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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Leonora Poloska Video - Desperation

Leonora Poloska video - "Desperation"
Soundtrack from "Kosova - Desperate Search" feature movie by Sunaj Raca.

"The film "Kosova-Desperate Search" recounts the repercussions and effects of the Kosovar war on the Albanian population. Ethnic cleansings and other atrocities mentally and physically destroyed the people. The entwined destinies of individual persons and families from various geographic regions and social classes are the basis of a closely interconnected storyline. Families are not only looking for their missing children, but also for new hope and perspectives." - imdb.com

Press release (Lara Entertainment)

"Kosova -Desperate Search" a huge success at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida!

Standing ovation for the world premiere of the Kosovan-German co-production “Kosova -Desperate Search” at the 11th Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Dusseldorf, 8 May 2006. LARA entertainment GmbH presented its latest film “Kosova -Desperate Search” (original title: Etjet e Kosovës) with resounding success at the film festival in Palm Beach (Florida/USA). At the world premiere on 23 April 2006, the sell-out audience showed its enthusiasm for the film with a standing ovation. Blerim Destani, who acted in and produced the film, was over the moon: “The public’s response to `Kosova - Desperate Search´ exceeded all our expectations. We fulfilled our desire to stoke global awareness of the misery in which the people of Kosovo find themselves and express our compassion for the fate of those there.” The film’s success at the festival is also a feather in the cap of LARA entertainment GmbH, the film’s production company – for the Palm Beach International Film Festival is highly regarded in the pertinent key markets. “Due to the success of the premiere and the resounding public response to the film, American distributors have already signalled their interest”, said Blerim Destani.

„Kosova - Desperate Search“, a German-Kosovan co-production, was filmed in Kosovo in 2005 and reveals the after affects and implications of the war in Kosovo on the Albanian population there. Present at the world premiere in Palm Beach were Blerim Destani (actor and producer), Sali Limani (producer), Sunaj Raca (scriptwriter, producer and director), Gazmend Shefkiu (assistant unit production manager) and a representative of the Kosovan Ministry of Culture.

Kosova - Desperate Search (Etjet e Kosovës), Kosovo 2005 – Original language: Albanian with English subtitles – 82 minutes – 35mm – colour – 1:1.35 – Dolby Digital.

Location: Kosovo, director & scriptwriter: Sunaj Raça, camera: Shukri Kaqaniku, Gavrosh Haxhihyseni, editors: Andreas Nöcker, Vanco Mirakovski, soundtrack: Marijan Neçak, production manager: Sali Limani, producers: Sali Limani, Blerim Destani, Sunaj Raça, production: LARA entertainment GmbH, sponsored by the Kosovan Ministery of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Cast: Sheqerie Buqaj (country woman), Rajmonda Bulku (Zana), Blerim Destani (UÇK soldier/war invalid), Faruk Begolli (old Albanian), Tinka Kurti (nun), Ermela Teli (Fleta), Bislim Muqaj (Gjergj), Meto Jovanovski (old Serb) World premiere on 23 April 2006 at the 11th Palm Beach International Film Festival (Florida/USA).

Read more about the movie here Kosova Desperate Search

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