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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jehona Sopi Video - Kriza

Videoklipe shqip
Jehona Sopi Video Klip - Kriza ("Crisis")

Rovena Stefa Video - Dasma

Rovena Stefa videoklip
"Dasma" eng. "The Wedding Celebration"
Video by Fabrika Production

Monday, May 29, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

Xhema aka Jemayli Video - Hey Mama

Xhema a.k.a. Jemayli Video Klip - Hey Mama
Xhema and Oran G are doing a new video clip that will be released end of May 2006.
He Xhem he luja Xhem! Vallha car je!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oran G feat Mentor - Dridhe Trupin

Oran G feat Mentor Kurtishi Video Klip - Dridhe Trupin.
Oran G the King of Rap, member of the Shqip Squad (break dance group)

Hija e Jetes Video - Rreh Shuplaka

Hija e Jetes Video Klip - Rreh Shuplaka ("Clap your hands")

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Teuta Blaka - C'po Ndodh me Mua

Teuta Blaka Video Clip - C'po Ndodh me Mua ("What's happening to me")

Mirsa Videos

Mirsa Kerceli Video Pages:

  1. Djaloshi im (presented at Kenga Magjike 2005)
  2. Dashuria kushton eng. Love is costly
  3. Indiferent
  4. Pune e madhe (ft.Lyrical Son,Gezuar me Tupan 2007 1)
  5. Pune e madhe (ft.Lyrical Son,original videoclip)
  6. Good Luck
  7. Buzen mbi buze (ft.Gentz)

+tag: kerqeli kerqelli kerceli kercilli

Mirsa Kerqeli

Monday, May 22, 2006

Era Corrupted Video - A e din?

Era Corrupted videoklip
"A e din" eng."Do you know...?"

The best of Era corrupted tackling important issues of albanian communities.

also: the bloody alboz

Shpat Kasapi Video - Pa Ty S'Jetoj

Shpat Kasapi Video Klip - Pa Ty S'jetoj ("Can't live without you")

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

Leonora Poloska Video - Forever You & Me

Leonora Poloska Video Klip - Forever You & Me
This is the english version of the song "Do Te Digjesh".
The video clip is the same but english track is playing instead.
Sounds nice too!

Cka mendoni per verzionin ne gjuhen angleze? Le komentin me poshte!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vullnet Marigona - Ah Sa Keq

Vullnet Marigona Video Klip - Ah Sa Keq

Mos harro, le komentin tuaj!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sony NRG Video Page - I Feel Crazy

Sony NRG Video Klip - I Feel Crazy feat Flori & Andi DJ

+tag: soni

Vjollca Haxhiu Video - S'du me u nda

Vjollca Haxhiu videoklip
"Zdu me u nda" also: sdua me u nda, eng. "We are inseperable"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Johnny B & V.L.G. - Cry Tonight

Watch this slick video directed by Fatmir Gashi.
Johnny B & V.L.G. Video Klip - Cry Tonight

Nusran Fera Video - Bye

Nusran Fera Video Klip - Bye

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kaltrina Selimi - Gjithmone Fitoj

Kaltrina Selimi Video Klip - Gjithmone Fitoj ("I always win")

Kaltrina left Hana Band and is now performing solo with great success. This Saturday, 13th may 2006, she was voted TopSong by the viewers of TopRTK with her new video clip "I always win" (in translation), as if she was trying to tell everyone that she can do well on her own too...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Nora Istrefi Videos

Nora Istrefi Video Pages:
  1. Negativ
  2. Pse Te Dua Ty
  3. Taxi
  4. Nuk Mundem (Top Fest 3)
  5. Nuk Mundem (TopRTK)
  6. Nje Djale
  7. E di (Hello America)
  8. E di (Top RTK)
  9. 1000 Here
  10. Mos Me Le
  11. Xhemile (DEA Mega Show 2008)
  12. Potpuri (RTK Gezuar 2008)
  13. Nuk ka kthim
  14. Pa fat (ft.Sinan Vllasaliu, RTK Oxygen)
  15. Another World
  16. Pa fat (ft.Sinan Vllasaliu, Org clip)
Nora Istrefi

Jehona Sopi Videos

Jehona Sopi Video Pages:

  1. Sot Mos Thuaj Jo eng. "Don't say no today"
  2. S'me Then Dot eng. "You can't break me"
  3. Kriza eng. "Crisis"
  4. I Fundit Fat eng. "Final destiny"
  5. Emocione eng. "Emotions"
  6. Me shtyj perpara eng. "Encourage me"
  7. Thuaje eng. "Say it"
  8. Pervjetori eng. "Anniversary"
  9. Pervjetori (original clip)
  10. Borxh Me Ke
  11. Fustani i bardhe (Kenga Magjike 2007)
Jehona Sopi

Afrim Muqiqi Video - Concert in Hensilborg Sweden

Afrim Muqiqi Video
Concert in Hensilborg, Sweden
24th February 2006
Guests: Sinan Hoxha & Ermal Fejzullahu

also: muciqi, mucici

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Leonora Poloska Videos

Leonora Poloska Video Pages:
  1. Do Te Digjesh
  2. Forever You & Me (english version)
  3. Harroj
  4. Fati Im
  5. Syni i zi (feat Labinot Tahiri - Labi)
  6. Desperation (soundtrack from Kosova Desperate Search movie)
  7. Mos thuaj jo (RTV21)
  8. Shko
  9. Go (english version of "Shko")
  10. I panjohur mbete (RTV21 Gezuar 2008)
  11. Crazy (& Blero, Gezuar 2008)
  12. Crazy (& Blero, Org.Clip)
Leonora Poloska

Antigona Rustolli Videos

Antigona Rustolli Video Pages:
  1. Klip 1
  2. Sonte eng. "Tonight"
  3. Nese sonte s'me thua (Gezuar 2008, ja tash ja kurr)
  4. Ja tash ja kurr (org.clip)
  5. Ne zemren time
+tag: rrustolli

Duda Video - Jeta Jem

Duda Video Klip - Jeta Jem feat. Double G Army

Duda Videos

D.u.d.a (Double G Army) Video Pages:
  1. Jeta Jem
  2. Kosov Shqipni & Noizy, J.R., Monny
  3. Loja Pam Pam eng. "Pam Pam Game"
  4. Aty ku jon 2G feat Zeero Man
  5. Pse po rri me ta feat Zeero Man (Top Fest 4)
  6. Nano feat B-Genius

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blero Videos

Blero (Blerim Muharremi) Video Pages:
  1. feat.Memli Kthehu Ti
  2. Dua T'jem Me Ty
  3. Pa Pritur (Top Fest 3)
  4. Fotografia
  5. M'shele gojen (mshile gojen)
  6. Dridhe
  7. Mos me refuzo feat De Camada
  8. Falma feat Shpat Kasapi (Top Fest 4)
  9. Se di
  10. Crazy feat Leonora Poloska (Gezuar 2008)
  11. Crazy feat Leonora Poloska (Org.Clip)
  12. Zemer Bosh
  13. Shake that ass (as guest of Cekic)
  14. Te kam mall (feat K-OS)

Blero - Pa Pritur

Blero (Blerim Muharremi) Video
Title: "Pa pritur"
Top Fest 3

Bertan Asllani Videos

Bertan Asllani Video Pages:
  1. Akoma Te Dua
  2. Ilaq Nuk Gjej
  3. Fukara pa dashuri (2nd Prize - Celesi Muzikor 2006)
  4. Zemer
  5. Litari
  6. Largesia (1st Prize - Mikrofoni Arte 2007)
  7. Lum per ty (& Anjeza Branka, Top Fest 5)
Bertan Asllani
photo: albaniac.com

Bertan Asllani Video - Ilaq nuk gjej

Bertan Asllani Video Klip (Spot) - Ilaq nuk gjej "No cure to my pain"... or something like that.

+key: ilac

Soni Malaj Video - Lajkat

Soni Malaj videoclip

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Adelina Ismajli Videos

Adelina Ismaili Video Pages:
  1. Tavolina e gjore (1988)
  2. Sajzeza & Elita 5 (Moj e majra), Labia Gezuar 1998
  3. Ushtrine time do ta bej, Labia Gezuar 1998
  4. Casandra
  5. Shota
  6. Jetoj se te dua
  7. Boll Ma (ft.Beka)
  8. ft.Zanfina Dy Motra Ni Frajer
  9. Nga Zeroja Ne Fitore
  10. Une Duhet
  11. Klip 6
  12. Kolazh - & Sabri Fejzullahu
  13. Miredita
  14. Lulja e Blinit (with Zanfina, Soni & Big Mama; DEA Gezuar 2007)
  15. Vete me the te dua (& Sabri Fejzullahu, DEA 2007)
  16. Lavdi Ushtari Im
  17. Skenderbe
  18. Trimit tim (In Memoriam, Triumf Riza 1979-2007)
Adelina Ismajli

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tingulli 3 nt Videos

Tingulli 3nt (Trent) Video Pages:

  1. Dridhe Bothen feat Ciljeta
  2. I Trent
  3. Na jem (as guest of Viagra & Mc Mimo)
  4. Llokum Me Arra
  5. Te 2 feat Elvana Gjata
  6. Njehere ne jete Geti (as guest of Flori)
  7. A e din se (feat Skillz)
  8. Krejt e din Geti (feat Genta)
  9. E Di Zemer Geti (ft. Don Pizhi)
  10. Kalle sonte

+key: getoar agoni

Tingulli 3nt

Leonora Poloska Video - Do Te Digjesh

Leonora Poloska Video Klip - Do Te Digjesh
Brilliant video and music beat by Leonora. Can't stop rewinding this song!

Nora Istrefi - Nuk Mundem (Top RTK)

Nora Istrefi Music Video
"Nuk mundem" eng. "I can't"
Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku
This is the Top Fest 2006 song that won her the "Digitalb" Award

NRG Band Video - Ama

NRG Band Video Klip (Spot) - Ama

Tingulli 3nt Video - I Trent

Tingulli 3 Video Klip feat Fatime Kosumi - I Trent (He is crazy)

Valton Video - Mos Me Provoko

Valton Krasniqi feat Brahim, Supasonic Video Klip - Mos Me Provoko (Don't play with me) original Lei Lei...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Julka Videos

Julka Gramo Video Pages:
  1. Parajsa (& Flori, Orinda, Elvana)
  2. Amin
  3. Gangsta (feat Big Basta)

Ermal Mamaqi - Mos Harro Te Vish Video

Ermal Mamaqi Video Klip (Spot)
"Mos Harro Te Vish" eng. "Don't forget to come back"

Artan Kola & Anila Mimani Video -Te Therras

Artan Kola & Anila Mimani Video Klip - Te Therras eng."Calling you.."

Sinan Hoxha 8 Me 2 Video

Sinan Hoxha Video Klip - 8 me 2

Soni E Vogla Video

Soni Video Klip - E Vogela

Kastro Zizo & Zaimina - Bonito Video

Kastro Zizo & Zajmina - Bonito

Linda - Me Ka Marre Malli

Linda Video Klip - Me Ka Marre Malli

Anxhela Peristeri Leri Leri Video

Anxhela Peristeri Video Klip - Genjeshtra Dashurie

Soni Nje Me Dy Video

Soni Video Klip - Nje Me Dy

Rudi-XXL-MR ELVIS Mp3 INGRID-Mos u llastoni Video

Rudi, XXL, Mr Elvis & Ingrid Video Klip - Mos u Llastoni

Julka Amin Video

Julka Video Klip - Amin

Ganja U Kanqem Tu Knaq Video

Ganimete Abazi GANJA Music Video
"U Knaqem Tu Knaq"

Ingrit Gjoni Video - Perse Me Mua

Ingrit Gjoni Video Klip - Perse Me Mua
+tag: ingrid

Soni Videos

Soni Malaj Video Pages:
  1. Lajkat
  2. Nje Me Dy
  3. E Vogela
  4. Shukarije & Sinan Hoxha
  5. Zjarr (Kenga Magjike 2005)
  6. Ndarja (Top Fest 3 2006)
  7. Do Te Vije (3rd Prize Polifest 2006)
  8. Do te vij (original clip)
  9. Lulja e blinit (with Adelina, Zanfina & Big Mama; DEA Gezuar 2007)
  10. Blue Jeans
  11. Te dua ty
  12. Fluturimi 3470 (& Flori, Duke Pritur Kenga Magjike 2007)
  13. Zig Zag
  14. Fluturimi 3470 (& Flori, 2nd Prize Kenga Magjike 2007)
  15. Ishte kenaqesi qe u pame (Top Fest 5 2008)
  16. Me faj, pa faj
Soni Malaj

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nora Istrefi Video - Nuk Mundem (Top Fest 3)

Nora Istrefi Video - Top Fest 3
"Nuk Mundem" eng. "I cannot"
Digitalb Award

Mirsa Kercilli Video Site - Djaloshi Im

Mirsa Kercilli Video Klip - Djaloshi Im ("My Boy")
This is the song from Kenga Magjike 2005.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Leonora Poloska Video Site - Harroj

Leonora Poloska Video Klip - Harroi ("Forget everything")

Another great music hit by Leonora.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - Per Nje Dashuri

Ermal Fejzullahu videoklip
"Per Nje Dashuri" eng. "For a chunk of love"

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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