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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuna Video - Psikologet

Altuna Sejdiu - Tuna videoclip
"Psikologet" eng. "Psychologists" or better "The failed love"
Album: "S'ka me diktature" eng. "No more dictatorship"

Tuna and Aida Baraku have run into a trouble with their newest videoclip "Xhuxhi" that has been promoted on tv media recently. Apparently, the song contains words that offend disabled people and people of small stature. Dwarf and disabled communities in Kosova have reacted strongly to this and have demanded an apology from the singer Tuna and the scripwriter Aida and are prepared to take legal actions against them should they not comply. Furthermore, they asked TV media not to broadcast the videoclip. RTK, the national television, has stopped showing the clip until further notice. Meantime, according to daily newspaper "Gazeta Express", Aida Baraku has already had a meeting with Agim Vatovci, the head of the Handicaped and Disabled Society of Kosova and has explained to him that all this is a missunderstanding as the words that refer to this pathological condition are merely an expression of one's emotional state rather than the physical one. Though they accepted the alleged apology, they are adamant not to let this videoclip be shown on any tv media. According to the newspaper, Altuna is pleased that they have accepted the explanation, however she now feels to be the damaged party in this case.

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