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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Merita Halili Video - M'ka marre malli per nenen time

Merita Halili video
"M'ka marre malli per nenen time" eng. "I miss my mother"

“Merita Halili raised her radiant soprano in buoyant wedding songs, punctuated by speed-demon accordion from her husband and bandleader, Raif Hyseni.” – The New York Times

"Merita Halili is one of Albania’s top performers, renowned for her stunning voice and her prodigious range and vocal technique. Born in Tirana but now lives in New Jersey USA. Raif Hyseni (Merita's husband and principal accompanist), originally from Kosova, leads the most sought-after Albanian music ensemble in the United States. Together their performances thrill with masterful interpretations of urban Albanian folk songs and instrumentals. National and international performance highlights include engagements at New York’s Symphony Space and London’s famed Barbican Centre." - ctmd.org

"Merita Halili thrills audiences with her masterful rendition of Albanian folk music. Known in her homeland as the “Queen of Albanian folk songs” and highly esteemed for her stunning voice, range and vocal technique, the award-winning vocalist is accompanied by her husband, Raif Hyseni, whose innovations and compositions for accordion have garnered praise for his “speed demon accordion.” With an ensemble that also includes clarinet, guitar, keyboard and percussion, Merita Halili and Raif Hyseni will astound you with their vocal and instrumental artistry." - lawrence.com

In 2000 the President of Albania named her "National Ambassador", which is the highest albanian award for an artist. Today she travels around in USA, Europe and Asia. Some of her best-known performances were featured in the soundtrack for the acclaimed Italian film Lamerica.

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