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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flori feat Geti 3nt Video - Once in a life

Flori feat Geti 3nt videoclip
"Njehere ne jete" eng. "Once in a life"

Who says Getoar is after Albania's ladys only? Well, this time, he chose to cooperate with a male artist from Albania. Flori is a musician, composer, singer and a scriptwriter. He can be anything you like in music. How well do you think Flori and Geti have "coupled" in this video?

By the way, its Geti only, could not see Agon in this video, meaning only half crew of Tingulli 3nt. C'mon Agon, don't you fancy to work with Flori or is it the other way round!

Oh, the other thing I wanted to add is: Where are women in this video?
There is only one, kissing with Flori, that you can hardly notice its actually a woman.

+tag: florian mumajesi tingulli 3nt t3nt 3

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