cobra Video - Jeta Eshte Rrene

Cobra Video Klip - Jeta eshte rrene ("Life is full of lies")

Adem Ramadani Video - Shtrati im eshte dheu

Adem Ramadani videoklip/videoclip
"Shtrati im eshte dheu"

Gem Belushi Videos

Gem Belushi Video Pages:
  1. No Sir No Serr
  2. What's that about ft. Kash & Luck

Gem Belushi ft.Kash & Luck - What's that about

Gem Belushi ft. Kash One & Luck video klip
"What's that about"

Friday, June 16, 2006

Adem Ramadani Video - Ti o Muhamed s.a.v.s

Adem Ramadani videoklip/videoclip
"Ti o Muhamed s.a.v.s"

Lori Videos

Loreta Kacka - Lori Video Pages:
  1. Mos luaj
  2. Vec i imi eng. "He is mine only"
  3. Non Stop
  4. Netet qe ti fala eng. "Nights I gifted you"
  5. Dridhet zemra eng. "Trembling heart"
  6. Kolazh Live
  7. Profiter i dashurise eng. "Love profiteer"
  8. Kater Puthje eng. "Four Kisses"
  9. Amerika (Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007)
  10. Amerika (Kenga Magjike 2007, Original Clip)
  11. Gezuar me Tupan 2008
  12. Ende te dua (Gezuar me Stupcat 2008)
  13. Vajza Shqiptare (Gezuar me Stupcat 2008)
  14. Shen Valentini (2nd Place, Polifest 2008)

Kastro Zizo-Zaimina Video - Bonito

Kastro Zizo & Zaimina Video Klip - Bonito

Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Edona Llalloshi Video - S'dua hic

Edona Llalloshi videoklip
"S'dua hic" eng. "I want none of your friendship" she means she needs love instead. Music & Lyrics by Ilir Berani; Orchestration by Xhevdet Gashi

Unfortunately, Edona had some bad luck with her first marriage. She split not long after getting married. All her fans are devastated by this, because she deserves luck in her love.

tag+: hiq

Adem Ramadani Video - Allahut rob sun ju bana

Adem Ramadani videoklip/videoclip
"Allahut rob sun ju bana"

also: all-llahut

Vullnet Marigona Videos

Vullnet Marigona Video Pages:
  1. Me Plase
  2. Nese do t'me afrohesh
  3. Ah sa keq (Top Fest 3 2006, original clip)
  4. Sonte
  5. Ne mes nesh & Anjeza Shahini
  6. Boll ka fol Kulla (project "Me Ramushin" with Mentor Mripa, Adelina Thaqi, Malesori, Fahrush Azemi and Lindita Hakaj)

also: vullnet sefaja

Ermal Mamaqi Video-Mos Harro Te Vish

Ermal Mamaqi Video Klip - Mos Harro Te Vish

Leni komentin tuaj me poshte!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

xGengsTa feat Bardhyl Sumaj Video - Ska ndryshim

xGengsTa feat Bardhyl Sumaj videoklip
"S'ka ndryshim" eng. "No change"
also: xgangsta

Adem Ramadani Video - Respekti ndaj prinderve

Adem Ramadani videoklip/videoclip
"Respekti ndaj prinderve" eng. "Respect for your parents"

Jericho Video - Kur Do t'Pushoj Kjo Kange

Jericho Video Klip - Kur do t'pushoj kjo kenge
There are over 2000 kosovars still missing since the war in Kosova in 1999 as a result of Serbian aggression. Bones of many thousands of victims are still in the hands of Serbian government and they are under no pressure to return them to where they belong. How long is this pain going to last?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

Presioni Videos

Presioni Video Pages:
  1. Me meze e raki
  2. K'tu apo atje (as guest of OG 43)
  3. Nentori i Trete (ft.Unikkatil)
  4. Takin Over (feat Jeton, Gem Bellushi, Luck)

Presioni Video - Me Meze e Raki

Presioni (The Bloody Alboz) Video Klip - Me Meze e Raki

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vjollca Haxhiu Videos

Vjollca Haxhiu Video Pages:
  1. Zdu me u nda
  2. Hajt zemer

+tag: hagjiu

Fatime Kosumi Videos

Fatime Kosumi Video Pages:
  1. Fatime Kosumi Video - I Trent eng. "Crazy man" (as guest of Tingulli 3nt)
  2. Fatime Kosumi Video - Me sy te hapur eng. "With eyes opened"

Mariza Ikonomi & Erion Korini - Edhe Fati Qan

Mariza Ikonomi & Erion Korini Video Klip
"Edhe Fati Qan"
Text by: Kristi

also: erjon

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Produkt 28 Video - Larg

Produkt 28 Video klip - "Larg" (eng.Far away)
Top Fest 3rd edition 2006 song

Adrian Gaxha Videos

Adrian Gaxha Video Pages:
also: adrijan
  1. Shqipes
  2. Thuaj mamit
  3. Te lutem kthehu
  4. Brilante
  5. Vlora ime (feat Driton)
  6. Me mungon (Perralle me tupan)
  7. Sensacion dashurie (ft.Manjola, Top Fest 4)
  8. Me mungon (original clip)
  9. Perfeksioniste
  10. Magija (ft.Jovan Jovanov & Vrcak, alb. Perfeksioniste)
  11. Vo imeto na ljubovta (& Tamara,Vrcak, Eurovision 2008)
  12. Ne emer te dashurise (& Tamara, Vrcak, ESC 2008, alb version)
  13. Dashuri Mistike (& Tamara, Vrchak, ESC 2008, org.clip albanian)
Adrian Gaxha

Adrian Gaxha Video - Shqipes

Adrian Gaxha Video Klip
Title: "Shqipes"
Album: "Thuaj Mamit"

The list of songs with "Thuaj Mamit" album:

Monday, June 05, 2006

Doruntina Disha Videos

Doruntina Disha Video Pages:

  1. Dreamworld
  2. I burn 4 U
  3. Jeta Kerkon Dashuri & Flaka Krelani (2nd Place Festivali 46 RTSH)

Doruntina is albanian singer born in Pristina (1988), who emigrated with her parents to Norway when she was only 4 years old. She is now 18 and lives and studies in Oslo. Participating in a music show called "Power Star Search" organised last year (2005) by Power Hit Radio (similar to well known "Pop Idol" music auditions), made her very famous. She triumphed against other 10 finalists on 7th May 2005 and become an overnight star. Music production company "Dreamfactory" immediately offered to work with her and as a result, she released her first single and video clip on 25th June 2005 entitled "Dreamworld".

Doruntina Disha

Sunday, June 04, 2006

2po2 Video - Hip Hop Shqip feat Imortel

2po2 Video Klip "Hip Hop Shqip" feat. Imortel
2 High Records production

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006

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