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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ensemble Shota Video - Happy New Year

Ansambli "Shota" video
"Gezuar Vitin e Ri" eng. "Happy New Year"
Presentation of various songs by Ensemble "Shota" wishing you all happiness and prosperity for the New Year 2007.
Author of the presentation: Fahri Beqiri

Official website: Ansambli Shota

The Shota Ensemble

The National Ensemble of Songs and Dance "Shota" has been established in 1948 as one of the first artistic and cultural institutions of Kosova. For the first 15 years, this Ensemble acted as an amateur and turn into semiprofessional one since 1963. In March 1964, upon the Decree of the Parliament of Kosova, "Shota" gains the status of a professional Ensemble, like the other Ensembles of ex-Yugoslavia: "Lado" of Zagreb, "Kolo" of Belgrade and "Tanec" of Skopje.

During the 50 years of its activity, the Ensemble "Shota" has played an irreplaceable role in terms of cultivation and development of Albanian songs and dances and affirmation of real cultural values, such as originality of costumes, authentic melodies and specific exotic national dances this Ensemble presented in over 50 countries in all the continents of the globe. Only during the 30 years of its professional-acting, "Shota" organised over 4000 concerts all over the world and took part in the most renown folk festivals, such as the ones in Dijon, Angree, Sidmouth, Chicago, Melbourne etc., it took part in the opening of Olympic Games and many other international manifestations too.

"Shota" was many times awarded Prizes for such presentations. In the National Festival in Saranda (Albania), in 1996, among 37 Artistic Ensembles, the Ensemble "Shota" was awarded the First Prize, then the First Prize for the overall artistic presentation in the festival of Sydmouth (1985) and the Second Prize in Dijon International Festival (1968) with participation of 58 countries from around the world.

Many articles have been written by international newspapers and magazines about the representation of cultural values this Ensemble presented to different countries, where the work of the Ensemble has been highly valued and praized for high level of original Albanian folklore (in terms of rhythm, costumes etc.) aswell as for masterful solutions in terms of coreography.

In recent years, "Shota" has faced many tragedies. However, thanks to determination and committment of its members, it has overcome all challenges. It is well known that this Ensemble, being the only professional albanian ensemble in Kosova, was meant to be completely destroyed by Serb regime. It was in 1991, when serbian police dismissed violently all artistic staff from its premises and installed a music staff of their own.

After the Kosova War, the Ensemble re-established her pride and shine, added new artists, new dances with coreography etc. As an institution of high importance, the Ensemble has now a full support of the Ministry of Culture of Kosova and it produces quality work with high degree of professionalism.

In the past three years, the Ensemble has added the following new dances:

1. Vallja e Shotes
2. Vallja e Perdrinit (Xhemail Berisha)
3. Dasma e Opojes (Xhemail Berisha)
4. Suite Kosovare (Helei Meli)
5. Vallja e Prespes (Xhemail Berisha)
6. Vallja e Nuseve te Gjakoves (S. Kvasneci)
7. Vallja e Drenices (Xhemail Berisha)
8. Vallja e Cobanit (Besim Jazexhiu)
9. Vallja Arbereshe (Besim Jazexhiu)
10. Suite Vallesh nga Shqiperia e Mesme (Gjergji Prevazi)
11. Vallja e Qikave Tropojane (Gezim Kaceli)
12. Valle epiko-lirike nga Dibra (Zeki Kastrati)

In 2003, "Shota" Ensemble took part in the International Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2004 participated in Confelens in France and in Tashkupry festival in Turkey.

Three children and youth groups are functional within "Shota" and they have rich repertoire of dances. They took part in many national and international festivals.

The national song and dance of the Ensemble is the embodiment of joy and pain of albanian people, representing its invicibility through harsh historic times and its success is a result of the sacrifice and determination of its devoted members. This spirit will continue in preserving the originality of our songs and dances for generations to come.

The headquarters of the Ensemble are in the city of Prishtina, Kosova.

(Please note, this video is extra large!)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fisniket Video - Don't provoke me

Fisniket videoclip/videoklip
"Mos me nguc" eng. "Don't provoke me"

Members of the band:
Agim Gerguri (Vocal, Solo Guitar, Cantauthor)
Besim Gashi (Guitar etc.)
Erzen Berveniku (Synthesizer etc.)
Fitim Sheholli (Saxophone etc.)

4 Albums so far.
Official website: www.fisniket.com

The band is in its existence since 1980 and probably one of the oldest pop-rock bands in Kosova. Initially the band consisted of the following members: Agim Gerguri (solo guitar, vocal and cantauthor), Sokol Gashi (bass guitar), Remzi Halimi (second guitar), Bedri Visoka (lead vocal). They were all school time fellows that did most of their rehearsals at Agim's father painting atelier. The band's initial name was "Havaja e vranet" (eng.Gloomy Sky) and their first single "Faksi" composed by Agim. Then the name of the band changed to "Fati" (eng.Fate) with their second song based on Dritero Agolli's text "Gjurma" (eng. Trail). "The working conditions were harsh but the spirit was high. We hadn't had much of music equipment, but rehearsals we did up to 8 hours a day" - says Agim. In 1982, there was this first rock festival organised in Kosova named "BOOM" and the band participated with their song "Bukuria" (eng. Beauty) and with a new name "Fisniket", which name remains till today. The band has done their first recordings at the Radio Station Prishtina during years 1982/83 and their songs "E paharruara" and "Teuta" became real music hits. The true breakthrough was made with their song "Do te shkrihem" for which the band produced probably one of the first videoclips in Kosova (directed by Isa Qosja).

For various reasons, the band was later dismembered and had a long pause from 1983 to 1987. Their comeback in 1987 was marked with three new songs "Zoteria Juaj", "Grushtat do ti thej" and "Fjalet e qiririt". At this time, the band consisted of Agim and Besim Gashi only, but later in 1995 was joined by Erzen Berveniku (synthesizer)and in 1996 Fitim Sheholli (saxophone).

The band is also popular in performing folk music and they have a very busy schedule, entertaining their fans in various wedding party's etc. where they strictly prefer to sing live and not playback.

Enjoy their latest videoclip below:

Friday, December 29, 2006

Rozana Radi Videos

Rozana Radi Video Pages:
  1. Jepi gaz
  2. Policia
  3. Rrotullo me gisht
  4. Joli Mambo
  5. Fly (ft.Noizy)
Rozana Radi

Remzije & Nexhat Osmani Video - Oj nane

Remzie & Nexhat Osmani videoclip/videoklip
"Oj nane"

Here they sing together again, brother and sister. "Mos u kthe" was one of their prior hit song that achieved tremendous success. Do you think this one will match the popularity of the first one? One is for sure, they do sound excellent when they sing together. When Mahmut met Shyhrete (like When Harry met Sally, lol), the magic happened and they kept producing hits after hits. Likewise, now that Remzie and Nexhat discovered each other (in music terms of course), in my opinion from now on, they should stick together and produce more songs, more hits and hopefully albums too. Obviously, this must be a major breakthrough for Nexhat, who until now, wasn't much known as a singer (don't remember him having any hits), whereas Remzije was already a well established performer, on the same level as Shyhrete and Shkurte.

+tag: moj nane nan mori

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xhenet Videos

Xhenet Video Pages:
  1. Ti, ti, ti (& Anes)
  2. Kot e keni

Zanfina Ismajli Video - Shume Simpatik

Zanfina Ismajli video
"Shume simpatik" eng. "Very cute"
Album: "Nje puthje" (2006)

+tag: shum ismaili dea gezuar 2007

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Xhenet & Anes - Ti ti ti

Xhenet & Anes videoclip/videoklip
"Ti ti ti" eng. "You, you..."

Oh boy, fasten your seat belts! Xhenet is playing Shakira!
Hot! Enjoy!

Hana Band Video - Dite pas dite

Hana Band videoclip/videoklip
"Dite pas dite" eng. "Day after day"
Text by: Ilir Berani

This is the new videoclip by Hana Band (8th one) with a new vocal (4th one), Fjolla Gashi (the winner of "Ethet e se premtes 3", Pop Idol style contest). I mean, we are so used to them changing their vocal, that quite naturally, we expect the 9th clip to bring a new vocal too. It's not a bad idea, after all. Every clip with a new face e.g. Hana Band feat vocal(5), Hana Band feat vocal(6). Isn't this exciting! If Getoar can do it, by featuring every time a new guest face to their videoclip, why can't Hana Band do it too. Yeehh guys, you are in the right track. Just keep them coming! Hmmm... What do you think, who the next vocal is going to be? I can't wait to see!

p.s. I heard someone whispering that they change their vocals like T-shirts. C'mon guys don't be rude!

Ermal Fejzullahu Video - I pray to god

Ermal Fejzullahu videoclip/videoklip
"E lus zotin" eng. "I pray to god"
Album: "Pse me ike" (2006)

+tag: me mjeshteri mjeshtri fejzullahi

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Adnan Daci Video - Ani shko

Adnan Daci Music Video
Title: "Ani shko"
Video: Video Art Gjilan

Remi Video - Po vijne krushqit

Remi & Dardanet videoclip/videoklip
"Po vijne krushqit"
Orchestration by: Xh. Gashi

Monday, December 25, 2006

Mariza Ikonomi Video - Where is love

Mariza Ikonomi video (Festivali 45 i Kenges RTSH)
3rd Place 45th Edition of Albania's National Song Festival

Title: "Ku eshte dashuria" eng. "Where is love"
Text by: Roni
Music by: Kristi
Orchestration: Kristi
Conductor: Jetmir Barbullushi

Mariza Ikonomi, ladies and gentlemen! Such a world class singer! She could have easily been the winner. Personally, I would still take chances with Frederik on Eurovision contest.

+tag: festivali 45 rtsh

Rosela Gjylbegu Video - Pa ty, pa mua

Rosela Gjylbegu video (Festivali 45 i Kenges ne RTSH)
2nd Place 45th Edition of Albania's National Song Festival

Title: "Pa ty, pa mua" eng. "Without you, without me"
Text by: Agron Tufa
Music by: Pirro Cako
Orchestration: Shpetim Saraci
Conductor: Jetmir Barbullushi

+tag: festivali 45 rtsh

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Frederik Ndoci Video - Balada e Gurit

Frederik Ndoci (Doci) video
Winner of Albania's 45th National Song Festival.
(1st Place 45th RTSH Festival Show - Festivali 45-te i Kenges RTSH)
Final held on Saturday, 23rd December 2006, Tirana.

Title: "Balada e Gurit" eng. "Ballad of Stone" (official english title will probably come later)
Text by: Pandi Laco
Music by: Adrian Hila
Orchestration: Adrian Hila
Conductor: Jetmir Barbullushi

Watch carefully as Adi Krasta the presenter, predicts Frederik's win. Prior to Frederik's coming on stage Adi says something like this: "...Speaking of festival comebacks, in general comebacks are very successful: the audience is nostalgic about you, the audience listens to your performance carefully, hence the success is guaranteed." As easy as that. Well, he probably overlooked a "small" detail that you must also have a good song.

Frederik is an internationally sought after artist who became very popular with his latest CD album "Canterina" (if you live in USA, you may listen to this album here).

Frederik was born in 1958 in the city of Shkodra, Albania. He had a very successful career there as a musician and actor. In 90's, Frederik escaped from the Albania's totalitarian regime and went to Italy where he mounted another successful episode of his career till the moment when he declared himself as being albanian (obviously they were disappointed he was not italian). Later on moved to New York to create an international name with his majestic music from the land of eagles.

And it is a real comeback for Frederik indeed as he is not only the winner of the competition, but he will also represent Albania in Eurovision 2007.

In my opinion, this was a well deserved win and his wife Aida (Ceca) makes this song a very special one. It seems that nowdays, having an ordinary good song is not enough to make a breakthrough. Your song, beside being a good one, it also has to be out of ordinary. People like new stuff, something unusual, new voices and melodies etc. And Frederik's song is offering just that to the albanian audience and hopefully will make a breakthrough on international level aswell, next year in the Eurovision song contest.

Enjoy! Remember, they sing live!

p.s. After careful listening to this song, I came to a conclusion, I mean who am I to say this, but Frederik will need to do some fine tuning on his first part of the singing (second part which begins with "...Kthema zot" sounds fine). But, the first part starts a bit too quietly. I know its the nature of the song, but still, it needs some attention as its not fitting in to the rest of the song. I am sure they will fix these glitches on the english version or the version to go to the Eurovision contest (bear in mind, the final version must be around 3 minutes long, so trimming is inevitable).

p.p.s. I have to add this. Though the live performance will never sound exactly right, myself I judged this song to be fantastic still, as I can imagine after it has been given some fine tuning and final shape takes place, it will sound even better. But, I spoke to friends and relatives about this song, and I was amazed to find out that there is a mix of reactions: some hate it and some love it! So, this song, I guess its going to be this way: you either hate it or love it! Interesting hey... Can't wait to see how it will do in Eurovision.

p.p.p.s. The voting results for 45th Edition of National Song Festival of Albania Final:

55 Balada e Gurit (Frederik Ndoci)
52 Pa ty, pa mua (Rosela Gjylbegu)
49 Ku eshte dashuria (Mariza Ikonomi)
48 Por ti mos trego (Amarda Arkaxhiu)
40 Eja zemer (Greta Koci)
39 Rrefim ne mesnate (Evis Mula)
37 Eklips (Alban Skenderaj)
21 Pa identitet (Jonida Maliqi)
14 Ne fund te botes (Arber Arapi)
11 Ah jete o jete! (Hersiana Matmuja)
10 Te dua zemer ty te dua (Alberie Hadergjonaj)
10 Hajde sonte (Eliza Hoxha)
06 Mik i dhimbjes (Saimir Braho)
04 Kjo eshte jeta (Kujtim Prodani)
03 Kepi i shpreses se mire (B.Mehmeti & M.Ymeri)
00 Endrra ime (Tonin Marku)

Members of the jury:
Shpetim Kushta, Nora Cashku, Valton Beqiri, Peter Schmidt, Vojsava Nelo, Flamur Shehu, Sherif Merdani

+tag: festivali 45 rtsh albania 2007 eurovision song

You can listen to the perfect stereo version of the song below
(superimposed on video for your convenience)

45th Edition RTSH Festival Show

45th Edition of Festivali i Kenges (RTSH Festival Show)
Festivali 45 RTSH 2006

Frederik Ndoci Winner
Winner: Frederik & Aida Ndoci, Balada e Gurit (The Ballad of Stone) to represent Albania in Helsinki at Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

Date: Semifinals (21st - 22nd Dec 06), Final (23rd Dec 06)
Venue: Palace of Congresses, Tirana
Hosts: Adi Krasta, Vesa Luma and Ermela Teli
Jury: Shpetim Kushta (professor), Nora Cashku (composer & professor), Valton Beqiri (composer), Peter Schmidt (pianist), Vojsava Nelo (composer), Flamur Shehu (writer) and Sherif Merdani (composer & singer).
Voting system: Each jury member announces publicly their votes 1 - 9, & 12 points
Participants: 31 (Kujtim Prodani, Mateus Frroku, Joe Ardit Fejzo, Amarda Arkaxhi, Samanta Karavelo, Sfinksi, Sonila Mara, Erion Korini, Evis Mula, Gerta Tafa, Andi Kongo, Saimir Cili, Edmond Mancaku, Saimir Braho, B. Mehmeti & M. Ymeri, Rovena Stefa, Tonin Marku, Mariza Ikonomi, Ervin Bushati, Alban Skenderaj, Eliza Hoxha, Silva Gunbardhi, Frederik Ndoci, Jonida Maliqi, Greta Koci, Alberie Hadergjonaj,
Arber Arapi, Rosela Gjylbegu, Voltan Prodani, Evans Rama, Herciana Matmuja
Finalists: 16

Voting results for the Finalists:
55 Balada e Gurit (Frederik Ndoci) , "Hear my plea" - Eurovision 2007 version
52 Pa ty, pa mua (Rosela Gjylbegu)
49 Ku eshte dashuria (Mariza Ikonomi)
48 Por ti mos trego (Amarda Arkaxhiu)
40 Eja zemer (Greta Koci)
39 Rrefim ne mesnate (Evis Mula)
37 Eklips (Alban Skenderaj)
21 Pa identitet (Jonida Maliqi)
14 Ne fund te botes (Arber Arapi)
11 Ah jete o jete! (Hersiana Matmuja)
10 Te dua zemer ty te dua (Alberie Hadergjonaj)
10 Hajde sonte (Eliza Hoxha)
06 Mik i dhimbjes (Saimir Braho)
04 Kjo eshte jeta (Kujtim Prodani)
03 Kepi i shpreses se mire (B.Mehmeti & M.Ymeri)
00 Endrra ime (Tonin Marku)

Guest Artists: Produkt 28, Aurela Gace, Michelle Zarrillo, Don Backy etc.
Festival Director: Pali Kuke
Artistic Director: Edmond Zhulali

Malesori Video - Highland Girl

Malesori videoclip videoklip
"Cike malesore" eng. "Highland girl"

+tag: qike

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Greta Koci Music Video - Nje Here Po, Njehere Jo

Greta Koci Music Video
"Nje here po, nje here jo" eng. "Once Yes, Once No" or perhaps better "Confused mind"
Album: "Mos shiko tjeter" (2006)

Together with other 15 finalists, Greta will perform tonight at "Festivali 45" (45th Edition of Albania's National Song). The winner will represent Albania in Eurovision 2007. For your information the other finalists are: Alberie Hadergjonaj, Hersiana Matmuja, Mariza Ikonomi, Arber Arapi, Alban Skenderaj, Eliza Hoxha, Amarda Arkaxhiu, Evis Mula, Kujtim Prodani, Jonida Maliqi, Rosela Gjylbegu, Saimir Braho, Besiana Mehmeti & Mustafe Ymeri, Frederik Ndoci and Tonin Marku.

You can vote for your preferred artist at Festivali 45

Nexhat Osmani Videos

Nexhat Osmani Video Pages:

  1. Mos u kthe eng. "Don't come back" (&Remzije)
  2. Oj nane eng. "Hey, Mother" (&Remzije)
  3. Humbi dashuria eng. "Lost love"
  4. Gjeje nusen dhe dashnine eng. "Find your bride & love"
  5. Fukara eng. "Moneyless"
  6. Mashalla (Gezuar me Stupcat 2008)
  7. E zeza nane (Gezuar me Stupcat 2008)
  8. Ne zemren time (Gezuar me Stupcat 2008)
  9. Ah bre djal (&Remzije)

+tag: negjat

Nexhat Osmani

Friday, December 22, 2006

Mad Lion Video - Emine

Mad Lion video - "Emine" or "Gel Burda"

Mad Lion performing at "Perralle me tupan" comedy show, 14th Dec. 2006. He was Valon's guest, together with Mirsa Kerceli. They do have a song together "200km n'ore".

I don't officially know the title of this song but he is singing to a girl named "Emine", so I assume it must be it. Or maybe "Gel Burda". Doesn't matter!

+tag: luan zeqiri prralle prall prrall

Fadil Keca Video - Shkove te tjetri

Fadil Xheladini - Keca videoclip
"Shkove te tjetri" eng. "You went with someone else"
Text by: Arsim Bunjaku
Music by: A. Kastrati

Very simple but nice song by Fadil. And certainly he has a taste for woman. All the best!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rozana Radi Video - Policia

Rozana Radi videoclip/videoklip

Leonora Poloska Video - Desperation

Leonora Poloska video - "Desperation"
Soundtrack from "Kosova - Desperate Search" feature movie by Sunaj Raca.

"The film "Kosova-Desperate Search" recounts the repercussions and effects of the Kosovar war on the Albanian population. Ethnic cleansings and other atrocities mentally and physically destroyed the people. The entwined destinies of individual persons and families from various geographic regions and social classes are the basis of a closely interconnected storyline. Families are not only looking for their missing children, but also for new hope and perspectives." - imdb.com

Press release (Lara Entertainment)

"Kosova -Desperate Search" a huge success at the Palm Beach International Film Festival in Florida!

Standing ovation for the world premiere of the Kosovan-German co-production “Kosova -Desperate Search” at the 11th Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Dusseldorf, 8 May 2006. LARA entertainment GmbH presented its latest film “Kosova -Desperate Search” (original title: Etjet e Kosovës) with resounding success at the film festival in Palm Beach (Florida/USA). At the world premiere on 23 April 2006, the sell-out audience showed its enthusiasm for the film with a standing ovation. Blerim Destani, who acted in and produced the film, was over the moon: “The public’s response to `Kosova - Desperate Search´ exceeded all our expectations. We fulfilled our desire to stoke global awareness of the misery in which the people of Kosovo find themselves and express our compassion for the fate of those there.” The film’s success at the festival is also a feather in the cap of LARA entertainment GmbH, the film’s production company – for the Palm Beach International Film Festival is highly regarded in the pertinent key markets. “Due to the success of the premiere and the resounding public response to the film, American distributors have already signalled their interest”, said Blerim Destani.

„Kosova - Desperate Search“, a German-Kosovan co-production, was filmed in Kosovo in 2005 and reveals the after affects and implications of the war in Kosovo on the Albanian population there. Present at the world premiere in Palm Beach were Blerim Destani (actor and producer), Sali Limani (producer), Sunaj Raca (scriptwriter, producer and director), Gazmend Shefkiu (assistant unit production manager) and a representative of the Kosovan Ministry of Culture.

Kosova - Desperate Search (Etjet e Kosovës), Kosovo 2005 – Original language: Albanian with English subtitles – 82 minutes – 35mm – colour – 1:1.35 – Dolby Digital.

Location: Kosovo, director & scriptwriter: Sunaj Raça, camera: Shukri Kaqaniku, Gavrosh Haxhihyseni, editors: Andreas Nöcker, Vanco Mirakovski, soundtrack: Marijan Neçak, production manager: Sali Limani, producers: Sali Limani, Blerim Destani, Sunaj Raça, production: LARA entertainment GmbH, sponsored by the Kosovan Ministery of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Cast: Sheqerie Buqaj (country woman), Rajmonda Bulku (Zana), Blerim Destani (UÇK soldier/war invalid), Faruk Begolli (old Albanian), Tinka Kurti (nun), Ermela Teli (Fleta), Bislim Muqaj (Gjergj), Meto Jovanovski (old Serb) World premiere on 23 April 2006 at the 11th Palm Beach International Film Festival (Florida/USA).

Read more about the movie here Kosova Desperate Search

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shaqir Cervadiku Video - I wanna be

Shaqir Cervadiku videoclip
"Dua t'behem" eng. "I wanna be"

+tag: dua te behem cerrvadiku

Mahmut Ferati & Shyhrete Behluli Video - Cka po thu

Mahmut Ferati & Shyhrete Behluli videoclip
"Cka po thu" eng. "What are you saying" or "What's your answer"
Text by: Agim Gashi
Album: "Cka po thu" (2007)

This is the most famous albanian folk duo in Kosova and perhaps beyond. Fans want them, and they keep producing music hits to feed the audience. One of the most common question by media to Mahmut is "Why Shyhrete?" and same to Shyhrete "Why Mahmut?". I watched Mahmut in a recent morning show and same question was put to him. The answer was very simple: "We share the same music style and we get on very well!". I think the real answer would be that after the few first music hits, they realised how profitable this can be, if they keep singing together. And they do just that. Why not!

Diellza Kolgeci Video - Si Kleopatra

Diellza Kolgeci videoclip
"Si Kleopatra" eng. "Like Cleopatra"
Text by: Memli Krasniqi
Music: Andin Randobrava

I can do modelling, fashion design, styling, writing, acting and now singing too. In addition she has plans to get involved in politics aswell. This is what I think the 27 years old Diellza is trying to tell us (otherwise Miss Kosova 1996), the Kosova's 21st century "Superwoman". She promoted this videoclip in Prishtina (if I am not wrong it happened on Thursday, 7th December 2006). The song is a result of cooperation with Aida Baraku and Armend Rexhepagiqi whereas the clip has been shot in Kairo, Egypt (most of it of course) by company Pixel. Questioned whether she plans to engage in music more seriously she said "I don't know, it all depends how I feel. I am a type of girl with full of ideas and I like to get involved with various things".

(see comments section for an interview with Diellza Kolgeci conducted by Drita Loshi - Jeta).

+tag: djellza

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flori feat Geti 3nt Video - Once in a life

Flori feat Geti 3nt videoclip
"Njehere ne jete" eng. "Once in a life"

Who says Getoar is after Albania's ladys only? Well, this time, he chose to cooperate with a male artist from Albania. Flori is a musician, composer, singer and a scriptwriter. He can be anything you like in music. How well do you think Flori and Geti have "coupled" in this video?

By the way, its Geti only, could not see Agon in this video, meaning only half crew of Tingulli 3nt. C'mon Agon, don't you fancy to work with Flori or is it the other way round!

Oh, the other thing I wanted to add is: Where are women in this video?
There is only one, kissing with Flori, that you can hardly notice its actually a woman.

+tag: florian mumajesi tingulli 3nt t3nt 3

Leonora Jakupi Video - My heart desires you

Leonora Jakupi Music Video
"Zemra te kerkon" eng. "My heart desires (or seeks) you"

Just when you wondered, where has she gone now, here she comes with a new refreshment clip just at the right time to entertain you for the coming holidays.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lori Video - Nights that I gifted you

Lori (Loreta Kacka) Music Video
"Netet qe ti fala" eng. "Nights that I gifted you"
Lyrics by Arsim Bunjaku

Sabri Fejzullahu Video - The Dream

Sabri Fejzullahu videoclip
"Ne enderr" eng. "In the dream" or "The dream"

Wonderful ballade by Sabri.

"I see you in my dreams
Full of joy, life and happiness..."
"...Why did I not say 'I love you' while you were still here"

Sabri says in this ballade and he is puzzled why love never fades away or languishes in time.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Greta Koci feat Labi - Mos shiko tjeter

Greta Koci feat Labinot Tahiri (Labi) videoclip
"Mos shiko tjeter" eng. "Don't look for other one"
Music by: Genti Lako

This is the videoclip that Greta used to promote her newest album "Mos shiko tjeter". She is becoming popular in Kosova and this week she did not hesitate to promote her album in Kosova aswell, especially because of her successful cooperation with kosovar artists such as Labi.

You will have a chance to see Greta soon performing at the "Festivali 45 i Kenges" (45th edition of the albanian National Song festival) to be held on 21st - 23rd December 2006 in Tirana. Remember, she is only 15 and is being pushed forward hard day by day by promoters hoping to make her a show biz star, meaning a "cash cow".

Dashnori feat Don Arbas - You're charming

Dashnori (Lover) feat Don Arbas videoclip
"Je sharmante" eng. "You're charming"

Meriton & Elis Video - Day by Day

Meriton & Elis feat Jesse Fish (actor) videoclip
"Dita Dites" eng. "Day by Day"
Director: Valon Ymeri

Jesse Fish is a professional dancer and choreographer. He also helped Mariza promote her newest videoclip "Afer meje". Jesse is an american living in Greece. In a recent interview with KTV, he said he loves being in Kosova and working with entermedia.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hana Video - I think of flying

Hana Cakuli videoclip
"Mendoj te fluturoj" eng. "I think of flying"
Produced end of Nov 2006 in Ulqin

In a recent interview with KTV, Hana gave us some information about herself and the videoclip. She is albanian singer from Ulqin (Ulcinj), Montenegro. Got herself into music career some three years ago. At present she studies music (3rd year in solo singing) and works at the local Radio Station "Elita". Prefers pop, rock and alternative music and so far has produced two songs with Genti Lako as composer. Participated in Top Fest festival. Her visit to Kosova is also in connection with her plans to cooperate with Kosova artists and composers. She likes the style of Cute Babulja and Jericho and plans to work in the future with them. For future plans, she indicates to release her first album mid next year 2007.

In this video, she portrays a young woman with suicidal thoughts who walks through abandoned land.

Pa Kufijt Video - Hajde me ne

Pa Kufijt videoclip
"Hajde me ne" eng. "C'mon join us"

Nimon Mushkolaj Video - Varferia (Poverty)

Nimon Mushkolaj videoclip
"Varferia" eng. "Poverty"
Text by: Remzi Murati
Video Directors: Fatmir Gashi & Ilir Gorani
Westvideo production
Official Nimon's website: www.nimonmushkolaj.com

Friday, December 15, 2006

Valton Krasniqi Video - Engjell je

Valton Krasniqi video klip clip
"Engjell" eng. "Angel"

Minatori Video - I'll die in your arms

Minatori videoclip
"Ne duart tua do te vdes" eng. "I'll die in your arms"

+tag: naser gjinovci

Laureta Meci Video - Respect me

Laureta Meci videoclip
"Respect Me" feat SydeFX & KnowOne
Directed by: John Baily

Laureta Meci was born in Kucove, Albania on August 30 1977, where she lived until completing her high school studies. Her and her family moved to Athens, Greece in 1995. In 1998 she came to the United States to pursue her college studies and in the past three years has begun to follow a career path in performing arts. She has completed courses at the prestigious Stella Adler School of Acting in New York City and continues to advance her career in acting, singing, and modeling. Laureta has been involved in several productions in America such as her song and music video "Respect Me" and Shadow Kill. Other projects include being a featured model in several national print advertisements and promotional videos, such as a campaign for American Culture Hair Care Products. Laureta has been interviewed and photographed for several Albanian magazines and newspapers, as well as being featured on Albanian TV. Laureta is currently working on more songs as well as completing the feature length follow up to Shadow Kill.

Official website: www.lauretameci.com

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Asgje Sikur Dielli - Ku Ka Ma Mire Se Me Qen Shqiptar

Asgje Sikur Dielli Music Video
"Ku ka ma mire se me qen shqiptar"

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Blero - Eja Ti

Blero (Blerim Muharremi) Music Video
Title: "Eja Ti"

Asgje Sikur Dielli - Mendoja Cdo Gje Merr Fund Pa Ty

Asgje Sikur Dielli Music Video
"Mendoja cdo gje merr fund pa ty"

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Asgje Sikur Dielli - Kur e Di Se Nuk Di

Asgje Sikur Dielli Music Video
"Kur e di se nuk di"

[for higher quality video press HQ or HD when available!]

Flora Gashi Video - Pse ta fala

Flora Gashi videoclip
"Pse ta fala" eng. "Why did I forgive you"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ledina Celo Video - Te ndjej te huaj

Ledina Celo videoclip
"Te ndjej te huaj" ("Jemi te huaj" in Kenga Magjike 2006)

This is the song that landed Ledina a 2nd Place in "Kenga Magjike 2006" Festival and this is the original videoclip. The title has slightly changed on the clip from the title used in the festival. "Te ndjej te huaj" means something like "I feel you as stranger" whereas "Jemi te huaj" means more like "We are strangers" (to each other) and its about feeling estranged or alienated from one another. Have you ever felt this way towards your love partner?

Some have mentioned that the videoclip or the idea of the clip was copied from one of Christina Aguilera's videoclips, but I could not found out which one. Perhaps the closest I could match was "The voice within". But, there are only slight similarities and personally think its not enough to grant "stolen" label to the videoclip.

The song is beautiful and original, no doubt about it!

+tag: lejdina

The Making of "Jemi te huaj"

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tung Video - Si te huaj

Tung videoclip
"Si te huaj" eng. "Like strangers"

Tung band is a brand new one "freshly baked" and this is their first single and videoclip that was promoted mid November 2006. Members of the band: Ryva Kajtazi, Mjellma Imeraj & Meriton (or Driton, not sure). Ryva Kajtazi is known to the public as actress ("Cimerat" etc.), a solo singer and as ex-member of Hanaband (together with Mjellma). Toni is ex-member of Erozioni band. Really not sure about his full name. Mjellma and Toni do have family connection, whereas Ryva and Toni are more than that (we talk about love connection here).

p.s. I was under impression at all times that Mjellma's surname is Imeraj, but if you check at the Hana Band's official site www.hanaband.com, she is mentioned as ex-member with the name Mjellma Berisha. Hmm... names, names always trouble with them and trouble without them.
p.p.s. After watching this Saturday (16th Dec) the RTV21's "Rendez Vouz" show programme, it became clear that the name of the male member of the band is Driton Siqeca, who was in this occassion the moderator of the show. That now clears the matter. Yeah... gotch ya!

and below, you can watch a presentation made by the TopRTK team:

Tempulli G Video - E Humba

Tempulli G videoclip
"E Humba" eng. "I've lost one...",
Album: "Ne jemi ketu"

Members of the group:
Arben Mustafa (Dr.B)
Sokol Shillova (Mc Sokol)
Adrian Mjaku

The group exists since 1991, initially with the name "Fresh Enemy" and then, since 1995 as "Tempulli G". Arben is the lead member and he started first with rap dancing and has been known to participate in various major contests throughout Switzerland and beyond. Oh, forgot to mention that he lives in Switzerland and has danced with big names like Alex, Clevero, Havana, Eddy, J.P., Six-Fold etc. Also, he has been seen in Germany at Regenbogen Party with big names like The Finest, Dj-Bobo, Down Law etc. Has supported Swiss stars such as Daniela Bauman, Soul Affaire etc.

Tempulli G released two albums so far. In their first album "Ne jemi ketu" they worked with Enis Potoku (Rock Purgator), NZA Smith, Eddy, J.P. and dancing group Six-Fold. They had a tour in Kosovo in 2001 accompanied by the Six-Fold. After the succes of their first album, they released the second one "Me Mikrofon ne dore" (year ?) that was composed and recorded in the well known Q-Lab Studio. In this album they worked together with Tom Jackson (ex-back vocalist of David Bowie), Dj-ACE, Black Tiger, Aussenseitha and NZA Smith. At present, the group is supporting the rapper Black Tiger on promotional tour of his newest album "Beton Melancholie".

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Naser Berisha Video - Life is an elephant

Naser Berisha videoclip
"Jeta eshte elefant" eng. "Life is an elephant"

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fatmir Makolli & Korab Shaqiri Video - Time for cifteli

Fatmir Makolli & Korab Shaqiri videoclip
"Koha per cifteli" eng. "Time for cifteli"

Cifteli is one of the most distinctive albanian folk instrument. It is a two stringed lute that if found on the right playing hands, can produce very complex music. Name of it does also suggest that the instrument has only two strings: cift = pair and teli = string. Its tones are similar with two highest guitar strings, E and B. Though cifteli till few year ago has been used primarily in folk music, we can now see it very often being incorporated in popular music aswell.

Anjeza Branka feat Niku - Me ngadale

Anjeza Branka feat Niku video - Top Fest 3 2006
"Me ngadale" eng. "Slow down" or "Take it slow"

+tag: anjesa

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Drita Alili Video - Kulleri

Drita Alili videoclip
"Kulleri" eng. "Cool boy"

+tag: halili

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Argjend & Flori Lloga Video - Loti i verber

Argjend & Flori Lloga videoclip
"Loti i Verber" eng. "Blind tear drop"
Text by: Gjergj Jorgaqi
Music by: Genti Lako

Tuna Video - 12 months

Altuna Sejdiu - Tuna videoclip
"12 Muaj" eng. "12 months"
Album: "Tuna"

Shkelzen Doli Video - Folk Instrumental with Violin

Shkelzen Doli Video
"Potpuri Instrumentale" eng. "Folk Instrumental with Violin"
Formation "Gjakova" consisting of:
Shkelzen Doli - Violin
Ruzhdi Sadiku - Piano
Hazyr Berisha - Guitar

Shkelzen is one of the best albanian violinist with international reputation. Born in Elbasan, but later moved to Gjakova (Kosova). He plays violin since 1980. Between 1987 and 1990 he studied at the music school in Novi Sad with Evgenia Tschougajewa as teacher. In 1989 he wins first prize at youth music contest in Sarajevo. In 1992 he started his music studies at "Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst" in Vienna. Since 1995 he plays with Vienna Philharmonic. Also he is (or was) a member of the Ruth Yaakov Ensemble. Last year he released a CD "Vetem per ty" (For you only) consisting of old albanian folk instrumentals with violin.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tuna Video - Family Portrait by Pink

Tuna (Altuna) video
"Family Portrait" by Pink

Singing 100% live!

The musicians here: keyboard- Jeton Dulaku, drums - Teoman, guitar - Nderim Ramadani, bas - Labi berisha, percusion- Xhemil.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lina Video - Realisht

Lina videoclip
"Realisht" eng. "Really", "In reality"

If you remember, Lina won Polifest 2006 (RnB genre) and she (I think) lives in Sweden.

Familja 3nt feat Kerkushi - Mos me shurdho

Familja 3nt feat Kerkushi videoclip
"Mos me shurdho" eng. something like "Shut up", "Shut your mouth" or perhaps "Stop doing my head in". Have a go in translating the title in the comments section.

This is a satirical version of the original "Te dy" by Tingulli 3nt, performed by Quza's comedy team as part of the "Frekuenca e Quzes" (Quza's Frequency") Show. The satire is targeting various political personalities who are currently involved in the process of determination of the Kosova status.

Quza's Frequency main team:
Heset Maliqi - Quza (the leader)
Elida Shasivari
Shkelzen Qerimi
Admir Salihu etc.

Januz Mushkolaj & Fatmir Miroci Video - Qike pash bacen

Januz Mushkolaj & Fatmir Miroci video
"Qike pash bacen, ku mje rrite"
Albanian folk music

+tag: jonuz, jonus

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hysni Klinaku Video - O Qemajl

Hysni Klinaku video
"O Qemajl"

Ingrid Jushi Video - Xhamadani

Ingrid Jushi video
"Xhamadani kuq si gjaku"
Xhamadan is a traditional albanian (folk) jacket. Some refer to it as doublet.

Ingrid is performing as a guest at "Folk Universe" Festival, Tirana 2004.

+tag: ingrit

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ilir Shaqiri Video - You're staying young

Ilir Shaqiri video
"Ti po mbetesh i ri" eng. "You are staying young"

Dedicated to Adem Jashari, albanian national hero from Drenica, Kosova.

Aferdita Demaku Video - Po ku je burre i dheut

Aferdita Demaku videoclip
"Po ku je burre i dheut" eng. guessing... "Where are you, man of this soil"

Monday, November 27, 2006

Arif Vladi Video - Drenica

Arif Vladi videoclip
"Drenica" or "Jam Kosova e Shqiptarise" eng. "I am Kosova of Albanianhood"

+tags: shqiperia shqiperise kosove

Leonora Jakupi Video - Can innocence be killed

Leonora Jakupi videoclip
"A vritet pafajsia" eng. "Can innocence be killed"
Text: Agim Doci
Music: Edmond Zhulali

Leonora dedicated this song to her father who was killed by Serb forces during Kosova war and to all other albanians who suffered the same destiny.

+key: mos ma prek ti shkja drenicen

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lumnie Ibrahimi Video - The Wedding Dress

Lumnie Ibrahimi videoclip
"Fustani i nuserise" eng. "The Wedding Dress"

+key: lumnije

Orinda Huta Video - Nisu, Arratisu

Orinda Huta Video - Kenga Magjike 2006 (Magic Song 2006)
Title: "Nisu, Arratisu"
Text & Music: Aida Baraku (Armend's partner)
Orchestration: Darko Dimitrov

"Discography" Award

Veli Sahiti & Teuta Kurti Video - Me ofro dashuri

Veli Sahiti & Teuta Kurti videoclip
"Me ofro dashuri" eng. "Bring me love", "Give me love", "I need your love"

How interesting, a video where two music generations meet, old and young.
Veli Sahiti, dob. 15.08.1954 (some sites quote '56)
Teuta Kurti, dob. 23.09.1986

Veli has been singing for over 30 years now and many would remember him best with his mega hit song "Zeshkanja Ime". He started as a member of the TRIX band back in 1973/74 and though the band dismembered later, he still represents it, preserving the old spirit of the band. 14 albums in total, "Engjulli Im" (My Angel) being the latest one (March 2006). (See in comments section for more info)

Teuta is a young singer and has been recently seen in Kenga Magjike 2006 Final with the song "Jeto me Bugin", a song that landed her "Best Style" Award. She came about to become popular with her participation in albanian Pop Idol style contest in 2004 and since then, she is promoting a very unique singing style (& voice) that is making her new fans everyday.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Harrnat Video - Harrnat (Patches)

Harrnat videoclip
"Harrnat" eng. "Patches"

Genta Ismajli Video - I've got explosive soul

Genta Ismajli video - "Thank you USA" OpenAir Concert
"E kam shpirtin eksploziv" eng. "I've got explosive soul"

Genta performing at "Thank you USA" OpenAir Concert, in front of a crowd of thousands of fans at the National Theater building, as part of a 4 day event in Prishtina (20th - 23rd Nov 2006), during which kosovars are expressing gratitude to USA's endeavor to promoting freedom and democracy in Kosova. This was an initiative by students of the Royal University "Iliria" in Prishtina and was backed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports...

+key: ismaili thank you america

Ciljeta Video - S'ke ku vete

Ciljeta Video - Kenga Magjike 2006, Best Etno Award
"S'ke ku vete" eng. hmmm... I need some help here! ("Nowhere to go", thanks!)
Text by: Adrian Hila
Music & Orchestration by: Adrian Hila (Adrian is the man!)

Special thanks to KosovaVideo for uploading this!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lena Video - I don't know

Lena videoclip
"Nuk e di" eng. "I don't know"

I think she too comes from diaspora. Don't know which country and she says "don't know" too.

Edi King Video - I love you so much

Edi King Video
"Shume te dua" eng. "I love you so much"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nusran Fera Video - Vera

Nusran Fera videoclip
"Vera" eng. "Summer" not sure if he means summer or is it a name.
Text by: Leonora Poloska
Music by: Artan Kastrati

Nusran is a 28 years old medicine graduate who loves music and had a taste of modelling life too. He lives in Switzerland since the age of 12. He promoted his first album "Bye" last year in Discotheque "Vega" in Shkup (Skopje), Macedonia. This is his 3rd videoclip and no doubt you will hear much more from him in the future. For further info, you can visit his official site Here

Eliza Hoxha Video - Pendimi

Eliza Hoxha videoclip
"Pendimi" eng. "Remorse", "Regret"
Album: "Eliza 100%"

After 2 years of absence, Eliza appeared recently on "Fama" Show as a guest of Alaudin Hamiti of RTK. She explained that the reason for this absence from music life was due to postgraduate studies that she had to attend in Belgium and now that studies are nearing its end, she plans for a come back. Already liaising with number of composers like Enis Presheva, Florent Boshnjaku in preparing her 3rd Album. Also, her name has been circulated on internet as participant in the Albania's 45th edition of "National Song" contest to be held this year, 21st - 23rd December. Winning this contest (finger crossed), would pave the way to "Eurovision" song contest next year. But, reports are suggesting that the national song contest is going to be tough since some pretty competitive names like Alban Skenderaj, Mariza Ikonimi, Evis Mula, Arberie Hadergjonaj etc. are taking part too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Saimir Pirgu Video - Nessun Dorma

Saimir Pirgu Video - "Nessun Dorma"
Performing as a guest at Kenga Magjike 2006, Tirana, 19th Nov 2006.

The New Pavarotti Comes From Albania


Now all that has changed. Saimir Pirgu has already sung in Bolzano, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Bologna, Pesaro and Rome, London, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia, Zurich, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich, as well as the Vienna State Opera and the Salzburg Festival. And more important engagements are coming up…

Born in 1981, he began his musical studies in 1988 at the Liceo d’Arte in his hometown Elbasan (Albania) as a violinist and continued studying singing at the Conservatories of Tirana and Bolzano, with Vito Brunetti, who still is his teacher. After moving to Italy, he won in 2001 the prize as “Best Young Singer” at the “Umberto Sacchetti” Competition in Bologna and in 2002 the International Competition “Enrico Caruso” in Milan. Later that year he also won the “Tito Schipa” International Competition in Lecce. First engagements brought Saimir Pirgu to Strasburg and to the Rossini Festival in Wildbad, where he performed as Ermanno in L’equivoco stravagante with Alberto Zedda. Soon after he had his debut as Belfiore in Il viaggio a Reims at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, where he also sang the role of Alì in Rossini’s Adina under the baton of Renato Palumbo in 2003. Daniel Oren called him to sing the role of Lord Arturo in Lucia di Lammermoor at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, and with Giovanni Antonini he sang Paolino in Il matrimonio segreto in Bolzano. 2004 is a very successful year and can be considered the international breakthrough of Saimir Pirgu.

He debuted in several operas by Mozart, singing the role of Ferrando in Così fan tutte, with Claudio Abbado in Ferrara, Reggio Emilia and Modena. After his first performance in Albania as Nemorino in L’elisir d’amore, staged at the National Opera Tirana, he was called by director Ioan Holender to sing the same role at the Vienna Staatsoper. This debut brought him the prestigious prize “Eberhard Waechter Gesangsmedaille”. In Summer 2004 he has his debut at the Salzburger Festspiele as Ferrando in Così fan tutte directed by Philippe Jordan. In Autumn 2004 he appeared as Fenton in Falstaff, another great debut at the Wiener Staatsoper, where he also sang again the role of Nemorino and Ferrando, and with which he also done the Don Giovanni Japan tour with Seiji Ozawa. At the Teatro Real in Madrid he sang in Ramon Carnicer’s Elena e Costantino, and in Munich as Ferrando in Così fan tutte.

At the A.B.A.O. - O.L.B.E. in Bilbao he sang as Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni. Have followed engagements in the roles of Ferrando e Fenton at the Wiener Staatsoper. During 2006 season he has sang La Traviata (Alfredo Germont) at the Zurich Opernhaus and at the Staatsoper Berlin, Don Giovanni at the Hamburgische Staatsoper, Lortzig’s Szenen aus Mozart Leben and Rendine’s Un segreto d’importanza at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna. He returns to the Rossini Opera Festival 2006 for Rossini’s La cambiale di matrimonio (Edoardo Milfort) and Mozart’s L’obbligo del primo comandamento (Cristiano). Saimir Pirgu has just recorded is first CD for Universal Angelo casto e bel, a collection of tenor arias by Mozart, Pergolesi, Bononcini, Donizetti, Verdi, Massenet. Forthcoming engagements include Falstaff at the Zurich Opernhaus (October 2006), L’elisir d’amore at the Hamburgische Staatsoper (November 2006), Così fan tutte at the Teatro São Carlos in Lisbona (November 2006), La Traviata at the Staatsoper Berlin (December 2006), Don Giovanni, Falstaff, L’elisir d’amore at the Wiener Staatsoper (2007/2008 season), Falstaff in Bologna (June 2007), Il burbero di buon cuore (Giocondo) at the Teatro Real in Madrid (October 2007), Idomeneo with Harnoncourt at the Styriarte Festival in Graz (May 2008). Saimir Pirgu will also make important debuts: at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as Rinuccio in Gianni Schicchi (February 2007), as Alfredo Germont in La Traviata at the Santa Fe Opera Festival (2009 season).

"Nessun dorma" is an aria from the final act of Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot. The aria, whose title translates from Italian as "Let no one sleep", follows the proclamation by the Princess Turandot that no one shall sleep: they shall all spend the night attempting to find out the name of the unknown prince, Calaf, who has set the challenge. Calaf sings, indicating his certainty that their effort will be in vain. The aria achieved pop status after Luciano Pavarotti's rendition of it was used as the BBC's theme for the 1990 Football World Cup held in Italy, and has since then become the tenor's signature song outside Italy.

+key: sajmir

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

West Side Family Video - Krahet Tua Do Jem (Magic Song 2006)

West Side Family Video (3rd Place Kenga Magjike 2006)
"Krahet Tua Do Jem" eng. "I'll be your wings"
Text & Music: West Side Family
Orchestration: Shpetim Saraci

They also scooped "Best Cantauthor" Award. Dr Flori (the bald&beard man) had another celebration on the night. He became a father. Congratulations on both prizes! You are great!

This song will uplift your spirit! Enjoy!

Ledina Celo Video - Jemi te huaj (Magic Song 2006)

Ledina Celo Video (2nd Place Kenga Magjike 2006)
"Jemi te huaj" eng. "We are estranged"
Text by: Timo Flloko
Music by: Kaliopi
Orchestration: Darko Dimitrov

Ledina also scooped the "Best Interpretation" Award. Brilliant song and passionate performance (as usual).

Monday, November 20, 2006

Armend Rexhepagiqi Video - Kur dashuria vdes (Magic Song 2006)

Armend Rexhepagiqi Video - (1st Place Kenga Magjike 2006, Final 19th Nov 2006)
"Kur dashuria vdes" eng. "When love dies"
Text: Aida Baraku (Armend's wife)
Music: Armend Rexhepagiqi
Orchestration: Darko Dimitrov

1st Prize: Armend Rexhepagiq
2nd Prize: Ledina Celo
3rd Prize: West Side Family

Armend is the winner of the 8th Edition of "Magic Song 2006" plus "Cmimi i Kritikes" (Award of the Critic).

"I am the richest man in the world, knowing that I have so many colleagues that love me, respect me and vote for me, and I think there isn't bigger wealth than having this!" - Armend stated.

When the winner was announced, there were mixed reactions amongst the audience. Apparently, part of the audience did not agree with the decision. Let me remind you, the secret voting was done by the artists themselves, the participants of the contest. Therefore, there might have been a room for biased voting. However, personally I am happy that the top 10 songs chart is actually a good reflection of the real picture, since majority of them are actually very good songs and if they did go wrong slightly, if we may put it this way (though personally, I think Armend's performance was good enough to match the prize), they still did not go wrong by a large margin. This is as far as the protocolary voting is concerned.

But, the real, undisputed winner of the festival, must be Ermal Fejzullahu ("Goca nga Tirana") who received both prizes "Internet" and "Public". This means he was the most voted one via internet and phones by ordinary mass of people who watched the contest. Knowing that there isn't much room for this type of voting to be influenced (assuming that no one fiddled with figures), it must then be the most genuine one, hence, making Ermal the real winner of the contest.

Overall, the music festival itself was glamorous and was televised live by TV Klan (Albania), RTV21 (Kosovo), MKTV2 (Macedonia) & Balkanika Music Television (Bulgaria & Romania).

Nusran Fera Videos

Nusran Fera Video Pages:
  1. Bye
  2. Vera
Nusran Fera

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ledina Celo Videos

Ledina Celo Video Pages:

  1. Vagabonds of Love
  2. Jemi te huaj eng. "Estranged" (2nd Prize Kenga Magjike 2006)
  3. Te ndjej te huaj (org. "Jemi te huaj") as videoclip
  4. Po vij tek ty (Fantasy)

+tag: lejdina

Ledina Celo

Armend Rexhepagiqi Videos

Armend Rexhepagiqi Video Pages:
  1. Dugi & Aida
  2. Shkel (Best All Video Fest 2006)
  3. Kur dashuria vdes eng. "When love dies" (1st prize Kenga Magjike 2006)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bleona Qereti Video - O bobo qi bere vetes

Bleona Qereti Videoclip
"O bobo qi bere vetes" eng."O bobo what you've done to yourself"
c'i bere

Lori Video - He is mine only

Lori videoclip
"Vec i imi" eng. "He is mine only"

Friday, November 17, 2006

Marigona & Anjeza Shahini Video - Ne mes nesh

Marigona & Anjeza Shahini videoclip
"Ne mes nesh" eng. "Between us"

---- by Fatbardha ---
Anjeza Shahini is considered as having the most versatile and beautiful voice in the music industry in Albania, capable of hitting both high and low notes with great theatrical range, comparable with the world eminent Hollywood singer of two decade and actress WHITNEY HOUSTON. Anjeza is a multitalented, beautiful young solo vocalist who appears to have the whole package of an artist and is the must influential female singer of any generation, with the best vocal of all times.

Hence, Vullnet Marigona is one of Kosova well-known group, commenced in 1991 in Mitrovica. The vocalist of the group is Vullnet Sefaja also born in Mitrovica. The other members of the group have changed time to times, however Vullnet Sefaja has remained loyal and devoted to the group since then. This group are considered as one of the must successful groups of 90s and have participated in many festivals and concerts, who prevailed the initial prize on Showfest 2002. In 2004, Marigona performs a duet with Anjeza Shahini called “Ne mes Nesh” - “Between us”.
---- End ----

Anjeza Shahini Video - The Image of You

Anjeza Shahini video - Eurovision 2004 (Istanbul)
"Imazhi yt" eng. "The Image of You"
Text: Agim Doci
Music: Edmond Zhulali

Anjeza is the winner of the first edition of Albania's Idols "Ethet e te Premtes Mbrema" held in 2003. In December 2003 she participated in the Albania's "Festivali 42 i Kenges" (Nationa Song Festival", and landed herself a ticket to Eurovision song contest 2004.

From wikipedia:
Anjeza Shahini is an Albanian singer, born on the 4 May 1987, who in 2004 represented Albania in its first appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "The Image Of You", original title "Imazhi Yt".

The then 17-year old schoolgirl was plucked from obscurity in 2003 when she competed at the three-day "RTSH" song festival (Festivali i Këngës) at the Tirana Palace of Congress in December. Along with 29 other singers, she vied to win the public vote to represent the Balkan state for the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul in 2004, singing the song "Imazhi Yt" (TheImage of you)a synthesised pop tune. After two preliminary rounds, the singers faced a final vote by jury and Albanian television viewers' televote. The interval act at these national finals was actually the previous winner Sertab Erener.

Anjeza sang in the semi-final first, using singers which had lost out at the original selection procedure for backup, and finished fourth out of twenty-two (a top ten finished would secure a place in the final). She was, therefore, qualified, and she sang live on the Final night in May, alongside twenty-four other countries. The performance was very well received by the Turkish audience.

Anjeza Shahini finished a respectable seventh on the night, with an excellent total of 106 points, behind Ukraine, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and newcomer Serbia and Montenegro, and just before Eurovision veterans like Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. "The Image of You" has since been adopted into Eurovision camp culture. On one Internet voting site after the contest, the song was voted second-best, with Sakis Rouvas' Greek offering at Number One. Surprisingly, Ruslana, the actual winner, only just broke the Top Ten.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Erozioni Video - Dua te jetoj

Erozioni videoclip
"Dua te jetoj" eng. "I want to live"

Zanfina Ismajli Album "Nje puthje" (Preview)

Zanfina Ismajli New Album "Nje Puthje" - Preview

No stopping for Zanfina's climbing of the music career ladder. She released her second album entitled "Nje puthje" (eng. "One kiss" or "A kiss"). Soon she will be presenting Kosova in Eurofest.

The album contains 10 songs:
1. Rrushja lales
2. Nje puthje
3. As i fundit, as i pari
4. Tradheti po te vie era
5. Ti s'do t'ia dish
6. Tip tradicional
7. Shume simpatik
8. Vone eshte per lutje
9. Shpirti im
10. Lamtumire

"I worked hard on this album and I've given my maximum efforts. I hope the public to welcome this album for which I worked with so much dedication, a special one for fans of my music" - said Zanfina to Gazeta Express.

---- article by Fatbardha ---
Zanfina is regarded as the hottest celebrity on our media, with those luscious lips, those long sexy legs, smoothly firmly, flawless body. Those are just a few grounds, that make us believe that Zanfina may have been destined for screen stardom even without benefit of talent or family name! Zafina is remarkably making a progress in the implementation of her goals of her career prospect, particularly with her look!
---- End ----

The video below features preview of the songs in this album.

Blero Video - Dridhe

Blero (Blerim Muharremi) Video
"Dridhe" eng. "Shake it"
Album: "Blero" (2006)

Who is the woman singer in this song? Listen carefully by the end of the song.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tina Shkodra Video - Mesazhi (SMS)

Tina Shkodra Videoclip
"Mesazhi" eng. "Message" (sms)

Edona Llalloshi feat Miloti Video - Per ty po flas

Edona Llalloshi & Miloti Video
"Per Ty po flas" eng. "I talk about you"
Video by Fabrika Production

Edi Krasniqi Video - Ah moj dashni

Edi Krasniqi video - (1st Prize Polifest 2006, folk genre)
"Ah moj dashni" eng. "Ah my love"
Music by Edi Krasniqi
Text by Myrvete Halili

A well deserved prize!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Elida Kryeziu Video - Sa bukur ish dikur

Elida Kryeziu videoclip - (Kenga Magjike 2004)
"Sa bukur ish dikur" eng. "How beautiful it used to be"

Mentor Mripa Video - Pse iken, Ku jane

Mentor Mripa videoclip
"Pse iken, ku jane" eng. "Why they went, where they went"
Music & Orchestration by Hysni Klinaku

Mentor is blind since birth and is very popular singer and radio broadcasting moderator. He is in fact host to "Good Evening Kosovo" night radio show on the public broadcaster RTK. "The lack of sight is more than compensated by music; it is my life" - he says. People simply love him also because of his great sense of humor.

---- added by Fatbardha ----
Mentor Mripa was born in Mitrovica on the 13th March 1973. Since childhood he has participated vigorously in many musical activities. He is also a moderator of many of our local radio stations in Mitrovica and Prizren. He also took part in one of our Kosovan movie premier called "Nje pallto per babin tim ne burg" - "A coat for my father in prison" , the producer of the movie was Adem Mikullovci, a distinguished actor and a producer. Mentor introduced one single called "Kthimi" - "Return" and is working on the next album which will be instigated in a near future. He prevailed many prizes in many concerts and festivals as well as the three prizes of the audition "Zambaku i Prizrenit" - "Lily of Prizren", during 2000, 2002 and 2004...
---- End (see full version in comments section) ---

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kastriot Tusha Video - Shko

Kastriot Tusha video
"Shko" eng. "Away you go"
Album: "Jetoje jeten"
Text by: Armend Trebicka
Music: Alfred Kacinari

I really love this song.

---- added by Fatbardha ----
Kastriot Tusha is an Albanian tenor, born in Elbasan, Albania in 1963. He attended secondary school in "Onufri", Elbasan. He fuelled some basic knowledge for canto during his studying at secondary school and later on continued his education for canto at the University, academic art in Elbasan. He graduated in 2002 and joined the theatre of operas and ballet and actively rehearsed music as in opera field and other genres of music. He also continuously practiced the pop music in Elbasan at the "Ensemble of pop Albanian music". Hence, he achieved various of tremendous projects while participating in a numerous of operas and concerts in Albania and abroad.

He emulated many opera roles such as Alfredo in "La Traviata", "Rigoleto", "Trovatore", "Selvia‘s Berber", "Paliaci" etc. He demonstrated his ability and talent in many shows and concerts with a variety of music in Albanian and abroad such as with classic music, pop, Latin -American music etc. In the premier which was held in Kosova called "Darsma Arbreshe", Kastriot Tusha presented the role of Arbri.
---- End ----

+key: tenor

Votra Video - Ne oret e vona

Votra Video
"Ne oret e vona" eng. "In late hours" or "Late in the night"

Lindita Hakaj Video - Ditet e Shtatorit

Lindita Hakaj video
"Ditet e Shtatorit" eng. "September days"

+key: zeshkanes zeshkane mezosoprano mezzosoprano

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Etno Engjujt ft.Don Arbas & Lyrical Son - Metropolet

Etno Engjujt feat Don Arbas & Lyrical Son
"Metropolet" eng. "Metropolis" -es

This is a soundtrack from Kosova made gangster movie "Metropolet". The movie is about a young man (Beni) who enters the world of organised crime. Beni (played by Blerim Destani), narrates his life story from an underworld's perspective, where he found himself with the help of a friend (Musa played by Sunaj Raca). They committed all sorts of crimes all over the world's metropolises but as usual, with this type of business, things can go wrong. His girlfriend (Nita played by Blerina Binjaku) tries to persuade him not to go for a job that Musa had masterminded. Musa is a man who is thirsty for power. Beni turns his back to Nita and choses to go with Musa on this last "job". But he was betrayed and he ends up in jail. Serving 3 years in jail, made Ben reflect back and think about his past. He gets out of jail, now completely different man. He decides that he needs a different life and thinks about starting to put things right. In this new challenge, he has to face the past by dealing first with his old friends...

Film is directed by Sunaj Raca.
Production by Lara Entertainment.
Shown at Festival de Cannes (France) and Film Festival Berlin.
Actors: Blerim Destani, Sunaj Raça, Faruk Begolli, Blerina Binjaku, Vlora Nikqi, Faik Gashi, Liberta Spahiu, Ardita Lala, Isa Kurtishaj, Florim Brajshori, Berat Keqekolla, Basri Llushtaku, Burim Zatriqi.

Gresa Behluli (Gressa) Video - Dashuria kic

Gresa Behluli (Gressa) videoclip - Top Fest 2
"Dashuria kic"
Album: "Dashuria Kic"

+key: kiq

Aurora Video - Pizza Dona

Aurora Music Video
"Pizza Dona"
+tag: pica

Friday, November 10, 2006

Anjeza Shahini Videos

Anjeza Shahini Video Pages:
  1. Imazhi yt eng. "The Image of You" (Eurovision 2004)
  2. Ne mes nesh & Marigona eng. "Between us"
  3. Nxenesja me e mire (Kenga Magjike 2007)
  4. Erdhi Momenti

+key: anjesa

Anjeza Shahini

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mariza Ikonomi Video - Afer

Mariza Ikonomi videoclip
"Afer" eng. "Near" (you)

With this song and videoclip, Mariza has shown how versatile she can be, in producing music of various genres. Being an albanian "Celine Dion", with her sweet soprano voice, she has rightfully claimed a huge crowd of fans amongst albanian audience and beyond.

p.s. The name of the guy (actor and dancer) in this video is Jesse Fish. He is a professional dancer and choreographer. He helped Mariza promote this clip. Jesse is an american living in Greece. There is another albanian video featuring Jesse "Dita dites". He likes to work with Entermedia very much as he told on an interview with KTV sometime in November or December 2006.

M-afia Video - Rugova

M-afia video - "Rugova"
(A rappers tribute to Dr.Ibrahim Rugova)

Ibrahim Rugova was a leading figure in the politics of the Balkans from the late 1980s until his death. His political life was devoted to the cause of Kosovan freedom, but if he was unflinching in his objective he was equally determined upon the means to its attainment: he was, and it was an analogy he was not shy of using himself, Kosovo’s Gandhi, a man dedicated to peaceful resistance and to the achievement of one’s goals by nonviolence.

His dedication to peaceful resistance and non-violence brought Rugova a number of awards, including the peace award of the Paul Litzer Foundation in Denmark in 1995, and, three years later, the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize. He was awarded the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Paris in 1996. In the year 1999, Rugova was granted the peace award of the city of Münster, Germany, and proclaimed honorary citizen of Venice, Milan, and Brecscia, Italy, respectively. In the year 2000, Dr. Rugova was granted the Peace Prize of the Democratic Union of Catalonia “Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera”, in Barcelona, Spain.

As leader of Kosova in the last decade, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova met the foremost Western leaders, including US President Bill Clinton, French President Jacques Chirac, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Spanish Prime Minister Asnar, Italian Prime Minister D’Alema, the Holy Father John Paul II, and others.

With his trademark scarf wrapped around his neck, Rugova had gained cult status among some ethnic Albanians. The chain-smoking politician, whose 2002 election made him the province’s first president since the United Nations took over Kosovo’s administration, was diagnosed with cancer in September 2005.

Rugova died on 21st January 2006. He was buried without religious rites on January 26 at a funeral attended by regional leaders and a crowd estimated to number half a million people.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said “the people of Kosovo have lost a great leader.” “President Rugova led his people through challenging times and earned the world’s respect for his advocacy of democracy and peace,” she said. “The United States will continue to work with all the people of Kosovo to build a society based upon the principles of democracy, human rights and inter-ethnic tolerance that President Rugova valued so deeply.”

If you cannot see video, you may need to install the latest flash player plugin that you can get for free from http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflash. For best video experience, broadband internet connection of 256kb or higher is recommended. Please also note that sometime the video streaming service provider e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Google etc. may temporarily not be available or their service is degraded for maintenance purposes or other reasons beyond our control, in which case you may experience difficulties while trying to play the video. For any other issues related to any of the videos here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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